Business , Pleasure Ch. 04

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Holding the gift bag with the bottle of Jack and a little card he got for him, Matt knocked on Jason’s door. Only minutes earlier, Jason and Julie had said goodbye during a steamy final meeting while Matt was at the state liquor store getting Jason a thank you bottle for his kindnesses to Matt and Julie at the beginning of the week. In fact, Jason’s thick onyx shaft was still swollen and moist with Julie’s cum juices coating it.

Jason opened the door and acted surprised to find Matt there with the gift. “Dude, just a small thank you for helping me out at the beginning of the week, and for taking Julie on a tour of the lake which she loved. She thinks you’re awesome, and so do I.”

Jason felt absolutely rotten as he faced Matt at his door thanking him for taking care of Julie. “If he only knew that I fucked her cunt, her ass, her mouth. If he only knew that I sucked her beautiful breasts and touched her beautiful body all over. If he only knew that we just got done fucking not five minutes ago…he’d fucking kill me, instead of hand me a bottle of bourbon.” Jason thought to himself. And, what’s more, Jason was hopeful that his sexual encounters with Julie would continue whenever and wherever they could arrange them in the future.

“Matt, you didn’t need to get me anything. I loved helping you guys out. Besides, I was happy to have a chance to show someone else the lake that I spent so much time on as I grew up. You should ask Julie about the special place I showed her at the tip of the island on the rock overlooking the lake. I think that was her favorite spot. It’s always been mine.” As Jason said this, his cock swelled a little. The special place he knew Julie would remember was where they finally fucked after all the foreplay on the boat and in the water. For Jason, it now had special meaning as the place where he knew he stole Matt’s wife from him. And, if Jason was not mistaken, he felt Julie would remember it as the place she had had the best sex of her life, and with a black man no less. It would be the memory of what happened at this place that would cause Julie eventually to weaken and to call Jason, seeking to have another tryst with him. While Jason had loved the sex with Julie, he also felt awful about it because Matt was such a genuinely nice guy. But Jason wasn’t going to let that get in the way of his pursuit of Julie.

“Can you meet us later for dinner and drinks?” Matt asked. But Jason declined, saying that he was going to visit some friends in the area before heading out early in the morning.

“Matt, it’s been great knowing you guys, and if you’re ever in my area, give me a call and we can get together.”

“Same here bro’. You call us as well; we have an extra bedroom if you ever decide to come to the Boston area. We’d love to get together. Really!”

“Do you want to come in and have a drink Matt? I have some scotch and I’ve got beer as well.”

“Sure Jas, I can come in for one drink, and then I need to get back. I left Julie lying on the bed with a little headache. She looked sweaty and flushed when I got back from the store.”

Jason stepped back to let Matt in as he thought about Julie being flushed and sweaty. She must have run back to their room, and just beaten Matt there. Jason poured two drinks, one of scotch on ice for Matt, and one of Jack on ice for himself. As Jason looked at Matt, it occurred to him exactly what had attracted Julie to Matt. Here was an incredibly good looking white stud, great face, body, the works. On top of that, Matt could clearly have any girl he wanted, and Julie knew that. That made him all the more attractive to her. These qualities, combined with his great job, made him the perfect catch for the fantastically beautiful Julie. And on top of all of this, Julie and Matt seemed to genuinely love one another.

But, Jason thought happily, there was something about himself that attracted Julie and caused her to act in a way that she probably never did. He had always been chased after by both black and white girls and now women. Maybe it was the taboo of doing it with a black guy that excited Julie. Maybe she liked the thrill of the risk involved with her behavior. Clearly, she liked the sex very much. And now, Jason felt he had her hooked. If she was not already pregnant, she would contact him soon so they could screw around more, and he would be fucking this nice white guy’s wife again and again in the years ahead. And, when she did contact him, Jason would require her to go on the pill if she wanted to get together with him again. Even though he knew Julie and Matt wanted a family, Jason did not want to use rubbers, or for Julie to use foams. And, most of all, he did not want her beautiful body ruined by a pregnancy. He did not really like the idea of having a biracial baby, and he did not want the woman he was fucking to be carrying someone else’s baby, even if that someone else was her husband. If she did not like his rules, he would balıkesir escort take his bat and balls and go home. But, somehow, he knew she would comply. And, eventually he thought he might just take her away completely from Matt, even though Matt was a helluva nice guy. It really depended on what else and who else came into Jason’s life. He liked the sex with Julie very much, but he wasn’t going to commit too much of himself to her, because he knew if some other stud that interested her came along, she already had a track record of being unfaithful. So, he figured he would enjoy the game. And, if she wanted to play in that game, she would have to play by the rules he set down.

