Kimmerz had finally finished getting ready for work and reached to open the apartment door, picking up her keys, when there was a knock at the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone and wondered who it could be. Maybe it was her roomie who’d been locked out again. No, couldn’t be. She opened the door, and there he was, grinning as usual, clutching a bunch of flowers.

“Hey there Kimmerz…” he said, standing in the doorway, holding the flowers out to her. She stood there, wide-eyed in shock for a moment, then grinned and leapt forward, grabbing him and squeezing him tight. “Ringo!! Baby!”

With Kimmerz still clutching him, he pushed inside, dropping the flowers on a table and pinning her against the wall, looking into her eyes seductively with his cobalt, blue gaze.

“I’ve had a long flight babe… I’m tired, I’m weary, no time to talk right now…” he said. But before the ‘oh’ left her lips, he grinned again, sliding his hands up inside her skirt quickly, and grasping the waist band of her panties, tugging them down her thighs.

“But I’m Pendik Escort going to fuck you anyway… right here.”

“Ohhh Ringo…” she moaned, her eyes fixed on him as she leaned back against the wall. With a quick pull, he ripped her panties from her thighs, leaving them hanging in pieces about her legs, and pushed his pants down, taking out his hard cock, and holding the thick shaft in his hand as he looked into her eyes.

“See this… I’m gonna fuck you with it until you scream and scream and can scream no more…” he said with a smirk, placing two fingers on either side of her cunt lips and spreading them, opening her further as she squirmed with lust, moaning his name.

With a loud bang against the wall, he thrust his cock up into her hard, moaning loudly with the entrance into her, and grinning as he listened to her scream, which echoed through the apartment and down the hall through the still open door. He stood with her beside the door, holding her hips firmly as he swung his hips in fast, upward arcs, battering her Kurtköy Escort cunt like she had never known.

Even with the contracting muscles within her fully relaxed, his cock still spread her wider, like some kind of almighty battering ram pounding into her body, sending shockwaves of pain through her, making her scream in agony as he fucked her mercilessly.

“Oh gods, Ringo! Your cock….it’s hurting me!”

“Want me to stop?” he asked, still pounding her just as hard, but more slowly.

“N…noooo…. ” she whimpered. “Fuck me, Ringo… hurt me… make me screeeeam….”

He rewarded her as he kept slamming his cock into her tight cunt, battering against her g-spot and fucking her raw. But as she was pinned against the wall, holding onto his shoulders as he banged into her painfully hard, she was screaming with lust; the pain only pleasure to her as she screamed his name louder and louder; not caring any more about the open door next to them.

As the biggest orgasm she had ever known hit her, her juices Maltepe Escort spurted all around his throbbing cock that had speared her deeply. She writhed and screamed as she cummed again and again, his own cum gushing into her cunt like a steaming hot flame. He held her there as she screamed with lust, stars appearing before her eyes as she drifted in and out of unconsciousness, his own ecstasy flooding his body like the cum that flooded her raw fucked cunt.

Kicking the door shut, he carried her into the apartment and shoved her down on her bed, spreading her legs and burying his face in her soaking, quivering cunt, and licking her hungrily as she orgasmed all over his face again and again; her body shaking as the bed sheets became soaked in the stream of cum.

She was still screaming a full five minutes later, as he licked and sucked the cum out of her, before she collapsed back into her bed, soaked with sweat, cum, and tears of joy. She felt like she had just been fucked ten times in a row as her young lover lay upon her.

Looking down at her and kissing her passionately, he whispered, “You’re late for work… but you know what? Now that I’m here…you’re not going back…”

He grinned down at her as she began to recover, thinking of what else this night would have in store for them both…

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