Across the Rooftops – Again Ch. 02

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The conversation resumed the next morning on the walk to the beach. Coffee and breakfast had been pleasant enough. They had been naked, had held each other’s balls by way of greeting but had not had the pleasure of voyeuring so far that morning. The door to the nearby rooftop had stayed resolutely closed and, even through binoculars, a closed door did not encourage tumescence. They had engaged in a little wanking of their own cocks as they talked but had not spurted. They were saving their enthusiasm in the hope the two girls they had met, who were perhaps on the wrong Greek island, might be interesting. They had made the comment about Lesbos being the more obvious destination.

“So, bum fondling is the order of the day?” They were walking naked down the path from their car. They had been pleased to note another car, clearly a rental car, parked not far from where they parked their own. It seemed to them most likely to be the girls’ car. They thought the girls were up early.

“I think, Ewan, we need to maintain our gay credentials if we are to enjoy the sight of naked girls, perhaps them cuddling or even making out. I’d like to see that.” His rising erection confirmed what he said.

Ewan’s penis thickened and lifted up in the air in agreement and that saved Ewan the bother of agreeing with his friend. It was obvious he concurred. As so often happened the two men were then walking naked and erect in the sunshine. They did not even need to touch themselves or each other, their talk and thoughts maintained their tumescence. They liked that. It was something they enjoyed doing together. Pleasant to have no qualms about freely erecting and, indeed, walking together like that in the sunshine. The sight on the dusty track ahead of two female figures did not lessen their erections.

“I’d be happier fondling those bottoms.”

“A lot less hairy than yours Ed!”

“I’d rather paddle those than your cheeks, Ewan!”

“You remember that time we walked down here with Xylophia and Froso and they were naked too. We got so worked up watching and talking about their bottoms as we walked along behind them.”

“Yeah, and then they turned and caught us not just all stiff but wanking each other.”

“And they made us bend over for a spanking. We didn’t complete our walk down to the beach hard.”

“No, but didn’t we enjoy watching those drips coming from between their legs onto the sand when we did get to the beach. We were counting them. Xylophia – or perhaps you – won!”

“Yes, we had fucked them quite well – it was great doing that together, just yards apart, seeing each other taking the girls from behind, on this path, about here wasn’t it?”

“Certainly an extra dimension to the fuck, watching you and Xylophia, seeing your cock at work and how you fondled her breasts. You didn’t half slam into her buttocks. You know, Ed, we’re going to catch those girls up if we’re not careful. Should we be like this?”

He reached out and flicked Ed’s swaying erection and just as he did so Steph turned and saw them. The girls paused, waved and waited so the men had to walk up to them both fully tumescent. There was no real other option and, actually, they enjoyed it a lot. Exposing their masculinity to girls – even girls who did not appreciate such things. To the men they were still girls. Giggling girls, what was more, who clearly thought erect cocks funny.

“Morning Ed and Ewan. How do you do that? I didn’t think cocks stayed hard like that – not that I know very much about them, or have wanted to for that matter. They are quite big aren’t they?”

Ed shrugged his shoulders, “We’re quite well built.”

Though actually, Ewan thought, they were nothing really out of the ordinary, but he was happy for the girls to think so.

“How do we do it? Practice, eh Ewan? We walk, wank and talk. It’s a bit of a competition to see who can stay hard the longest.”

“Not many competitors,” said Julia.

“We’ve had more,” replied Ewan. He was making it up. “There’s been five off us walking along here all with our cocks up in the air.”

Steph laughed, “What a sight. Strutting peacocks! Who won?”

“Ed did. All the way down to the beach from the car!”

“What was the prize?”

“You don’t want to know!”

Julia scowled.

“Probably not!” Laughed Steph. “Boys will be boys, no doubt, but it is different for we girls. You wouldn’t know if we were we aroused or not.”

“How could you not be on this wonderful walk down to such a perfect beach?”

“It is wonderful, I’ll give you that, but not in a girly sexual way. Lovely otherwise.”

“It is wonderful.”

“I don’t think we’d dare walk naked from the car,” Steph looked at Julia.

Ed shrugged, “you could from here. It is nice. We like it – as you can see.”

