His Aunt Kim was present at his eighteenth birthday party. Sid was not the least bit embarrassed when she found a private moment in the hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom to pat him on the ass and make the remark that convinced him that this woman whom he had fantasized about since he was 15 really thought he was sexually attractive.

“You’re a cutie.” Was all she had said.

He did not agree with his moms opinion that she wore her clothes too tight for a 40 year old woman. Hell, she used to make a living as a dancer and now, as an aerobics teacher, she was looking everything like her students wish they did.

Aunt Kim was his stepfathers sister. When his mom had divorced Sid’s alcoholic dad sixteen years ago her best friend Kim fixed her up with her brother.

Now at eighteen, Sid was the man of the family. He remembered his step father as his only father. The tragic car crash that took his life two years ago would always loom over any family get-together. Everybody had loved him. His generosity and sense of humor was mentioned and talked about still. Happily, these remembrances of his step dad were always jovial and peppered with laughter.

The evening did not wear on. It slid gracefully from joking around to tender moments with Sid’s friends and gift giving. Relatives filtering in and cake eating.

Blowing out the candles was interesting. Sid made his wish with closed eyes.

At the moment he blew at the candles someone turned off the lights and he felt his second pat on the ass that night. One of his wishes had just come true.

A memory flashed back to him before the lights were switched on. He was fifteen and snooping in his mothers bottom dresser drawer. He could not remember why he was in there in the first place but can still recalled the pleasant feeling of silk on the fronts and backs of his hands at the same time. Way at the bottom of the drawer he discovered a magazine. It was an old men’s soft core porn mag from the mid 80’s. It was beyond Sid why his mother had this hidden in her bottom drawer until he saw the woman pictured three quarters of the way through. The title said it was Juicy Lucy but it was Aunt Kim. Twenty years younger and as fit as she is today. Her dark brown hair was longer and straight. It poured over her bare shoulders and breasts in poses from front and rear.

Blood was flowing in a rush through his body in waves of embarrassment and bliss. When he heard his mother coming in the front door downstairs he desperately wanted to steal the magazine and hide it in his room. Something inside told him he would surely be found out so he hurriedly stuffed it back below the silky underwear and stockings. As much as he tried to seem nonchalant when he ran into his mom coming up the stairs he knew she noticed that something was up.

The next chance he had to sneak a peek of his aunt in that magazine came a week later.

It was gone.

Now at eighteen the sexy woman in that mag was standing by his side grinning from ear to ear begging him to open the present that she had brought for him. He hesitated a little hoping that she had not planned some sort of gag gift. He looked at his mother for some hint about what to do. She was grinning too and said he should go ahead and open it.

As it turned out he was both embarrassed and delighted by the contents of the small package. All balled up and feeling as silky as the soft things in his mothers drawer was the tiniest males Speedo swimsuit. It was fluorescent blue. He unfurled it in front of the guests who let out a great hurrah. Sid was the fastest swimmer at his school. His plan was to try out for the swim team at the college he would attend next fall. Aunt Kim grabbed it from his hands and held it in front of her jeans as if she was sizing it up for herself. “I know I should have kept this for myself.” she joked.

Sid’s mom was gathering up wrapping paper and clearing the table when Kim suggested İstanbul Escort she spend time with the guests before it got too late. Soon she would have to go to work at the hospital where she was a nurse. She would not return home till after sun up the next day. Kim was slated to stay at the house and act as chaperone for Sid and two of his buddies. That was an inside joke because she actually was going to stay over due to the distance she would have to drive home. She stayed often.

After Sid’s mother left for work he and his friends settled by the TV to watch a recent DVD about a spy caper with considerable R-rated nudity. It was only 20 minuets into the movie when one of his two friends started complaining of nausea. Kim checked his forehead and announced that he was burning up with a fever and probably was coming down with flu. Sid’s other friend had ridden with him so the two of them left.

Sid sat at the far end of the couch while Kim lay with her head on the arm at the opposite end. She shifted her position occasionally as they watched the movie. Her toes came into contact with Sid’s outer thigh every time she moved. Eventually her toes were tucked under Sid’s leg. He desperately wanted to reach down and stroke her feet. The male and female leads of the movie had gotten into bed in one of the sexiest scenes he had ever witnessed. Kim mentioned that she had read in a gossip column that they were rumored to have actually had sex during the filming of this particular scene. At one point the actress reared up on top of her lover fully exposing her perfect breasts in the throws of orgasm. Her hero massaged her hips with firm grips thrusting her forward and back against his groin. Sid thought he heard Kim let out a moan. Kim did speak not long after this action sequence. She said she was going to the bathroom. Sid paused the movie and watched Kim rise from the couch and disappear into the hallway.

