After continuing their sexual dalliance over the previous weekend when Bai-Ma had initiated Xavier into the pleasures a woman could provide to his phallic enormity with her hands and her mouth; after he had discovered that he could make a woman climax violently with his mouth performing cunnilingus on her; after all that, she had finally introduced him to the intricacies of what the french called soixante-neuf, the 69 sex position. But then he had to contend with her menstrual period which had caused a slight hiatus in their recent carnality, although it didn’t stop her from taking him in her mouth one dark sultry night in the middle of the week. But that was finally over, having come and gone like clockwork, after five days.

The following morning, Bai-Ma woke to the sound of thunder and the splattering of heavy raindrops on the foliage outside. The monsoon was clearly not over. She followed her usual routine of having a cup of tea before the next 45 minutes spent in completing her morning toilette. At 6:30, she took an umbrella from the stand outside her door and walked to the outhouse. Javi was in the bathroom when she began her chores.

Xavier had gone for his regular morning jog and was completely soaked when he got back, having been caught in the downpour about fifteen minutes into his run but he’d decided to go ahead and complete his circuit. He kicked his shoes off at the entrance to his lodge and walked in his sodden socks and clothes to the bathroom where he hurriedly stripped himself of all his garments, throwing them all into a corner. Turning the temperature up to 40 degrees centigrade, he stepped under the shower head and let the warm water bathe him for a few minutes before he shampooed his hair and soaped his body.

After scrubbing himself with a loofah, he let the water run over him as he palmed over the silken feel of his wet body. When his hands reached his genitals, he lifted his limp but heavy phallus and stroked along its detumescent length and thought of Bai-Ma. He had never really considered or paid much attention to his cock, other than to ensure that he maintained a good hygienic discipline after he masturbated. He had become more conscious of his genitalia only recently after she had introduced him to the sensuous carnal pleasures of their bodies. As he stroked himself, thinking of Bai-Ma and knowing she would be in his rooms soon, he realised that his penis was growing to an erection.

He turned the shower off and stepped out of the glass cabinet on to the bath mat in front and reached out to pick up a large soft towel that was folded on the vanity shelves under the sink. He dried himself thoroughly and then began towelling his hair as he stepped out of the bathroom and blindly turned left towards his bedroom, the towel like a veil over his head as he ruffled his hair under it.

Bai-Ma was already sweeping the front room when Xavier exited the bathroom; she paused and turned to look at him but he obviously didn’t see her. Instead, she saw his naked back as he dawdled to the bedroom still vigorously rubbing his head with the towel; she stood still and marvelled at the sight of his strong and firm buttocks, the chiselled V-shape of his torso, and the muscles on his back and his calves. He didn’t shut the door behind him but nevertheless disappeared from her field of vision as he walked towards the other side of his room where the built-in wardrobe was located. Bai-Ma continued sweeping the floor with the long-handled grass broom, smiling contentedly to herself.

Xavier threw the damp towel on to his bed and turned towards his wardrobe, wondering to himself why Bai-Ma hadn’t come yet. He looked past the flimsy sheer curtains and thought she was late possibly because of the rain; he also wondered how the hell he was going to get to his first class on time. Looking at the full length mirror and seeing himself naked, his thoughts flitted to Bai-Ma again; just picturing her in his mind resulted in a stirring in his genitals. His hand went to his dangling penis and he hefted it with his thumb and fingers, feeling the weighty organ start to slowly grow thicker.

He suddenly heard noises coming from the passageway outside the kitchen; sounds of the broom closet creaking open, sounds of a broom clanging against a metal bucket. He hurriedly grabbed a folded pair of briefs inside a drawer and pulled them on, stuffing his phallus into it and hoping it would subside quickly. “Good morning, Javi,” he heard Bai-Ma call from somewhere in the kitchen, her voice carrying over the sound of water falling from the tap into the bucket. He pulled on a sleeveless muscle vest and grabbed a pair of denim jeans from a hanger and quickly pushed his feet through them.

“Hi Bai-Ma!” he called out loudly as he took a fresh white cotton shirt and put that on, buttoning down the front and rolling up the sleeves till just below his elbows. He untidily shoved the shirt tail into the waist band of his jeans as he walked out of the bedroom escort bayan bursa in search of her. He couldn’t understand how she could sound as if nothing had transpired between them the night before, or the weekend for that matter.

