A Party To Remember Ch. 03

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~~~~~~ The Request ~~~~~~

“Master?” She looked around the corner into his den. She wasn’t allowed in this room so stayed at the threshold. “Master?” She spoke softly wanting to get his attention but not to disturb him. He looked up from his work and smiled at his most valued possession.

He stood up, stretched and walked out of the room. It wasn’t often she broke his rules and disturbed him in his private den. “Did you want something pet?” He towered over her even when she wasn’t kneeling. She had to look up to see his face.

“Master, I have a favor to ask. I really hope you will consider saying yes. It would make me deliriously happy.” She was almost jumping up and down with excitement. Whatever it was, at the moment he didn’t care. He was just enjoying the sight of her breasts bobbing up and down as she hopped in front of him.

She was babbling about something, and he really wasn’t paying attention. He was fixating on the healing brand on her hip. He loved looking at it, knowing she was willing to show the world her submission to HIM.

His little slut was still prattling on, and he finally had to stop her. “Pet, calm down. I can’t understand a thing. If you want me to say yes to something, I have to know what it is first.”

She stopped talking, took a big breath, and gave her pitch. “Well, my sister, Karen, You remember her Sir, right? Well, she has been having a really hard time lately. You remember that she was all excited about her new job? Well, it disappeared with the downturn of the economy, and she’s not sure how she’s going to support herself.”

She stopped to take a big breath while he put his arms around her and stroked her back to help calm her. He knew how close Lynn and Karen were. They were identical twins and spoke on the phone every day. He hadn’t actually met her in person but had a few quick conversations with her on the phone.

“Let me guess, you want her to come live with us. Am I close?” He looked down to see her smiling back at him. He had to smile back. What else could he do?

“Oh yes Master, that would be WONDERFUL. Could she? Would You mind? She could help around the house while she tries to find a new job. And….”

She stopped and bit her lip. Now I’m in for it, he thought to himself. She’s thinking, always a bad thing for me. He laughed to himself. “There’s more, so spill it slut, before I tan your hide for keeping me waiting.”

“Master, I’ve never told You this because she’s a very private person. When we were teenagers, she was almost raped. It really screwed her up when it comes to men. You think I was scared of men when we met? She’s ten times worse. She’s done some dating, but Master, You won’t believe this, she’s a virgin.”

He looked at her in amazement. A 49 year old woman a virgin? He couldn’t even imagine it. In this day and age? “Why are you telling me baby? It doesn’t matter, she can still live here, she knows how we live.”

She took another deep breath and fell to her knees in front of her Master. She looked up, swallowed hard, and made her plea. “Master, your slut is asking You, no begging You, would You please take her sister’s virginity? I can’t think of anyone who would be more understanding of her special circumstances. You were so patient with me and all my fears. Master, I know you would be gentle with her. She wants to learn about the lifestyle and who better to teach her? Please? Please Master?”

He stood there dumbfounded. What could he say to her? He was flattered that she would consider him for such an important task. But he really didn’t want to muddy the waters with his most precious slut by bringing a second woman into their bed, even her twin sister. He looked at her kneeling so perfectly in front of him.

He reached down and took her arms, pulling her into his embrace. He whispered his answer. “No baby, I won’t take her innocence from her. If she wants to learn this lifestyle, then we will save that for her prospective Master. But she can live with us and learn until the right Dom comes along for her. How’s that?”

She held him tight about the waist, so grateful for the wonderful man that took such good care of her, and soon, her sister. She knew that he would help her sister find a Master ALMOST as special. And now her sister would also be able to share her Collaring Ceremony with her!

The ring in one of her pierced nipples caught on his shirt, and she gasped as he backed away. He looked down at the ring caught on his button and looked back at her and smiled. He started to walk away.

“Master, wait, I’m caught.”

“I know slut. Too bad, isn’t it?” He walked away, her tit being cruelly pulled as she tried to catch up with him. “Master, please, I can’t get the button out of my nipple ring if You keep walking.”

“I know that slut.” He kept walking with her scurrying next to him trying to keep the pain to a minimum.

Finally, they reached the bedroom. She watched his face and saw his amusement with her predicament. He slowly took off his tekirdağ escort shirt but didn’t help her untangle the ring. He dropped it and watched it hanging from her breast.

