It was a sunny late Monday morning. I was sitting in my boat wondering if I should take the boat out or just save the fuel and drink at the dock. I have an antique wooden cabin cruiser, only 19 ft. long with a 90 hp outboard engine and only four places in the cockpit. I call it my pop up camper on the water.

As I considered the lack of Irish whiskey in my morning coffee, I noticed a female figure walking down the dock toward me. She had to be coming to see me since there wasn’t a breath of life among any of the boats docked nearby.

As she got closer, I recognized Summer. She had been in several of my graphics arts classes, as I had gone back to school to get my MFA in art.

Summer was one of the ‘Cotillion Trio’ three girls that fucked me the night of their spring cotillion dance. That’s an entirely different story. (See Prequel.)

I’m about 5’10”, dark blonde, blue eyes, 32 years old. I work out. The Trio says I’m “not bad for an old guy.”

She was wearing a tiny black bikini with a sheer wrap over her. She had a picnic basket over one arm and a hand holding a big floppy hat on her blonde head.

She stopped at the step into my boat. “Ahoy! Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say?” she asked.

“Only if you don’t see anyone aboard,” I replied. “Otherwise, you say ‘Permission to come aboard?’ I said.

“Okay, Permission to come aboard?” she asked.

“Permission granted,” and I helped her step aboard.

“To what do I owe this gracious visit?” I asked.

“Well, I knew you had a boat. You’ve talked about it in class. And I thought I could convince you to take me for a boat ride,” she answered. “I’ve brought cheese and crackers…and wine.”

“How did you get wine?” I asked.

“I’ll have you know, I turned 21 three weeks ago…So I didn’t have to use my fake ID,” she answered.

“Summer, I would be happy to take you for a boat ride. But are you sure it would be your thing? We’ll be out in the full sun. You are blonder than blonde. Your skin tone registers at 100% white on a histogram. You’ll burn to a crisp,” I said.

“No, I’ve thought about this. I have my big floppy hat and my sunscreen cover up. And just to be sure, I rubbed SPF 90% cream all over my body – before I got dressed – all over my body,” she responded.

I smiled at her. For a girl with slim hips and not much in the way of tits, she looked really good in a bikini. And of course, I had seen her completely nude before and had the wonderful experience of her after the dance.

“Okay. Let’s go for a boat ride,” I said.

I cast off the lines and headed out to the wide river. I was proud of the new Suzuki 90 HP, four-stroke outboard that I had bought over the winter. It powered us up on plane in no time and was quiet enough for us to talk, even though we didn’t at first.

After a few minutes, Summer took off her sun-protecting wrap but kept on the big floppy hat. “If I actually get some color from the sun, I don’t want weird tan lines on my chest. Do you care if I take my top off?” she asked.

“Fine with me,” I said. “I’ll try not to stare.”

“If a girl takes her top off in front of a guy, she’s kind of expecting him to look at her tits,” Summer replied as she undid her top and tossed it on the floor. “Besides, I get the feeling that you really like small tits. Logan said you were really into hers.”

I looked at Summer and her tits. They were small, as I knew from before, AA cup I guess, but perfect for her slim build and boyish figure. Her nipples weren’t brown like most women, but almost blonde like her straight, shoulder-length hair.

“You’re right, I am a great fan of small breasts. Logan has beautiful tits,” I replied. The girls were friends and obviously talked, and I had fucked Logan the week before.

“Hers are bigger than mine, not big, but a lot bigger than mine. I like the way they stand out from her chest. Logan definitely has great tits,” Summer said.

“Yes, but they suit her without being too big, like yours suit escort bayan you. Both of you have beautiful tits. I’ll never understand the American male fascination with huge tits. Big, floppy tits aren’t sexy. They are kind of disgusting. Smaller tits that fit the woman are incredibly sexy,” I said.

“Good answer,” Summer replied. “I really like Logan’s tits as well. They stand up tall and proud. Her nipples are divine. She’s really a beautiful girl.”

“Oh, I forgot, ‘Cookies and Pussies,’ how did that go? Is that kind of a thing?” I asked.

“Don’t tell Logan, but it was something I made up because I wanted to have sex with her. I passed it off as if it was a thing. When she came in, I was stripped down to my panties, bare chested, and told her she had to do the same, so she did. I really just wanted to look at her beautiful tits. So, topless and just in panties, we mixed up the cookie dough, made up the cookies and put them in the oven. While the cookies baked, we kissed and made out. We played with one another’s tits. I was rubbing her pussy through her panties when the bell rang for the cookies to be done.”

I looked over at Summer who was leaning back in my copilot’s seat, feet up on the combing, bare-chested, telling me about a sexual encounter she had with a girl I had had sex with just a couple of weeks ago. Life is amazing. “Tell me more.”