Matt finished his drink, said his final goodbyes to Jason, and was on his way. When he got back to their room, he found Julie was in the shower, the second one she had taken in only a couple of hours. He figured she thought it would make her feel better after the little headache and sweats that she had had earlier.

As Julie washed herself, she orgasmed several times thinking of how Jason’s hands felt on her breasts, his fingers on her nipples, her g spot, in her pussy. She still felt the warmth of his swollen black shaft that had again pushed deeper into her cunt than had any other man’s. Her heart ached at the thought that she would not be together with her hot black lover again. And then, she thought ever so briefly, that maybe, just maybe once, she could call him and they would get lucky, their schedules would mesh, and they could get together for a reunion of sorts.

Julie and Matt returned to Boston two days after Jason left the inn. During these past two days, Julie’s thoughts were consumed with daydreaming about lying under her naked black lover as his hard body pressed onto her and pistoned his thick black rod in and out of her drenched pussy. She relived the orgasms, the deep and passionate kisses, the pain and then the pleasure as he violated her tight ass with thick pleasure stick. She remembered sucking on his pulsing cock, stretching her mouth around its thick purplish black head, and how she gagged as he pushed deeper and deeper into her untrained esophagus. She recalled how she had finally learned to breathe through her nostrils thus allowing his thick pleasure wand to drive deep into her throat. And, then she remembered the feeling of Jason cumming as his cock was lodged in her throat and its warm sperm pulsed and flowed down her throat and into her stomach. She held his ass tightly as he emptied his love juices into her. She missed him a lot those first two days. And, Matt asked if everything was alright a couple of times because she seemed so preoccupied.

Love making with Matt continued to be thrilling for Julie. She loved him, and he was so sexy and hot. But, after Jason…well, he just wasn’t Jason. She reasoned that he never would be. But, he was a great guy and a terrific lover, nevertheless. As the next few weeks wore on, Julie returned to old self, and because she was busy with classes in the fall, and life in general, she did not have much time to think about Jason. Only once in a while did she lust after their times together. Her guilt over her infidelity gnawed at her, but she now determined that she would not go that route again. What was different she noticed was that she did catch herself checking out good looking black men at school, at the mall, anywhere where she saw someone who reminded her of Jason. From time to time, if she saw a really hot looking black guy who looked at all like Jason, she found herself fantasizing about what he might be like to suck and fuck. And, every once in a while, a black guy would notice her stares and return an interested look to her as well. At these times, she would catch herself and look away. Julie did not know what had happened to her, but she knew that she had certainly changed since her encounter with Jason. And, in some ways that frightened her.

Around mid-October, Matt told Julie that he had to go to Arizona for a week, and asked if she could sneak some time off from her classes at law school. Her schedule was very tight, and she knew she could not get away. The plan was for Matt to leave on Sunday afternoon from Logan in Boston and return the following Friday evening. Julie would have liked to go, but her classes were just too demanding for her to miss a full week. But even as she declined Matt’s offer of a few days vacation with him while he was out west, Julie’s mind thought how convenient this might be if only Jason could manage his schedule to work with Matt’s absence. At first, Julie resisted the temptation, telling herself that she should not go down that path. But, with each passing hour, her mind reminded her of how hot her encounters with Jason had been. Finally, she decided to call him to inquire how he was and to let him know of Matt’s absence, just in case he could work something out. She pictured his balıkesir escort bayan perfectly formed black body naked as she had seen it, and touched it, and kissed it several times. The thought of his thick black cock standing erect with its thick head and pulsing veins caused her pussy to become drenched and start leaking onto her panties. As she dialed his number, her heart was racing and her cunt was on fire as she thought about having the better part of a week with her black Adonis.

