A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 02

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Garrett Jackson drank his morning coffee while sitting in the comfortable club chair in his living room. He had an unobstructed view of the city, but he wasn’t focused on the scenery. Instead, he mused about his recent entry into a world of young white wives and their cuckold husbands.

He’d been seeing Elaine, the tiny redheaded extrovert, for nearly a month. At first, they had only been intimate when Elaine’s husband Paul was present and therefore able to watch. Lately, however, Elaine had started seeing Garrett alone. She’d assured him that Paul actually enjoyed waiting for her to return and fill him in on the details of her dalliances with Garrett. Garrett had been hesitant at first, but Paul had personally confirmed that he was entirely comfortable waiting as well as watching, and Garrett had been only too happy to oblige.

The truth was, Garrett was really enjoying Elaine’s near-obsession with his big black cock. The fact that she was getting kinkier by the week didn’t hurt at all, either. The last time they’d fucked in front of Paul, Elaine had insisted that her husband lie on his back while she straddled his face and Garrett drove into her from behind. Paul had obligingly spread his wife’s pussy open so that Garrett could easily ram his cock into her, and then begun licking her clitoris. When Garrett had finally pumped Elaine’s pussy full of cum, she’d lowered herself down on Paul’s face and climaxed one last time while her husband licked and sucked her clean.

They’d been in a post-coital haze when Elaine spoke up. “I almost feel guilty keeping your incredible cock to myself.” Garrett chuckled, but Elaine persisted. “Seriously, Paul and I know at least three other couples we could pretty well guarantee would love to go black. They’re young marrieds like us. One couple just got back from their honeymoon last week. If you’re interested, we could make introductions.”

Garrett grunted non-commitally. “Tell me more about the newlyweds,” he said.

Elaine laughed. “Thought that might get your attention. Sophie’s only 21 and just started as a teaching assistant at my school. Rob — her husband — is older, around 30 I think. He manages an electronics store.”

“And what makes you think they’d be interested?” Garrett asked.

“We went out for drinks the other night and I got a little talkative about what Paul and I were into,” Elaine replied. “Sophie was very curious — she asked a lot of questions, so many in fact, that I started teasing her about wanting to try some black cock herself. She got very flustered and didn’t exactly deny it, so I flat out asked her if she was interested. She said she was, but wasn’t sure how Rob would react.”

“So you don’t really know?” Garrett asked.

Elaine frowned. “I didn’t say that, did I? I told her if she was serious to talk to Rob and see what he had to say,” she explained. “Sophie pulled me aside at our lunch break today and told me Rob was willing to meet you. They’re coming over for drinks tomorrow evening.”

“How likely is this?” Garrett asked.

Elaine paused for a minute. “That’s a really tough question to answer. To be completely honest, Rob’s kind of an arrogant ass. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women. Sophie tells me that he’s quite well hung and absolutely convinced that she would never, ever, consider another man after him. He’s so confident that he gets her to dress provocatively and takes her to a local club frequented by black men. He sits at the bar and makes her flirt and dance with the customers, but she never delivers anything. He likes showing that he controls her and the guys can look but not have her. Then he takes her home and fucks her.”

Garrett was puzzled. “Sounds like a weird dynamic. Sophie likes it?”

“She likes flirting with the black guys at the club, but she hates feeling like a pawn in Rob’s dominance games,” Elaine replied. “Rob will try to pull the same crap with you, no doubt, but Sophie wants to teach him a lesson. Or should I say, to have you teach him a lesson he won’t ever forget.”

“How should I play this, then?” Garrett asked.

“Rob will have her tease you, but this time Sophie’s not going to leave when he tells her to,” Elaine explained. “You need to control the dynamic, take charge, and fuck the hell out of Sophie. She’ll take care of cutting Rob down to size.” Elaine paused. “I should tell you that Sophie thinks she’ll run the show. You need to dom her too and make it clear that she’s your slut and they’re both your cuck couple.”

And so Garrett found himself drinking his coffee and musing on his own increasing involvement in the interracial cuckolding lifestyle. He hadn’t originally wanted to reinforce white couples’ fantasies about black bedroom dominance and black cock “superiority.” Yet this was clearly where couples were coming from and, he had to admit, lately he’d found the power dynamics increasingly arousing. Taking control of a pretty white wife like Elaine and giving her the fucking of ısparta escort her life while her husband watched was like Viagra, and the more he did it, the more he liked it, and the more he liked it, the deeper into dominance he found himself descending. And with Elaine’s suggestions about Sophie and Rob, it seemed like he was about to explore the scenario even more.