“Sorry pet.” He laughed and finally took the ring in hand and unhooked it from the offending button. “You looked so cute running to keep up with me. I almost decided to go outside for the paper but thought you might trip on the stairs.”

“Thank You Master, Your slut appreciates the thought.” She had a relieved look on her face as she imagined the looks on the faces of their neighbors.

His fingers didn’t leave her nipple. He held it tight and looked into her face as she gasped in surprise and pain. He smiled and waited for her face to relax and then tightened his grip. He pulled on her opposite ring, the heavy breast being pulled up and away from her body.

A tear rolled down her cheek with the pain. She could feel her cunt starting leak. He slowly leaned forward and tasted the tear. “Mmmm, I do so love to make you cry little one. You always taste so good.” As he looked into her dark brown eyes he twisted her nipples hard, making her cry out with the pain. “That’s it baby, you love it don’t you?”

She cried out in pain and screamed. “Ohhh fuckkkkkk, please Master, please hurt Your slut!”

He toyed with the rings for a minute, making her squirm on her feet. He loved pulling them, seeing how much she could take before she cried out. The first time he did it, she begged him to stop. She pleaded with him, insisting that they were going to pull through her flesh. She had forgotten he was an expert in these matters. He knew that she had been pierced correctly, and they would NOT pull out. Well, HE would never do anything that would have a chance at pulling them through her flesh.

He watched her face and saw her emotions clearly etched there for him. He saw her need, her lust, and he drank it in. She was perfect for him, in every way. He pulled her by the nipples to the bed and motioned for her to lay on her stomach. He quickly fastened her hands to the ever present handcuffs. She loved the bite of the metal on her skin.

He used the ropes that were attached midway on the bed to hold her ankles. This put her in a kneeling position on the bed. What a lovely view, he thought to himself. He could see her glistening pussy, the fluids startling to dribble down her thighs. He could make out the glint of the golden bar he himself had pierced through her clit hood.

He had been doing piercings for over 20 years, but he had never experienced the powerful feeling he had when he had pierced his own precious slut. He thought back to that night and how much he had felt his love and lust for her at that moment and every moment since. As much as he had felt for her previously, it was magnified after she submitted herself to him that night.

He slowly ran his fingers around her newly branded hip, bringing a sigh from her. Although it had hurt for the first few days, when the initial pain went away, he couldn’t believe how turned on she got when he touched around the area.

He traced the “M” with the tip of his finger and her body shuddered. He leaned over her and touched his tongue to the “P” and she moaned loudly.

“Mine.” He almost whispered it as his hands and tongue moved over her skin, showing his ultimate possession of her. She couldn’t help but move underneath him, her movements enflaming him more. He grabbed her hips to keep her in place and opened her cheeks to slide his tongue around her tight hole and down to her dripping snatch.

“Master, please.” She pleaded with him in a whisper.

“Please what slut?” He moved off the bed and attached the chains that were bolted to the head board and foot of the bed to her nipple rings and the hood piercing. He smiled to himself. That would slow down her movements.

She cried out in frustration when she realized how limited she was now without tugging on the rings.

“Please what slut?” He asked her again as he drank in the sight of his little bitch open for him in every way.

He walked away from her and she struggled to turn to see where he had gone. That changed her position a bit, and she gave a hard pull on one nipple and yelled in surprise at the pain. He laughed out loud and walked around her to show her the paddle in his hand.

“Let’s see how well you can hold still while I spank that pretty ass to punish you for disturbing my work this morning. Count for me baby.”

The paddle swung through the air. WHACK! She jumped forward and felt the chain pull on her hood piercing. Her voice wavered as she counted. “O-o-o-n-e Master.”

He smiled at her reaction. He swung the paddle at the other cheek. WHACK!

Again, she jumped forward, pulling on the pretty little gold jewelry. Her ass was already starting to turn pink as she counted two. He could tell she was concentrating to keep herself from jumping when the paddle next made contact.

WHACK! She managed not to pull on her clit trabzon escort this time and as he rained down expert blows to her ass, she counted diligently. When she reached twenty, he admired his work. Her ass was bright red, she was panting, and her pussy was leaking like a sieve.

