Adventure Time

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“Good night Mom.” I say as I watch my mom close her bedroom door. It’s a Thursday night and luckily since I’m a senior I have first period off tomorrow. As her door completely closes I start getting ready for the night. I’m young and so is the night. Time to get my freak on!

It had only been three months since I permanently checked out of the V-Squad and my hormones were raging. My high school sweetheart, Roman, had the pleasure of getting all my goodies. As we embarked on our sexuality we embraced each moment we got to do it. Because both of our parents were either strict or overprotective so had it not been for our past nightly escapes I’d probably still be a pure young lady. He lived right down the street so it made our arrangements much easier. We had already made prior plans to sneak out tonight and he was just waiting for my signal. All I had to do was text the magic words ‘adventure time’ and in 15 minutes I could make my way outside to meet him.

Sneaking out was easy because my mom was a hard sleeper so once she was out she was OUT! It could be a hurricane and an earthquake going on at the same time and she would never wake. I waited 30 minutes after my mom said her good nights before I texted Roman the signal. In next to no time he responded ‘Okay bae’. I eagerly waited for the proper time to make my move. In the meantime I made sure I was well prepared, I had just taken a bath so I’m smell fresh like Petunia Flowers and Lavender. I stepped into my silk red pajama shorts and white wife beater. Just in case he forgot or thought he was slick I hid a couple of condoms in my bra that I had managed to collect these past few months.

I slid into my Betty Boop slippers and set my bed up. I made sure to cover every base when my freedom was at risk. Momma don’t play that! So every time I snuck out I would put pillows under my comforter in the silhouette of me. I tip toed to the front door like a little mouse, quietly unlocking the door and peeked it open just enough to get my slim body through it. As I closed the door behind me I made sure to take my time locking the door because the tiniest noise in a home that is silent can seem the loudest. Just in case she wasn’t fully sleep or decided to get up I wanted my escape to be flawless. When I turned to retreat to my babe I saw that he was already waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs leading 18 yaş porno to my apartment. He was looking oh so sexy in his black and Carolina blue Jordan basketball shorts and white tee. Even his matching Jordan slippers turned his night outfit into an anytime outfit. We greeted each other with our tongues and left the scene to find where our next sexual adventure would take place. We had already christened the laundry room in his apartments last time, so we figured this time we would find somewhere around mines. We walked around the apartment and made small talk because we each knew what was more prevalent on our minds.

By now it was past 1 AM and everywhere we walked we saw people. “Ugh why is no one sleep?” I complain to him in frustration.

“Don’t worry bae, they won’t be awake the whole night.”

When it came to us fucking we didn’t care if we got no sleep the whole night. Just as long as we got some, it gave us all the energy we needed. In a matter of minutes it began to sprinkle. And at that very moment panic entered my body because we were yet to find a place to get our groove on. “Oh this is perfect.” Roman looked at me and said. With a confused look on my face he answered my silent question. “Rain is the best time to have sex but to actually do it in the rain would be the shit.” I let the thought wander around in my mind and just picturing it started getting me hot. We leaned up against the stairs to come up with a quick plan and as I rested in his arms facing him I took the liberty to get my babe ready. I dove my hand into his basketball shorts and said hello. My warm hand felt the entire of his semi hard dick up and after a couple of strokes he was fully ready to go.

It’s hard to hide an erection in basketball shorts. “We need to do it somewhere near by.” I suggest. The closest thing happened to be the parking lot. We positioned ourselves in between two cars as the rain went from sprinkling to a robust pitter patter against our bodies. There was only room for one person to fit in between the two cars but we made it work. With our bodies so close and the rain coming down the beaded rain drops mustered together into a big ball of wetness. Roman pulled out his dick and I dropped my silk shorts to my knees. He leaned back just a bit to strap up and to let the rain water him down. Now with us both fully 3d porno wet I bent over about an inch within the room I had. He effortlessly pushed in my honey pot from the back. The awkward position we were in and the rain made each stroke feel like he was hitting gold.