Sophie and Rob were already at Elaine and Paul’s condo when Garrett arrived. He ignored the new couple momentarily, nodded to Paul, and, walking up to the petite redhead, gave Elaine a long tongue kiss, running his right hand down her back and squeezing her ass. Elaine made a little purring noise in her throat and melted against him. Garrett knew the newlyweds were watching his display of open dominance closely.

“Paul, get me a bourbon and branch, will you?” Garrett made it sound like an instruction to a waiter rather than a request. Paul headed to the kitchen to get the drink, while Elaine made the introductions.

Sophie was a willowy blonde. Like Elaine, her hair was cut quite short, which called attention to her enormous blue eyes. The effect was stunning. She was perhaps 5 feet 7 inches tall, and radiated good health. As Garrett had anticipated, her husband had dressed her for display. She was wearing a light and semi-opaque sun dress that tied around her neck and waist, leaving her back bare and showing clearly that she was not wearing a bra. Her small breasts were outlined clearly against the fabric. The dress ended two inches above her knees, showing off her long, firm legs to advantage. She smiled radiantly when Garrett took her hand in his, holding it far longer than necessary as he deliberately made a show of looking at Sophie from head to toe. Only then did he release her hand and turn to her husband, acknowledging him with a slight tip of his head and ignoring Rob’s proffered handshake. Paul returned with the drink, which Garrett took without acknowledgement, and then turned his full attention back to Sophie.

“Tell me about yourself, Sophie,” Garrett said, smiling at the young bride, offering his hand. Sophie took his hand in hers and he led her away from her husband toward the balcony. “What brings you to me?”

Sophie smiled back. “Elaine’s been singing your praises,” she said. “I guess I’ve always found black men attractive, but have never had an opportunity to act on it. Rob and I met while I was a sophomore, started dating, got engaged and got married, so I’ve never been in a position where I felt I could date black men.”

Garrett looked into her eyes until she blushed and broke the contact. “So you’re a newlywed and a black cock virgin and you already want to cuckold your new husband with a black man? That’s jumping in the deep end of the pool,” he said. “Is Rob failing to satisfy you?”

Sophie blushed again. “He’s . . . fine.”

“But?” Garrett asked.

“I’m not sure how to explain it,” Sophie said. “Rob’s focused on himself. It never occurs to him that he could be a better lover, or that I might have other interests. And it really upsets me that he makes me play the cock-tease with black guys for his amusement. I guess you could say that I want to just shock the hell out of him and show him that he doesn’t own me, if that makes sense, and that he’s not the be-all to end-all lover that he’s convinced he is.”

“Do you get turned on when Rob has you cock-tease?” Garrett asked.

Sophie nodded. “I like dancing and flirting with the black guys at the club, that’s for sure, but it never amounts to anything. As soon as they start trying to feel me up, Rob cuts it off and we go home. It’s frustrating to get turned on and then have to stop.”

Garrett smiled. “I know I can help you with that problem.” Then he leaned in and kissed the lovely young blonde full on the lips, putting one hand on her waist and pulling her toward him. The action was so smooth that it caught Sophie by surprise, and Garrett felt her stiffen momentarily, but then relax, Her lips parted and her tongue darted between them and into his mouth as she pressed against him. He felt her nipples stiffen under the thin fabric of her dress, and slid his hand down to caress her butt, squeezing her as he did so, and pushing her groin forward until it pressed against his crotch. He held the kiss and felt her respond more passionately, finally breaking it off and leaving her gasping as he ran his hand down the front of her dress and over her now hard nipples.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, and crossed the room back to the kitchen, knowing full well that Sophie’s husband had witnessed the entire event. Sophie stood, stunned by the suddenness of the development.

Garrett approached Emilie as the petite redhead smiled a welcome. “That was pretty impressive,” she said. “Looks like she’s practically putty in your hands.”

“Maybe,” Garrett replied, “but I need you to help get her ready and relaxed. That is, if you can think of a way to kars escort help out.”

Elaine gave him a wicked grin. “I have just what she needs.” She bounced across the living room, put her head close to Sophie’s and whispered something in the blonde’s ear. Sophie nodded and the two young wives headed down the hall to the master bedroom, pulling the door shut behind them when they reached their destination.