He had been careful of the brand though and kept the paddle from getting too close. He took his time to walk around her slowly, appraising her present state of mind. After about the tenth blow, he could tell she was in sub space, oblivious to any pain. Her eyes were glazed, but she was beginning to focus on him and licked her lips.

He undid his pants and walked up to her shoulder. He released his hard cock and stood there, just out of her comfortable reach. If she wanted his cock, she would have to back up a bit, which would cause the chains to pull on her nipple rings.

She almost lunged for his cock, and then screamed when she felt the sharp pains in her nipples. The pain brought her back fully to the present and she struggled to find a comfortable way to get into position to suck him. It was impossible. So she gritted her teeth and leaned towards him, taking his cock into her mouth as she groaned with the torture to her tits, but moaned with the pleasure of taking him deep in her throat.

He stroked her hair lovingly as her mouth expertly sucked his cock. Soon enough, he was close to bursting and didn’t want to waste it in her mouth. He backed up as she sucked harder trying to hold him but she failed.

He climbed onto the bed behind her and as she begged him to fuck her, he forced his cock deep in one mighty thrust.

“Ohhhhh FUCKKKKKKK!” She screamed out her lust as he plunged over and over into her depths. He marveled at how tight she was, her walls scraping against his shaft with every movement. He had to be careful not to grab the brand as he gripped her hips.

Looking at the “MP” in this position made him want to ravage her even harder, taking full possession of his property. His cock pistoned in and out of her cunt as he reached around to her clit hood and started playing with jewelry he had placed there two months ago.

He could feel how close she was getting to her orgasm but made her wait. She knew better than to beg for him to allow it. If she did, he would make her wait even longer. She had learned patience in the last few months. He leaned forward, burying his cock deep inside her and whispered to his beloved slut. “Cum for me my little bitch!”

Her reaction was immediate and immense. Every muscle in her body exploded in turn, jerking and spasming wildly. Her breathing became labored as she screamed out her lust for her Master.

He continued to strum her quivering clit to orgasm after orgasm as he shot his load deep inside her. He held her tight around the waist as they both regained their strength. As his cock slipped out of her well used pussy, he unclipped the chain on her clit hood and gently massaged the tortured little nub while she moaned mindlessly into the pillow.

He slowly climbed off the bed and in turn, untied the ropes on her ankles, the cuffs on her wrists, and lastly, the chains on her tits. Those he took off slowly, pulling just a bit to tease her further.

They were both exhausted. He climbed ontp the bed and took her into his arms, holding her tight against his chest. Nothing could get him to ever let go of her.

His thoughts turned to Karen. If she was anything like her sister, it would kill him to have two sluts like this.

“Thank You Master.”

