A Girl and Two Boys

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So, I just moved to NJ after graduating high school. My cousin met this crazy chick online that I ended up being friends with and we were all going to a rave in Da Bronx. I was so excited!!! So, I was getting dressed, I decided on a funky miniskirt I had made out of pink fuzzy material, a pink camisole, my pink low top Converse sneakers and black and pink thigh high socks/leg warmers. Makeup was simple, lots of mascara, black eyeliner, shiny lip gloss and glitter everywhere. Especially around my eyes and on my chest. I was chunky all through high school and I had finally slimmed down my senior year. I had a flat but soft tummy, wide curvy hips, a bubbly ass and small pert tits. My hair was long and blonde, bangs short and cut bluntly, but at an angle, halfway down my forehead. I’m about 5ft9 and have dark blue eyes. The camisole I wore was thin enough and tight enough that it showed the entire outline of my tiny little tits that pointed straight out. You could even make out my very large, very puffy nipples. I was ready to go. I threw on a cardigan so when I passed my Aunt on the way out she wouldn’t have a fit.

We came prepared and dropped our hits of exstasy shortly before we arrived. Rolling makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket. Every nerve ending in your body is happy and waiting for attention. The flow of water over your skin is unbelievable. The mind is open and the world is beautiful.

We made it to the venue and it was crowded. Once we got inside it was all bodies rubbing together, flowing and jumping with the beats. In places like this there are several rooms with different styles of dance music playing in each room. The hallways are the most crowded, like a school of fish, bodies flowing as one, until one departs to their desired location. It was in one of these hallways that my adventure began.

“Hi,” the cutest boy ever smiled at me. Dark hair, dark eyes surrounded by thick dark eyelashes and the palest olive skin. That too happy, too innocent, pleasure seeking I’m-high-as-a-kite-and-I-know-you-are-too smile.

I just smiled back.

“You’re beautiful… I love the glitter,” he said, reaching out to touch my temple with the tips of his middle and ring finger.

Another dopey smile from me, “Thanks,” I turned my face into his hand. Like I said, every touch felt amazing.

He stepped closer to me and started kissing me. Totally unexpected. My first kiss ever on anything. My first kiss ever with a boy whose name I didn’t know. He pulled me into a less crowded, and darker, hallway and kept kissing me. Hands all over my body, finding the most comfort caressing my ass and hips. It’s the fuzzy skirt, I thought to myself. He tasted like a Watermelon Blow Pop. I wrapped my hands around him, sliding them under his shirt so I could feel his skin, searching for kıbrıs escort that spot where a boy’s abs meet his hips, that perfect indented curve on a boy’s body.

I felt another set of lips kiss my shoulder. This came as a surprise, so I jumped a bit and looked around, where did these extra lips come from? I turned to see another boy as cute as the first. Same dark hair, same dark eyes, tan skin, he looked as edible, and as hungry, as the first.

“It’s Ok, he’s my friend,” the first boy said. I don’t know why, but that made perfect sense to me.

The second boy started kissing me again, first my lips, our tongues played with one another, he tastes like candy too, I thought. He quickly moved on to my neck, positioning himself behind me. I felt behind for him, finding his waistband and tucking my hand into it. A resting place, feeling grounded in him.

The first boy was back in place, kissing my lips, sucking my lips, hands around my waist pulling me close to him. I could feel his erection through my skirt. I could feel my own arousal growing. He was rubbing my lower back, slowly moving lower under my skirt. Thank god I wore lace panties, (neon green lace panties 🙂 ). My other hand was back under his shirt, searching for that slight curve and running my fingers along it.

The second boy was still kissing my neck and shoulders and playing with my nipples now through my camisole. I arched my back which made my chest press into the first boy in front of me. He stopped kissing me long enough to look down at his friend’s hands pulling my nipples. He must have liked what he saw, I must have missed some subtle communication between the two, because before I knew what was happening the second boy was pulling my top down and the first boy had my nipples in his mouth.

We were starting to gather a crowd. I could see someone who looked more official than curious starting to make their way over so I pulled back. “We have to stop,” I was scared, nervous, excited.

Both boys looked up, “It’s Ok, we live really close by,” the first boy said.

I started to say I can’t, what came out was “Ok.”

The first boy took my hand and started running, I reached back for the second boy, and we ran out into the night. Pushing through warm bodies and needy hands reaching for a piece of us.


Just a few minutes later we fell through the front door of their apartment… and all over each other.

We stumbled to a back bedroom discarding clothing and shoes on the way. By the time we climbed atop a very large bed the boys were wearing only their boxer briefs and all that remained on me were the legwarmers, skirt and panties.