And so, the men were treated to girls taking their clothes off just feet from them. They did not have to worry about the effect upon them of brassieres being unclasped and nice van escort little shorts being undone. There is, of course, something very sexual about a girl undoing the button and then the zip of a pair of shorts, leastways the men thought so; but there was no obvious physical demonstration of their pleasure because their cocks were already hard and they stayed hard and upstanding as Steph’s lovely red bush and Julia’s naked mons came into view.

They walked on, four naked people talking in a friendly fashion. It took a little time for the men’s cocks to subside. They had stayed hard not, as Ewan and Ed agreed later, because of any hope of sex with the girls, not even the thought of a friendly feminine hand to bring out the semen but the thought of the two naked girls ‘at it’ together. Neither had seen such a thing and did very much want to.

Down to the beach and then almost immediately the four went swimming. They did very much what they had done the day before, diving into the water from the rock. It was all great fun, not sexual at all, just good healthy beach activity as if they were simply two naturist couples on the beach together – and somewhat that was exactly what they were, only it was same sex couples or, at least, Steph and Julia were an item, Ewan and Ed were just friends.

From the sea they ran back to their towels and sandals. The sand was already almost too hot to even do that: walking was not an option.

Running with naked girls, seeing their femininity, their soft femininity, on the move is very stimulating to heterosexual men, men who had been careful not to release their semen that morning but were, even so, used to regular ejaculations, perhaps twice every day. Had they been alone Ed and Ewan would just have smiled at each other’s tumescence and probably asked each other what they would like to discuss. As it was, they had the pleasure of erecting with girls but, unfortunately, girls who were very unlikely to do anything about their manly need to expel their semen and, moreover, girls the two men did not want to suspect they were anything other than what they seemed – a couple of gay blokes down on the beach. They had talked of the importance of fondling each other’s bottom and, as Ewan felt Ed’s hand on his cheek and fingers curling into the divide, he too reached out and held his friend’s firm buttock.

Steph bent over at the waist and buckled on her sandals. It gave Ewan the most perfect view of her sex. As she bent her cheeks opened and with it her labia parted showing her private femininity as well as her little brown star. It was a pleasing view to a man with an interest in women’s sexual attributes and, if he was honest with himself, a desire to penetrate both passages. Ewan wondered if, in their dildo play, the girls penetrated their bottoms with fingers or plastic. Certainly, he would very much liked to have done so – with his penis – the thought did nothing to lessen his erection. Subconsciously his fingers curled and he realised he was actually touching his friend’s anus. Ed looked at him and he felt Ed’s finger tickling his own anal orifice. A step further, if that was a proper description, than they had ever done before. Remarkably friendly – and it tickled!

It was not, actually, a bad plan. Julia had seen the direction of Ewan’s gaze to Steph’s sex but, equally, had, no doubt, observed where the men’s hands were as she walked behind them.

“Julia does not like your cocks at all, but I think they’re, well, yeah they’re funny how they stand, but sort of impressive really. Such a different organ from anything Julia and I have… well almost… and certainly more demonstrative. I’m as wet as anything but you wouldn’t know it would you?”

Ewan had thought Steph’s lips looked engorged when she had bent over and had wondered. “I rather thought the wetness between there was simply sea water.”

Steph looked puzzled.

“Ewan was looking at your snatch when you bent over to fix your sandals, Steph.” Julia’s matter of fact, rather challenging tone, explaining to her friend.

“Ah! And I can tell Julia’s aroused just by her nipples.” And she touched them, even tweaked them, just a girl reaching out and touching a girl – sexually.

It was almost, well not quite, enough to cause Ed and Ewan to spontaneously fountain. Certainly, they had the look of capability, especially when Ewan’s foreskin rolled back of its own accord.

“But she has something a bit more. A bit like you two. Open your legs, Julia, and show the nice gentlemen.”

It was obvious the girl did not like doing that, did not like showing her quim off to the men but she did as Steph told her. Julia lay down on her towel with a bit of a scowl and the solid, but, in all fairness, not at all flabby, thighs opened revealing not only Julia’s completely denuded sex but the biggest clitoris either men had ever seen. It was not just a little shiny bump but a structure that stood up and made its presence obvious. Bulbous and yalova escort rather pink.

“It’s, it’s even got a foreskin!” Ed gave every impression of amazement and, indeed, it did seem to have a rudimentary prepuce, a little ridge all around what did so look like a small glans penis but, of course, without an orifice. The men could see the girl’s pee hole in the usual place.

