Holding my bouncing tits with my hands I was running towards my bungalow. The sun was already setting. I might be late for the first time. “Damn,” I swore as I stumbled on the uneven path. Panting I stopped, pressed a hand to the sting in my side. Out of shape, that’s what I was. Not far now. I moved on, just a slow jog now.

It had been a beautiful day. After the morning dog fuck and the cleaning up I had wandered outside. Walking over the grounds I had met the dogs. All of them were running free like me at the moment. They were playing and I had watched them from the edge of the meadow. All ten of them were clearly enjoying themselves, the Irish Wolfhound in the lead.

Without thinking what might happen I had moved closer. And the dogs had spotted me. Soon enough I had been surrounded by dogs, sniffing at me and bumping into me. I petted them, feeling the different kinds of fur – and then I had joined the pack. None of them made any attempt to fuck me. The Wolfhound led the way, slower as if aware that I wouldn’t be able to keep up otherwise and we followed. We had ventured farther and I had lost track of time.

That was why I was now jogging on the path, panting. Finally the bungalow came in sight. I slowed down, tried to catch my breath. Hopefully he wouldn’t be there already. I had never not been in the bungalow when he came for me. No idea what would happen if I wasn’t. On the other hand, he had never threatened me. So maybe it was not a big deal.

My heart sank as I came nearer and saw him leaning against the wall. Still panting, my body sweaty and covered in shed dog hairs I reached him, muttered a breathless “Sorry, Sir”.

My owner nodded curtly, opened the door for me.

“You’ve been playing with the dogs.” It wasn’t a question. “Yes, Sir,” I replied and walked over to the trapdoor, waited for him.

“Don’t be late again.”

And that was it. No threat, no consequences, no scolding for having played with the dogs. I breathed a sigh of relief. He opened the trapdoor and I followed him down the steps. “Yes, Sir,” I replied again and frowned as I heard him chuckle.

Still smiling grup gaziantep escort bayan he opened the door to the room with the enormous bed. With a mock bow he bade me to enter. Shyly I stepped into the room. This was the first time he had led me here. Something new was going to happen.

He closed the door and started to undress. “Do you want to prepare yourself or shall I?” Now only in his boxer shorts he looked at me.

That question came as a big surprise. Never before had he asked me a thing like that. He had just taken me, stimulated me to get me wet and ready for his big werewolf cock. Only twice in the five or so weeks here had I masturbated before he came to get me. The look on my face must have said it all. He laughed. “I thought you might like it more when you get yourself ready.”

I had to swallow down the lump in my throat before I could answer. He wouldn’t like it. ”Only if you don’t watch.”

Smirking he crossed the room, placed a hand on my cheek. “But that is part of the training.”

Part of the training? What else was there to come? But the hand on my face felt good, unconsciously I leaned against it. So far I had never disobeyed. And I had been late the first time today. It had been a question, no order. Still my heart beat fast as I asked timidly. “Can you? Today?”

He smiled, lowered his hand. His fingers brushed my jaw, traced my collarbone. I shivered under the slight touch. “Turn around.”

With slightly trembling legs I obeyed.

Placing his big hands on my hips he pulled me closer. So close that I felt his hard cock through the fabric of his boxers, pressing hard against my ass. His breath brushed my neck.

“Maybe you should practice with the dogs. Let them watch, when you get off.” He murmured close to my right ear. I shivered again, more because of his deep voice so close by than because of his suggestion. Being with the dogs today had been fun. Maybe he was right. Maybe not.

His hands moved down my sides and I spread my legs automatically. Softly his fingers brushed my pussy escort bayan güneyşehir lips.

“The next stage would be my other shape.” His mouth was close to my other ear now. “You might get to like it. Turning me on.” Back to the right ear again. His lips brushed the skin on my neck, sent shivers down my spine. His fingers parted my labia as he placed soft kisses on my shoulders. My tits heaved with every fast breath I took. He had never done this before. I had nearly forgotten what it felt like to be kissed, treated like this. And my body reacted naturally.

Expertly he played my body, aroused me. Not for the first time I wondered where he had gotten this experience from.

I moaned as he slid one finger inside me. “I’ll give you one month.” The hairs on my neck stood on end as his lips brushed my skin. “By then, when I order you to prepare you will do it.”

“Yes, Sir”, I sighed, nearly breathless with arousal now. The sound his finger made as he finger fucked my cunt only confirmed what I had felt. I was ready for him, wet and today… horny.

And he knew it. He let go of me and stepped back. I heard a rustling sound. That were his boxers falling. He would change now.

Slowly I turned around. More and more it had become rather fascinating than appalling for me. Seeing his body change into its other form, stretching, fur growing, the ears, the muzzle and his claws. By now I was pretty sure he could not speak in his other form. The only sounds I had heard from him were animalistic. I remembered the terror I had felt the first time. It seemed so long ago now.

Transformation complete he stood there, panting. His hard cock out of its sheath. Tentatively I took one step forward, raised a hand. “May I?” During the day I had felt all the dogs. From the short gleaming coat of the Great Dane to the fluffy, thick black fur of the big black dog. How would his fur feel? A werewolf.

He nodded and I placed my hand on his chest. The black fur was long, softer that I had expected but I could still feel the human breast underneath. It was a weird islahiye escort bayan sensation, a human torso covered with thick fur. Careful I let my hand trail down, felt the muscles on his stomach. How would his dick feel? So far I had only felt human cocks. It was huge, a vivid red and already glistening with precum. Did I dare?

He flinched as my fingers touched his cock. A sound like a questioning growl escaped his throat and I looked up to his face. Our eyes locked for a moment, I looked away, down again. Careful I closed my hand around his cock. Slick and hot it lay in the palm of my half closed hand. Not for the first time I wondered how he was able to fuck me without inflicting permanent damage to my human body.

He growled again. Eagerly he grabbed my hips with his claws and pushed me towards the bed. I understood and turned around, got on the bed.

Legs as far apart as I could spread them I knelt on the bed, waited for him to mount me. In an instant he was there, slamming his cock in my wet cunt. I cried out in surprise. It hurt, never before had he fucked me this forcefully. Fast and hard he fucked me, his hot breath in my ear. It was hard to bear and I whimpered, tried to hold still.

Growling with pleasure he fucked me, burying himself deep with each thrust, his balls slapping my sensitive clit. I moaned, in pain this time, and held my breath as I felt his knot begin to swell. Twice he shoved his dick deep inside, deeper than I had ever felt him before, than he came with an exited yelp. His knot filled me as he collapsed on top of my trembling body. It was too much and I lost my stance, collapsed myself and lay down on my belly. Buried under this heavy fur blanket I struggled to breath. My face was pressed into the mattress and I was struggling to turn it to one side.

Just as I was beginning to panic I felt him gently wrapping his arms around me and he rolled to his side. Still connected to him I lay in his arms. His heavy head rested on my shoulder while we waited for the time to pass.

I had nearly dozed off, in spite of the pain and the uncomfortable stretching knot in my cunt, when I felt him move again. His cock and a rush of cum left my body, he got up. He got up while I stayed on the bed, sore and tired.

“You can stay here if you like. Just make sure to get a shower before you go upstairs.” “Yes, Sir,” I murmured and closed my eyes again. A short moment later I heard the door. He had left me.

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