While I was searching the internet earlier I ran across a picture that sent a jolt of pleasure surging to my clit increasing its already swollen size and sensitivity. I was having a hard time controlling the spasms that wanted to send me into an incredibly hot orgasm. My eyes were glued to the screen savoring the sight that brought back memories of an incredibly hot evening I had several years ago.

It was a warm summer evening, I was in the shower getting ready for a visit from a couple of old friends. Shelley, Jo and I have know each other for many years. Then it grew to a whole new relationship when I had invited them over one night at the request of my husband (now ex). He wanted to have a threesome and since I couldn’t decide which one to ask I asked both. I don’t think that it turned out quite like he expected though, it turned out that they were more into women than men, but that is another story I will have to write about later.

Ever since that night Shelley has been obsessed with my pussy, she cant get enough of it. Every time she comes over she is all over me. It is hard to deny her because she can eat pussy like nobodies business. I cant even count the number of orgasms I have had just during one session with her. It has been over a year since I saw her last, she moved out of state to be closer to her family. So I knew this would be an incredibly hot evening.

I was just finishing up in the shower, making sure that everything was nice and smooth when the doorbell rang. She was here early. I toweled off real quick and threw on a light summer dress and ran downstairs to open the door. As soon as I opened it she was inside, she put her arms around me and gave me a kiss. She stepped back took a look at me, then with a big smile on her face she said “I caught you in the shower? Does that mean that you don’t have anything on under your dress?”. I told her yes but we had to wait cause I was expecting Bob to come by. Bob is another friend of mine that has treated me to some of the most incredible masturbation shows I have ever seen. As Shelley reached under my dress she said “So why do we have to wait, he knows what’s up and he has wanted to watch us for a long time”. Her finger slid between the lips of my pussy and she rubbed lightly on my clit. She made it so hard to say no, besides she was right Bob has made it very well known that catching us together was one of his biggest fantasies while masturbating.

As she was teasing my clit with one hand Shelley pulled down the front of my dress to expose my breasts. She licked her lips and bent down and sucked my nipple into her mouth. She could do amazing things with that mouth of hers. She had a way of sucking and moving her tongue what drove me wild. She gently pushed me backwards until I fell backwards onto the sofa. Before I could steady myself gaziantep sahibe escort she had my legs spread and her mouth between them. She started making sounds as if she were eating a gourmet meal. She looked up at me, I couldn’t even see her mouth it was covered by the lips of my pussy. After a few minutes she backed off long enough to tell me how much she missed having my pussy in her mouth and she was going to make up for lost time.

Oh my god she was, she had my clit twice its normal size in no time. I loved to watch her as she ate me out. She was in ecstasy, her eyes were only half way open, like she was in another world. She would suck my clit in-between her lips and suck it in and out. My body was jerking all over from the sensations I was having. I watched her as I was humping her mouth. Grinding my pussy as far as I could on her face. I didn’t want to cum yet but I couldn’t stop it felt so good besides I knew Shelley and there would be many more to come. I grabbed her head and held it tight as I rubbed my clit all around her mouth, she knew she had me and sucked even harder. I must of cum for five minuets my hips rotating around adding to the suction Shelley had on my clit. At times I could see my clit between the lips of my pussy and her mouth. It was so swollen and hard almost like a small penis. That sent me over the top, I had no control over convulsions my body was having.

Shelley backed off a little knowing that I would continue to cum as long as she had her lip lock on my clit. She said “Enjoyed that did you? Well you haven’t seen anything yet! So catch your breath and then we can get down to business.” I knew I was in for it, gasping for air I laid there unable to move.

Shelley took full advantage and pulled my dress off of me. She leaned over me grabbing a tit in each hand. As she squeezed them together she played with each nipple with her tongue. They were so hard begging for her to suck them into her mouth. God I love having my nipples sucked so much so that if there isn’t a mouth available to suck them, I will, but for now she was taking her time enjoying giving me so much pleasure.

As she sucked on my nipples I caught my breath and felt my clit start to tingle with desire. I reached down and grabbed my plump lips, it feels so good feeling my clit pop back and forth from the pressure of my fingers. I looked up at Shelley and asked her to let me suck on her nipples, I knew she wouldn’t let me anywhere near her pussy for quite a while. She pulled her tee shirt over her head and took off her bra. Then she leaned back over me to return to sucking my nipples but this time she did it so hers were right in my face. Her breasts are smaller than mine but she has very suckable nipples. Taking turns with each one I sucked and lightly şahinbey escort nibbled them. I could feel Shelley getting turned on, she was sucking harder and harder on my nipples. She told me to nibble a little harder and every now and then she wanted me to flick my tongue on them.