He smiled as his little slut curled up, holding his arm tight around her breasts as she fell asleep. Soon they were both sleeping soundly.

~~~~~~ Karen and Kevin ~~~~~~

A week later, Lynn and her sister were busily preparing for the Collaring Ceremony that was to be held in four weeks. They had purposely planned it so that Lynn’s brand would be totally healed. Paul was proud of his possession and wanted to show her off. He watched the sisters giggling.

Karen had come to live with them six days earlier. She was the spitting image of her sister but exceedingly shy. Sometimes, at first glance, he would think it was Lynn, until she turned beet red when she saw him looking at her, or he noticed that the collar was missing.

He could immediately tell that Karen, like his little slut, was naturally submissive. She would need an experienced Dom to introduce her to the lifestyle, but he agreed with Lynn, it was what she was meant for. She immediately began referring to him as “Sir” and listened intently to his instructions.

He sometimes wondered what she thought of the sounds coming from their bedroom when they fucked. He smiled as he thought about it. They hadn’t tried to be quiet, and sometimes things were quite lively in their bed.

A few times in the last week when Lynn needed some real discipline, they had snuck off to the basement which was sound-proofed. He didn’t want Karen to panic and call 9-1-1 or something.

He sivas escort was a little worried about how she would respond to their group of friends. There was bound to be a lot of fetish clothing, various stages of undress, and uninhibited behavior. He hoped she wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.

He wanted everything readied for the ceremony as soon as possible so there would be no last minute disasters. There were a few more details to attend to, but he needed help. Just as he thought of it, Kevin came walking through the door. They had been college roommates, had found this lifestyle together, and were as close as brothers.

He was a little worried about Kevin. Six months earlier, the submissive he had been training and thinking of offering a Formal Collar to, had decided the lifestyle wasn’t for her and ran back to her vanilla world. Kevin had been devastated and really hadn’t participated much lately in group gatherings. He did perform Lynn’s branding for him, but other than that, Paul hadn’t seen him much.

“Kevin, it’s about time you got here. I thought I was going to be drinking alone tonight.” They shook hands and did the proverbial chest bump they reserved for when no other Doms were present. “Lynn, get us some beers.”

When Karen walked out with the beers, Kevin was staring at her. Lynn looked different somehow, but he couldn’t place it. Paul watched him with an amused look. Kevin didn’t mean to stare at another man’s submissive, but there was just something different about her.

When Karen saw Kevin watching her, she blushed crimson and ran out of the room. Kevin’s eyes followed her out of the room. Paul couldn’t help himself and started laughing. Kevin knew there was something going on but didn’t get the joke.

“Lynn, would you bring our guest to meet Kevin please.”

Kevin blinked when he saw the two women walk out side by side. They were dressed identically, except for Lynn’s soon to be replaced red training collar. Of course, one other difference became clear quickly. Karen’s face was bright red. Her eyes were to the floor but she continually glanced up to peek at Kevin.

“Kevin, this is Lynn’s twin sister, Karen. Karen, this is my best friend, Kevin, but you may address him as Kevin Sir.” Paul watched Kevin’s eyes glued to Karen and smiled. He had thought they might be a good fit. Maybe he wouldn’t have to do any matchmaking after all.

“Hello Kevin Sir, it’s nice to meet you.” She spoke to the ground, afraid to look up.

Kevin took her hand in his and began to stroke it softly. “Its a pleasure to meet you Karen.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Although she looked exactly like Lynn, there was something different about her that he couldn’t place.

Paul cleared his throat to get Kevin’s attention. Kevin slowly released Karen’s hand and she quickly clasped it behind her back, eyes to the floor, face radiating heat.

“Karen has moved in with us.”

Kevin’s face paled. “You have a second submissive? How do you find the time?” He said it almost sadly.

Paul was quick to answer. “No, no, one little slut is all I want to handle. She’s living here until she can find a position with a Dom, the right Dom. She wants to learn about the lifestyle, but I explained to Karen and Lynn that I would not take on another girl. Lynn takes all of my time. You know how disobedient she can be.”

Paul arched his eyebrow and looked over at his little slut. Now it was her turn to turn red with embarrassment.

“However, Karen is living under my roof and therefore, is under my protection. So, Kev, if you know of any experienced Dominant looking for a willing submissive to train, please let me know. She has some special requirements that would need to be discussed before she entered into any arrangement.”

Kevin looked confused at this last statement, but said nothing. For the next few hours, he couldn’t keep his eyes off Karen. Paul had some concern that he would scare her, but she seemed to be enjoying the attention so far.

The four of them sat around discussing the upcoming ceremony, familiarizing Karen with what would be happening. Paul and Lynn both noticed the furtive glances going on between Kevin and Karen. Lynn had never seen her sister flirt before and did all she could to give them time alone.

“Master, would You please help me a second in the kitchen?” Paul walked into the kitchen and saw Lynn sitting at the table drinking a diet Pepsi.

“What do you need Pet?”

“Want another beer Master? I just wanted to give them a few minutes alone. She likes him, did You notice? I think he likes her too. Do You think so? Do You think Master Kevin would train her?”

He smiled and sat next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder and reaching over to flick his tongue around her ear. “Baby, don’t be too obvious, OK? And DON’T push!”

Kevin was staying with them until after the Collaring Ceremony, and he did all he could to be near Karen. Paul had a feeling they would end up together but felt he had to let Kevin in on just what he was getting into.

A week later Paul decided he should talk to Kevin now rather than later. “Hey Kev, can we talk a minute?” He handed Kevin a beer and sat next to him. “You really like Karen, don’t you?”

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