After me and Daniella’s first full day on holiday, I was left absolutely shattered. I drank way more than I should have. I enjoyed some hot, double penetration action with Daniella and the Greek Boy. I got to watch some hot lesbian action between Daniella, Nina the German teacher lady, and Georgina the Greek lesbian with big nipple rings. After which Burkhard and I enjoyed a little oral action when we both came in his wife’s mouth. And most importantly I got to help beautiful Daniella work her way through nearly a dozen orgasms and nearly half as many lovers. So, by the time my head hit the pillow at the end of the night, I was done.

God knows how long I was out, but the next thing I remember, I was dreaming that I was back home in California. I was out somewhere in the Mojave Desert. It was a hot and sunny day, and I was driving along in my dream car—a cherry red, 1972 convertible Corvette Stingray—through the endless western landscapes with my arm hanging out the window and the wind rushing through my hair. I was in heaven.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve had this dream. In fact, it had been one of my favourite recurring dreams ever since I was thirteen when my hard drinking Aunt Carol—with her amazingly the big tits and inappropriately low-cut dresses—took me for a long ride in her late, third husband’s Corvette. While we drove across Death Valley, she told me, “it’s easy for a boy like me to get lucky in a car like this.” It took me many years to understand what she meant by ‘get lucky’ but when I did, the dream only become more intense.

I drove on through the shimmering deserts until I came to a hill. I slammed on the gas, and the Corvette shot over the crest like a rocket. The whole car roared and shook with a raw power that I could feel in my bones. Then suddenly there was a hand on my crotch working my balls. I looked down half expecting to see my aunt’s hand, but instead it was a thin woman’s hand. I followed the hand up to find my wife—now my ex-wife—Betty sitting in the car next to me. It was her, but from years ago before we got married and made each other miserable.

She smiled at me with cherry red lips and sparkling blue eyes, as her long blond hair whipped around in the wind, then suddenly she was naked and so was I. Without bothering to stop the car we collapsed into each other’s arms and began to kiss and rub our naked bodies all over each other. The car continued happily rumbling along on its own down the road, as she climbed onto my lap.

Betty’s pussy was warm, soft and inviting as I slipped my cock inside. Her and I made love in the bright sunshine, in the front seat of the car as we travelled on down the road—only occasionally stopping to wave at creepy truck drivers and smiling passengers as they passed by.

We continued on like this for miles, but just as I was about to cum, a great odd, red shadow passed over the car. I pulled my head away from young Betty’s eager mouth to see that a strange face shaped cloud come into view and blot out much of the sky.

Suddenly I looked around and we were no longer out in the deserts, but somewhere in LA, with its endless traffic passing through some nightmarish zone of endless, nondescript strip malls as far as the eye could see. Also, we were no longer in the Corvette, but in that damn two-tone minivan she made me purchase last year for her shitty mobile dog grooming business that she never put any time into.

Betty crawled off my lap and instantly aged ten years. “There it is,” she pointed to a beige stucco building sandwiched between a thousand other beige stucco buildings, “Park the van there,” she commanded.

I was no longer in control of the minivan. It jerked escort gaziantep bayan reklamları hard to the left and crashed through a small hedge into an empty, darken parking lot. The sun had disappeared before the minivan came to a screeching halt in front of an old defunct shop now turned evangelical church. The windows were covered in a cheap mirrored tint which gave everything inside a sickly green hue.

“We’re here!” Betty smiled. “Time to give us a baby.”

“What? No! We’re divorced. I’m not giving you a baby,” I complained.

The minivan was gone, and we stood outside the building in the darkness as the summer heat radiated off the black asphalt of the parking lot. Above the main shop window to the old store was a beat-up painted on sign that read “The Hands of God Church,” while in the corner a red neon sign slowly blinked, “All sacrifices welcome.”

I knew the place from when Betty found God a couple years back and made me go to church with her here once. Inside the air was horribly stale and hot given their AC was perpetually broken. The church itself consisted of a large multipurpose room divided in half. Up front there sat a beat-up pulpit, a folding card table on wheels with a white tablecloth thrown over it that doubled as a collections table, and a giant homemade wooden cross made by someone’s kid. In back, in place of actual pews, there were just several rows of beat-up plastic folding chairs for the congregation to sit, watch the weird shows, and to find god—poor bastards.