“Hi, this is Jason, you know the routine, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” The voice mail message gave Julie the chance to hear his voice, and her heart raced all the more.

“Hi Jason, it’s Julie, just thought I would call to say hi, and to see how you are doing. Not sure what you have going on next week, let me know if you have a chance to call. Please call me on my cell and leave a message, hope to talk soon.” She left her message, and then sat with her cell close by, waiting for Jason to call back. She hoped on hope that this would work. Even if he could join her for a day would be great.

A broad smile creased Jason’s handsome ebony face, and his perfect teeth were in stark contrast with his mocha colored skin, as he listened to his white lover’s message. He had thought about Julie a lot in the last two months, and wondered if he would ever hear from her. Sure enough, his gut instinct turned out to be right. His thick black sausage was beginning to swell with anticipation of exploring Julie’s orifices. He knew she would be open to just about anything he wanted to do. No, check that, she would be open to absolutely everything, and he knew it. He decided to return her call the next day, rather than right away. He wanted her to think that maybe he would not call back. He knew that the suspense created by not hearing back from him promptly would drive her wild with anticipation. But in fact, he planned to make his schedule work so they could be together. He would take vacation time if he had to. Her beautifully shaped and firm white body was worth it. And, he knew that she would let him use it in any way that he wanted.

A little more than twenty-four hours later, Jason returned Julie’s call. She heard the phone vibrating on the kitchen counter while she was prepping supper for Matt and herself. She checked the caller ID and her heart raced with excitement. She knew it was Jason, and she felt her vagina respond instantly. She thought she could feel that part of her vagina, where Matt never got to go with his seven inch rod and where only Jason had been, begin to send messages of excitement to her brain. She felt the flow of juices begin, and her pussy was alive with anticipation.

“Hello, this is Julie.” She said nervously into the phone.

“Hey Babe. It was so great to hear your voice on my voicemail. I’ve thought about you, and thought about you. And, I’ve missed you Julie. What’s going on? How have you been?”

“Hi Jas. It’s so good to hear you too. And, I’ve thought about you a lot too, really…like all of the time. Stuff here has been busy with school and everything. Just thought I would call to see how you’re doing. Matt’s got to travel for about a week, in a couple of weeks, and I can’t go, but was wondering if you would be anywhere close by. Thought if you were, we could get together to talk and stuff.”

“A couple of weeks from now, actually…I think I will be in the Providence area, pretty close to you guys in Boston. I could come up to visit if you want. I’d like to do that, not sure how much talking we’ll get a chance to do, but some would be good.” He said with a smile on his face, and Julie could tell what he was suggesting. ” I thought you might be calling me to tell me you’re pregnant…with either little Matt or little Jason. Didn’t happen, I guess?

“Actually, no. But we could always try that again, if you want.” As Julie said this, she would feel her juices wash through her vagina and begin leaking through her lips onto her panties. The thought of Jason’s pulsing penis deep inside of her was causing her heart to beat faster and her cunt to warm noticeably.

“Well, actually Jule, I wanted to let you know that I’m not cool with the whole pregnancy thing. It wouldn’t be fair to you if you were carrying around my kid. It would really limit your choices with what would happen between you and Matt. And, to be honest, I’m not sure it would be fair to the kid either, until he had two parents who were really ready for him or her. So I guess, I need to know that if we do get together, you can prove to me that you’re on the pill, so we don’t have any unexpected surprises. I mean, I’ve thought about being in you with a rubber, and I really don’t want that, and I don’t think you do either. And then I’ve thought about you using stuff like foams, and I know that kind of changes the natural feeling you get as well. So, look , I know it escort balıkesir sounds pretty demanding of me, but I really don’t want to get into taking any chances with pregnancy or decreasing the heat of the moment, if you get what I’m trying to say. I’m sorry, not sure if I said that right. Do you understand what I’m getting at Babe?”