“Well, we put the cookies on the cooling racks. Then I suggested we go into the living room. It didn’t take me long to be sucking on Logan’s wonderful nipples and fingering her wet pussy. Somehow, our panties came off. I licked her clit and fingered her until she came. Then I spread her legs wide and pushed my pussy against hers. Lesbians call it scissoring. It’s great.”

“I think I have a vivid mental image,” I replied.

“It’s really cool if you do it right. Our wet pussy lips rub against one another, then we slide clit to clit. I think Logan came about three times. Once we calmed down, Logan went after my tits and then went down on me. It was really good. In the end, she tried to pussy fuck me. It was okay, but it was her first time. I still came,” Summer shrugged.

“So, you’re bi-sexual? I mean, you had sex with me, and you have a boyfriend,” I asked.

“I don’t think so. I couldn’t have a romantic relationship with another girl. Girls are too moody and unpredictable. I like sex with girls. Tits and pussies are really pretty and intriguing. And finger-fucking is really fun. But it’s hard to beat a hard cock up your twat. Just saying. And guys are really simple – eat, sports, fuck. Unless you get a crazy one, they don’t have moods or side agendas. If I had to choose, I’d choose cock. But so far, I haven’t had to choose.”

“Well, I’m sure not going to make you choose. Hell, I’d love to watch you and Logan having sex, even participate,” I replied.

“That might be arranged,” Summer replied with a wink. “A threesome would be fun.”

I kicked the boat down to idle and suggested we get into the wine and cheese. She brought out the basket and we feasted. We talked about anything and everything. I feasted on looking at her bare tits with their semi-hard nipples.

Once the meal was finished, Summer stashed the picnic basket and stretched out on the back bench of the boat. “I think it’s time to put on some more sun screen,” she said.

Considering that not much of her tiny body was covered and she was completely white, it was a good idea. She started at her feet and worked her way up. I had no idea how sexy it was to watch a woman spread lotion on herself. But believe me, it is incredibly sexy. By the time she got to her thighs, I had an erection. When she got to her hips, she said, “I don’t want weird lines by my pussy either,” and undid the ties on either side of her bikini bottoms. She was now completely nude and rubbing lotion on her hips and around her pubic area. “I’d hate for my pussy lips to get sunburned,” she said.

“That would be bad,” I replied, watching the show.

She altıparmak escort bayan worked her way up her torso, finally arriving at her tits. She rubbed lotion into them rather more emphatically than was probably necessary, concentrating on her nipples, now fully distended. “Don’t want the nips to burn either,” She said.

“No,” was all could muster. There was no more blood in my brain.

Finally, she handed me the tube of sunscreen. “Could you do my back…and my ass?”

I still had no intelligent response, but I took the tube and began to rub sunscreen into her back. It was a beautiful back. It lead down to a somewhat skinny ass, but that’s what I like. I rubbed and kneaded her small ass, just to make sure the sunscreen was covering everything, of course.

Summer was bent over the rear combing of the back bench while I rubbed lotion onto her ass. Her protruding pussy lips were obvious just below her ass cheeks. I couldn’t resist a few strokes and was rewarded with a satisfied “Um.” I dropped my swim trunks and started to rub my hard cock up and down her wet slit from behind.

“God, I thought you’d never get the hint. It’s wet and waiting for you,” she said.

At that point, I slid my hard cock up between her pussy lips and entered her from behind. In no time I was pounding into her pussy and she was responding in kind, driving her pussy back onto my cock as hard as she could.

I reached under and fondled her tiny tits as she rocked back and forth against my cock. The only thing missing was that I couldn’t see those tiny tits jiggle as I thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

I could feel the boat rocking with our movements. It felt so good to have my dick up inside her wet pussy. It seemed like we were fucking for a long time but it could only have been a few minutes when Summer shouted.

“That is so fucking good! Pound me as hard as you can! Drive that cock deep inside me! I want to feel you in my tummy. Oh shit! I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Fill me up. Make me cum!”

Her pussy started to throb on my cock. It took everything I had to hold back. But I wanted more of this.

As her breathing slowed, Summer rolled over and lay on her back on the padded bench, one foot up and the other on the floor. Her swollen pussy lips were wet and open.

“Geez, that was good,” she said. Only then did she look at me standing beside her with my still-hard cock glistening with her juices. “Holy shit, you didn’t cum. Oh, we’ve got to change that,” and she reached down and spread her pussy lips.

I put the head of my cock between those lips and slowly eased into her until our pubic bones touched. “Ooooh, that was sweet. Sometimes slow is good.” Keeping buried in her pussy, I began to rock my hips up and down. That elicited a moan. Then I slowly pulled almost all the way out, followed by a quick thrust all the way back in. That brought a squeal.

