Morgan called me the next day after our first date sex session. ” John, I must see you again…I must see you this afternoon. I realized that I was tired of having a man making love and doing things gentle all the time like my deceased husband did. I never experienced raunchy sex until I met you. I have never had a man talk to me like you did. I had never experienced a man ravishing me like a animal and tell me to be quiet. I have never been so sexual satisfied until last night.” ” Come over…plan on spending the night.” I said. Morgan entered the house, closing the door behind her. I grab her throwing her against the wall. Morgan gasps in surprise, and suddenly my lips are on hers. They’re hot, fiery, burning and scorching her skin as they touch her. But she loves every second of it and opens her mouth to let out a moan. My tongue invades her mouth, she challenges me to war with her tongue. Heat flashes over her skin, where I touch her. My growl is very inhuman echoing in the room, intriguing Morgan like nothing ever had. She attacks me, needing to get closer to me, wanting to be one with me. My skin’s fire under her hands and when she threads her fingers in my hair, I let out another of my inhuman deep growls. My hands suddenly yank her off her feet ’til she’s forced to wrap her legs around my waist. I smell amazing. Musk, male and something exotic and animalistic. My hands are everywhere, touching feeling, on her neck, chest, her waist, hips and thighs. She feels feverish; aroused to the point she didn’t care if I took her against a wall in the middle of the street or against a wall. She can feel the wall texture press into her back.

Part of her is revolting, but too much of her doesn’t give a damn. She gasps, tilting her head up with a cry of pleasure as my hands find their way under her dress. Everywhere is hyper-sensitive, her nerves firing off like fireworks. My lips trailing down her jaw, as I bite at her neck hard, hands clawing against her legs. She whines in delight, loving how rough I am. I nip again, seemingly more hungry and aroused when she gasps weakly. My hand fumbles under her dress, fingers finding her clit easily. I flick it and she arches against me, groaning. She’s so wet, she can feel it and smell it. She’s so turned on, so hot she yanks at my hair hard. I snarl against her, teeth biting her shoulder viciously. She makes another sound, and suddenly my other hand is fighting for access to her panties. But I can’t find any way under the fabric. She gasps when I suddenly yank at the dress harshly. It rips away like paper, leaving only the top half intact. My thick fingers curl under the hip straps of her panties. I yank them down without a second thought as Morgan curls her toes. She whispers something she hopes is a sound of approval, but I’m growling again, thick, angry, lustful sounds. I lead her into the small room. It is only a few steps down stairs and made of concrete. Against one wall is a set of chains, a small mattress under it. On the other wall the same, but with a bigger mattress, bigger chains. Morgan didn’t know what to expect, but when I lead her to the small mattress and shoves her onto it, she’s stunned. Soon both wrists are chained, nearly over her head. I step back to admire my handy work. She can see my erection straining against my pants. She tears her eyes away, looking at me. I lean against the doorway calmly. The lust takes over, as she pulls at the chains without meaning to. She wants me to fuck her…She wants me to fuck her hard and fast…She doesn’t care if I break her…She wants to be broken.

She whines, feeling angry, then she realizes she doesn’t care. She’d play along if it means I will finish what I started. Her pussy aching for me like it had never ached for anyone or anything. No man had made her so wet, no man had ever growled and bit her before. She isn’t sure it was pleasure or pain she is feeling. She forces her eyes closed, trying to ignore the waves of heat and the swelling of her clit. Her nipples are hard, her pussy soaked. She tugs at the chains, wishing she had super human strength to tear them from the wall. If she could, she would come to me. ” This is ridiculous!” she snarls. A few minutes later, she is hoping the intensity of the lust would wane. But no such luck. She is cold, but also so hot. Her stomach seems to be full of lava, but it isn’t hot enough. The time slides by like a snail, leaving her to her boredom. I don’t say anything, but stares at her endlessly. She watches me multiple times squeeze my cock through my jeans. Whether looking at me, or not, she had realized both were horrible. Looking at me made her pussy wetter, but looking away made her feel uncomfortable and squirmy. Morgan blinks and frowns at me in annoyance as I unclasp her chains. Her back hits the wall again, and all the fire that had simmered down earlier spikes back up. Her pussy practically begs for me, soaking her panties in desire. Her hands yank at my hair ruthlessly. I snarl, and Morgan gasps as my teeth nick her flesh rather painfully. My hands burn her skin as I search her body. I snarl grabbing and squeezing her breasts roughly. Before she has time to breathe, I show her my monster cock and thrusts into her with one escort jigolo gaziantep forceful push! If she hadn’t been so aroused and wet, I would have hurt her immensely with this abrupt opening of pussy.