Garrett turned to Rob and Paul, acknowledging Sophie’s husband directly for the first time that evening. At thirty, Rob was in decent shape, perhaps 6 feet tall and trim, with close-cropped black hair, brown eyes, and decent muscle tone. Garrett surmised that Rob worked out enough to stave off the pudginess that often came with middle-management responsibilities. Despite the air of confidence that Rob tried to project, Garrett sensed that the man was uncertain and a bit uncomfortable about what he had just seen transpire.

“So, Rob, are you ready to join the ranks of white cuckolds?” Garrett asked casually, almost as though he and Sophie’s husband were talking about the latest standings in the NFL.

Rob nearly choked on his drink. “I, uh, well I don’t know that anything like that’s going to happen right now,” he spluttered. “Sophie wanted to just meet you, and I agreed to let her.”

Garrett laughed. “Oh, I think she’s ready to do way more than just meet me, judging from the way she just stuck her sweet little tongue halfway down my throat in the living room. I’d say she’s already made up her mind that the two of you aren’t leaving until she’s had a pussy-full of big black dick.”

Rob scowled. “I think you’ve got it all wrong. Sophie’s not doing anything until and unless I tell her that I want her to do it.”

Garrett gave Rob a long look. “I don’t think so, my friend. The first lesson to be learned is that cuck husbands don’t make the rules anymore. You’re here to help Sophie get what she really wants, which is to have you watch her fuck me. Don’t worry, though. It’ll be the most intense sexual experience of your life.”

Paul nodded vigorously. “Garrett’s right, Rob. It really is the most amazing thing you’ll ever see.”

Rob’s jaw clenched and he closed his hands into fists. “I think this evening’s over. Paul, where’s Sophie gotten to? It’s time for us to leave,” he said.

Garrett smiled at the attempted assertiveness Rob was putting on display. He drew himself up to his full height and leaned forward into the husband’s personal space, forcing Rob to look up at him.

“The only place you’re going is where I tell you to sit while you watch your wife get the kind of fucking she wants but you never give her.” Rob blanched and took a step back. At that moment, Elaine bounced into the kitchen.

“My goodness, boys, the testosterone is so thick in here you could cut it with a knife,” she said merrily. “Maybe you should just all put your dicks on the table and see who the real man is. On second thought, never mind. We all know who’d win that contest pretty easily.”

Rob shrugged. “I was telling Paul and Garrett that we were just leaving.”

“Oh really?” Elaine replied. “Might want to talk to Sophie about that. When I left the bedroom, she was lying on the bed stark naked. She sent me to tell Garrett she was waiting for him.” With that, the redhead turned and walked back down the hallway to the bedroom.

Garrett couldn’t help smirking at Rob. “You two cucks wait here,” he said, and followed Elaine.

As promised, Sophie was indeed naked when Garrett entered the bedroom. She was at that moment sitting up with her legs crossed in front of Elaine, who had slipped out of her own dress and was as naked as her friend. Elaine had just taken a big hit from a small pipe that Garrett guessed was filled with hashish from the thick, tarry smell permeating the bedroom. As he watched, the perky redhead leaned forward and put her lips fully on the lovely blonde’s lips and exhaled, blowing the pungent smoke deep into Sophie’s lungs as the younger wife inhaled the offering. Sophie stifled a cough and smiled at Garrett, while Elaine lit a match and applied the flame once again to the small pipe. She inhaled deeply, and once again leaned forward and repeated the smoke transfer by putting her mouth to her friend’s lips and exhaling.

This time, the exchange transitioned into a passionate tongue kiss initiated by the redhead. Sophie responded to the overture, kissing Elaine back passionately, grinding their lips together, while the redhead reached forward and caressed the sides of the blonde’s small breasts. As the kiss lengthened and deepened, Elaine ran her fingertips lightly over Sophie’s already hardened nipples and the blonde leaned back to give her friend easier access. Elaine didn’t hesitate. She lowered her mouth to Sophie’s nipples and began to lick them with the tip of her tongue, and then gently take first one and then the other between her teeth, nipping them lightly while she flicked kastamonu escort her tongue rapidly over the tips. Sophie moaned slightly, leaning back still further ’till she was holding herself upright on her elbows. At the same time, she uncrossed her legs and spread them wider on either side of the aggressing redhead. Elaine shifted to her knees so that she could run her hands down the blonde’s hips and across her taut belly, which twitched at the fingertip caress.

