Recap: After several years apart I’d gone to visit a lady I liked to call Auntie. She was a few years older than me and I’d got to know her when we worked at the same company when I was a teenager. I’d always wanted to fuck her, but never had the courage to ask her out. Now, as a young adult, I’d gone to stay with her for a few days and after a nervous start I’d convinced her the age gap between us was irrelevant, we’d started to get intimate, and eventually fucked each others’ brains out.

The following day…

I woke to find the bed next to me empty. Yawning and stretching I turned over and laid my head on her pillow – a hint of her perfume lingered on the soft fabric. Memories of the past night ran through my head. We’d held each other, kissing and exploring each others’ bodies, and made love until exhausted, falling asleep in the early hours of the morning.

Reluctantly I dragged myself out of bed, jumped in the shower, then pulled on a pair of shorts and made my way downstairs.

“Good morning darling,” she smiled with more energy than I felt was proper after the exhaustion I felt from our incredible night.

“Morning beautiful,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her waist, tasting the sweet moistness of her lips.

“Go sit on the terrace, I’ll pour us coffee.”

I watched as she walked out of the kitchen, marvelling at how fresh and radiant she looked, a loose red shirt fluttered over a short white denim skirt, exposing a lot of her slender, tanned, legs.

As she sat down I leant forward to kiss her again, my hand running along the soft, cool, flesh of her thigh. “That was an incredible night Auntie, I didn’t want it to end.”

She laughed seductively. “Me neither darling… but tell me what’s with the Auntie? We’ve played around with it, but you keep calling me that, so unless you’re trying to remind me of my age – what’s it about?”

“Well, I told you I’ve had a crush on you for so long, your look, your sexiness, your elegance, everything about you has been my fantasy woman for as long as I can remember.”

“OK, so why Auntie?”

“Cos that’s what I fantasised about every time I masturbated. I was thinking of you. You were, and still are, the sexiest person I’ve ever known. In my fantasies you were my Auntie. I wanted you to seduce me, so I made up a world where you were in charge and made me do all of the sexual things I dreamt about. You must know that every young man dreams of having sex with an older woman? Oh, you think I’m silly, don’t you?”

“No, not at all. I’m flattered. It just never occurred to me you felt like that, especially wanting to have sex with your Auntie…”

“I can’t explain what a turn-on it is thinking about you like that. Don’t you get turned on being a sex goddess to a younger man?”

“Mmmm, I have to admit that it does have its appeal. Do you think there are others that think of me like that?”

“Hey, you stop that now, you’re mine…”

She burst out laughing and slapped me on the leg. “Come on I thought we’d go to the beach today – if you’ve got the energy of course. So, grab your gear and be quick – otherwise Auntie might get cross…”


Later, driving along narrow, winding lanes, I watched avidly as each time she changed gear her skirt crept a bit higher.

“I see you’re not taking in the beautiful countryside again.”

“I’ve got a better view in here watching your skirt creeping up your legs – and hoping it gets all the way up to your knickers.”

“Sorry to disappoint darling, but we’re here.”

“Oh, give me a flash Auntie.”

“Later, if you’re a good boy,” she whispered as she swung her legs out of the car.

Picking up our bags we made our way along a sandy path, open fields on one side, thick pine trees on the other.

“I love this place, the trees protect the sand dunes, but also make the beach very private. I often come here to spend a few hours relaxing, swimming, reading. It’s good for the soul.”

After a while she took a path, that disappeared into the trees, and eventually came out onto sand dunes sloping steeply down to a vast expanse of beach. It was a hot day so we set up our chairs and blanket in the shade of a tall pine.

Nicole took off her shirt then let her skirt fall to the ground to reveal a white, halter neck, bikini.

“Wow. Very sexy. You look gorgeous.”

“I thought you’d approve. Come on let’s go down to the sea.”

She ran off, sliding down the steep dunes as I threw off my t-shirt and chased after her. Halfway to the sea I caught her, wrapped my arm around her waist and swung her off her feet, both of us laughing loudly. As we walked on I squeezed her bum and settled my hand into the back of her bikini bottoms. We chatted and kissed splashing along in the shallow water, holding hands demurely when somebody passed by.

Sometime later, we returned to our blanket in the shade of the pine, the sun escort gaziantep evi olan bayan now high in the sky.