When she got back she sat on the couch but more in the middle. “Do you want to watch the rest of the movie?” she asked.

“Sure, if you do.” was Sid’s reply.

Kim reclined on the couch and put her arm up on the back. “Actually I had something else in mind.” “I would really like to see if the birthday present I gave you fits.” She had a slight smile on her face and Sid sensed that same heat building up inside.

He agreed to put it on but told her he was not coming out of his room if he thought it was too small or didn’t fit right. He padded off in his stocking feet with his heart beating a mile a minute.

Once in his room he stretched the suit over his feet and up across his thighs in front of his full length mirror. There was full contact with the expanding spandex as soon as it passed his knees. He knew it would be tight, but it was supposed to be. Standing there in front of the mirror he looked first at himself from the side and then turned to see the view from over his shoulder. It was defiantly very tight. He noted the muscles in his thighs and how he could still see them through the fabric and how they reappeared again above where they tied in with his stomach muscles. He reached down to note the silkiness of the cloth and how it bulged in front. Below, his balls were cupped snuggly. He put on his robe and took a deep breath before heading back to where Kim was waiting.

He entered the room and Kim laughed. He wondered if he looked silly. “You left your socks on.” she giggled, “that’s cute.” She stood up from the couch and faced him from about 3 feet away. Sid reached down and undid the tie of his robe and opened it up.

Kim looked straight down at the suit. “Is it comfortable?”

Sid nodded that it was. Kim did not take her eyes away. “I always liked the way spandex felt against my skin.” She reached across with her right hand to lightly place the back of her knuckles against his right hip. She moved the inch or two that was needed to travel from Sid’s hip to the beginning Anadolu Yakası Escort of his muscled buttock.

It was hard for Sid to form words as he felt the firmness of his cock increasing.

“Thank you very much for the suit.” he breathed, barely audible.

Kim stepped towards him and reached around his bare waist below his robe. It was similar to the hug of a loving aunt except after Kim kissed him slightly on his cheek she moved her face down the side of his neck and took a tiny bite.

Sid was fighting against the urge to grab Kim and pull her to the floor. He leaned into her and let her lead him. She brought her arms to her sides and moved her hands up his sides to his armpits. Her mouth met his and she introduced her tongue to his with a single darting motion. He leaned more into her but she pulled back and looking him in the eyes told him that she wanted to go to the guest room.

They passed through the kitchen hand in hand and entered the long dark hall way. They both stopped and embraced again but this time Sid roamed his hands over Kim’s body in an attempt to cover every inch of her in as little time as possible. She did not stop him but instead proceeded to unbutton and unzip till Sid had full access to her lean toned body. As soon as her top was pulled up over her head he buried his face between her firm breasts licking and sucking them hungrily. She in turn was again experiencing the feeling of his new swim suit but concentrating on his full erection. Sid reached down to free it from its confines but Kim stopped him. “Not yet, that’s my present. I want to unwrap it.”

Leaving a heap of clothes and Sid’s robe in the hallway they entered the guest room where Kim had stowed her overnight bag. She instructed him to get on the bed but not lay down. He stood there on his knees as Kim joined him face to face. She reached for his suit and pealed it down below his scrotum. His cock pointed straight at her flat stomach with his balls lifted up and exposed. Next she reached around behind him and pulled the tight spandex together till it formed a single strand that she slid between his ass cheeks like a thong. Kim nudged him slightly to sit down on his heels as she stroked his cock and balls. She reached a taste of pre cum up to her face and closed her eyes tight while she licked it off by extending her tongue out instead of placing it in her mouth.

She again kissed his mouth but only in passing on her way down his form to put his helmet into her hot mouth. Sid’s cumming was held off by her expert technique and the restriction of the suit that almost cut into the tender skin below his sack. Kim teased and taunted Sid till his load could be held back no longer. She took his long shaft in her hand and pumped it sensually. She used long strokes and would pause often with her face close to his. She finally concentrated on just the head of his cock tickling then gripping in a rotating motion with one hand while her other hand clutched his balls that now felt like splitting. His juice shot up her arm coating patches of her bicep and hanging breasts. He fell back onto his elbow arching his spine. Kim lowered her mouth for the final spurts which were enough to coat the interior of her mouth and ooze from the corners and down her chin.

