Beth Vacation Ch. 02

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Randal laid on the bed knocked out. He was getting up with Beth was standing sit beside him watching some Television. She had a barbell in her hand. Her muscle tense and he could see some veins. She was licked him hand and started stroking his cock. She continued working out and would sometime using her biceps to squeeze around his cock. Her muscles bounce against him.

“You really need to quit passing out sugar. I had to finish myself off with my finger” Beth said.

She flexed his cock and he squeeze her muscles. She kept him from coming as she moved her mouth down and engulf them. He was helpless unable to move now. He lips tease his head and started to shake with pleasure. She soon came on inside.

“Where going to go on a little trip today Randal out in town. But first I got to make a few calls. Tongue still work baby” Beth asked.

“Yes.” He grunted half dead.

She sat on his face and started riding him as she talked on the phone and made calls to her friends all day. She was soaking him in her wonderful juices.

Hours later

“Hey Ann. How you doing. Mmmmm you tricked some kid in a trick wrestling match hmmmm. Hope you didn’t hurt him to bad. Me? I’m still on vacation. The little cunt Anadolu Yakası Escort be eating my pussy for years. You know a sister have to get her rocks off. I been working out all day. I bench 400 today and did 200 push up. Working out got me so horny. Keep licking sweetie. I been hitting this poor kid like a mack truck. Can’t hardly move. They don’t make them like they use to in our day. Ohhh he with you now. Mmmm let me hear the little boy scream. Mmmmmmm.” Beth moan into the phone while grinding against him.” She said

She got up finally with his face bruise. She put him over her shoulder.

“Got to go and give this kid a bath. Talk to your later girlfriend” She said

Beth put him in the bathtub and help him clean him up.

“Your really are a cute kid you know that” Beth said.

She washed him up. She put on a sexy black dress and help him in a wheel chair. He was dress and powder up.

“Guess I’m not much use to you now.” Randal said

“Of course you are sweetie. With that tongue working you been giving me. Your one of the greatest. Plus you got a nice cock.” Beth said


“Baby I’m older then. I’ve been fucking before you were even born. Of Avrupa Yakası Escort course I am going to be better then you in bed. Now don’t worry about it sugar. Let you sugar mama treat you to a night on the town.” She said

They drove to an expensive restaurant. All eyes were her. Some women hissed at the muscle bond woman. Some guys act like they weren’t interested and that she was to big but most of the guys wanted to fuck her. Everyone thought Randal was her kid till she gave him a French kiss. The waiter looked at him in the wheelchair

“Broke another one” He said

“Yea got to learn to go easy.” She said “Show me to my private chair.”

The private room was closed off with little walls. They could see the beach. Beth carried him in her arms and sat him down. She order the most expensive gift and playful help feed her wounded lover. Her hand were on him the whole time. She was putting her hand down his pants.

“People will see.” He said

“That’s the point” Beth said kissing him

The waiter walked in

“Anything else” He said.

“Bring me more wine” Beth said ignoring her while kissing Randal. He hand was working on him causing him to moan.

“Honey İstanbul Escort your not eating you food. Your not hungry or something.” She joked while stroking him.

She kissed him deep on the lips and broke it connect her salvia with her lips.

She starting eat her food as she stroked him.

“Drink” she asked pouring wine down her cleavage.

He slurped it up. He came in her hands and she calmly licked it off. The waiter walked in and gave him wine. Randal was red with embarrassment.

“Want them to hear you scream.” She said kissing his neck

She continued stroking causing his moans to be louder so everyone could hear. He took off his shirt and pinch and sucked his nipples.

“Look how excited you get when I play with your nipples. You know little girls get like that. That what little women like” Beth tease licking his nipple.

“I love you Beth.” He cried

“My poor young crippled lover. Kiss my muscles” She said

He kissed her all over.

Later she came out with him naked and attach to the leash. The room gasp.

“Which man think he man enough to take me.” She said

The macho men who were booing her before jumped at the change.

“Sleep boy.” She said putting Randal in a headlock.

Later when he woke up the guys were passed out and broken. So were some ladies. They all laid naked. 20 men and 10 ladies. 5 of which never been with a woman before.. She gave a wad of cash to the waiter

“sorry for a damage” Beth said drench in cum.

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