In a minutes time the rain came pouring down and now it was working against us instead of with us. We were both too wet to keep a good landed grip on the ground. The pavement was becoming immersed in nature’s life source. Our stance became hard to maintain in this limited amount of space while avoiding setting off anyone’s car alarm. He slowly pulled out a bit. “This isn’t gonna work we need to find somewhere else.”

So I quickly re-clothed and checked the scene. “Follow me.”

I sprinted towards the only indoor place I knew was available besides our domiciles… the fitness room. As we approached it nestled by the pool, it was now lifeless outside and the lights on the inside appeared to be turned off. I had never been on the inside of it in my three years living in this apartment complex but I was surely about to find out what it was working with. Normally you needed a key to enter but the door was already slightly ajar. We crept in cautiously. Roman was intrigued by the equipment like he had never been in a fitness center before. He tried out every apparatus that was there.

The back wall of the room was encased in beveled mirrors while the large glass walls onlooked the sparking blue pool. Once he got done trying everything out he graced me with his presence by the bicycle. I was standing on the side of it facing the pool and he took his left hand and bent me all the way over the bike seat. With my ass fully poking out he swiped his dick in between my moist cheeks a few times to get the blood pumping. Each swipe made me more anxious. He guided his dick towards my entrance not knowing it was the wrong entrance. When I felt the pressure of him trying to enter my backdoor I turned back and looked at him and said, “Umm you do know that’s the wrong hole right?”

“Yeah I know I just wanted to see what you were going to say, I wasn’t going to go all the way in.”

“Mmkay.” He slapped his dick on my ass like a drum stick to a snare drum. “Whoa there where is your raincoat?” I asked in disbelief.

“We used the last one I had.”

“Well lucky Porno 64 video for you I came prepared.”

“Hey where did you get these? You got another dude?”

“No sweetie you don’t remember that I took a couple from you on one of our previous adventures?”

“Mmhhmm better be.” Roman relayed sternly as he quickly opened the gold wrapper and one handedly put it on in 17 seconds flat. I got back in my position to fully receive him. He spread my ass cheeks apart and then rammed me into him. Something I wasn’t ready for at all. Being bent over the bicycle seat was not comfortable at all but the feeling I felt on the inside of my body took over my external discomforts. I stood on my tippy toes in a pigeoned stance to give him more leverage. And the vigorous pumping of him had me and the bike feeling like an earthquake was taking place.

[Moans] “UH UH AAUUUUGGGHHH!” Was the last thing I heard two minutes into it before he withered and the earthquake ceased. He looked at me with puppy eyes. “Sorry baby it’s the first nut of the day.” I couldn’t get mad or truly disappointed by his cuteness so I just smiled.

“It’s okay.”

After our adventure that night I retreated back home and slipped into a blissful sleep. I awoke a few hours later to my mom tapping my shoulder. “Trina get up sweetie you are going to be late for school.” She rashly informed me. I rolled around to look at the clock and noticed I had overslept 30 minutes. With the realization that I couldn’t be late to school anymore or I would have detention I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes.

I barely arrived to school before the bell rang. I looked at my phone to turn it on vibrate and saw a text message from my babe that read: “Good Mornin bae, last night was fun! U know I luv da feel of ur wet pussy on my dick.” Wooh! He must be trying to get something started early. I replied: “Good morning sexy! U already got her wet nd I’m still trying to fully wake up.” What started as a good morning text carried on to a full blown sexting session all morning at school. He had my nerves jittering because I was so horny.

Right before lunch he text me: “U wanna meet me behind da bleachers later?” Just as I brought my fingers to reply a black screen encompassed my phone. Nooooo I forgot to fully charge my phone last night. Oh no how am I going to have adventure time now? With the thought of my hormones not being able to release themselves I went crazy thinking of ways to talk to him so we could set up our sex adventure plans. My mind was off of school before it even started. I needed my adventure time or nothing else could get my time!

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