Julie was taken back by Jason’s demand that she go on the pill. She thought that in a couple of weeks would be an unlikely time for her to get pregnant, and she and Matt were trying to have a family. So if she went on the pill, that would put an end to those plans for the moment. But, to meet his request, she’d have to do it right away. In a split second, she let her pulsing vagina think for her and she agreed to go onto the pill.

“Jason, I appreciate what you’re saying. And I can tell you’ve given this some thought. And, I guess if we’re going to do anything, it would be the sensible way to avoid any accidents. I’ll make an appointment when I get off the phone with you. My doctor will think I’m crazy since I just went off the pill, but the bottom line for me is if that’s what it takes to get you into my bed, I’ll do it. I want you in me Jas, can you tell?”

Jason smiled to himself. He couldn’t believe how quickly she had agreed to his request. His cock was now stiff and leaking as he thought about lying naked on top of his white toy. She was beautiful, extremely sexy, and wonderfully tight. She was a terrific fuck, sucked incredibly well, and offered all types of possibilities in other play areas as well. And now, he thought he could get her to do just about anything.

“Babe, thanks for understanding. I wasn’t sure if you’d understand, but I just don’t want to take a chance on complicating your life or mine. And, you have to admit, a baby would definitely do that, and I just don’t want any other type of birth control interfering with the way we experience one another. Anyway, when I’m in Providence, I will be staying with a buddy from college, and I can get up your way to visit. We can plan a date and time now if you want, then see how things go.”

Julie’s heart was racing at the thought of being with her handsome black lover in a little under two weeks. Her panties were soaked now as she anticipated having her black Adonis’s cock, hard as granite, as she squeezed it tightly with her soaking pussy. She felt herself about ready to cum as these thoughts played through her mind. “Jas, I’d love that, let’s figure out what’s good. Matt leaves here on Sunday of that weekend, do you want to come by late Sunday, and we can do dinner at my place?”

“She’s wasting not a precious moment.” Jason thought. “Sure, that’s perfect. I might have to have my friend drive me up there, but he’s cool…you’ll like him. And, he’s cool, so he can find something to do with himself.”

The two weeks went by slowly for Julie and Jason. But Julie dropped Matt at Logan for his flight and raced home to get ready for Jason’s arrival. At about five, Julie saw a car pull up in front of their townhouse. She saw that Jason had come with his friend, who was also a young black stud who looked to be around Jason’s age. Julie watched Jason walk toward the front door with his friend, and she felt her vagina and her whole body in fact, hot and burning in anticipation. She just wanted to jump right into bed with Jason. She hoped his buddy would only stay for a few minutes.

Opening the door, Julie’s heart beat even faster as she was confronted by her handsome lover and his equally handsome friend. She and Jason embraced politely and kissed lightly, and Jason introduced his former college room mate, Lamar. Lamar also embraced Julie lightly and gave her a peck on the cheek. She realized that he had the same interests in body sculpting that Jason did. He looked absolutely sexy in every way. Her eyes lingered on Lamar, and this was not lost on either Jason or Lamar.

Once she had her guests inside, Julie offered them drinks which they immediately accepted. Jason went into the kitchen to help with the drinks and said: “Lamar was good enough to bring me here, because as I expected, my company won’t pay for me to have a car here until tomorrow afternoon. But, I wanted to see you right away Babe.”

“Thank God for Lamar,” Julie said smiling.

The three of them talked for about an hour or so about all sorts of stuff, and they were on their second and third drinks in no time. Julie’s eyes kept wandering to Lamar’s face and body which, like Jason’s, looked incredible. She thought the two of them must have been the hottest studs on campus in college.

“Julie, I think you’ve given Lamar the once over, once too often. Don’t be getting any ideas about him. He’s just transportation.” Jason said with a smile, causing Julie to blush in embarrassment.

“I can look if I want.” She shot back good naturedly with her beautiful smile.

“That’s right; she can do what she wants to do.” Lamar inserted in the conversation, also flashing his handsome smile.

“Babe, why don’t you show me the upstairs while Lamar finishes his drink. I think he needs to be somewhere.” Jason continued.

“Sure Jas…Lamar, do you want to see the upstairs as well?” Julie asked, teasing Jason.

“Maybe later, Julie.” He smiled in response.

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