As Garrett watched, Elaine began nipping the blonde’s nipples and neck lightly while her right hand slipped lower and began to gently rub between Sophie’s legs. At this, the blonde moaned a bit louder and Garrett could hear a wet, liquid squelching as her pussy responded to the gentle assault. Elaine wasted no time in sliding her tongue lower, across her friend’s belly, until she had pressed her mouth over Sophie’s outer pussy, while at the same time cupping the blonde’s firm butt in either hand. Sophie, still reclining on her elbows, dropped her head back and hissed “Yesssssssss, oh yessss!” as Elaine’s mouth and tongue pressed home the attack while her friend moaned and gasped.

Garrett quietly slipped out of his clothes as Elaine continued to tongue fuck Sophie. He could see that the young wife was watching him from her half-open eyes, which widened in surprise when he slipped off his boxers and gave Sophie her first look at the long, thick cock that dangled between his legs. Elaine was tonguing Sophie aggressively now, bringing her friend to the edge of orgasm and backing off to make her slide back down the peak without reaching climax. After she had done this several times and the blonde was moaning and grinding her hips in eager frustration, Elaine abruptly slide forward, straddling Sophie’s head and lowering her bare pussy to her friend’s waiting mouth and lips, pressing down as she did so.

Garrett slid onto the bed, taking Elaine’s place between Sophie’s now sopping thighs, and slid his long tongue deeply into Sophie’s pussy. He could hear muffled grunts and gasps as he expertly brought the young blonde back to the edge of orgasm, then let her slide back down without achieving climax, teasing her just as Elaine had done. Meanwhile, he could hear squelching noises from between the redhead’s legs are her own pussy juices started soaking the blonde’s lips and face.

Elaine suddenly put her hands around the back of Sophie’s head and pressed the blonde’s face to her pussy as she ground her hips down and humped across her friend’s open mouth and lips, now slick with her pussy juice. She moaned loudly and grunted as she jerked her hips back and forth harder and harder. “Mmmmm, so good, so good,” she exclaimed. “Gonna fucking cum on your face. Fuck my hot pussy, you little bitch! Suck all that hot pussy juice down your throat!” With a series of guttural cries and grunts, the redhead used her friend’s face as a fuck toy and finally collapsed forward, her hips shaking and spasming from the intensity of the orgasm. Then she groaned loudly and rolled to her side. Sophie’s entire face was glistening and slick with Elaine’s pussy secretions, and she lay dazed by the intensity of her experience.

Elaine stretched and smiled at her friend. “I cannot believe you’ve never eaten pussy before, Sophie. If not, you’re the most natural bottom I’ve ever fucked. If you ever want to go lesbian, I know a couple of dyke tops that would kill just to have you for themselves,” she said. At that she looked at Garret, then back to Sophie. “Well, baby, I think it’s time you turned Rob into a cuckold to black bull dick. Are you ready for the main event?” The blonde nodded, weakly. Elaine smiled. “I’m going to get your cucky boy. I’ll be right back,” she said, and, still naked, padded out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.

While Elaine went to fetch Rob, Sophie reached for the small pipe and fired it up again, taking first one and then a second deep hit. “Dunno what this is, but it sure makes me feel really good,” the blonde said, her eyes now reddened and her pupils dilated.

Garrett stood at the end of the bed with one foot on the floor and the other on the bed. Sophie sat of the bed, with Rob’s big cock dangling just in front of her face. She leaned forward and tentatively flicked the tip of the still mostly soft black dick, then licked the bulbous head. Finally, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and worked her lips around the cut glans, letting her saliva moisten the big head as best she could. She pushed the huge cock into her mouth as far as she could, then swirled her tongue over the head. As Garrett slowly started to become erect, she gently held the base of his cock and ran her open mouth and tongue up and down each side, trying her best to get the whole thing wet with saliva. It was slow going at first, but as she worked up and down the shaft and then popped the head back into her mouth, she gradually succeeded in lubricating him. Then she took the big shaft in both hands and started stroking him while she bobbed her head up and down on the bulging head. She was aided by the fact that Garrett starting leaking clear pre-cum fluid, which when mingled with her saliva provided an increasing effective lubricant. It was still a struggle.

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