“I see what you mean about this place, it is idyllic, especially with you sitting next to me. Wanna slip out of that bikini and make it paradise?”

“Ouch. I hope you don’t use cheesy lines like that on other girls…”

“Don’t be so hard on me Auntie, I’m only a youngster…” I grinned.

Laughing, she got up and kissed me on the cheek: “There, there, now don’t you get upset my pretty boy. Auntie still loves you.”

I reached out to grab her bum, but she stood back: “Later, you naughty boy. Let’s head off and find some lunch, there’s a nice deli in a village not far away, we can get a picnic there. Keep a lookout for me, will you? I need to get changed and I don’t want somebody to come along while I’m half-dressed.”

Out of her bag, she pulled various items of underwear and a light summer dress, which she laid on the chair. Then, standing on the blanket she looked at me: “Is there anybody around? Is it clear?

“Nobody for a long way, you’re OK.”

Reaching behind she unclipped her bikini top and slipped it over her head, her breasts falling out of the cups. I watched avidly as she brushed some sand off them with a towel, then slid her arms into a white lace bra and fastened it at the front.

Slipping her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms she pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them. My eyes widened as she stood up and I saw the dark, thin smudge, of hair above her pussy lips. Picking up a white suspender belt she placed it on her hips, then reached behind to fasten it.

“You’re supposed to be on the lookout, you know! Half the people on the beach could amble past here and you wouldn’t notice.”

“But you can’t get dressed in front of me and not expect me to watch, that’s insane,” I laughed.

“Well while you’re watching make sure you keep an eye out for unwanted guests.”

Taking a packet out of her bag she carefully removed a pair of chocolate coloured stockings. Gently gathering one up, she slipped it onto her foot, then slowly rolled it up her leg, pulled lightly on the welt, then reached behind to fix the suspender.

“Oh Auntie, you don’t know what that does to me. The sight of a lady putting on her stockings and fastening suspenders is the sexiest sight in the world… I’m in heaven.”

“And you’ll be in big trouble if I see somebody suddenly wander past.”

She fastened the other two suspenders then pulled on, and fastened the other stocking, adjusted the welts to check they were even, then stepped into a pair of white, lacy panties and pulled them up, sadly hiding her pussy from my view.

Slipping the summer dress over her head she straightened it, slipped her feet into some low, sling-back wedges, then looked at me.

“Well, will I do?”

“Absolutely, you look gorgeous.”

“Come on then, let’s get this stuff back to the car and see what we can find for our picnic.”

Walking back through the cool forest I put my arm around her, stroking her bum, feeling for the outlines of her suspenders. “You do know that watching you getting dressed just now has made me really horny?”

“Well I’ll have to see what I can do about that later, won’t I?” She laughed.

Arriving back at the car we threw the bags inside and drove off down the lane. Reaching over I slid her dress up above her stocking tops and stroked her legs.

“Hey, go easy young man, I’ve got to keep my mind on the road.”

Running my hands over her stockinged legs I caressed the suspenders, then let my fingers brush over the soft skin above, moving slowly between her legs, feeling the wet fabric of her panties.

“Enough!” She shivered. “I’ll have us in a ditch any minute.” Pushing my hand away she lowered her dress.

“Ohhhhhhh. That’s not very nice Auntie – look what you’ve done to me…”

“Ahhh, has my pretty boy got a nasty swelling in his pants?”

“Yes, I have, and all because of you, what are you going to do about it?”

Giggling she pulled off the road into a car park and stopped the engine. Reaching over she took hold of my erection and stroking it looked into my eyes. “Now are you going to be able to drag this package into the deli – or do you need to convalesce in the car while I go foraging for some lunch?”

“Oh, come on, that’s not fair, I meant what are you going to do to relieve me, not make it worse. “Nasty Auntie. You’re just teasing me now aren’t you?”

She opened the door, swung her legs out of the car and stood up, looking back at me with a mocking look in her eyes.

“OK if that’s what you want. But everybody in there will see I’ve got a huge boner. Aren’t you going to be embarrassed about that?”

“No, I don’t think so, they’ll think your just an over-sexed youth who can’t control his hormones,” she laughed.

“OK, have it your way.” I got out of the car, walked around to her escort gaziantep fetiş bayan side and took her hand as we walked into the deli.

