A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 03

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Kim and I are thrilled that so many people are enjoying reading about our adventures. We have received so many really nice e-mails from lots of lovely people, its good to know you girls and guys out there are enjoying them!

We had promised each other a trip to Europe but hadn’t really made any firm plans. Kim and I were relaxing by the sea. We had bailed out of the ski cabin early that year due to bad weather and ski conditions and had managed to rent a small secluded beach house on one of the Caribbean islands for the last of the winter months and through to spring. It was a warm day and we were on our sunbeds next to the swimming pool. Kim had her hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing nothing more than a sexy smile and pair of Gucci shades, topping up her all-over tan. I had my hair clipped up but was a little more modest and chose to wear a G-string bikini bottom, which really did nothing to hide my bulging cock but I loved wearing it anyway. Kim was close to me, gently rubbing my hard cock through the thin fabric of my G-string, and my hand was resting gently on her chest, slowly caressing her hard nipples. I glanced across at Kim and watched my slender fingers with elegant rings and long pink nails gently caress her beautiful breasts. Since our wedding ceremony I never take off my engagement and wedding ring as they give my small delicate hands a truly feminine look.

“Oh Nikki, that’s just so relaxing” sighed Kim lazily in the morning sun. “Its so peaceful laid here” I replied, both feeling tired and dreamy from the effects of the hot sun on our bodies. “When should we spoil ourselves and go to Europe?” Kim asked. “Not right now Kim, I don’t think I’ve got the energy” I joked. “Silly girl,” she giggled “I didn’t mean right now!”

It always feels good when Kim calls me Nikki and refers to me as a ‘girl’. I had never felt more content than at that moment and felt totally and utterly comfortable with Kim and with whom I had become. I realised I was so lucky to have met Kim in the first place and turned on my side to face her causing ringlets of my long blonde hair to cascade down over my face. As I turned I could feel my breasts tugging heavily at my chest. Even after all of this time it is still a new and pleasurable sensation to me, and never failed to arouse me.

“Kim, all of those months back when we first met, why did you pick me? How could you be so sure that we would be happy like this? There must have been others to chose from?” I asked. Kim slid off her shades and rolled on her side to face me saying, “I thought I would never find you at first, I searched and searched, never finding the right person. There were others, but they were just not right. When we first met on the ski slope you were all brash and self assured, it was so obvious that all you wanted to do was get inside my skisuit!” “I wasn’t that obvious was I!” I replied, a little shocked at that. “Yes!” she giggled, “but you soon dropped that as we got to know each other and I knew, just knew you were the one. When I first dressed you up I knew that my prayers had been answered. I was just so relieved and happy that you enjoyed it too. Not that much has changed though, you still want to get into my skisuit, but more likely to wear it now!” “Cheeky!” I said, “that’s partly true, but you know I find you and that sexy body of yours irresistible!” “Only teasing” she chuckled, “anyway, what about our trip?” “There’s so much to see and do, we’ll have to plan it first. Do you want to go anywhere in particular?” I asked “We’ve got to go to Paris,” said Kim “the shopping is supposed to be wonderful there” “Oh Yeah,” I replied “and Italy, they have wonderful fashions too!” “Oh, Rome, Venice, doesn’t it sound exciting!” she gushed. “And don’t forget London,” I said, “Oh, there’s just so much to do and see!” “Nikki, please will you plan it for us” she asked “you’re so good at organising things like this” “I’d love to” I replied.

That sealed our trip and during the next week or so while Kim traded her stocks I spent many an hour planning and booking ahead. I had worked out a fairly loose Itinerary, allowing us time to explore and do our own thing as we travelled. What I figured is that we would initially fly to London England for a week or so, then fly to Copenhagen Sweden for a week before taking a train journey down into Germany. There we would pick up a rental car and drive around the rest of the continent at our leisure, maybe through France to Spain, across to the Mediterranean Islands and most definitely onto Italy, then a leisurely drive back through Switzerland and Austria to Germany for our flight home. I had booked flights, hotels, cottages and villas in most places along the route and the overall trip would take us probably 2 or 3 months, but would be fun. We both agreed that such a trip had to be done through the summer months to get the best of the European weather, so planned on leaving sometime around the end of May that year.

