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“Fuck. You’re one lucky son of a bitch,” I thought to myself as I walked behind a naked Carmen into the house, loving how her tight ass looked as she walked in her high-heels slippers. I felt like the king of the world carrying a hot married naked woman in my arms, while my mature Latina soul-mate pranced naked in front of us. It was clear to me that the alcohol consumptions had had a profound effect on these housewives’ inhibitions. They didn’t object to any of my suggestions and I knew it was time to strike. I had fucked Karen minutes ago, but now I had to seduce her, so she would keep being into me throughout the holiday.

“I’ll check on the children,” Carmen giggled and walked to a different place in our house.

I looked down at Karen and noticed she had a dazed look in her eyes. I bent my head down and kissed her moist lips. Her hands caressed my hair as she responded to my tongue invading her mouth. I kept on walking and soon I had placed Karen on the bed in Carmen’s and my bedroom. We just kissed softly for some time, while I in a soft voice over and over told Karen, how beautiful and hot she was. It was definitely not something she was used to hearing and I kept praising her as a way to put her completely under my spell.

She just tried to resist one time, when she stuttered, “Ryan, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Why not? It definitely feels like you want to.” I moved in and kissed my way up her jaw line. “Is it because of Carmen? It sounds like you two have been more than friends, when you lived together in college. I know she wouldn’t mind sharing me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely,” I whispered and continued, “I love your full firm breasts, Karen,” squeezing her tits and cupping them into my hands, while I kissed her lips, cheeks and neck.

Karen smiled shyly, as she moaned softly and pushed a little more up, so her full round breasts squashed firmly into my kneading fingers. I kept on kissing her, and then moved my head down to her tits. Alternating between them I took each of her hard, sensitive nipples into my mouth, biting lightly and sucking each, as I squeezed her 36D breasts. The hot mature married housewife moaned passionately as my tongue flicked across her nipples, and my teeth gently nipped her soft, sexily pliant flesh, and I sucked hard on her swelling, heavy breasts. My mouth’s attention seemed to ignite even more passion within the knockout blond as she moaned and pushed herself up, so more of her tits could get into my mouth. After some time I moved my head back and stared into her lust filled eyes. I looked down and took in the sight of this gorgeous married woman, fully displaying herself before me as if she had forgotten her marriage wows.

I got on my knees between her spread legs and reached out with my hand until my fingers brushed lightly across her sopping wet pussy. I pressed a fingertip over her clit and started rubbing it in circles. Her body responded by gyrating against me. I slipped two fingers inside her steamy cunt. She humped against them as they slid in and out of her juicy pussy. I leaned forward until I was able to flick my tongue across her clit. Then I took my fingers from her cunt and clamped my mouth over her pussy, driving my tongue deep inside her. She started humping my face furiously. The intensity of her muffled moans and groans increased as she became more excited. I was eating her out with a vengeance, but moved her legs up so her hips were raised from the bed, so it was fresh pussy juice I licked up and not a combination of her juices and my sperm from our previous fucking.

“Oh my Gooooooooooooooood, Ryan,” Karen shrieked as her hands were clutching my hair. I looked into her lust filled eyes and simultaneously stuck my tongue out and touched the swollen clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Argggggggggggggggghhh,” Karen moaned and threw her blond head back, while she arched her back pushing her quivering clit into my mouth. My mouth became practically filled with her sweet flesh and I began eating her out, while I simultaneously moved two fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Moments later I could feel the muscles inside her cunt squeezing my fingers as Karen climaxed. I kept my mouth at her pussy and kept on stimulating her until Karen moaned, “Please stop, Ryan, no more…you’re killing me.”

I moved away from Karen’s trembling body and looked towards the door, where Carmen was standing, watching us, “Why are you standing in the doorway, honey? Come in and join us,” I said and continued, “We have missed you.”

I loved the sight of my mature lover walking seductively towards the bed. Karen’s body was still trembling in a post-orgasmic bliss, so I knew, I had time for Carmen, so she wouldn’t feel neglected.

When Carmen was beside the bed I leaned forward and gave her a soulful kiss and whispered, “I love you, and I’m so happy you’ve agreed to this, but now I need my soul-mate for a hard fucking. Are you İstanbul Escort up for it, babe?”

“I’m so hot right now, and I want you so much right now,” Carmen replied and got up onto the bed.

