But I’m Sleepy!

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I was tired. Tired enough that I was almost asleep while you worked on the computer. Nearly asleep I realized you’d left your desk and come to the side of the bed.

Sitting on the edge of the waterbed, you leaned down to kiss me. For once I wanted nothing to do with it and snuggled back into the warm bed.

“Come on, lets take a shower,” you said, knowing my fetish for cleanliness before sex.

“No,” I muttered in my sleepy voice.

“Come on,” you coaxed, “I’ll do all the work.”

All this time you were touching me, refusing to let me truly fall asleep. Knowing I had little chance of actually sleeping until you were satisfied, I said, “You’ll do all the work?”

“Promise.” You said with a smile.

So with you helping, I pulled myself out of the heat of the bed. You led me to the bathroom and while the shower heated up, you undressed me.

Silently, I allowed you to pull my shirt off, then my pants. I know I wasn’t cooperative. I was still upset at being awoken. Finally you turned me around to unclasp my bra and the panties soon followed to the floor.

You guided me into the steamy shower and soaked me under the hot spray. The heat only seemed to contribute to my fog and it seemed more and more like a dream.

Gently you began to lather the soap and ran slippery nigdeescort.com hands over my shoulders and down my arms. My back was carefully washed and then my legs.

Putting the soap aside you ran your soapy hands across my stomach. Despite my trance like state, my body began to respond to your gentle touch. My nipples began to harden before you even touched my breasts.

But you quickly finished lathering my body, touching me just enough to start to wake me up. You turned me back towards the water and made sure the soap was all rinsed away.

Turning the water off you stepped out and quickly dried. Then you pulled me out of the shower and dried me from head to toe. My skin was warm from the hot water and I felt like I was radiating heat.

Once I was dry we walked into your room but instead of going back to bed as I expected, you sat me down in your computer chair.

Pushing my legs slightly apart you knelt between them. Slowly your hands ran up my legs to rest on my thighs. Then you looked up at me. It was a look I can’t describe but heat rushed through my body and I felt myself get even wetter.

After a long moment you ran your hands to the back of my thighs and pulled me closer to the edge of the chair. Pushing my legs wider apart you lowered your head and touched niğde escort my clit with your tongue. It was like a spark of electricity running through me and I felt my body tense in reaction.

You were so very focused on giving me pleasure. I could feel your tongue running up and down before coming back to my very sensitive clit. Over and over you repeated that action and I could feel the muscles deep inside my clench with each flick of your tongue.

As I melted into the chair I opened my legs wider and pressed forward onto the edge to push myself against your teasing mouth. I couldn’t be still and my hips and stomach shook with intensity.

I felt your hand on my inner thigh and I cried out as you slid a finger inside of me. Stroking my clit with your tongue, your finger caressed my g-spot and I started to shake. Low, throaty growls were pouring out of my throat, as my muscles contracted around what I thought were now several fingers.

However, fingers could never be a substitute for the real thing and frantically unable to just sit there any longer, I sat forward and grabbed your shoulders.

“Stand up, “ I managed to gasp out.

Reluctantly you pulled away from me and stood. Still naked, your hard cock stood straight out at me.

Without any words, I grasped you in one hand and dropped my hot mouth over you and pulled you as far as I could into me. I don’t know what you felt but it was as if your knees had buckles and you fell backwards on the bed.

Standing, I crawled into the bed, licking my way back to where I’d started. I held my hair back with one hand and held you with the other. I pulled you into my mouth and drew you deeper in slow motion, just the way you like it.

After a few minutes you were pushing on my shoulders and moving me up to lie beside you.

I lay back and sank into the bed as you moved between my thighs. I was so wet that you slid inside me in one push. If felt amazing. I felt so full with you inside me, a feeling I could never get enough of. We pushed against each other sealing our bodies together for a moment then rocking away.

The world was reduced to you and me.

I felt your hot mouth on my shoulder and cried out as I felt your teeth sink into me. I knew it would leave a mark and I loved it. I bit down on your shoulder in return and the circle was complete.

Each thrust brought a fast from me. Each nip of your teeth made my skin flinch.

Faster and faster we pushed against each other until finally you buried yourself so deeply inside me that I couldn’t move. Hot and eager our mouths met for a lingering kiss as our breathing slowed.

Before finally falling into the sleep I’d so craved earlier I heard your soft voice, “I love you.”

In a sleepy voice came my reply, “Always”.

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