We heard a car pull up, she looked at me and I said it must be Bob. With that she got up and placed herself back between my legs. Saying that she wanted Bob to catch her eating me out. Shelley knew that she was the best at eating pussy and got off on showing men how good she was. The doorbell rang, we didn’t move, it rang again. Then we heard footsteps going away from the door. After a few moments the sliding glass door opened, it was Bob.

He came around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. A big smile came to his face and it wasn’t hard to miss the big bulge in his jeans. “Well, well what do we have here ladies. Enjoying yourselves are you?”. with that he unbuttoned his tight jeans. Bob had a huge cock and when it is hard its straight as an arrow. He took his hand, which isn’t small either, and licked it with his tongue. Then he wrapped it around the shaft of his cock and started stroking. He walked over to the chair by the sofa so he could get a better view. He took off his shoes,his jeans and shirt never missing one stroke of his magnificent cock. I get so hot watching Bob masturbate, he is truly a master masturbator. The different strokes he uses, you can see his cock respond to his every touch. His body will spasm and jerk as he strokes away. I get real hot when I see him watch himself and get so turned on that he gasps for air with each spasm he has.

Boy this is going to be some evening, I have Shelley is doing her best to show Bob what she is doing stopping every so often so he can see how swollen my pussy is and I have Bob showing me how he likes what he sees by giving me the best jerk off show I have ever seen. Oh, I’m on the edge of cumming again but this time I keep it under control. Both Shelley and Bob know this and are trying their best to send me over the edge.

Bob stopped stroking for a moment as he reached over and took a hold of my tits, pushing them together sucking one nipple then the other. Then he took his fingers pinching and twisting them at the same time. Then he put them to my mouth for me to suck on, he loves watching me as I suck on my own nipples as I hold them to my lips, this is the first time he has held them to my lips for me. He looked down at the view that I had of Shelley sucking on my clit and back at me sucking on my nipples. He let go and got up stroking like mad.

He went behind Shelley and pulled her pants off. Kneeling behind her he put his dick in her pussy. He pumped it in and out a few times then he laid over beside şahinbey escort bayan so his face was even with hers. He started encouraging her to suck harder and faster. Telling her that by the looks of how I was shaking and wiggling my hip around I must be enjoying it. Asking her if my pussy tasted good , if she liked having her mouth between my smooth plump lips. All Shelley could do was turn her head so she could look at him and then she pulled her head back so he got a close up view of my clit as she sucked on it.

Then he looked up at me I was watching and listening to what they were doing and it was turning me on. He asked me if I liked what Shelley was doing, if it was getting me hot. I told him “Oh my god yes, she already got me off once before you got here”. He smiled and said “Oh yeah, she must really love the taste of your pussy”. Shelley stopped for a moment and told him that she cant get enough that she could suck it for hours. Bob looked back at me and said “Why don’t you show us how much you like it. Your nipples look like they need attention”.kI grabbed on to them and started sucking like mad. Shelley looked up at me sucking feverously at one then the ther, every once and a while stopping to run the tip of my tongue around each nipple. I was getting so hot watching them watch me as I watched them. My hips were pumping back and forth. With each pump Shelley would pull her head back playing tug of war with my clit. God it felt so good.

Bob got back behind Shelley and pulled his dick back so it almost came out of her pussy. He stroked the shaft while the head was still in her hot pussy, then he would put it back in and do it all over again. After a while he got up and told us he wanted to try something, to see if we enjoyed it. He sat down on the rocking chair stroking his huge cock. He told me to come over to him, when I reached him he turned me around and told me to sit down onto his cock. I started to sit, feeling the huge wet head slide between my lips. He started to enter me and it was so big I didn’t think it would fit. He said “Fuck, your so tight”. He took it slow and it finally went in. He was rocking back and forth in the chair. He told Shelley to suck on my clit as I was riding him. Once Shelley got her mouth on me that was it, I came and came it felt so good.

Then Bob said it was Shelley’s turn so we switched places and I finally got to get my lips on her pussy. We gave Shelley such a working over she was speechless when we were finally done but she still wanted my clit in her mouth. Since I got turned on again taking care of Shelley I was more than happy to let her. Bob had had just about enough and was ready cum. He got behind Shelley again and pumped his shaft against her ass. Just as he was ready to blow, he grabbed it with both hands stroking wildly. He shot his load of cum from along Shelley’s back, all over me, to over my head. That set me off and I came again.

We laid there for a while then Bob asked if we were hungry for something other than each other. Shelley and I both laughed. We got dressed and went to dinner. This was such a hot encounter that I remember every moment of it as I am sure Shelley and Bob do to.

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