I know that she has the urge as much as I do, and that she is well lubricated, by the time I get my steel hard cock inside her. My onslaught is ferocious, if somebody saw us, they would think, I was raping her, but she loves it! I can’t be fierce enough with my grinding into her, the friction my huge cock is causing is way better, then the gentle attempt her husband did. She opens her legs as far as she can, to allow me to thrust inside her as deep as possible, I slam my cock all the way inside her. ” Oh my God, John. You are a bull! What would I do, if I hadn’t found you?” I don’t answer, but concentrate on my approach, kissing her nipples and sucking them until they are erect and swollen, but never relenting with my onslaught on her pussy. The sensations, I’m causing her, are overwhelming, I know, what she needs, as she is cramping with delight and ecstasy. ” John, please come, I can’t hold on much longer… I loose control…” ” One sec, John, one sec…” with this my rhythm is faster, I’m holding her tight pushing in unison and ramming my cock into the deepest corner of her body, hurting her with my ferocious thrusts, until her vagina is raw but irritatingly tingling, and she starts whimpering softly, then starting a desperate scream of delight. ” Shhh, Darling, shhh!” I try to silence her. She growls with sheer pleasure, while she is experiencing the most delicious orgasm. ” John…John…come…please…” She whispers in between her orgasms. ” Oh my God…, you are killing me, John!”
” No, Darling. This is what you came for…You want me to challenge you…rape you…hurt you! You are tired of remembering your husband’s lame love making…You admitted that to me. ” Yes, John, but this is too much!” ” Oh no, Darling, there is never too much of a good thing!” I keep delivering the most punishing thrusts. ” You are a widow.. you need to be taken and satisfied…I will make sure..this experience lasts you till you need to be satisfied again! You won’t be able to tolerate gentle lovemaking, by the time I am finished here with you!”

” Have mercy, John! You are too large, too strong…” She moans in desperation. ” No, Baby. I am the perfect fit for you, I’ll prove it! I fill you completely, up to the brim. The friction is superb, don’t you agree?” ” John, I am still very sore from yesterday.” She exclaims, while she is shaking from another overwhelming orgasm. ” So why did you come?” ” John, I love it, I absolutely love it, I need it, I can’t live without it!” ” That’s right, Darling. And you get it! I will give it to you, all of me!” I start an intolerable crescendo of thrusts, which leaves her aching for more and a new release, she contracts around my tool, which is causing her agony, clinging to me, although she knows, I’m the source of her torment, until we both climax at the same time, shaking and trembling, sweating and moaning, exchanging vows of devotion and expressing our affection and desire, not love, for each other. We are spent and exhausted, I release every last drop of my semen into her, she is exuberant although she is so sore and violated again, she is still panting, when I finally ask her: ” Your deceased husband never gave you raunchy primal sex?” She stared at me. ” No.” I smile. ” So why are you divorced six times?” ” Because my six ex-wives were unable to hand my sexual need…and did not enjoy the raunchy primal sex.”

” It was the same with my hubby. After experiencing raunchy primal sex…it really made me so horny I needed to see you again.” I waited patiently in the bedroom as the smells of soap filled the room, but then I smelled her musky scent. My arousal begins to grow as my body is overpowered by the scent of her musk, Morgan’s fingers toyed with her hardened nipples as the steaming water cascaded over her body. She lowered one hand to cup her smooth sore mound; the swollen lips of her now excited sore pussy filled her hand. Slowly slipping a finger between her lips she feels her juices run over her hand coating her finger. One hand teasing her nipples and one hand teasing her mound. Morgan leaned back against the shower wall slowly thrusting her hips to her fingers rhythm. I sat on the bed licking my lips expectantly as the scent of Morgan’s heat filled my mind. Slowly growing hard again, shifting my weight from side to side as I wait expectantly for her to return. Digging her fingers deep Morgan’s head rolled back as her orgasm overtook her, tugging at erect nipples she rode out the waves of pleasure, feeling the water cleansing her skin again. Slowly reaching over to shut off the water and pull back the curtain, Morgan exited the shower, reaching for a towel. Looking up at the doorway she saw me sitting there stroking my cock. She smiled and said, ” Well, I hope you haven’t been there very long.” Thinking of how she had enjoyed her shower, but knowing I most likely had heard everything. I just looked up into her eyes as she wrapped herself in the towel, drying her hair. She walked into escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen the room and sat on the bed, still drying her hair. ” I just got cleaned up, I don’t want to have any more sex.” The smell of her heated musk is now so close I’m very aroused again. I watched closely as Morgan continued to dry off, seeing her body slowly revealed again. Her scent held my attention to where she sat on the bed, her thighs slightly apart showing me the swollen lips of her pussy. I moved closer to the bed, wanting to again smell her scent. Her thighs parted a little more as she moved unaware of how close I was now.

