The chance meeting. The forbidden fruit. Erotic fantasies that everyone has, and few experience. This could be your fantasy to share with that someone special.


A long day of riding made Rick tired, and looking for a place to crash for the night. He started in South Texas late in the day, and had made it past Austin by dark. He avoided the Interstate, and kept to the secondary roads. Still, most small towns rolled up the sidewalks early, there wasn’t much of a selection. He finally decided to just hit one of the roadside picnic areas and catch a few winks, before he continued to Oklahoma to visit relatives.

The roadside rest area wasn’t far, and as he pulled up, he saw the little blue car at the far end with the hood raised. He slowed the Harley and pulled in several tables away. The bike idled smoothly for a few minutes, then he shut it off. The sudden silence was almost deafening. He took some snacks from his bags and sat on a table to eat. Lost in thought, he didn’t hear her approach.

She was going to visit her family in Oklahoma, a fair drive from Florida. She had taken Interstates across to Texas, but got away from them near the big cities. She preferred the secondary roads, for the scenery, the lighter traffic, and the possibilities of finding food and gas easier. She hadn’t counted on her car giving out in the middle of nowhere. She made it to the rest stop before it quit altogether. She tried to call her relatives, but her cell phone wouldn’t pick up a signal.

She opened the hood and stared at the tightly packed compartment, not having a clue as to what she was seeing. ‘Too much crap!’ she thought to herself. ‘I wish I had my dad’s old Chevy.’ She slumped in the seat, waiting for anyone to stop and maybe help her, at least get her to a phone.

The loud rumble of the approaching motorcycle startled her. She was hoping it would pull in, but she was also afraid of what its rider might be like. She had heard stories of “those people” and how they treated women, especially those that were alone in strange places. She watched the biker pull in and stop a ways back, get something from his side pack, and sit on the table. She gathered all her courage and walked over to him.

“Hey, there!” she called out. She jumped almost as much as he did.

“You startled me!” He replied, looking around to see who spoke. He saw a short little girl, about 5’2″, in a close fitting denim dress. She had on some knee length boots with substantial heels. Her hair was medium length, and as she got closer he noticed that she was a stout little girl. A full figure, well proportioned for her height. She looked soft and inviting.

“Um .. My car’s broke.” She said quietly. “And my damn cell phone won’t work here!” she added.

“What did it do?” He asked.

“It made some growling noises, then started to steam, so I pulled in as soon as I saw this spot. It quit right there!” She pointed to the blue car.

He got a light from the bike and walked over to her car. He looked at some things and guessed that the water pump was shot.

“Not much we can do here, at night.” He told her.

“But … I’ve got to get to a phone, or something! I’m supposed to be in Oklahoma by now!” She almost wailed the last bit, choking back a cry.

“Okay! Okay! None of that tears stuff!” He snapped. “I was going to sack out here for a while, but let me finish my snack and I’ll take you into the next town. All right?”

“Oh, Yes! That would be great!” She bubbled. “Thank You!” She threw her arms around him and hugged him.

He enjoyed the feel of her soft body next to his. He could smell her hair and some kind of light perfume.

“If we are going to be this close, could I at least know your name?” He said.

She dropped her arms quickly, and got an embarrassed look on her face.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I .. I didn’t mean to … My name is Angel.” She finally composed herself.

“I’m Rick.” He answered, and walked away, back towards his bike.

Angel followed, sitting quietly next to him as he finished eating. She studied his body language as well as his body. He was about 5’7″, might weigh 150 or so. Dark hair, glasses, and dressed in leather, head to toe. He packed up his stuff and got near the bike.

“You need any thing from your car?” he asked.

“Oh! Yes, let me get some things!” She ran back to her car. He watched her strong looking legs carry her back. She definitely had some nice features. He started the bike and pulled up next to her car. She got a small carry bag from the trunk and brought it to him. He got a strap from the bike and tied the bag to the luggage rack. He got back on and waited for her to mount.

“I .. I’ve never been on a bike, before.” She said sheepishly.

Rick laughed. “Have you ever ridden a horse?”


“Get on the same way. Put your foot on this peg, stand up straight, and swing your leg over.”