As we wandered around picking up items that looked good for our picnic she constantly broke into laughter whenever she saw the large bulge in the front of my jeans. At the counter, while we were waiting to be served, I stood close behind her, pressing myself against her bum. Each time the assistant turned away to pack up something she rotated her hips, pressing her bum harder against my dick – just stopping in time when the girl turned back towards us.

After paying we walked back to the car, my hand fondling her ass, running my fingers over the suspenders I could feel through the thin material. She slipped her hand into the back of my jeans, running them over my bum and squeezing my cheeks.

At the car, she put the picnic into a cooler box, then strapped herself in and started the engine. “Let me slip your dress up, I love to look at your stocking tops while you’re driving.”

“OK, but no touching or we’re going to have an accident,” she smiled, as she slipped her dress up, tucking it under her seat belt.

My eyes were transfixed by her legs, her stocking tops and suspenders and the hint of white knickers I could see between her legs.

As she drove out of the car park I unzipped my jeans, painfully releasing my cock from the constriction it had been under for so long. “Is this Ok Auntie?”

She took her eyes off the road for an instant, paused, then: “That’s very OK darling, but it looks like you need a little help.” Reaching over she took my dick in her hand and began slowly stroking it.

I laid back in my seat, moaning at the sensation of her hand moving up and down my cock, then she let go and I snapped back to reality.

Slowing the car she turned off the road onto a grassy track. “Where are we going?”

“Wait and see.”

We bumped along the track for some way, between fields of crops, then along the edge of some trees until we came to a clearing where she pulled up and switched off the engine. Releasing her seat belt she leaned over my dick, taking it in her hand, her tongue licked the tip as she started to wank me. Parting her lips she took my cock into her mouth, slowly moving down, drawing more of its length inside, sucking, licking, up and down, driving me insane.

“Stop, get out, now!”

I ran round to her side of the car as she got out, took her tightly in my arms, my tongue sought out hers, my cock pressing urgently against her. Reaching down she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to wank me again.

“Get your knickers off I need to fuck you – now!”

Lifting her dress she pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them as I ripped my shorts off.

“Turn round.”

She bent forward over the car’s bonnet as I lifted her dress and pushed it high up her back. Sinking to my knees I buried my face between the cheeks of her ass, my tongue seeking her hole. I ran my hands frantically up and down her legs, stroking her stockings, fingering her suspenders, kissing her stocking tops. Pulling her legs apart I forced my tongue towards her pussy, pushing it between the lips and inside as far as it would go – she gasped, then let out a low moan.

Standing up I took her hips and pulled her against my cock.

Pulling her cheeks apart I looked down on her freckle as I slid my cock between her legs, sliding back and forth against her wet pussy.

“Oh yes baby, get inside me – now!”

Pushing her hips back, her cheeks closed on my cock as she rubbed her ass against my pubes. Reaching between her legs I opened her pussy lips with my fingers, rubbing her clit as she writhed against me. I guided the tip of my cock to her pussy and thrust forward, slipping deep inside her. My hands gripped her hips as my thumbs opened her ass cheeks – I could see my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Leaning forwards I slipped my hands under her dress and cupped her breasts, slipping them out of the cups of her bra.

“Oh God, I’m loving this, get your cock right up inside my pussy,” she gasped.

Dropping my hands I fondled her stockings tops, slowly easing my cock back until it was almost out of her pussy then ramming it back in deep, her cheeks slapping against my pubes. “I’m fucking your cunt and I’m not going to stop.”

“Go on baby, fuck your Auntie, I want your cock right up inside my cunt, fuck me, fuck me…”

I thrust my prick in and out of her pussy faster and faster, my balls slapping against her ass cheeks, my hands squeezing her tits, her nipples hard against my palms.

“Wait, let me get on the ground.”

I slipped out of her pussy as she stepped back then lowered herself onto the grass. Lifting her dress high above her stockings and suspender belt she opened her legs wide and laid back. “Come on get that cock back inside me, you’re going to fuck me until I tell you to stop.”

Dropping bayan escort gaziantep to my knees I moved between her legs, feeling the soft nylon of her stockings pulled taught over her knees.

“Let me put your cock where I want it. Mmmm, feel how wet I am? Do you like your cock rubbing against my wet pussy? I’m going to open my cunt lips with your cock, can you feel it against my clit? Oh, baby, that’s making me shiver, get inside and fuck me now.”