Gradually, our intensity and our speed increased. Summer threw a leg over my shoulder and answered each thrust with one of her own. We were making all kinds of animal noises and the boat was rocking again, sending small waves across the water.

I kneaded her beautiful small tits and I tweaked her nipples. Summer’s small body was completely open to me and she was completely enjoying it. I felt as if I could fuck her forever.

Finally, I was really close to climax when she shouted, “If you don’t cum inside me right now, I think I’ll die!” With that my cock exploded deep inside her, filling her with throb after throb of cum. And I felt her orgasm roll through her as mine subsided. I kept my dick pushed up inside her as long as I could. When it finally slipped out of her pussy, she said, “Now that was a really good fuck.”

Eventually, we ended up sitting side by side on the rear bench, with Summer’s leg draped over mine, her arm across my shoulders, still without clothes. We kissed deeply and just enjoyed one another.

“You know that we nilüfer eskort have fucked like three times now, but that is the first time we have kissed,” she said.

“I guess we have had other priorities,” was my response.

“You know, I could get really used to fucking you on a regular basis. My pussy really likes having your cock drilled into her. And you really try to satisfy me. You are not just a ‘poke and squirt’ kind of guy. And your technique is beyond amazing. I seriously love fucking you,” she said.

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked.

“He’s a year older and graduated. He got a job offer in Chicago and is moving next week. He got all sappy and lovey-dovey and asked me to move with him. But, I want to finish my degree. And frankly, he wasn’t a forever kind of guy. Maybe for some other girl, but not for me,” she answered.

“But I’m not really boyfriend material,” I said. “After all, in the last six weeks, I have fucked four different women, you included. It doesn’t really indicate fidelity on my part.”

“I’m not looking for a monogamous relationship. I might point out that I have fucked two of those women in that same amount of time and have every intention of fucking the other one as soon as I can. Logan is a great fuck, and I know she will fuck me again. Erin and I have had sex off and on for years. And I seriously want to lick Paige’s pussy. I may happen across a guy I’d like to fuck, although he probably wouldn’t be as good as you. So I am not exactly looking for an exclusive relationship. But I sure want access to regular cock. I want a guy I can call up and say, ‘I’m really horney and my pussy wants a good pounding. Bring your hard dick.’ And besides, I really like the way you fuck me. I’m not looking for love. I’m looking for sex; hot, raw, sex,” she answered.

“Okay, that sounds good to me. I absolutely adore your tits,” I said as I reached over and began to massage them one after the other. “Your tits are the sexiest I have ever seen. And you are just fucking sexy. Your body just responds to mine. And your pussy is absolutely beautiful. The lips are full and your clit is not hard to find,” I said as I reached down and began to stroke her pussy. “You shave, but don’t show stubble. Why do you shave your pussy?” I asked.

“I just wanted to know what my pussy actually looked like. So, I shaved it and looked at it in a mirror. I decided it was really pretty. Then I started to let the hair grow back in. But it itched so much I couldn’t stand it. So I shaved it again. Then I discovered that shaving turned me on. So I masturbate every time I shave. I’m selfish. I take sex any way I can get it,” Summer explained. “And I have a really pretty pussy.”

“Your very beautiful pussy is leaking,” I pointed out.

“That’s your fault. That’s your jizz leaking out. I sincerely hope that continues to be a problem,” she said.

“Me too,” I said. “But I must point out that Paige has made it clear that she wants to fuck me again, Logan too,” I told her in an effort for full disclosure.

“Paige is the one I haven’t fucked yet. Maybe we can do her together. That would be fun. Oh, Logan has a ’50 Shades of Gray’ fantasy that she wants to fulfill. I suggested that you and I could help. You and I both want more of that pussy and those delicious tits. It would be really fun. I want to fuck you regularly, but I want to fuck girls, too. And If I find a guy with a good cock, I might fuck him too. I don’t want my regular cock to get jealous.”

“That sounds great,” I responded. “I want to fuck all those girls again, and to fuck you regularly. Your tiny body is incredible. Your pussy is so wet and inviting. And you have the best tits ever.”

“I’m glad you like my little girls. They love it when you suck on them. Hopefully, by the next time you fuck Paige, I will have fucked her as well. Maybe you could suggest something with the three of us. I know she does girl sex since she’s fucked Logan. It would be fun. It would be amazing to have you pound my pussy while I licked Paige’s cunt,” she suggested.

“I’ll do what I can,” I answered.

“Oh, look, your cock is hard again. Let’s fuck more,” Summer said. With that, she straddled me and pushed my hard cock into her waiting pussy.

This was going to be an interesting summer.

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