What the men could not say was how much they liked what they saw, how much they would like to take the little thing in their mouths and suck, how much they would like to rub their cocks against it and, indeed, Ewan take it into the folds of his foreskin and pamper it. Hidden it away in his generous brown folds and, probably, bathed it at some point in warm semen.

The men would love to have wanked and ejaculated over it, showering it in semen – indeed both bathing it in semen and covering it in a layer of transluscent fluid – blam, blam, blam as hot splashes of semen excited the nerve endings of Julia’s incredible clit. The men had to keep their cool, show a detached interest rather than a lascivious one. It was lucky their cocks were already erect otherwise they would have revealed a ‘Bi’ interest at least! Julia was not at all interested in cocks, or what they did; would not have welcomed having her ‘cake’ iced; nor, probably, the proximity of so much fertile semen to her vagina. Dangerous stuff to a girl unprotected against pregnancy. Fertile stuff indeed as the men had already demonstrated with Xylophia and Froso.

What they could not say was that Ed’s wife had a clitoris almost as big. They could neither mention the clitoris nor the fact of a wife and it might have been even more difficult for Ewan to explain how he knew about Xylophia’s little man. He not being her husband. It was wonderful, despite their knowledge, to see another even more substantial version.

Steph reached out and her fingertips closed around the clitoris. “See I can wank Julia just like you do!” With her finger tips she was stroking up and down, pulling them up and down the little member. It was obvious to the men how much Julia liked that. They too reached and did just the same to their cocks. It was all rather amusing – and deeply erotic to the two men. And, actually, rather funny to Steph – she was clearly amused to see all three ‘structures’ being wanked in unison, indeed the up and down motions synchronised. Indeed all very erotic to the men but what they did not want to make obvious was how much they enjoyed seeing what Steph was doing to Julia.

The men stood on the sand and watched for a time and then Steph lent forward and they saw her lips close upon the clitoris.

“Well, perhaps we should leave you ladies to, um, do what you do.”

The reality was Ewan was quite happy to stay and watch. Indeed from the safety of their towels a little way from the girls they did continue to watch, indeed their eyes watched closely as the girls kissed, lying together breast to breast, watched their feminine hands between the other’s thighs, watched as the girls slipped into the ‘sixty-nine’ position and thought, and occasionally whispered, interesting things about Steph’s bottom up in the air and warm from the sunshine. They watched notwithstanding having each other’s cock in their mouths or rubbing them together, endeavouring to appear very much a gay couple but without the kissing or anal touching. They even had a little cuddle.

“Do you think they are fooled?” Ed’s whisper was very close to Ewan’s ear. They were, after all, rather nuzzling each other’s neck.

“Julia does keep looking across. I don’t know. I mean, this is pretty intimate.”

It was – Ed was lying atop Ewan, their chests were pressed together, their hard cocks were lying side by side, squashed by their bodies, their sweat was certainly mingling, and as Ed moved up and down, endeavouring to show the girls their penises were indeed rubbing together, there was a strong possibility their semen would soon be mingling and making their stomachs sticky.

“Rest a bit Ed – I mean Sweetie.”

“Nice yourself, Honeybunch.”

“I’m very close to coming, but let’s not yet. This is quite something. Look at those two. Such a waste.”

“Yeah,” replied Ed, “Wouldn’t it be just lovely to walk over, our fine cocks standing and ready, pull the girls gently apart and sink into those hot, wet, pussies.”


“Yeah, alas. What shall we do then? Shall we suck each other off. Go sixty-nine like the girls. You up to drinking me? It’ll be a lot – not like last night.”

“I’ve said before, Ed, I don’t mind doing that and I do love being sucked. Prefer Froso really Ed, sorry!” If the truth be known the thought of Xylophia sucking his cock was also preferable. He still did not know if she had actually done that on the rooftop when he had been waking from a sleep. Had it just been Ed? Certainly, he had seen Xylophia sucking Ed and had felt her tongue along his shaft when he and Ed giresun escort had been joined with their knobs inside his foreskin. But had she sucked on his knob? Certainly, she had not drunk him.

