Cayenne’s Betrayal

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Spokes couldn’t believe this was happening. He thought he’d gotten his father out of his life forever. Dad had been a nasty fuck in the past, both he and Mom.

Spokes had been a tough kid, but he’d often been embarrassed by his folks in front of his friends. Spokes and his friends were leather clad bikers, and they hung out with hot little chicks with big hair and tight jeans.

Cayenne had really grown to like Spokes, and she’d seen in his puppy dog eyes a soul that needed nurturing. But, after they married, Spokes let Cayenne know that he also had other needs.

His spirit was kind of broken, and the only way he really could respond to her sexually was after being beaten and humiliated. Cayenne learned to use a belt on Spokes’s bare ass, and to slap his face in public sometimes.

Today though, she might have gone too far.

Cayenne had Spokes stripped of his leather jacket and pegged pants. Instead he was wearing a white garter belt and stockings and high heels.

All his friends were at Cherry Forever, watching the football game, but Spokes had been forbidden to go.

Cayenne, shaking her processed bouffant hair, had laughed cruelly in Spokes’s face, and ordered him into the lingerie and made him scrub the bathrooms in the house.

It was a lot on his only day off! Cayenne did nothing, she had quit her job when they married, and since Spokes made a good living as a tool and die maker, it was okay.

But Spokes had been looking forward to this day off. But it kind of –well, it really excited him that she wasn’t going to let him be a macho sports Ataşehir Fetiş Escort watching guy with his friends.

Cayenne popped her gum in his face as he came out of the bathroom.

“C-can I go and see the second half, Cayenne, or even watch it here on TV?”

Cayenne laughed and reached up, pinching Spokes’s left nipple, hard.

“You little bitch. You don’t need to watch football. I should hire you out to suck off the players in their locker room.”

Spokes’s eyes clouded with tears, but his cock began hardening. Cayenne was so beautiful. She was wearing a hot pink t shirt and short shorts complete with fishnet stockings and high heels.

Even around the house she wore them!

Sometimes, when she was annoyed, she’d make Spokes lie on the floor and she’d stomp his cock with her spike heels, just to remind him who was boss.

Finally, Cayenne tied Spokes’s hands behind his back and put him on an uncomfortable high stool.

“Spread your legs, Peaches.”

Cayenne lit a Marlboro Light and puffed it and began poking at Spokes’s penis with it, and telling him what a little faggot he was, even if he could kick true ass down at Cherry Forever.

Spokes gritted his teeth and endured the little burns on his stiff cock.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Should I get up and go in the bedroom?” Spokes said, panicked.

Cayenne ignored him and answered the door. There was Smitty, Spokes’s long lost father.

Spokes’s eyes widened. Here he was, sitting naked on a kitchen stool, in women’s underwear, and Ataşehir Gecelik Escort he’d tried so hard to break away from his family.

“Hey there, Smitty!” Cayenne jumped up and gave Spokes’s father a huge wet kiss.

Back in the day, Cayenne had told Spokes that they’d never see Smitty again, after all the trouble he’d caused, and they got out of town.

But apparently, along with Cayenne’s losing respect for Spokes, all her compassion was gone, too.

“What do we have here?” Smitty asked as he walked up to his bound son, humiliated in lingerie. “I always knew you were a big of a faggot, boy–“

“I’m not a faggot, Dad!” Spokes said fiercely. But what could he do? He was sitting with his hands tied behind his back, and his legs spread wide open.

“No, he’ s just a sissy freak.” Cayenne said, smirking. She showed Smitty her lit cigarette. “I’m seeing how many times I can stab his dick with this without making him cry, Smitty.”

Smitty threw back his head and laughed uproariously.

His son’s marriage was quite interesting. Spokes looked pissed, and then, with an encouraging nod from Cayenne, Smitty slapped Spokes hard across the face.

Cayenne looked for a moment at Spokes. She asked with her eyes, Am I going too far?

But Spokes’s stiff cock showed his reluctant fascination with this new level of cruelty from his young wife.

Cayenne walked up to Smitty, who was spitting tobacco on the rug that Spokes had saved so carefully to buy. She trailed a blue nail down Smitty’s broad chest.

She leaned over and Ataşehir Genç Escort kissed Smitty’s neck. “You wanna undress me? In the bedroom where your queer little son can’t watch us.”

Spokes squirmed uncomfortably on the stool as his dad and his wife got it on. His cock was now dripping with desire.

He’d always felt such shame at his rude, vulgar parents, and he’d hoped that they would respect him now that he was successful and ignoring them.

But Mom was dead, and now Dad knew that Cayenne had turned Spokes into her own private bitch-boy.

He wondered if Cayenne had told his father about how she’d forced Spokes to blow the gay postman as a Christmas tip.

Or the joy she got rubbing stinging nettles over his balls when she caught Spokes masturbating.

Cayenne fucked Spokes less and less often, and he got quite horny sometimes. It didn’t help that she ran around as hot as a three alarm fire, or that she liked to tease him in such unusual ways.

A week before, Cayenne had tied a rope to Spokes’s scrotum, and she pulled it tight while pushing his dick against his stomach with her bare foot.

Then, as he’d tried to get friction to possibly orgasm, Cayenne had whipped his cock, still pulling the evil rope, with a discarded fan belt until he’d cried.

Spokes wondered if Dad would give her tips on how to kick his ass.

Would she make him lick Dad’s boots? Would she show Dad how to grind Spokes’s nut sack into the hard wood floor with the heel of his Stetsons?

Still, Spokes was so excited by the humiliation of it all. And he knew that Cayenne was now leaning towards what he’d hinted.

Spokes wanted his beautiful wife to put him in a chastity belt, and not let him cum often. and put him through various ordeals.

Dad would probably help with that, a thought that excited and horrified Spokes.

What a strange life he led!

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