She had taken the pail of water into the living room, along with a large rag; he could the smell the citrus aroma of the disinfectant drops that she would have put into the water. Any hopes he may have entertained a few minutes earlier about losing his phallic erection went up in smoke when he saw her down on her haunches, wringing the soaking floor mop into the bucket. Like he had seen so many times before, she had pulled up her saree and revealed her knees and the bottom half of her lower limbs as she crouched. The long drape of her saree was wound around her waist and the loose end tucked into the waistline. Her blouse, with its boat-shaped neckline revealed the deep cleavage between her breasts which were squashed by her thighs as she hunched down, her arm swabbing the floor in short arcs of the rag.

The rain was coming down in buckets, the deluge showing no signs of abating in the near future. Xavier moved from one side of the room to another as Bai-Ma meticulously covered every inch of the floor before moving on to the corridor and then his bedroom. He followed her silently, looking sometimes at her back and the width of her saree clad hips, and at other times looking at her front and her magnificent bosom. She didn’t speak a word nor gave any indication that she might be thinking about their sexual romp the previous night.

When she’d finished mopping the floor, she took the bucket and mop to the bathroom, cleaned both and then returned them to their rightful places. After she’d washed her hands, Bai-Ma went to the kitchen to make sure there were no dishes that required rinsing and. When she was satisfied that the scullery was tidy and orderly, she used a dry washcloth to wipe the sink dry. Suddenly, she felt Javi’s strong arms wrap around her and pull her backwards against his solid body. She dropped the washcloth and exclaimed in surprise, saying “Javi! You frightened me!” her hands going to his forearms in a half-hearted attempt at freeing herself from his bear hug.

Xavier was frustrated and desperate; his palms were on Bai-Ma’s bare midriff rising up to her breasts which he grabbed in both hands, forgetting that she had seemed to be in some pain the previous day when he kneaded her boobs for a few seconds.

“Javi! No! Please, not now,” using a tone that attempted to be severe. But she knew his youthful wantonness was getting the better of him, his libidinous cravings reflecting the turbulent hormones raging in his body. The fingers of one his hands pushed their way under the neckline of her blouse and then his entire hand was clamped over the left cup of her brassiere. He mauled it with a certain feverishness as he buried his face into the crook between her neck and shoulder from the back, pressing his hips against her buttocks. Bai-Ma felt the bulge inside his denims against the pliant fleshiness of her arse as he continued to paw her breast.

“Javi, please stop,” she tried again but Xavier seemed to have lost control of his mind. With his left hand, he gripped her wrist and dragged her hand down and behind her, placing it on the swelling in his jeans, rubbing over the outthrust prominence. He simultaneously gyrated his hips, pushing himself against her hand and her saree covered derriere while trying to undo the buttons of her blouse with his other hand.

Bai-Ma knew she had to stop him, yet she herself was beginning to get aroused, wanting very much to get naked and strip Javi of his clothes as well. Of course she wasn’t going to do any such thing but the strength in his hands was going to be difficult to deter. With his grip on her left wrist, she realised he was fumbling with the zipper in front of his pants and before she could react, he had pulled the fastener down. He then held her fingers in a bunch and thrust them inside the fly so that her palm forcibly rested on the massive mound inside his underwear. He had also managed to open the front of her blouse with his right hand and was pushing it under the brassiere. When she felt his fingers against one of her nipples, Bai-Ma suddenly turned around a little forcefully to face Javi.

“Javi, listen to me,” she said softly, trying to soothe his ardour and hopefully settle his raging hormones. Javi had been forced to release his grip on her wrist when she made that manoeuvre.

“Bai-Ma, please, please, please,” he said in a guttural whisper, “please, just touch me down there. Please, only touch me.” He took her right hand in his, more gently this time, and pushed it inside the opening of his jeans as he lowered his head and kissed the side of her neck. She began to relent, thinking that he was in a hopeless irredeemable state at that moment and perhaps the only solution was to give him some form of release. bursa sinirsiz eskort Bai-Ma looked down past her buxom double-D cup bra, exposed because of the open blouse flaps, and pushed her hand deeper into his denim fly. She then slipped her fingers under the elastic waistband of his briefs and gripped the massive erection.