Betty had changed into a long flowing, white, semi translucent, silk night gown, while I remained naked. We stood at the front of the room while a sea of grey, ashen faced evangelical men slowly poured in. Each one greeted Betty by speaking to her in tongues and by running their meaty hands up the front of her silk gown to touch her blond pussy. They then would give me the evil eye before taking their seats.

“Praise Jesus!” boomed the voice of the Preacher from behind the pulpit. He was a greasy middle-aged man in an off color white button up dress shirt and a black tie, with a broad Texas accent, and the look of a used car salesman. “Praise Jesus! We are all here today because we are all sinners. Can I get an amen?”

“Amen!” the congregation shouted back.

“Praise Jesus!” replied the Preacher.

“Praise Jesus!” the congregation replied.

“We are all sinners,” the Preacher continued, “but we are all still members of God’s family. And as members of God’s family, we all have a sacred duty to continue that family. But this man, this man here has failed in his sacred duties!” The Preacher began pointing his finger wildly at me. “He has failed to share his sacred seed with us and these ladies.”

The congregation collectively gasped.

“I know, I know,” the Preacher continued, “the good book teaches us to forgive, to turn the other cheek, but sometimes, we need to take matters into our own hands.”

I was confused and turned to my wife who was nodding along in agreement, “Betty? What the hell is this about?” I demanded, but she didn’t answer. “Fine then, I’m leaving.”

“No, you’re not son,” the Preacher said with a smile. “Tie him to the cross!”

Before I could make a run for it, several large, hairy naked men wearing trucker caps, rose from the congregation and wrestled me to the ground. I tried fighting but it was no use. They then dragged me to the large, homemade wooden cross at the side of the stage and tied me to it.

Betty stepped up next to me and she suddenly was beautiful, sweet, and 20 years old again. “Don’t fight it Theo, given in and give escort gaziantep resimleri us a baby.” She kissed me on the lips while she reached down with her free hand and began to stroke my cock.

I had to fight it because her hand and mouth felt too good. I pulled my mouth away from her and turned my head towards the congregation. By now the whole congregation of men had disrobed and were sitting there mouths agape, with their hands on their cocks while Betty started to get me hard. As hard as I fought it, I couldn’t help but get erect again. Betty continued to stroke my cock. With each beat I could feel my resolve falter a little more until all too soon I was about to burst.

Betty turned to the Preacher and gave him a nod. The greasy used car salesman stepped out from behind his pulpit. He was naked from the waist down and was supporting a major erection.

“It will be okay Theo. All you got to do is give us a baby,” Betty cooed in my ear before she let go of my cock and slowly made her way to the Preacher. There in front me, the congregation and presumably God as well, Betty slowly squatted down in front of the Preacher until her mouth was level with his big hairy cock. She made a point to maintain eye contact with me all the way down before she slowly opened her bright red mouth and licked her lips.

“Praise Jesus!” The Preacher shouted before he popped the big purple head of his cock into young Betty’s eager mouth where she began to suck it like a lollipop.

“Praise Jesus!” The congregation shouted back in support.

When we were married, especially towards the end, it was all I could do to get Betty to suck my cock, and now here she was sucking off her Preacher while the congregation looked on and jerked off. I admit that I had fantasized about her sucking off other men, but this was a bit much. Betty cocked her head towards me where I—and the congregation—got a good view of her sucking the Preacher’s dick. Several times she slowly worked his cock deep into her mouth before pulling it all the way back out. I tried not to watch, but I couldn’t help myself. I was rock hard.

“You have a good wife here. She really knows how to serve God,” the Preacher grinned at me while he slowly fucked Betty’s mouth. “Can I get an Amen?” he shouted at the congregation.

“Amen!” They shouted back.

They went back and forth for another minute, until I could see rings of sweat seeping through his dress shirt, and I could hear his breath become more ragged. Like a champ, Betty continued to work his cock faster and faster until, at last his legs locked into position and he grabbed her head with both hands. “Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!” He shouted as he came in young Betty’s mouth.