Suddenly I pushed her back onto the bed and roughly parted her legs. She feels my tongue push over her mound and between her lips where so recently her fingers and my cock had been. Shocked at this intimate contact again, Morgan tried to gasp a sharp ” John!!..” as she feels my tongue again push into her pussy. What came out instead sounded more like, ” What….JJJJooohhhhnnnnn.” My tongue flattened against her wet lips, slipping between them lapping her sweet juices like a long piece of warm velvet sandpaper. No turning back now, I’m again lapping her pussy as I feel her body reacting. Morgan dropped the towel as she put her hands on the side of my head between her legs, thinking to push me away. The touch of my tongue on her pussy rapidly had the effect of reviving her earlier arousal, unwillingly she feels herself growing wetter and wetter. Pushing hard against my head, she managed to say, ” Oh god, John no….. please nooo…don’t dooo that…” Instead of pushing me away Morgan found that I pushed against her arms, causing her to roll slightly backwards pushing her hips up and into my mouth. Feeling her hands on me, I drove my tongue deeper inside of her pussy, drawing out her juicy heat. Morgan feels herself rolling backwards onto her bed, she tries to steady herself by holding onto my head, but instead causes me to be pulled tighter against her as she fell back onto the bed. She feels me between her legs, as she lay naked upon her bed. As my tongue continues to slip between her folds and her wetness now flows out for me, Morgan continues her protests even as she found herself opening her legs wider to allow me between them. ” Ohh god JJJooohhhhnnn…wwhhatttt…mmmm…pleeeasee nooooo…not again.” Now fully between her legs, I eagerly continue to lap at her juicy pussy, my tongue slick with her juices.

Unseen by Morgan, my cock continues to grow thicker and harder. Initially it was slender and small, but as my excitement for her heat grew, it is becoming thicker. ” Ooohhh godddd… mmmm….John….your tongue…mmm…” Morgan ignored the obscenity of her actions as she begins to hump her pussy at my tongue, caressing her breasts finding her nipples excited and hard, she pinched and pulled at her hardened nipples. I became aware of my growing need hanging below me, knowing I needed to satisfy my new desire. I continue to lash her wetness with my tongue, lapping from bottom to top, as my tongue grazed over her swollen clit, she groans and scoots back farther onto the bed, making me follow her by putting my hands up on the bed. ” OH GOD JOHN!” She moans as my tongue teases her clit wanting to feel more but unable to take the stimulation she scoots back from my tongue, as I followed her onto the bed. ” John… jjjooohhhnnn…oooh,” Morgan moans as now I joined her on her bed loving and licking her nakedness, feeding and drinking in her juicy heat. Morgan wanted now only to orgasm, and opening her eyes she looks into my eyes close to hers as I leaned over her on the bed. ” Make me cum John,” she pleaded to my eyes as I leaned there, she touched my head trying to lower it to between her open thighs again. But I wouldn’t budge an inch, ” Pleeeaasee….” she pleaded Her eyes traveling back over my body, finally seeing my hard monster cock hanging down, slick with excitement.

It is again huge, 9 or 10 inches long and at least 3 inches thick. ” OH My God!” Morgan said in surprise as a drop of clear liquid dripped from my cock onto her skin. ” Ohhh god nooo, no John noooo….” she said as she tries to scoot back on her bed, with her back to the wall, she can’t get away backwards. Morgan rolled to her left side trying to ease out from under me and off the bed, but as she did so she feels me suddenly on top of her, my hands gripping her waist tightly and my cock searching for her wet heat. ” Ohhhh god no no no John!” she cries as she feels what could only be the head my cock poking and prodding her thighs and butt. ” Noooo Joooohhhhnnnn!!!!” she cries. I have to have her. I leaned over her nakedness with my cock hanging down dripping clear drops of lube. Mogan’s eyes widened at the sight of my cock, she tries to scoot back from me and as she turned to the side, the sight of her delicious ass presented itself to me. As if by instinct I lunged on top of her, my hands gripped her waist tightly, pulling her back to me. I thrust my cock at her wildly, as she still tries to scoot away from me, she rolls all the way over onto her stomach. Now she can feel my cock slipping wetly between her ass cheeks as I gaziantep escort masaj salonları sought her opening. Morgan jumps as the cock head stabbed her tight anus briefly. ” Ohhh god no John,” she pleaded as my insistent thrusts continued. Thinking I had found her entrance I push hard but slide past her tight brown anus and glided over her still swollen mound. Morgan put her hands back underneath them both to keep me from getting my cock in her, as she did she raised her butt higher against me and laid her head on the sheets, looking back under her, she sees my cock head shiny with her juices slide between her legs, The size and shape of my cock again kept her attention as she unwittingly raised her butt higher and helped my alignment.