While she manipulated Javi’s cock with her hand and extracted it from the opening in front of his groin, he lowered his head towards her breasts. With both hands, he pushed the cups of her brassiere down and scooped out her humongous breasts before taking a nipple into his mouth. While he sucked on her left teat, Bai-Ma began stroking and tugging his fully erect rod, standing fierce and erect out of his denim jeans. He groaned as the muscles of his mouth made a deep vacuum that pulled the tip of Bai-Ma’s breast; he was holding on to the tractable mound of her flesh with one hand as his other went around her. Xavier began pumping his hips into the sheath that she had made with her hand around the girth of his penis; then he lowered his hand behind her till he was clutching her arse through the folds of her saree.

Bai-Ma loved Javi but she was thinking how, in the short span of time since the previous weekend, she had taken an innocent virgin boy and made him into a hypersexual obsessive. Nevertheless, she understood his needs and the euphoric rapture of one so young to whom sex was a novelty he had only just discovered. She increased the pace of her hand, tugging feverishly and his rock hard manhood, wanting to bring him to his climax.

Xavier barely managed to hold back for two, maybe three, minutes before he felt the familiar tingle on the inside of his thighs. Bai-Ma had also learned the signals; she felt him tense, all his muscles becoming taut, and quickly brought her other hand to Javi’s cock and cupped it like a shield in front of his red hot glans just as he began to erupt with a loud groan. She closed both palms over the tip of his cock as he spewed out a surprising quantum of semen considering she had brought him to an orgasm barely eight hours ago. Bai-Ma finally formed a cup, or a bowl, with both hands held together and let his cum pool at the base through some deft manoeuvring. When he had finished releasing his fluids, she quickly turned back to the kitchen sink behind her and rinsed her hands. She spritzed a couple of jets of hand wash into her palm and washed up before ripping a length of tissue paper from the roll and handing it to Javi so he could wipe himself.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, she looked at him wiping himself as she pulled up the cups of her bra over her breasts and adjusted them to a comfortable position. As Xavier was putting his penis back into his trousers, Bai-Ma did up the buttons of her blouse and straightened her saree, un-knotting the drape from around her waist and throwing it over her shoulder after adjusting the pleats. She looked at her beautiful boy and saw a rather sheepish expression on his face as he avoided looking at her. She looked at the small time-piece on the kitchen shelf and realised she still had about 15 minutes before she had to go to the mistress’ rooms.

It was till pouring outside and clearly Javi had no intention of going to college in this weather. She took his hand and led him out of the kitchen, heading towards the living room. Xavier followed her lamely, not quite sure what to do; he had surprised himself with the frenetic behaviour that he had just displayed and felt a little ashamed. They both sat on the divan, side by side, before Bai-Ma spoke in soothing tones.

“Javi, sweetheart, you know that I love you and I get as much pleasure from you and your body as you get from me and mine. Maybe even more. But there are a number of things you must always keep in mind.”

“Bai-Ma,” he said softly, “I’m really sorry…”

“No. don’t be. But let me continue,” she said in a low even tone. The first thing you must remember is that I am an employee in this house and I must keep my professional life separated from my personal life. Do you understand that?”

Xavier nodded dumbly, his head hanging almost in shame.

“Second,” Bai-Ma continued, “if either of us ever get caught in our relationship, if anyone ever finds out, we will both be in very serious trouble. So we must be careful. Look,” she said, pointing at the door, “the entrance is not even locked; anybody could have come in.

“Third, and this is very, very important. You have come here to the city in order to study. In college, you are very disciplined I know. You carefully earmark your time for classes, for the swimming pool, for athletics, and you also study at home. So you must not allow distractions like this morning to come in your way. Right? You understand, don’t you?” she asked with concern in her voice.

“And finally, I think you know already how sex and ejaculating so frequently can affect your performance escort bayan in sports. Correct? You must show discipline!” Xavier sat unmoving next to Bai-Ma, head hung as he stared at the floor between his feet, listening to her words. He knew she was right on all counts and he felt rightfully chastised. But there was a growing confusion in his mind with a plethora of thoughts and emotions running through it. That moment was not the time to try and unravel the incertitude in his brain; his heart was beating faster than normal and all of the post-orgasmic euphoria had dissipated.

