A Day in the Life Ch. 01

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Sofia reached under her pillow, searching frantically for her cell phone, trying to turn of the alarm before it could wake Him. Satisfied that it was silenced, she sat up in bed, stretching before yawning and swinging her legs over the side of the bed to the floor with a thud. She stood and quietly padded into the bathroom, shutting the door carefully. Glancing at herself in the mirror, she decided that she definitely looked as if she had a good time last night. She pulled out a towel and hung it over the bar by the shower, before turning on the water. Reaching out a tentative hand, she checked the water temperature before stepping into the shower.

A small sigh escaped her as she let the warm water relax her tight muscles. After washing her hair, she soaped a washrag and began to clean her body, making sure to get every part of her. Setting the washrag down, she picked up her razor and began to shave, hesitating slightly before shaving her slit completely. As hard as it was to do so without cumming, it would be even worse if her Master found stray hairs and decided they needed plucking.

She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, toweling off quickly before stepping over to the sink and finishing her makeup and hair. Turning off the light, she took a second look around to make sure she had cleaned up after herself before going back into the bedroom. She crossed silently to the bed, wearing nothing but her collar as she knelt between His legs, admiring His sleeping form. She leaned down, wrapping her lips around His shaft, sucking Him gently at first, then harder when she heard Him moan the first time, meaning He was awake. She soon just relaxed and let him maneuver her, enjoying the feeling of His hands entwined in her hair, guiding His hard cock in and out of her mouth, His balls slapping against her chin as niğde escort He used her. She felt His cock begin to throb and knew by the moans coming from His lips he was getting close to His climax. A loud moan came from His lips as He came in her mouth. She was extremely careful to swallow every drop of His hot cum. As He finished, He ran a hand over her head, petting her a bit like a child petting a lazy cat. She smiled at His gentle caress. As much as she loved the rough side of Him, she loved this side just as much. “Good morning, kitten,” He said, His deep voice almost a purr.

She smiled up at Him and replied “Good morning, Master.” She rested her cheek against His thigh as she waited for Him to wake up completely and give her orders for the morning.

“Why don’t you get dressed, little one, and get Eva ready for school. Then we’ll have breakfast,” He said. Sofia stood and kissed Him before dressing in the clothing He had picked for today; glad He had chosen something comfortable for her, because she was taking her class on a field trip today.

Walking quietly down the hall, she opened the door to her daughter’s room. Eva was quickly approaching her eighth birthday, but to herm other she looked far older. Sofia walked to the bed where her daughter lay sleeping.

“Buenas Dias, Mija” she said quietly in Spanish, kissing her daughter gently on the forehead. While Sofia had raised Eva to be bilingual, her husband had never caught on. After laying out clothes for Eva and making sure that she was on her way to get ready for school, Sofia went downstairs to get started on breakfast.

As she finished cooking, Eva helped her set the table. They sat around the table, and ate in companionable silence. After clearing the dishes, Sofia sent Eva off to get her backpack and turned back to doing the ordu escort dishes, unaware of her husband coming up behind her. She jumped a little as He wrapped His arms around her waist.

“I’ll call you over your lunch today, kitten,” he paused, taking a free hand to tweak her nipple a little and elicit a small moan “Oh, and I arranged for Eva to spend the night at your sister’s so we could have the house to ourselves tonight. Rosita will pick her up from school and I think she is taking Eva and Ariel out for the evening, they should have a great time.” Sofia shivered a little, knowing that He knew exactly what His warmth behind her was doing.

“Yes, Master,” she replied, her voice almost a whisper. He smirked and cuddled a little closer

“Hrmmm… I should be getting off work around seven tonight, and I expect you to be dressed and waiting for me when I arrive. I left some clothes laid out for you on the bed.”

Sofia nuzzled Him and replied “Yes, Master. Thank you.”

He turned her to face Him, leaning down to kiss her tenderly, “I love you, Sofia” he said. She gazed up at Him, her face a mixture of raw emotion. Every time her named passed His lips, it was like drowning and being suddenly pulled up for air. Everything made sense and was whole.

Her gaze never leaving His face, she murmured “I love you too, Master.”

Eva came bounding into the kitchen and almost ran into the two of them. Her husband chuckled and squatted so He was eye level with Eva. He gave her a big hug before kissing her on the forehead.

“Be a good girl today, and Ariel and Aunt Rosie will pick you up from school.” Eva squeaked happily. She loved spending time with her Aunt and cousin. He hugged her again while Sofia watched, kissing her on the cheek.

“Te amo, Eva, “he said, using one of His few rize escort Spanish phrases.

“Te amo tambien, Daddy” she replied. As He and Sofia gave each other a quick kiss goodbye, he gave her bottom a playful pinch and grinned when she yelped.

Sofia dropped Eva off at school and drove to work. She entered the building, and was surprised to be one of the first ones there. She worked as a Spanish teacher at a private school, teaching mostly the younger grades. Her morning classes couldn’t go by fast enough as she waited for His call. Finally the phone rang. She picked it up and answered professionally even though she knew it would be Him “Good afternoon, Sofia Morgan speaking, how may I help you?”

A familiar voice on the other end responded.

“Hello, kitten. How was your morning?” He said, His voice quiet.

“Good, Master. All of my classes were smooth and I was just about to start grading papers. How about you?”

“My day is going well, kitten, ” He said ” I can’t talk long, but I just wanted to tell you I love you and that I left a surprise for you in the front of your bag this morning, and I expect you to wear it until I say otherwise. It may be best if you open it in the bathroom.”

Sofia blushed and managed to stammer “Yes, Master.”

‘Good girl,” he said, “Now have a good day. Your Master loves you.”

“I love you too, Master” she said before hanging up the phone. She made a quick trip across the hallway and wandered into the staff bathroom. Locking the door behind her, she quickly dug through her bag before her fingers closed around something hard. A sense of dread and excitement filled her as she pulled it out of the bag. It was a new dildo, bigger than the one she usually wore under her clothing. The bell rang in the hallway, indicating the end of lunch. She would have to do this quickly. She reached under her skirt and pushed it completely inside her, unable to stop the small moan from escaping her lips. She walked back into her classroom and finished her afternoon classes smoothly before bolting to her car and driving home.

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