I feel her butt raise against my belly, I took this as her acceptance and slide in against her wetness, the head slipping between her swollen folds I push, finally finding her tunnel. Morgan watched as the head slides between her lips feeling its raw heat against her skin. She groans knowing it is inevitable now that I will take her as my bitch with my cock again. I hunched forward in the animalistic delight of mounting my bitch in heat, my hard cock pushing deep into her wet pussy. Before she can adjust to me, I slide in and out again and again, rapidly beginning to fuck her. Morgan pushes back against me as my cock drives into her hot pussy. The length and girth is filling her and teasing her depths as more and more of it works inside her. As I lay on top of her, my hips driving my cock deep within her, Morgan begins to give herself to me; she humped her ass at my driving cock as I fucked her on her bed. ” OH GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she screams as the full length of my cock fills her pussy. My hairy balls rubbing her ass every time I drive into her. I’m groaning as I slam her pussy with my cock, feeling her respond under me. Her humping back to my thrusts assured me that she has surrendered to me. I’m feeling strange stirrings in my loins as I fucked her. Morgan feels my cock swelling it begins to slip in and out of her, growing larger and larger with every thrust. Stretching her lips apart I continue to thrust into her. The growing stimulation has Morgan starting to cum, her ass wildly humping back on my big cock. Moaning and writhing her body covered in sweat as my body is against hers. Suddenly she feels the swelling rubbing her outer lips as it is to big too fit now. This drove her wild and she starts cumming hard against me. I push against her now, trying to get myself all the way in. As she came on my cock, her fluids flowed out over my swollen knot, and with a desperate push, I find myself tied to her, her tight pussy fully filled with my cock.

“Aaaaiiiiieeeee!” The sudden pressure and pain of my knot being pushed inside her had Morgan biting the pillow as her orgasm peaked, then she feels me jerking inside her then suddenly geysering scalding cum into her womb. Jet after Jet coursed through my cock filling her pussy with cum. Morgan almost passed out feeling me orgasm inside her, oblivious to the obscenities presented as she submitted to my bestial desires, she tries to pull away from me as I’m done now, or so she thought. She feels the swollen ball of my knot firmly wedged inside her pussy. She never knew any man that had a knot. Locking the milky flood of my cum into her womb. The pulsing of my cock is keeping her close to cumming again. She starts to rock back and forth trying to get free, my knot stretching and caressing her pussy. Within minutes she feels a sudden tug as my swelling went down enough for us to separate. My cock slides out of her pussy still semi-hard and shining with our cum now. I got down off the bed and left the room, leaving her lying on the bed sweaty and with my blood tinged cum starting to run out of her freshly fucked pussy.Morgan laid there on her stomach, her mind spinning from what had just happened. She feels the pool of cum on the sheets between her thighs. Her pussy still throbbing from being stretched by my knot. The room smelled heavy of sweat and sex. Even now she can’t believe what she had just done, or rather what had happened to her. She has never experienced a sexual experience like this. Getting up off of the bed, Morgan looking down at the large wet stain where she had been laying; its center is a mix of blood and milky white cum. She feel fluids running down her thighs standing there, she needed a shower. Walking over to the bathroom door, still naked, she sees me laying in the bedroom across the hall, my hand holding a towel sliding over my cock, cleaning myself of our juices. The sight of my cock, which was so recently in her pussy made her stare, her fingers traced over her swollen lips feeling their sticky puffiness. Morgan quickly closed the bathroom door and started the hot water to rinse off the afternoon session. In the shower she ran the water hotter than normal and scrubbed at her body trying to cleanse herself of the fact that she had just been with me sexually again. In the steam, water and soap she washed away everything but the fresh memory.

She exited the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, trying to conceal the redness of her freshly scrubbed skin. Rachel quickly moved across the room, closing the door quickly scanning the room to make sure she was alone. Feeling safe she plopped down on the bed, barely missing sitting in the still wet area on the sheets. Brushing her hair again , she paid no notice. The room’s heavy odor of the combined musk filled her mind as she wondered will it happen again.

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