Birthday Surprise

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“Damn, I knew I should have gotten my key back,” as I entered my place and smelled the heavenly aroma of my favorite Italian meal… fresh made lasagna, lamb chops, garlic bread, heavy on the garlic… Too bad the garlic didn’t kill the tall, smooth, chocolate brotha standing in my kitchen.

“Surprise! I knew you’d be too tired to cook, and you were out of town on your birthday.” I smile, as good as it smelled, I was exhausted and annoyed over work. And the fact that he was in my condo un-invited, made my annoyance that much greater. “Thanks,” I somehow muttered, “You shouldn’t have.” “You’re annoyed… I know the key was only for me to do laundry while I waited for my new washer to be delivered. But, I just thought I’d surprise you for your birthday. My washer has been delivered, the key is on the coffee table. I promise, I did not intend to keep it.” Damn, now I feel bad… a little. “No, it’s cool. Work was just annoying, I am so over these entitled folks feeling like we should pat them on the back and give them extras for doing their jobs. Extras is for those who go above and beyond. I’m just over it.” “I hear you,” he replies. “Why don’t you go put down you back, take a long hot shower and relax?” Actually, it sounds pretty good, and my stomach is growling. “Snitch!” I think to my stomach as I roll my bag into the bedroom.

I put my bag down, plug in my phone and begin to unpack. Hell, tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll be doing laundry, what am I doing? I slip off the stilettos I’ve had on all day and stretch my aching calves and feet, slide my skirt down as I glance in the mirror. I forgot I had worn that cute black lace thong I bought last Ataşehir Escort week, trying to make myself feel sexy since the divorce. I pull my top over my head and drop it to the floor, while still looking in the mirror. Damn, girl, you are still fine, especially for a 50 year old! I smile at myself for a second and then head into the master suite bathroom and turn on the shower. I undo my bun and let my hair fall into thick, black curls and waves that fall past my shoulders. I check the water temp, and unfasten my bra.

I get a whiff of the dinner cooking in the other room, and then imagine what’s waiting under the apron. A girl can imagine, can’t she? My nipples harden, and my clit rises at the thought… et tu? I think as my body gives me away. I pull off the thong and hop into the shower. I love the Bath and Body works lavender shower oil. I feels and smells wonderful as the hot water and steam release the tension of the day. I begin to wash, but linger a little longer on my pierced nipples. I turn to let the hot water fall on my back and spread my lips… a little extra pressure and time on my aching pierced clit. You haven’t had any for a minute, you play this right, you can get dinner and a good lay. I hope this brotha can fuck… I need some serious stress relief.

I reach back to wash my ass, spread my cheeks open moving a little slower than necessary… mmmm, it would be nice to feel a brotha move up from behind, squeezing my ass… mmmm… wait, did I just moan out loud?? Good thing I’m in the shower. I decide to go ahead a relieve a little stress since I was aroused anyway, stroking my clit with one finger… mmmmmm, Acıbadem Escort another moan… I let my head back, mouth open… my other hand squeezing my nipple… I imagine him joining me in the shower, I can feel his hands as they roam my body, up my hips, over my stomach, pulling me back into him, I can feel the full length of his dick against my back. Damn! His hands slide over my small, but perky tits and begin to massage them. He begins to pull me back against him, I can feel his chest on my back. That is nice! He begins to kiss the back of my neck, my back, down my spine to hips and turns me around.

The water is splashing off the top of his head as he spreads my lips exposing my now hard clit. “Nice!” he says, just before massaging it with his tongue. My pussy immediately begins to throb… “tattletale, you could at least wait a few minutes… ” He massages my clit with his tongue as both hands grasp and squeeze my ass, pulling me into his face. I feel his tongue caressing and exploring my pussy, while his hands caress and explore my ass. mmmmmm… more moans, then suddenly, he slides his tongue into my slit while he slides his finger into my ass! AAAAHHH! I am going to cum! I think he feels my body tighten and slows, raising his kisses back up to my stomach. SHIT! He stands up, pulls me against him and begins to kiss me, fully tasting the sweetness of my own pussy. He turns the water off. leads me out of the shower and into the master suite, lays me on the bed and kneels down, spreads my lips and dives in… Fuck, I’m dizzy this shit is so good! (At this point, I am literally laying on my bed, fingering myself, I think İstanbul Escort I’m about to cum)

“Damn, you took relaxing, literally, huh? I was wondering what was taking you so long… ” Shit! I still straight up! How long has he been standing at the door? He grins, arms folded as he leans against the door frame. “May I join you?” Hell, why not? I think to myself. “Sure… ” He pulls his shirt over his head, slides his jeans down, freeing his not very small dick from his boxers… What the fuck did I get myself into? As horny and wet as I am… I’m not sure about this. He sees my apprehension and literally kneels down in the same position as I had just been imagining… Without saying a word, he devours my as I almost scream out while I grab the sheets, toes curled… FUCK!! Please don’t cum, please don’t cum… not yet, but my body is about to betray me… He stands, slides me up on the bed and leans over me, I can feel the heat of his body… I can feel the tip at my entrance… he knows what he is doing, he is trying to let my body settle down, but every inch of my body is on 10! He kisses me, engages me in conversation… I really don’t want to talk, but it’s working, my breathing slows, my heart rates slows, and we actually start laughing… I tell him I’m a little nervous about his… ummm… girth… He smiles and kisses me, awakening my body all over again, I am suddenly aware of his tip at my entrance again… He slowly, as he’s kissing me, begins to slide in. OMG, it feels like he is filling every inch of my walls.

Once in, he stops, kisses me, caresses me, sucking my very hard nipples, I can feel his fingertips on my hips and I can’t help but lift my legs, pulling him deeper inside me, moving against him. I think I am going to explode. Is this shit that damn good or has it just been that long?? He allows me to work my hips until he can tell that I am comfortable with is size… and then… omg…

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