The next few weeks flew by and the time for our trip so came. Kim and I had returned to our normal summer house on the antalya escort mainland a few weeks earlier and a few days before we were due to leave we started packing. We both eagerly sorted through our joint wardrobe, picking out all of the dresses, skirts, blouses, lingerie, negligees, shoes, accessories etc etc that we wanted to take with us. When we had finished we had quite a large collection of things and spent a few hours neatly folding and packing them into our luggage trunks, one for each of us. We just managed to squeeze everything in and afterwards felt exhausted. “Kim, do you think we have enough?” I asked, sitting back on the bed and looking at the two full trunks. “Oh, sure” she said, “don’t forget we’ll have lots of shopping trips over there, we’re bound to bring back more than we take!” “That’s true,” I admitted.

We had both dressed fairly comfortably for the day, not wanting to spoil any of our good clothes. I had my long blonde tresses clipped back in a mane comb and was wearing just a little eye makeup, mascara, powder and of course some luscious pink lipstick. I had on a loose yellow silk sundress, with halterneck shoestring straps which flared out to knee length. I had a matching pair of yellow silk panties and a pair of sheer white stay-up stockings, worn without a suspender belt. My newly sculptured breasts were quite firm and they stood proud on their own without the help of a bra, my hard nipples clearly visible through the thin silk fabric of my sundress. When I am around the house I always wear my favourite house shoes; a pair of white 3-inch satin mules, with pure white fluffy fir on the toe band. I sat on the edge of the bed swinging my legs gently back and forth which caused the hem of my silk dress to slide up and down over my legs. The sensation of the silk against my nylon-clad legs was yummy.

I watched Kim as she closed her trunk and walked over to sit beside me. Her hair was a lot longer these days, the shoulder length bob has given way to a beautiful long feathered style that cascaded down well past her shoulders, although she still has the same deep red mahogany color that I like best. She hadn’t bothered to get dressed that morning and was still wearing her flimsy negligee and panty set that she had slipped on after her morning shower. She too had applied a little makeup and some lovely red lipstick and looked beautiful as she floated over towards me. As usual my cock rose at the sight of her and instead of sitting beside me she sat on my knee, straddling my legs. She seductively slid forward until my hard cock was pressing against her slit through the material of our clothes. I pulled her tight into me and slid my hands up to massage her breasts and nipples as she slowly ground her crotch against my hard cock. Kim placed her hands onto my breasts and started to massage them through the material of my dress. We both groaned together as the sensual feelings washed over us.

“Oh Nikki, I think we’ve forgotten something!” she said all of a sudden, and jumped up to walk over to our dressing cabinet. Kim reached in and pulled out our velvet love bag. This is a large pink satin bag that Kim and I handcrafted ourselves to hold all of our sex toys. “Oh no,” I gasped “how could we forget that!” Kim came back and sat next to me on the bed and opened up the bag to check that everything was in there. The bag held our two favourite 4 inch gold vibrators, the large strap-on dildo with false balls that Kim had used on me on our wedding night, a flexible 18 inch long double ended dildo with similar false balls in the middle, a general assortment of other strap-on’s and vibrators ranging from small and smooth through to large and knobbly, lubrication jellies and other odd things like love eggs etc. “Kim, that was close!” I said, “I’m so glad you remembered, we couldn’t have gone without these!” “I know!” gushed Kim, agreeing with me. She reached in the bag and pulled out our two special gold vibrators. “Should we?” she asked mischievously “Oh Yes!” I gasped.

Kim sat straddling my legs again, and resumed the same position as before, slowly grinding her crotch against my hard cock. She brought the two vibrators up between us and handed one to me. We both started to lick and suck on them to get them warm and slippery. “Ready?” asked Kim after a couple of minutes, “Yeah!” I replied eagerly

Kim reached behind me and pulled my dress up and over my head in one clean movement. The clip holding my hair came off as the dress went over my head, causing my long blonde tresses to tumble down over my face and shoulders making me shiver with pleasure at its soft silky touch. “You look so sexy with your hair all tousled like that” whispered Kim as she slowly pushed my hair back from my face. I untied her negligee and pulled it back over her shoulders, letting it slide gently down her back and onto the floor. She trembled with delight and the sensation caused goosebumps to stand on her skin. I lowered my head to her breasts and started to suckle at her hard nipples. “Hhhmm, that’s good” she groaned.