“I want to fuck you doggy style, Carmen. So get in position.”

Carmen quickly turned around and got onto all fours and arched her back downwards, driving her hips up and presenting her open swollen sex to me. I knew my mature lover, and she was clearly in the mood for some hard fucking, showing off for her friend. I grabbed her slender waist and drove my rock hard cock forcefully into her silky hot depths.

“AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh…” Carmen screamed as my cock hit her cervix. I had never been so forceful before, but I was really worked up.

“Oh God, Ryan. You’re so fucking big,” she cried out.

I held her slender waist tight between my hands, as I rammed into her time and time again. Her shimmering black hair writhed over her beautiful back as we fucked.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted with each thrust. We’re not making gentle love. This was pure lust in action.

I didn’t have to be nervous about hurting Carmen, as she was clearly excited by my manhandling her. Fluid streamed out of her stretched hole and over my testicles as I continued to plunge into her tight pussy. The pressure on my long, thick shaft was growing as her pussy started to clamp hard around it. I knew my sexy lover would orgasm in a matter of seconds.

I leaned forward and grabbed a firm pendulous breast and pulled her up to me. Reaching around with my other hand I grasped her other breast. We knelt together, my hands gripping her full weighty orbs, pinching and rolling the nipples as I jack-hammered my cock hard into her petite body.

I breathed hard in her ear and panted, “Tell me, who’s your man?”

“You’re my man, Ryan,” Carmen shrieked.

“Then take my seed. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my sperm deep into you again.”

Carmen’s head fell back onto my shoulder and a cry broke from her stretched out throat as the climax overtook her.

“Aaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out and her pussy clenched around my cock.

I knew I was seconds away from cumming, but took my time to look towards Karen. She was clearly in awe of my animalistic coupling with her old friend.

Carmen shuddered in my arms, but I didn’t let go. I just kept on fucking my long hard cock deep into her pussy, ramming the bulbous head hard against her cervix. Then I felt a strong sharp contraction deep in my balls and a jet of semen pulsed up my shaft and exploded out of my bursting glans. I kept on thrusting, the primeval instinct taking control, forcing my fluid into her sex organ.

I roared as I climaxed and, with bulging biceps, I held Carmen’s ass hard against my groin. We held like that for a moment and then I let go of Carmen and she slumped forward.

“Oh my. You two looked so fierce, but still so in sync,” Karen blurted out. “I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.”

I took a deep breath before I replied with a grin, “You’ve not seen anything yet. But come and give me a kiss.”

Karen got up on her knees and moved up against me. I leaned down and kissed her moist lips, while I snaked a hand down between her legs. She was sopping wet. She put her hand over mine and smiled shyly. I once more moved in and kissed her. Soon our tongues were swirling around each other.

After some time I broke the kiss and turned to Carmen, and slapped her on her ass. She got up on her knees and turned around and smiled at me and Karen. Then she said to Karen, “You’ve experienced how tender Ryan can be and you’ve now seen how powerful a man he can be. Do you now get why I’ve fallen completely for this young stud?”

“Oh, yes. I had my doubts before I arrived, but now I completely understand. I’m just so happy you have been willing to share your man with me.”

“We’re not finished by a long shot. Ryan is insatiable,” Carmen said and took Karen’s hand, “I don’t think our boy is going to complain if we share him. I could show you some tricks he likes.”

For a moment Karen had an uncertain look on her face, but evidently my hand on her pussy and Carmen’s words made up her mind and she giggled, “I would love to learn.”

Soon my two mature women were on their knees in front of my semi-hard cock.

“We’ll have to clean his magic wand,” Carmen laughed and continued, “My man really likes it when you clean up his cock after a hard fuck.” As if to prove her point, my Latina lover took me into her mouth and sucked and licked our combined juices of my shaft. My cock had been semi-hard but soon it was back into a full-blown erection. Carmen really went to town on my shaft and soon I was groaning. I ran my fingers through Carmen’s long, black hair. Carmen grabbed one of her friend’s hands and put it on the part of my cock she wasn’t sucking. Instinctively, Karen wrapped her fingers around me and started stroking my cock.

“Here, your turn,” Carmen said, pointing Escort Bayan the thick, saliva-slick cock at Karen.

