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Lately I’ve gotten into exposing myself. The idea of having sex while people are watching is very close to me. I used to be in the navy and was opened to the idea of public sex by a cocky but also very hot guy I knew. My second duty station in the navy was Puerto Rico. I worked in the hospital on the base but was allowed to live off base. I choose to live in one of two ocean side skyscrapers named dos marinas. Jake was a guy that worked in the same clinic as I and was always flirting with me. He was so confident and usually way to cocky for my tastes.

He did have a nice body though. Very trim and fit. I have to admit I masturbated many times on my bed thinking about Jake taking me. When I met my future husband frank I thought that my fantasies of Jake would cease but they didn’t. Frank and I were still just friends. Jake was the type of guy that constantly teased and flirted with me and had some sort of control over me that nobody else ever has. Sorry to say, even frank. It was truly a love hate relationship with Jake. The worst part about it was that he was married. His wife did not come down to Puerto Rico because the navy wouldn’t pay for it. So Jake fooled around. I can’t tell you how much I hated him and myself for all of it. Back to the story though.

One Saturday I was in my 10th floor apartment watching TV and relaxing. I heard a knock on the door and there stood Jake and another girl we worked with named heather. They came in and we hung out for a while and then decided that we should head down to the beach for the day. I told them that I needed to take a shower first and would meet them. So they took off. I jumped into the shower and began to wash my hair. Then I hear Jake again. He said that he’d come back to wait for me. I thought nothing of it. At this point Jake and I had still only been in the teasing game.

As I continued to wash my body I felt a cool breeze enter the warm shower and turned to see Jake standing behind me naked. He just stood there rubbing his cock. I told him to get out but he just continued to kıbrıs escort stand there telling me how badly I needed to be fucked. I’ll tell you now, Jake’s cock was larger and thicker then any cock I’d ever seen. I was wet instantly. I became transfixed at the sight of him working his cock back and forth. He just seemed so sure of himself and I felt defenseless. He barked at me to turn around. He said I didn’t deserve to see anymore yet. My body tingled and I felt faint, I was so turned on. He stepped right up behind me. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass and leg. He whispered in my ear that he knew how much I wanted to fuck him and that if I did everything he commanded, I would be treated to the best fuck of my life. I couldn’t help but begin to rub myself.

He yelled at me and told me to stop. Then he told me to step up and place one foot on each side of the tub. I did as he said and soon felt his mouth kissing my ass and my now soaking wet pussy. I was so turned on I began to shake. He slid underneath me and faced my pussy. Being the first time he’d seen me naked he commented on the size of my pussy lips. I felt him place his mouth onto my pussy and felt his tongue slide up and down, finally come to rest on my swollen clit. Once again he told me what a nice cunt I had. I was overcome by the incredible sensations he was providing me. The view of his huge cock standing straight up and thought of it inside of me threw me into a body shaking orgasm. With that Jake stood back up and walked out of the shower.

He told me to stay in the shower and calm down. When I was ready I was to get out, remain naked and come out to the balcony. The balcony overlooked a marina boat entrance. All day long you could sit there and watch the rich take there boats out into the ocean and back again. The boats went slowly by. After washing myself off I had a craving for Jake’s cock that had to be satisfied. I got out of the shower and walked straight out to the balcony, still wet. Body and especially pussy. I found Jake sitting in konya escort a chair stroking his cock. I can still picture it. Boy, Jake sure was hung. He told me to kneel in front of him and suck him. He had positioned the chair so that it was close to the railing but left me enough space to kneel in front of him. I grabbed his cock and felt its stiff thickness. I was barely able to wrap my mouth around it. It took the huge soft head into my mouth and tasted the saltiness.

His cock felt so soft from the warm water but also so hard. I began to work it back and forth in my hand and mouth. It was way to big to fit all the way into my mouth. I was in cock heaven and found myself in a world of ecstasy. My ass was rubbing against the railing for any boater to see. My nipples were grinding into Jakes legs and I was working on one incredible cock. He stopped me just like that. He told me to stand up, turn around and begin to masturbate. I did as he requested and found myself totally naked facing anybody how cared to watch. I felt him slide a wet finger into my ass and I thought I was going to cum again. At that point there were no boats going by but I could see one edging around the corner. I felt very nervous but also very hot.

Jake told me to open my legs a bit further so he could get a better view of my pussy. He just kept saying, oh yea, and I turned to see him still stroking his fat cock. The boat got closer and I saw the guy driving the boat look straight at me. How could he miss a totally naked girl masturbating on her balcony. The boat was a fishing charter and had about 5 guys on it. I began to chicken out but Jake asked me if I wanted to get fucked or not. I have to admit I was hotter then I’ve ever been. I barked at Jake to fuck me then. Sure enough, he kicked the chair back pulled me back a little and stuffed every bit of cock he could into my drenched pussy. He fuck me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It almost seemed like he was taking running starts at sticking his rod up inside of me. It felt incredible. We kuşadası escort fucked for what seemed like an eternity. Every now and then I would glance up to see a group of guys on a boat staring in disbelief, straight at me.

Eventually Jake leaned over me and began to rub my clit. It was so stretched open that the sensation was beyond belief. Needless to say I came in a orgasm powerful enough to make my legs give out. Jake came deep inside of me as I shook and almost fell down. He held me tight as shot after shot of his hot cum was placed deep inside of me. We then fell back a couple of steps into the chair. He rubbed my stomach and nipples as I tried to calm down. I could still feel his thick cock pulsing underneath my ass. My orgasm continued to rush through my body with each pulse. He was right, it was the best fuck of my life (yet).

We eventually got dressed and went down to meet heather at the beach. Our relationship was never the same. We had sex one other time but I was very drunk and he ended up masturbating and cuming all over me. I’ve never shared this story with frank since it did happen in our pre-dating days. It also wouldn’t be right for him to know that my best fuck came from some big dicked guy in front of five strangers. I do get wet thinking about the situation though. It is probably best that we didn’t have sex too many more times. It makes the memory of that one time very intense. The feeling of Jakes fat cock entering me from behind was a feeling I’ll never forget.

I’ve never felt so totally out of control or to be more exact more in somebody else’s control. I was fucked so intensely and with such force that I felt like I became another person. It was the most wild abandoned sex I could imagine. I see it know from the eyes of the guys watching me. A totally naked girl, in a rage of ecstasy, being fucked like there is no tomorrow, by some big dicked stud. Don’t get me wrong, frank and I have a terrific sex life but that one fuck will always remain with me.

I’m not sure how I’m going to calm down from telling you this story but I can try a few things 🙂

I think you can now understand why I get off letting people watch. Frank has only recently tapped onto my desires and seems more then happy to allow me to display myself. Things are going very well.

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