After artvin escort a few minutes we both lay on the bed in a 69 position. Kim’s sexy love box was right in front of my face and I could smell the muskyness of her love juices. I pulled Kim’s white satin panties down and she opened her legs so I could see her sexy slit and butt hole. I felt Kim pull my panties down past my knees and could feel her hot breath on my now raging hard cock. I took the small vibrator, switched it on and then slowly massaged around her slit with it. I slipped my other hand around to her butt and, with my long red finger nails, started to slowly caress and tickle her tight butt hole. Kim was starting to groan louder at this dual pleasure and thrust her hips towards me. I felt her hot wet lipstick coated lips slip around the end of my cock as her hands reached out to my butt hole. She started to caress my tight hole with her fingers and long nails, the same way as I was caressing hers. The sensation was out of this world as she switched the vibrator on and pressed it to the entrance of my tight butt. I felt her push a little harder and with all of her slippery mouth juices on it, it slid easily in. As she started to slowly fuck my butt with it the tight, uncomfortable sensation quickly turned to pleasure as the buzzing filled all of my groin area. “Oh Kim” I gasped “that’s amazing!” “Hmmm” she replied, wriggling in ecstasy as I moved my vibrator up to her butt and gently eased it all of the way in.

We both now had our favourite gold vibrators embedded in our butts and we sat up and faced each other again. “Sit on the edge of the bed again Nikki” commanded Kim. I did as requested, which caused the mini vibrator in my butt to slip further in. “Oh Kim, I think it’s gone right in!” I gasped “Cool!” said Kim as she came around and straddled me again. She reached down and massaged my cock gently with one hand and used her other hand to massage one of my breasts and suckle on the other. I put my hand down to her butt and could feel the end of the vibrator buzzing in there. I pushed on it to make sure it was firmly planted and it slipped further in. Kim then lifted up and lowered herself onto my hard cock. She slid slowly down, allowing my cock to penetrate her wet love tunnel. “Ohhhhh” she groaned as she impaled herself.

I never took my eyes off Kim’s deep soulful eyes and saw them glaze over as eventually both her holes were filled. Once she was fully impaled she started to grind slowly back and forth. I gently pulled her face to mine and our lipstick coated lips met and we kissed passionately as we slowly made love to each other. Her wet mouth tasted wonderful as we played tongue hockey and swapped mouth juices between us. The sensations in my groin were electric as I could feel the double vibrator assault, one firmly embedded in my butt, and the other buzzing through the walls of Kim’s love box.

After a few minutes Kim started to groan and pant as she neared her first orgasm. She quickened her movements and I started to drive my cock in as hard as I could. Kim kissed me harder as she rode the wave of her first orgasm, her slit becoming even hotter and wetter than normal as she orgasmed. I could feel her muscles tightly gripping my cock as she rode up and down on it. Kim eventually came slowly down from the heights of her passion and panted; “Oh Nikki, my orgasms just keep getting better and better!” “Well don’t stop now Kim, I can keep going as long as you want it!” I replied With that she clamped her lips back onto mine again and we carried on our slow sensual lovemaking.

We sat kissing and screwing in that position for what felt like hours and soon my crotch and legs were soaking wet with juices from her many orgasms. By this time Kim had so many orgasms that she was really starting to look a little dishevelled, her eyes were wide but I could tell she was tiring as her movements were slowing down. The vibrator’s batteries were now nearly flat as the buzzing intensity was getting less and less. “How are you doing?” I asked, breaking our kiss. “Mhhmmppff” she gasped breathlessly. “I’ll take that as meaning you’re done in?” I replied. Kim just nodded. “Well get ready girl, because her it comes” I breathed sexily into her ear.

I started to pump my cock a little harder into her slit and let my own orgasm build. She sensed it as I got closer and quickly got off and knelt down between my legs, taking my now throbbing cock deep into her mouth. She slowly massaged it and pulled back until just the tip was inside her pretty mouth. At the same time she reached round to my butt, probing for the vibrator buried in there. With all of these sensations my orgasm hit me like a steam train and I started to pump the contents of my balls into her sweet mouth. I could see her frown slightly as spurt after spurt of hot cum was pumped into her waiting mouth. When I was done she seductively slid back up to face me and opened her mouth to let me see the mouthful of hot slimy cum she had. She then put her hands behind my head and pulled my face gently beylikdüzü escort to hers and we fell into our traditional and very sloppy cum swapping kiss. My cum was still hot and slimy as we swapped and played with it with our tongues. “Hmm, that was good” she said, eventually pulling away, “Nikki, I love you so, I don’t know what I would do without you!” she wailed. “Oh Kim, I love you too” I replied “don’t even think about me not being here, I’m here for good!” She smiled contentedly as we both collapsed on the bed and dozed off into a light sleep.

