I’d been unable to keep my eyes off her all morning. She kept glancing my way and I could swear I could see a wet stain on her bikini bottom’s crotch. My wife noticed my distraction and asked me what was wrong. I shrugged it off and rolled over on my belly to hide my growing erection as I watched the older woman roll over too and spread her legs a bit to show me her spot. She knew I was watching and from twenty feet away I could catch her scent.

She got up and walked toward me and I saw her hand slip down the top of her bikini. It was thin and when she removed her hand I could see the definite expression of her arousal.

I told my wife I had to pee and grabbed a towel to hide my boner. The woman had slowed down and let me pass her without a word. She followed me into the men’s room and dropped to her knees. I pulled my suit down and her open mouth seemed hungry for it. She sucked me for a little bit and I pulled her up and sat her on the sink counter. I pulled down her top and chewed on each nipple as I worked her clit with my fingers. Finally I pushed her to lean over the sink and pulled the thin strap that covered her cunt aside. Kartal Escort I shoved all ten inches in at once.

I felt the shock run through her as she was now full but not as full as she would be when I unleashed torrents of hot cum into her cunt. I hammered her hard to her obvious delight. I reached around and pinched her nipples hard as I unloaded in her. Just as I did, two guys walked in. One was short, white, and chubby. The other was tall and black.

I pulled out and gave her my cock to clean. She sucked down every leftover drop. The two men pulled their suits down. The chubby guy had a short but fat dick. I envied the dick of the black guy. It was huge. The chubby guy sat on the counter and she began to suck him immediately. The black guy pushed what had to be twelve inches in at the same time. I didn’t stay around to watch, tempting as it was.

I laid back down on the beach blanket with my head facing the men’s room. My wife asked me why it took so long. I just told her that there was a line. In the next hour I counted ten more men who walked in. They all left smiling. I told my wife I had Tuzla Escort to pee again and made my second visit. This time I just fucked her mouth. I wondered how much cum she had swallowed that day.

As I got back to the blanket. I saw the woman sort of stagger out of the men’s room. She came back to her towel and I could see the glistening of cum running down her legs and chin. She had made no attempt to clean up. She seemed to glorify in her role of “Slut for a day”. I wondered if she had a husband at home and she was going to make him taste all that mixed cum as some sort of revenge.

The air was redolent with the smell of sex. My wife caught the scent. “Can we go home? That smell is making me horny!” I knew when we got home she would know that some of that scent was coming from me. The woman had squirted all over my balls. I had to think fast.

“Remember when we first met and we would go down to the end of this beach and wade out to sand bar and I would pull both our suit bottoms down and you would straddle me and fuck me like that?”

“Those are delicious memories. When we’d get back to the Anadolu Yakası Escort apartment we would taste the salt on and in each others bodies. It’s been years but I still remember.”

“How about if we take a walk.” She agreed and we walked hand-in-hand to the deserted end of the beach. I made sure I was upwind so she couldn’t catch the scent of the of the woman but in a few minutes my wife was giving off a scent of her own. I hadn’t seen her (or smelled her) this hot in years.

We ran into the water and splashed our way to the sand bar. We giggled like we had the first time we did it twenty years ago. I laid on my back on the sand bar in about three foot of water. She pulled my suit down to my knees and began to knead my balls with one hand and my cock with the other.

It took me a little time but I finally got hard enough for her to pull her suit bottom down and straddle me like she used to. She lowered herself on my shaft and repeatedly pulled me all the way out and did it again. I was pumping her cunt full of seawater and I knew the cum wasn’t going to be too long following. Fucking underwater is a very different experience.

She finally came and I joined her. “My god that brought back memories.!” It had for me too.

On the way home we stopped for a leisurely lunch. We rubbed calves for the first time in years. We held hands. It seemed like the scent of sex had rekindled our romance.

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