The men got off each other and turned around. There was Ed’s penis hanging from him, its swollen bulb and wet opening pointing right at his face. Of course, Ewan would rather have had one of the girls sucking his cock than Ed, but he also rather liked, sometimes, sucking a cock. Big and rounded, soft and hard, such a big thing to have in one’s mouth: yet so good to play with, so good to wrap one’s lips around and with the thought, as well, of giving pleasure. Nice, too, to feel the ultimate result, that sometimes surprising first pulse of semen and then feel and taste the uncontrolled spurting. No doubt it was different for a woman. For Ewan there was not just the feel of the penis and its release, not just its association with sex but a more intimate and closer relationship because his own orgasms involved just the same thing. He had a penis and knew what it felt like to be sucked and when he came he ejaculated semen. The association was important – he knew what it felt like to have the penis.

Ewan felt Ed’s lips taking hold of his penis and he did the same to Ed. It was indeed big in his mouth. He turned a little and saw the girls were both watching. He moved his mouth rhythmically up and down Ed’s shaft. It was sort of ‘putting on a show,’ ensuring the girls really thought they were a ‘couple.’ Long slow strokes trying to take it as deep as he could, holding the soft yet firm flesh with his lips, feeling all the bumps and corrugations. For his part, Ed was doing the same and a very pleasing feeling it was too. Easy to imagine Steph’s mouth rather than Ed’s, her first time at cock sucking and trying to do it ‘properly.’ Nice even to have Julia doing the act. Perhaps under duress! Better, though, to imagine himself deep in Steph’s mouth, perhaps her making appreciative noises, perhaps really enjoying her first suck upon a penis. He was not, though, just feeling Ed’s work and imagining Steph: he was sucking Ed’s cock the way he wanted Steph to and like the imagined Steph he got a result.

No warning from his friend just the sudden splash of hot cum in his mouth. He slid the faster, his tongue flicking over the opening on the outstroke, trying to give his friend as much pleasure as possible as his mouth was flooded with his friend’s stuff. Unsurprisingly Ed suddenly became very enthusiastic the other end, sucking Ewan’s penis as no doubt he wanted his own to be sucked, possibly even imagining he was sucking his own cock. He got the same result.

Ewan’s cock soared past being primed into action. That glorious first, ball lifting spurt and then he was pouring his stuff into his friend’s mouth, so enjoying the intense stimulation his friend was adding. A cracker of an orgasm as the girls watched.

The girls were back at their own activity when Ed and Ewan flopped down beside each other on the towels. Not head to toe but heads next to penises. Ewan watched his friend’s subside, steadily shrinking to its relaxed flaccid state but, unlike his own, the knob stayed visible and leaking a little. Such a sweet thing now collapsed, almost strangely feminine compared to the hard masculinity of the previous erect state. Ewan looked across over the penis to the girls and caught Julia looking their way. He moved and kissed Ed’s soft knob. It was the first time he had kissed Ed anywhere, even on the cheek in the Turkish way. He did indeed feel fond of his friend’s cock but it was, again, for the girls’ benefit. It was nice even soft. He gave it a little suck. Nice in a way to take it all in and feel its soft flexibity.

Naturally a swim followed and the men made sure they walked very close to the intertwined girls on the way. They were happy to take a close look even if their sexual enthusiasm had waned, had poured out of them into each other’s mouth. Julia looked up.

“Have fun,” said Ewan.

On their return after a long swim to the next bay, the girls were lying side by side on their towels, clearly relaxed after, hopefully, one or more orgasms each. Ewan had been saying to Ed how effective he thought their own ‘show’ had been and how great it had been to see the two girls at ‘it.’ “Very sexually stimulating,” he had said, “and able to show how stimulating without them suspecting they had induced our erections; even wank and come whilst watching them at it. Better than secret voyeurism, eh?”

The trouble was he made the mistake of showing his appreciation there and then as he walked up the beach. It was rather the girls’ fault. They were lying there so relaxed, so delightfully vulnerable looking on their backs with their knees off their towels and thighs open. Very relaxed but very open showing all their ‘girly bits’ looking moist and with the sun bright upon them. A very sexual picture to a non-gay bloke! Ewan rose up into the sunshine and Julia saw it happen. Steph’s eyes were closed: Julia’s were not. Ewan tried to repair what he immediately suspected was damage. He was a little behind Ed and made a point of walking into him, his pointing penis pushing straight into the crack of Ed’s buttocks.

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