“Hallelujah!” Someone shouted from the congregation while others clapped in approval of the Preacher cumming in Betty’s mouth.

Eventually the Preacher pulled his spent cock from Betty’s mouth and then helped her back to her feet. She gave a little curtsy to the Congregation and wiped her mouth dry with the back of her hand as they cheered her on in appreciation.

Without bothering to put his cock away, the Preacher signalled off stage to a group of church women dress in choir robes and their organist who instantly started up some church hymns. Betty turned to the sea of men in the congregation and was instantly mobbed by dozens of them. They were of all sizes and shapes—big, fat, short, and tall—a lot were very hairy, and their cocks weren’t that big. Betty quickly fell back to her knees and in short succession sucked off several dozen of the men—making a point each time not to spill any of their seeds—all escort gaziantep bayan sitesi the while the choir sang on.

Eventually she sucked off the last of them and the Preacher joined her back on stage. He threw his arms high into the air, the music stopped, and he addressed the congregation in his booming voice, “Now it’s time for why all of us are here. It is time for this man, to give these women a baby.” He waited several seconds for the shouts from the crowd to subside before he walked to the other side of the stage where the collection table on wheels was. He then began to slowly push it toward me and my erection. It was then that I saw there was a person underneath the white tablecloth.

Poking out from under the tablecloth was a pair of rather large woman’s calves. Then I saw it, there on the inside of the right ankle, a butterfly tattoo. My blood ran cold, and I began to scream, “Not you! Not You!”

Like a magician with his cock out, the Preacher snatched away the white tablecloth to reveal my ex-boss, Christina.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” I screamed.

Christina was, by far the meanest woman who has ever lived. She was a large redheaded woman in her late 40’s who never married, or as far as any of us at my last job every knew, ever even dated anyone. All of us just assumed that she should have been a lesbian, if it wasn’t for her damn conservative Christian beliefs that she tried pushing on us daily. She hated all men, especially me, and for years she made my life a living hell at work. On no less than 14 separate occasions she attempted to get me fired. And now here she was naked on the table, propped up with some pillows, glaring angrily at me. Her fat thighs were pulled wide, exposing a giant mass of curry red public hair that stretched from hip to hip. “Oh for fuck sake!” She shouted at me. “You can’t even do this fucking right. Does that small fucking cock of yours actually work?”

I was too shocked to do anything but stammer, “No, not you.”

“Come on son, just give the ladies what they want,” the Preacher chimed in with a big smile before he began to push the collections table with Christina on it towards my still hard member.

Betty stepped up next to Christina, bent down and casually popped Christina right nipple into her mouth. She sucked it for a second before she looked up at me, “come on Theo, please give us a baby,” she pleaded.

“Yeah, fucking Theodore,” Christina shouted, “just give us a fucking baby already!”

The preacher stopped pushing the table towards me for a second where he could readjust his angle to make sure my cock and Christina’s hateful pussy would line up properly.

“NOOOOOOOO!” I shouted, but no one cared. I looked out at the congregation for help, but they were now little more than a sea of grey faces, franticly masturbating.

The table with her mean pussy on it, was getting closer with each passing second. I struggled with my bindings, but they wouldn’t budge. I looked down at my cock and to my horror it was still rock hard. “Maybe if I think of something horrible it will go down. Shit, shit, shit!” I racked my brains, trying to think of anything to make my erection to go away, “Shit this isn’t going to work, because the one thing I hate more than anything is you!” I shouted at Christina.

The table moved closer and closer.

I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. Christina’s hairy red pussy was now so close its brimstone like smell stung my eyes. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. With a snarl of her lip, Christina reached down and pulled open her pussy lips to reveal a full set of gleaming white fanged teeth. “NO!” I screamed.

Chomp! Snapped Christina’s pussy fangs towards my cock. Christina cackled while Betty smiled and said, “Just give us what we want Theo. Give us a baby.”

“Never,” I sobbed.

CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP! Snapped Christina’s pussy as the head of my innocent, hard cock came within a hair of her pussy’s mouth.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” I shouted one last time before everything went black.

To Be Continued…

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