Bai-Ma looked at him as he sat silently and her heart went out to him; had she been unnecessarily harsh? Maybe there was no need to sound so pragmatic when they had such a sensual relationship going between them. She felt she had doused his fire completely; that was the vibe she was getting and it put her mind in turmoil. She still had his hand in hers but he didn’t react when she gave it a little shake. It was time for her to leave and she felt a wrenching pain in her heart as she stood up slowly, releasing his hand and placing it gently on his lap. She bent to kiss him on the head, then turned and walked to the door. She slipped in to her rubber flip-flops, opened up her umbrella and left for the mansion. It was 7:32 a.m.


Bai-Ma greeted the lady of the house who was standing at the head of the broad but short flight of stairs that led up to the lower floor of the mansion; she had been somewhat concerned as she spied Bai-Ma walking across the slushy lawns instead of on the footpath. “Namaste, Madam,” the handmaiden greeted the lady as she climbed the stairs after folding the umbrella once she was under the portico.

“Good morning, Devyani,” the lady replied, “you could have slipped on the wet grass. It was not a good idea to step off the pathway and take one of your short-cuts.”

“Sorry, Rani Sahiba. I was getting a little late so I thought I would cut across. Thank you for your concern,” Bai-Ma said as both of them walked indoors. As they went towards the library, Bai-Ma looked around and marvelled for the millionth time in the last decade at the regality of the mansion; the high ceiling and the arches of the huge walls made of pink marble, the more prosaic marble at her feet, the tall windows that stretched about twelve feet upwards from the floor, the chandeliers and wall mounted lighting. It was an old building, constructed at the behest of her grandfather during the days of the raj. Of course it had gone through multiple renovations over the decades and some serious modernisation of the fixtures and fittings, including the electrical wiring and water pipes; all under the lady’s supervision a few years ago.

Like Bai-Ma, the staff at the estate called the lady either Ma’am or Rani Sahiba, although her real name was Gayatri Laxmi. While the word ‘Rani’ means queen or princess, the word ‘sahiba’ is a respectful term of address for a woman. Together, they could mean The Lady, or Queen. The reason for this deferential address lay in the lady’s background. Her grandfather had been a maharaja and his wife naturally, a maharani. The maharaja and his ancestors had ruled a state in the northern agricultural heart belt of modern day India, in fact a kingdom, for more than 400 years till they were compelled to accede and integrate themselves into the post-colonial republic. That was followed by years of substantial annual pay-outs by the government to the erstwhile rulers; something called privy purses that continued till as late as 1970. However, Rani Sahiba’s wealth came additionally from the sale of various ancestral properties, including gold and real estate, and a wise investments over the years. At the age of 48, she was the only surviving grandchild of the former maharaja.

On that rainy morning Lady Gayatri sat on the library balcony with her handmaiden Bai-Ma, enjoying her first cup of tea to kickstart the day. She did this on many mornings, except Sundays, while the two talked about a wide variety of subjects during their one hour of blissful tranquillity. They spoke about the household and staff, they often discussed some of the many charities that the lady was involved in, they opinionated on the country’s politics and social issues, and the lady even brought up her personal finances as a matter of discussion sometimes. Bai-Ma was part companion, part confidante, and full-time right-hand woman to the Lady.

Sitting on the covered balcony, sipping tea and looking out at the rain cascading down, Bai-Ma’s mistress suddenly asked “So how is Xavier doing in his studies and extra-curricular activities at college?”

Bai-Ma was taken aback because this was the first time Javi had come up in the conversation. She was also surprised at the question itself; why did Madame think that she, Bai-Ma, would know such details about a person who was essentially just a tenant of sorts? But of course she replied, attempting to do so in a casual and unperturbed manner. “I’m not too sure about the details Ma’am but I know he studies a lot in his room and he is very particular about his morning regimen of jogging and exercising.” After a moment of contemplation, she added “He seems very motivated so I can only assume that he is doing well at university.”

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