I woke some time later and could still feel the mini vibrator buried in my butt, although it had now stopped buzzing. I squeezed on my butt muscles and it popped out onto the bed. Kim awoke as I did this and she did the same with hers. “Hi sleepy head” I said, “feeling Ok?” “You bet,” she said, “lets finish everything off now before it gets too late.” “Ok” Kim made a place in her trunk for our love bag while I washed the mini vibrators and fitted new batteries ready for the next time. We finished everything off that evening, did our nails, had a little supper and crashed early as we had a long day ahead of us.

The next morning we woke bright and early and skipped off to shower together. Kim had slept naked, but I was wearing a very short baby doll night-dress. It was made from the sheerest of pink nylon with a feather style boa around the edge. “Oh girl, don’t you look good!” said Kim as I followed her into the Bathroom wearing only my nightdress and 3 inch mules. My hair was all tousled after sleeping all night and was hanging down in no particular style at all. “Flatterer!” I said. “No, just truthful” she replied as she walked over to me and gave me a sexy good morning kiss.

We showered together, massaging our favourite musky shower gel into each others private places, and then after breakfast we got dressed for the trip. We had both picked our travelling outfits the previous day, and they were laid out waiting for us. Kim was wearing a full set of matching ivory cream satin lingerie underneath a silky leopard skin print camisole style vest and tight black leather skirt, with sheer black nylon stockings and 4 inch heeled black pumps. I had chosen to wear a shiny pink satin blouse that was tailored to fit snug around my waist and breasts. It also had long puffy sleeves that fastened in a broad tight cuff around my wrists. I had also chosen a cream thigh length box pleated skirt that fitted tight around my waist and hips, but flared out from there down. I had a pair of glossy silver stockings to wear, along with cream 4-inch heeled pumps. My lingerie was a matching set of pink satin and lace. As you may have guessed, I just love satin, it’s my favourite material. I think its shiny appearance and silky smooth feel is just so sensual that I wear it every chance I can get.

We both sat side by side at our dressing table, as we did each day, to fix our hair and apply our makeup. I sat back for a few minutes and watched as Kim skilfully dried her hair and styled it to perfection. Kim has the prettiest of hair and the deep mahogany color shone deeply in the light. When her hair was done she started to apply her make-up. She first of all applied a foundation mix to give her face a smooth tanned complexion. Then, as worked on her eyes, she noticed that I was watching and said; “Hey girl, come on, get yourself fixed up!” “I ‘m going to watch you first,” I said. “You know it excites me so!” “That’s ok then” she said, winking at me.

“How’s it looking?” she asked after a few minutes. “Looking good!” I said “There, all done” she said as she finished her lipstick, finally sitting back. “Still Ok?” she enquired. “Perfect” I said. “It must be good, look at the effect its had on you!” she said, referring to my hard cock acting like a tent pole inside my satin wrap. “You always have that effect on me” I replied. “Come on then, its your turn” she said, “seen as though you’re sat waiting patiently can I do it for you?” “Oh Kim, yes please!” I gushed excitedly. “I thought so, just let me put my jewellery and perfume on then,” she replied.

Kim slipped her rings on her fingers, her long deep red manicured nails needed no touching up as we had spent an hour or so doing our nails the previous night. She then put on her matching gold chain necklace and bracelet set, her gold Gucci watch and some 3-inch gold hoop earnings. Finally she gave herself a squirt or two of perfume and was finished. “All done” she said. “Come over here and sit” she commanded. I needed no prompting and was soon sat ready for her delightful attentions.

Using our hairdryer and tongs Kim curled and styled my long blonde hair into the big bouncy glamorous style that she liked me to wear. My hair was now so long that it reached down well below my boobs. Kim worked meticulously at it, tonging and styling it until it was perfect. She applied a generous coat of lacquer to ensure her efforts were not wasted. I looked in the mirror to admire the really glamorous and bouncy style that Kim had achieved. “Kim, that’s really big hair” I remarked, “but I do like it, you always do such a lovely job on it!” “Glad to please” she replied “and its not just for you, its for me as well because you know that your glamorous look really excites me!” “Steady on girl” I joked “we’ve got a long day ahead of us!”

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