We were all kneeling on the bed, the boys both angled in front of me. I reached out and took each boys hand that was closest to konya escort the other boy and wrapped it around my body, so they were both hugging me, arms crossing in an X in front of me. They began to explore my body, boy 2 moving in closer to my side reaching for my breast and ass at the same time. I reached my hand around 1’s waist and bent over to lick him on his hip. I ran my tongue up the side of his body, leading with my face, loving the feeling of his slick skin sliding across my face. Loving the salty taste of his flesh. I pause at his underarm and inhaled his spicy, musky scent before I continued up to his neck. Licking and sucking and slurping my way to his mouth.

2 was behind me now, licking his way from my neck down my back. He paused at my lower back and bit me on my hip before pushing my skirt up around my waist. He pressed his growing erection, through our underwear, against my ass and wrapped his hand around my body and into the front of my panties. His fingers glided up and down my slit. He was playing in my juices, I was dripping by now, spreading them around and not attempting to make specific contact with any area.

I pressed my ass hard into 2 and then 1 lay back then pulled me into him. I was nestled between his legs, his fully hard cock scraping across my belly while I crawled up his body and started making out with him hard. I ended up on my hands and knees on top of him, allowing him full access to play with and pull on my tits and nipples. Tongues, lips, mouths, kissing, licking, sucking, tasting, breathing.

2 pulled back and pulled off my panties, skirt, and legwarmers with only minor adjustments in positioning needed on my part. From behind, he pushed his fingers into my hot wet little cunt hole and started working them in and out, slowly, methodically. I moaned into 1’s mouth when 2 began kissing and licking my hips and butt cheek. Working his way down my thigh and licking behind my knees. He took his fingers out of me and rubbed my clit instead. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build. My feet got hot and I felt butterflies in my belly. He was unrelenting and continued alternating between rubbing my clit then fucking me with his fingers.

My make out session with 1 was getting frenzied. I paused to moan a low guttural moan and 1 started sucking my lower lip. I wrapped my lips around his and sucked his tongue into my mouth while 2 brought me to the first orgasm I’d ever had that wasn’t self induced. I’d been with a few boys in high school, and even a girl, but it was nothing like this. My entire body spasmed and I collapsed into 1’s chest. I was still riding the waves of this first orgasm when I felt 2 pressing his cock against my fuck hole. I reached down and felt him sliding his thick six or so inches all the way inside me.

1 slid back enough kuşadası escort so that he could take off his boxer briefs and release his much longer, but slightly thinner, 9 inch cock from their restrains. I had to taste him. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, rubbing my face along his length as I did so, before I started sucking his tip into my mouth. I worked my way down, slowly taking all of him down my throat. I may have only slept with a few boys in high school but I was voted most likely to succeed solely based on the deep-throating skills I had acquired in my free period senior year. I felt my saliva thicken to better lubricate my throat, I pulled back and watched a long string of thick saliva stretch between us. I did this a few more times until his cock was thickly coated in it. I took him out of my mouth to admire his cock and he slapped it against my lips and tongue a few times. I rubbed it across my face, smearing it in the thick saliva that coated his man meat.

2 was pumping into me in slow long strokes, closing the gap between us firmly. He’d push all the way in and roll his hips before pulling back out again. He did this while constantly either massaging my tits, squeezing my ass, or sensually running his hands somewhere along my body.

I was losing any ability to focus when 1 started pumping his cock into my mouth and down my throat at the same pace as 2 was fucking me. They’d both fill me entirely, pause when they bottomed out, then pull almost entirely out before repeating the motion. 1 had his hands on either side of my face, fingers in my hair, while 2 settled back on my clit and began rubbing it again.

The feeling of being between both of them, completely full, unable to move either way and then empty again was, well, impossible to describe. Each stroke was growing harder, faster, more intense. It wasn’t long before I felt another orgasm starting to build. They continued their unified assault and I came again. My entire body was tingling, pussy spasming, and they just kept on pumping away at either end of me.

Full…. empty…. full…. empty…. they never stopped. All I could do was focus on staying upright and breathing through the throat fucking I was receiving. My body continued to tingle, I felt like I was in a dream.

The boys were at a zealous pace and I was teeming, nearing another orgasm, ready to explode.

They slammed into me and held, cocks pulsing, I felt cum splashing inside my cunt and in my throat simultaneously. 2 was rotating his hips as he splashed his orgasm inside me and continued to furiously work my clit. I came again, while trying desperately to swallow 1’s load that he was shooting into my throat, my cunt felt like it burst and I felt fluid gush and spurt down my thighs and onto the bed.

Everything faded and the next thing I knew I was waking up sandwiched between the two of them. Boy 2 was saying that the party would be over soon and that they should take me back to my friends. We all got up and dressed and that’s exactly what they did.

I will never forget those two beautiful boys.

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