Karen first looked up at me. I smiled to her and she took a deep breath and placed her mouth on my huge head. Slowly she took the head in her mouth and began to suck on it, while Carmen held it and played with my heavy balls. Karen was not very skillful, but did her best. Soon the two women licked my long pole simultaneously and I was in heaven. I groaned and twisted my fingers in Karen’s blond hair.

“Fuck, what a sight,” I thought to myself as I looked down on my two mature women, who were worshiping my thick cock. Carmen’s olive complexion and black hair was a total contrast to Karen’s milky white complexion and blond hair. Both women had firm pendulous breasts, which swayed and jiggled by their effort.

“Kiss each other,” I ordered and pressed their face towards each other.

Totally into it, Carmen grabbed Karen’s face and kissed her. It was apparent that Karen was taken so off-guard she didn’t know what to do. Carmen pressed her tongue deeply into Karen’s mouth, like she really wanted to kiss her longtime girlfriend. Karen accepted this and began kissing her back. As the kiss ended, both women looked into each other’s eyes.

“Wow,” Carmen giggled and Karen just smiled.

I was in control of the situation and I decided to use it to push the boundaries for those two hot mature babes. “Do it again. It was so hot,” I said.

This time both Carmen and Karen leaned forward, and soon they shared another kiss. This time Carmen moved her arms around Karen. While the gorgeous women kissed, I leaned down and caressed their hard nipples. They were both very aroused. Soon Carmen was kissing her friend’s neck and then worked her way lower. She cupped Karen’s full breasts in both hands and now she was kissing and licking them. I leaned in and kissed Karen, so she couldn’t voice any objection to this. For some time I held the kiss and then I moved away again. Carmen was really doing a good job, as she circled Karen’s nipples with her tongue, bringing them to full puckered hardness before sucking them between her soft lips. As she sucked, Carmen worked with her tongue too and Karen moaned and grasped Carmen’s head and pulled it to her chest.

They had both given in to their lust, and they lay down onto the bed. Karen was on her back and Carmen was beside her, still sucking and teasing her tits. I started to caress Karen’s clit and she moaned and shivered.

“Let’s shift,” I said to Carmen and soon she began to kiss her way down Karen’s flat stomach. I kissed Karen’s gorgeous face and neck, while Carmen started to lick her sopping wet pussy. Carmen was clearly not opposed to licking my cum out of her friend, and soon Karen’s cries were getting louder and her body was trembling all over. It didn’t take long before Karen experienced another climax. While she was in the throes of orgasm I sucked hard on her firm left breast, and shortly after a hickey was formed. I grinned as I had marked this once faithful woman.

As Karen still was in a post-orgasmic bliss, I quickly shifted her body around, so she was sitting on her knees. I got down on my back and moved in between her thighs. Now it was my turn to lick this married woman, while my lover would ride my hard cock. Karen was not registering what was going on, but Carmen quickly got the idea. Soon she also got up, and in a matter of seconds, she was lowering her tight, wet pussy down on my long thick shaft.

“Ride me, baby, ride me hard,” I groaned as Carmen grabbed the base of my long hard pole, bringing it between her legs. Karen was still just sitting with her wet pussy hovering over my head, but didn’t seem to take in what was happening in front of her eyes. Carmen moved my thick cock into position and just rubbed the huge head against her soaking wet cunt. She moved my large cockhead up and down her slit before she slid down onto it. She was so excited that her normally very tight pussy had no problem taking almost my entire length.

Carmen began working her cunt muscles around my cock while sitting completely still on top of me.

I moved my head up and sucked Karen’s clit into my mouth. I surprised her, but soon she was pressing her groin down seeking the contact with my mouth. The room was filled with moans and groans from all three. As Carmen began to ride me she leaned towards Karen, and soon they were kissing and rubbing their breasts together. For some time we all were interested in a slow tempo, but then Carmen began to ride me faster. Now she rode me really hard and her breasts were bouncing while her breathing became fast and shallow. I kept on stimulating Karen’s pussy, and it felt really hot. After some time Carmen reached her climax and she screamed out loud. She collapsed on the bed and my hard cock popped out of her well fucked cunt.

“Now it’s your turn, Karen. Get down and ride my cock,” I growled and pushed her up from my face. I had unloaded my cum so many times this day, so I knew it would take a long time before I would cum Eskort again. I looked towards Carmen, and she just smiled at me. I had showed her, that she was my woman, so now I could really begin to dominate Karen, without thinking about my girlfriend being jealous.