She looked down at her snug fitting dress. Quickly unbuttoning the bottom three fasteners, Bayan Escort Gaziantep she followed the instructions and mounted. She felt strangely comfortable as she wrapped her arms around his waist. He kicked the bike in gear, and headed out. A sudden warmth centered in her belly as she gripped his thighs with hers. She felt her kitty glowing with the heat and getting wet. The vibrating iron between her legs added to the sensations, and she was very close to cumming.

The night air was cool, and it felt good to have a warm body behind him. It had been a while since he packed a passenger, especially a pretty one.

She felt his hand on her thigh. It was a light touch, just resting on the top. His hand felt strong and warm where the wind had peeled back her dress. Lightly running his hand up and down that spot, he was stirring feelings in her belly.

He let his hand fall to his side, and it lay on her soft thigh. He could feel her stockings, smooth and silky. He moved a little, and felt the elastic strap of garters. Pleasant thoughts filled his head. His cock stirred in his leather pants. It had been a while for that, too.

The road widened, and a small town appeared on the black ribbon of road. The first building they came to was a “Mom and Pop” Diner with some small cabins behind it. The went in to the diner, and the older woman at the counter asked what they needed. Rick asked for black coffee, Angel a tea, and where was a phone. Rick was sipping his coffee when she returned to the table.

“Well, shit!” She exploded. “Can’t anybody come this far to get me ’till tomorrow.”

” Can’t fix the car until then, either.” Rick countered.

“What am I going to do?” She moaned.

“Way I see it, you have two choices.”

“And what would they be?” She snipped.

He gave her a cold stare, and said nothing. She realised her error and started to cry.

“I …I’m sorry! .. I .. I shouldn’t have snapped at you. You’ve been so kind and helpful. Please forgive me?” She sobbed.

“Well, for starters, quit crying! It won’t solve your problems here. Second, I understand your frustration, and Yes, I forgive your outburst.” Rick replied softly.

“What … Um .. What are my choices?” She asked with hesitation in her voice.

“You can go back to your car and wait for someone to come for you, or you can ride on in to Oklahoma with me, and guide your help back here, later.” He paused for her to think a while, and motioned the counter person for some more coffee. She brought the coffee, and he leaned close to ask her something Angel couldn’t hear.

He already knew her destination was further upstate than his, but he didn’t mind. What he did mind was the late hour. He couldn’t make it where he needed to be until after midnight. That was too late for him to feel comfortable ‘landing’ on his relatives. He had asked the woman earlier how much the cabins were, and if they had any open. They had one, for $35 a night. He just told her he’d take it. Whether or not Angel stayed with him, he needed some rest, and a shower wouldn’t hurt, either.

She studied this handsome stranger, dressed in leather from head to toe, riding a huge motorcycle, and seeming to have been sent to rescue her. She fiddled with her wedding band as she thought about her choices. She definitely didn’t want to sleep in her car, and she didn’t want to bother her people again, tonight. She guessed it would be okay to let Rick carry her to her destination, after all.

“Um .. Rick.”


“I …I’ll …uh … can you really take me with you?” She gushed.

“Sure. No problem. We’ll leave out early in the morning.” He spoke flatly, and got right up and headed for the door. She sat, stupefied, watching him walk out to his bike. What had she done? What was about to happen to her? Her pulse raced as she jumped up and followed him outside.

She reached him just as he started the bike. She was about to stop him, thinking he was leaving her anyway, when he pointed at the cabins in the back and pulled over to the furthest one from the Diner. She now understood what he meant when he said start in the morning. Panic filled her, but at the same time, an aroused warmth flooded her belly. She felt herself getting wet between her thighs. ‘Oh, no! This is wrong’ she thought. ‘I’m married, I don’t know this man, I can’t stay with him all night!’

She ran to the side of the cabin, where Rick had already brought his bag inside, and was untying hers from the back of the bike. She reached out to grab his wrist, and looked into his eyes, inches from his face. She saw strength, caring, and a mysterious power she couldn’t explain. Instead of stopping him and protesting the arrangements, she quietly said,

“Here, let me take that inside.”

He wondered what she would say when she discovered what he had done. He had every intention of being a perfect gentleman. He noticed her ring, and her attitude hadn’t lent him the thought she was interested in fooling around. Not that he wouldn’t mind cuddling up to her fluffy little body. She looked very soft and inviting. Warm and healthy, full of life and energy, and an appreciation for tender care.