Sid leaned shaking onto his side trapping one arm below himself but with his other he reached for Kim’s left nipple which he gently tweaked and caressed into a firm mound. Kim looked down at his young angelic face with great satisfaction.

“Happy Birthday baby.”

They lay side by side. The night waited as they whispered and nuzzled. Sid stretched himself out as long as he could. He was aware of Kim’s fingers twisting and burrowing in her sparse pubic hair. Her breathing stayed at a fairly rapid pace. She placed her free hand on Sid’s cock which was laying nearly half erect on her stomach. She tipped her head to the side. “Sid, I want you Kartal Escort to sit on your heals like you were before.” Sid did as she asked but wondered why she wanted him to. Once he was in the position she again started her sensual touching of his body and returned his tight suit to the under balls and up his crack configuration. But her actions changed at that point as she laid down in front of him with her legs spread far apart, her knees raised up. She told him to touch himself. “I want to see how you do yourself, baby.”

As he took his shaft in hand she reached between her legs and separated her pussy lips. She rhythmically circled and dipped into herself at first shallowly then deeply. At times with one finger and then with four. As they both manipulated their sex she inched her hips so her ass approached his knees. Soon she lifted her hips up so she was on his lap with her wet pussy creeping closer and closer to Sid’s erection. She stopped touching herself completely. “Whack me with your dick, Sid.” She was looking at his face wildly, almost panting. “Smack my pussy with it.” Sid felt the sting of his cock landing on Kim’s wet pussy over and over again. It felt like nothing he had felt before. She let him start to enter her hole once but made him pull it out because she sensed his mounting orgasm.

She reached over the side of the bed to her overnight bag and removed some bottled water. She concealed something in her other hand. She inched her hips up so far that her ass was at the base of Sid’s stomach. Her pussy was aimed straight up at the ceiling.

“You want to put your cock in my pussy don’t you?”

Sid’s mouth was dry, he nodded that he did. Kim handed him the water which he drank from gratefully. When he handed it back she told him to take another drink but not swallow. He followed these instructions and all that followed.

Kim’s other hand concealed a foil packet. She opened it and removed two alka seltzer tablets. Kim’s cunt was pointing straight up at Sid’s face. He opened his lips ever so slightly to let a narrow stream of the water shower down on Kim’s slit. Kim groaned at the sensation. She reached down and inserted one of the tablets inside of herself and Sid once again let go a slight stream. Her hips started to fidget on Sid’s lap. Her face took on a look of anguish and tortured pleasure. Sid could hear the fizzing coming from between her legs. She lay quivering below his gaze. He reached for the other tablet and after letting another dose of water flow onto her he placed it directly on top of her clitoris which was swollen and pushing through the folds of Kim’s lips.

More water. It began to foam instantly. He needed to hold Kim’s hips so she would not buck off the side of the bed. He pulled his knees out from under her and quickly slid his cock into her foaming pussy. They each experienced the opposite sexes version of the same sensation. His first deep entry into the hole of his Aunt Kim was a burn of pure pleasure.

Kim’s cumming started the instant Sid entered her. Now they rocked on the bed, Sid on Kim, Kim on Sid till there was no strength remaining in either of their athletic bodies.

Their muscles rubbed while their faces contorted.

Kim’s body floated above Sid’s. The sunrise filtered into the window behind Sid and through her hair. She did not let her whole body weight rest on Sid even when she lifted her hands off the bed and straitened her back to grip and kneed her breasts. He looked between her legs and watched her talent of seductive movement that worked his erection and lowered slightly then rose almost letting his tip breath then trapping it again with a clutching of inner muscles. Sid confessed his viewing of her pictures as Kim fucked him in this almost casual way. She leaned forward while still expertly plunging him into herself ever so close to the edge of another orgasm for them both.

She kissed him on the mouth in the last moments of his ultimate birthday before they both came for the last time. She whispered while probing his ear with her tongue.

“I let them take those pictures because I needed the money real bad for school. It was actually a huge turn on for me. Did you know your mom was a photographer back then?”

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