Without hesitations Karen turned around and moved down to my groin. I smiled at this, as I took in the sight of this hot slender married woman naked above me ready to take my hard ten-inch cock. She didn’t know what she was getting into.

“Come on, Karen. Take my cock and put it in. Tell me how much you want my cock,” I grinned at her.

Karen reached beneath her and wrapped her slender fingers around my hard shaft. She positioned it directly beneath her tight wet pussy before she replied, “I want your monster in me, but we’ll have to take it slow. You’ll be stretching me so much.”

With fire in her blue eyes, Karen began to lower herself down. The moment my large cock-head touched her slit, she moaned out loud. The moans changed to shrieks as she pushed herself down onto my hard pole and the large head suddenly pushed into her tight opening.

“So huuuuuuuuuuuge…,” she shrieked, as my thick shaft inch, by inch, slowly slid into her squeezing pussy as Karen lowered herself down, until she had six inches of my thick cock stuffed into her.

She was not moving for some time, gasping for air before she slowly slightly raised her groin up before pushing herself down another inch, forcing her hot pussy to stretch around my huge cock.

“How does it feel, Karen?” I grinned.

“Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like this before. I’ve never been so full. Your cock is reaching places inside me that I’ve never even known existed,” Karen moaned and brushed her blond hair back from her face.

“Oh my God, you’re just an amazing man. You’re hung and have a body like a fucking action hero,” Karen grasped as her fingers were stroking my hard chest.

I smiled and stroked her slender, smooth thighs with my hands, before I flexed my hard cock inside her.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh you’re so big,” Karen moaned again.

“The biggest you’ve ever had?” I asked smugly as Karen placed her hands on her bare, flat stomach as if to measure, how deep into her body my pole had gone.

“By far the largest cock I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt so stuffed. It hurts a bit, but at the same time it feels so goooooooooooooood,” Karen cried as I once again flexed my cock in her tight pussy.

I decided not to bring her husband into the conversation, so I just said, “Glad to hear, but you’ll have to move.”

I slid my hands up from her slender thighs, over her flat stomach, and up onto her full tits, cupping the heavy, round, soft but firm flesh with my hands and squeezing gently.

Karen began to slowly rock her hips back and forth, gently sliding my long, thick shaft almost out of her tight pussy before pushing back down onto my spearing rod, then gently rotating her slender mature hips, working her pussy in a circle, before once more rocking her hips to gently fuck herself with my huge cock. This went on for some time, but then my married lover started to move faster until she was gently bouncing up and down my long pole, as she breathed heavier.

I continued squeezing her pendulous breasts harder as the swayed by her motion. My hickey was in clear view, but Karen had not seen it yet.

“You have a really tight pussy and some amazing breasts,” I said as I took in the sight of her wonderful body, as she leaned back from where she had been resting her hands on my hard chest and ran her hands through her long blond hair. Karen erotically pushed her hair up and back, holding it up sexily as she moaned in absolute pleasure as my large shaft slammed in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

“Come on, Karen, ride my pole harder,” I urged her on and pinched her nipples hard.

Karen screamed and leaned forward, putting her hands once again on my hard chest and rocking her hips back and forth, and bouncing wantonly up and down. I loved the sight of this hot housewife given in to her lust and I urged her on. “That’s it, Karen. I love watching your hot body ride my cock.”

“I’m cuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmming,” Karen screamed as she had an orgasm.

As her pussy muscles contracted around my cock I quickly planted my feet on the bed and ruthlessly began fucking my insanely hard dick up into her hot pussy, literally slamming my cock deep into this mature married woman over and over again with such force that the hot blond housewife experienced orgasm after orgasm. I knew it would take some effort for me to cum, so I quickened my pace even more, and I fucked her cunt with every bit of force that I had.

Karen’s well-manicured nails scratched my chest as she continued to scream out as her body was wracked with pleasure from the severe pounding that her pussy was getting from beneath. I was now really ravishing her and moved my hands to her slender waist. Now I started to slam her pussy up and down on my huge pole as hard as I could, hitting her cervix again and again. Karen was moaning and screaming and I just continued my assault of her tight pussy. I kept on fucking my thick cock up into her as I could sense I would cum in a matter of seconds. I really began to jack-hammering into her with my long, hard shaft.

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