He smiled at her and took the bag for her, anyway. He allowed her to enter ahead of him, and closed the door behind, locking it with the chain latch. He put her bag on the stand next to the first bed, his was already on the other one. He studied her as she took in the room. He saw the soft smile as she noticed the separate beds.

“Best I could do, only one left.” Rick drawled.

“You did well, my knight in black leather.” She curtsied formally, the giggled unmercifully.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“I had this picture of being stranded with you in who knows where we are, in one bed, and no one knew where I was ..and .. and ..” She never finished the sentence. She stepped close to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Thank You, Sir Knight”.

“Well, I don’t know about the ‘knight’ part, but I want a shower. Flip for first?”

“Fl… what are you talking about?” she asked, very confused.

He smiled, “Flip a coin! Heads or Tails?” He said as he tossed a gold coin in the air.

“Heads!” She screamed excitedly, just as the coin hit the rug. She dropped to her knees and looked at the coin. Her butt was high in the air, and her loosened dress was high on her back. Rick got a good look at her panty-less backside.

“Hell! It’s tails.” She said with a disappointed pout.

“That’s okay, you can go first.” He spoke so softly, so gently, her heart fluttered again, and the feeling returned to her “down there”.

Angel gathered what she needed, and went into the shower room. She started to close the door, but changed her mind on a whim of fantasy. She got under the hot, heavy spray of water and started to was her weary body. She lathered her chest, and felt her nipples harden. The warmth flowed down to her vulva and engorged her clitoris and the soft folds of her sex. Her hand went down and she came as soon as her finger touched her clitoris. She stifled her cry of release and plunged the finger into her vaginal opening, intensifying the orgasm.

She composed herself and looked around, checking if she was being watched. She didn’t see him near. And quickly finished her bathing. As she dried herself, her ring slipped down her finger. Again, an impulse led her to remove it and place it in her make-up bag. She completed her ablutions and re-entered the small front room, wearing just her robe.

“All yours!” She said with an overly cheerful, yet sensual tone.

Rick went in and rinsed off the day’s ride, feeling the heavy needles pounding his body, peeling off the tensions of the ride. He emerged with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Angel almost swooned at the large tattoos that covered a good portion of his arms, legs, and back. Dragons and skulls. Daggers and eagles. Colorful pieces that adorned a muscular body.

He wasn’t rock hard, but trim and fit. No large belly hanging low, or slack skin on his arms or legs. She felt the wetness return to her lower belly and thighs. He turned off all but the bathroom light and got into the other bed. She got a quick look at what seemed to be a small tree sticking out of his body as he slipped the towel off.

Rick settled in and was drifting off to sleep when he felt a presence next to his bed. It was followed by a weight compressing the thin, worn mattress. He felt the covers lift, and then the soft, warm feeling of flesh against his thigh. He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Angel laying next to him.

“I … It’s … I haven’t slept by myself in a long time.” She muttered.

“You don’t have to … um … I know you’re married and all, Angel”

“I know.” She said softly. “I want to.”

He kissed her softly. She returned the kiss, and drew his face towards hers. Her mouth closed over his and he felt her tongue seeking entrance to his mouth.

“I … I … uh …” She began to say something. Rick closed her mouth with a kiss.

“Shhhh. Don’t say anything, Angel. It’s okay.” He soothed her.

He rolled on his side and held her in his strong arms. She melted into him, her kitty was absolutely creaming with desire for this stranger. He kissed her again, hot, this time. His tongue drove to the back of her mouth, and hers tried to follow suit. Their tongues danced and explored each other’s mouth, hands began to roam over each other’s body.

“Hey, Angel!” He stopped her, just as her hand encircled his throbbing erection. “Are you sure? I mean, you don’t have to, if you don’t want. I haven’t asked you for this.”

“I know. I want to. I want you, Rick. I don’t know or care why. I want you, tonight.”

She stroked his long cock lightly. “Mmm, it’s big! I want this in me, Rick. Please? … Fuck me?!” She blurted out the direct request.

She was never so bold at home she shocked herself at her statement. Her husband would touch her and kiss her a little, then expect her to lay back and take him in until he was finished. Then he would either get up or roll over, leaving her to either stay needy or finish for herself. This felt different, more mutual, more like sharing. Rick pulled her soft body closer, and then on top of him. She felt his throbbing erection between her legs. She wormed her way under the sheets and got her lips on the hot flesh. She felt the slick pre-cum and licked it with her tongue. She heard the soft groan above her, and felt his hands in her hair.