Laying back she pulled me on top of her as I slid deep inside her dripping cunt.

Grabbing her legs I pulled them onto my shoulders. “Oh, Auntie the feel of your stockings against my cheeks is fucking amazing.”

“Kiss my stockings then baby, you love them don’t you? You wank thinking about my stocking tops and suspenders don’t you? Would you like me to stand over you while you’re lying on the floor?”

“Oh yes Auntie, I want to see all the way up your dress. I want to see your stocking tops, your panties covering your pussy between your legs, that would be fucking incredible.”

“Open my legs wide darling, can you see your cock fucking my cunt? Fuck me harder, harder – I’m starting to cum – I’m cumming, oh baby do you want to shoot your load inside your Auntie?”

“Yes, yes Auntie, I’m going to shoot my cum right up inside your cunt, I’m going to fill you with my spunk.”

Our bodies went rigid as we both orgasmed, my cock shot cum inside her cunt, again and again, her pussy lips gripping it tightly as she writhed against me, pulling my hands against her tits, her hair in my face as I kissed and bit her neck.

“No love bites,” she gasped. “Auntie will not be happy with that.”

Gripping her legs I thrust my groin hard against her pussy, ecstatically revelling in the final convulsions of our orgasm.

Breathlessly falling forward on top of her I looked deeply into her eyes: “You are incredible. I’ve never had sex as good as that. You are out of this world.”

She smiled as I slipped out of her pussy and laid by her side, stroking her stockings. I kissed her gently, running my fingers across her naked groin, she shuddered: “Oh, that tickles, stop.”

Slipping down her body I ran my lips across her stomach, gently kissing the soft skin as I moved down to the tuft of hair above her pussy, running my tongue over the wet juices. Teasing her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue I gently parted them, tasting the nectar of her cum.

“Mmmm, that is wonderful, I could lay here forever while you do that, but we need to get cleaned up – come on, pour me a glass of that Rosé we bought for lunch.”

Reluctantly I got to my feet, walked to the back of the car, lifted out the cooler box and pulled out the bottle and two glasses. As I poured the wine I watched her, enjoying the sight of her holding her dress high as she wiped herself, opening her legs to reach her pussy and the inside of her thighs. Stepping into her knickers she pulled them up her legs and settled them over her hips and between her legs. After adjusting each of her suspenders and smoothing the welts of her stockings she brushed her dress down then took a glass from me and sipped the wine.

“So are you going to get dressed, or do you plan to walk around naked all afternoon with your cock swinging?”

“I’d like to stay like this if that’s OK.”

“No, it’s not,” she laughed. “Get dressed before somebody comes along and thinks you’re a flasher.”

Reluctantly I tidied myself up, then we spread the beach blanket in the clearing and settled down with our wine and picnic. Everything in the world felt good, a soft breeze rustled the branches above us as we gazed out across golden fields to hills in the distance.

After the picnic we sat with our backs against a tree, luxuriating in the peacefulness of our surroundings and our sexual contentment.

My fingers caressed her stockings, slowly working their way up her thighs, slipping her dress up and lingered over her stocking tops and suspenders. I stared at the flimsy white material of her knickers as it disappeared between her legs. “Your panties are beautiful, so delicate, so sexy. I wish I could look at them all day…”

“I’m pleased you like them.”

“I adore lingerie – soft, silky, all the different colours and styles. I love to just look and admire it, the delicate, flimsy feel of the material…”

“So it’s not just stockings, you get turned on by the whole ensemble?”

“Oh yes. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I sometimes go into the lingerie section of stores to see what’s on display. I bet you think I’m weird now, don’t you?”

“No, not at all darling. There’s nothing wrong with you liking sexy lingerie, or looking at it in the shops, I bet there are loads of men that do it.”

“The joke is I get so embarrassed when I’m amongst all that lingerie, I look a couple of times then quickly leave. I don’t have the nerve to browse, or touch anything.”

“Really? I’ve always thought you were such a confident young man.”

“Not when I’m amongst all those bras and knickers,” I laughed.

“Mmm, you’ve given me an idea. Come on let’s get all this cleared up.”

“What are you thinking of?”

“Wait and see…”

With everything packed into the car, we bumped our way back along the track to rejoin the road.

“Where are we going?”

“Patience my love, all will be revealed in time, but first I need a quick shower.”

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