He felt her move down, and then her lips closed around his cock. He almost lost it right then. Her mouth was hot, wet, and her tongue was dancing between his crown and the foreskin of his eight-inch cock. He felt her mouth going down his shaft, and then the back of her throat. He felt her choke, and pulled her up to him.

“Angel, take it easy. You don’t have to try to take all of it at once.” He smoothed her hair.

“I … I’m afraid … I’m afraid I’ll change my mind.” She said softly.

“Look, Angel. You are real sweet, and I really would like to…., but I don’t want you doing anything that you’ll regret, later. Okay?”

“I don’t think I’ll regret this!” She said as she resumed sucking on his cock. It didn’t take long for her talented mouth to coax a load of cum from Rick’s cock. It hot the back of her mouth with such force, she coughed and nearly choked. Cum dribbled out of her mouth in long strands. She held the semen in her mouth, a worried look in her eyes. She didn’t swallow cum, even for her husband, but she didn’t want to leave the bed, either.

He saw her predicament, and chanced a solution. He guided her face towards his and opened his mouth. “Share it with me.” He said softly. “Kiss me hot with my cum in your mouth.”

Her eyes widened, but she complied with the strange request. Her tongue pushed the hot, thick liquid into Rick’s mouth. His tongue scooped it from hers, and it was gone. She had never had a man lick his own cum before. The idea flushed her face and chest with warmth. She had never felt so hot for a man. She intensified the hot kiss, tasting some of his cum, too. It wasn’t as bad as she had imagined it to be. She wondered if it was just him, that made it different.

“I think, it’s your turn, Angel.” Rick said as he rolled her on to her back. He kissed down her body, lingering at her long, thick nipples. He moans became a constant hum as he sucked them between his teeth and nipped them lightly, then kissed down to her soft belly. Her hands gripped his head as he tongued her navel and began to move down to her wet, hungry kitty.

Her clitoris was diminutive, hiding in the thick folds of dark rose colored lips. The inner folds had blossomed into a petal shell to serve the little bud of passion. Her hips jumped as he took the swollen bud in his mouth, again as his fingers slipped into her wet opening.

“OH! GOD! …. Rick! … ooooohhhhhhhh godddddddd!” She moaned as he licked her slit. “Been so long….. ohmigod …feels so goooddd!”

Rick took in the scent of her arousal as he began to lick her cunt and clit. It was heavy and sweet. Rich in aroma, it aroused him further. His cock rose to its full size quickly, and as Angel was getting close to cumming, he moved quickly to replace his tongue with his pulsing cock. He thrust into her all at once, making her scream and moan at the same time. She was hot and tight. Her hips rose to meet his as the fell into a steady pace of filling and emptying her tight body.

“Uhhh …Uhhh …OH …Yes ….Fuck ….me ..oh ….Rick ….Fuckkkk meeeee!” She moaned. Angel came twice more, quivering and thrusting through each cum. She wondered how he could keep going, and not cum in her. Finally, he pulled out completely, leaving her empty and feeling drained. He touched her hip, and somehow she knew what he wanted. She turned over and raised her butt, propped on her arms, “doggie” style.

“Fill me!” She begged. “Fill me with your stuff!” she gasped. “Oh, please! Fuck me and cum inside me!”

Rick aimed his throbbing cock at her gaping hole and did as she asked. He impaled her from behind and found his position. He began thrusting deeper and faster, until he felt the familiar tightening deep inside his belly. He felt her hole get tighter as he swelled, his balls drew up tight, pressure built in him and he began to shake.

Pounding her ass with the last few strokes, he exploded into her, shooting his cum deep into her waiting body. Jet after jet of hot cum washed into her, deeper than ever before. She felt the hot liquid at the opening of her womb, causing her to attain another orgasm of her own.

Panting, gasping for breath, they both collapsed on the bed. It took several moments before either could speak. They talked softly of how it felt to share love with a stranger, how Angel hadn’t had anyone but her husband in years. She told Rick of how ‘mechanical’ the sex was at home. Rick kissed her lightly, and started down her soft body. Slowly, softly licking her breasts and nipples, again, down past her navel over the slight bulge of her tummy to the swell of her cum soaked mound.

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