What Would You Do? Ch. 02

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After our insane, reality altering weekend in that hotel, everything was different. We met two more times, each more insane than the last, until I finally couldn’t help myself and asked her to move in with me. She said that she needed to see me on camera, and that she had something to tell me.

That Friday I dreaded coming home, and clicking the Skype icon almost physically hurt me. What could my fuck-puppet need to tell me, she said it in such a serious way? The window opened and she was online, as usual, and we started our conversation as we normally do – with a “Hi.”

I waited a few beats before asking “So, what did you have to tell me?”

By way of reply an incoming video call request popped up. I accepted, and was greeted by a familiar sight – my slut-whore cramming pizza into her face, two slices at a time. She mumbles past the cheesy, bread mass that is clogging her mouth hole something that could have been “hold on” and continued trying to cram a log of sauce dipped cheese-bread down her throat. I watched lovingly as her downy girl-beard, soaked in bright red sauce, slipped into her gaping mouth along with the last of the slice. She leaned her head back and showed me her neck. Along the bottom of her chin she had tattooed “Daddy’s bitch” in curving, feminine script. As small runnels of sauce began to drip down her angular chin and obscure parts of the ultra-trashy chin tat, I watched her gullet expand and contract as the last of her snack passed down into her expansive belly.

I smiled and commented “That’s beautiful baby, did you get that for me?”

Snorting red sauce tinged mucus from her long, wide, pointed nose she kept her head tilted back. I watched in awe as the twin snot-rockets ran down the sides of her round face and continued down the side of her lightly furred neck. She grinned, looking down her nose at the camera and said “Yeah daddy, I got it last week and wanted to wait for it to heal before showing you. Do you really like it? You don’t think it’s too much?”

Grinning I say “No way baby it’s beautiful. Is that what you wanted to show me?”

She smiles and lowers her rotund face to the camera, once again leveling her sweat moist brow. She licks her thick lips and replies “No daddy, that’s not it. I know you want to move in together, I got your message, but there’s something you need to know about me.”

I take a deep breath and steady myself for the inevitable. She continues “I don’t… I don’t live alone here. The money you’ve been giving me has been going to help care for someone very special to me, like I am to you.”

I force a smile and hazard a guess “Do you have a child, baby?”

She grins and replies “Almost, daddy. I take care of my sister.”

My mind goes blank for a second as the impact of this statement washes over my brain. She cares for another woman… someone from her genetic line that is somehow in a lesser position? I recover and ask “Is she your younger sister?”

Shaking her sauce splattered face she replies “No daddy, she’s my older sister, but she can’t really do much for herself. Do you want to meet her?”

I smile and ask “Can I? Will she come on camera?”

She says “Sure daddy, she’s been here the whole time.” Turning her head to the left she says to someone off camera “Cmere Reesa, come say hi to computer daddy.”

From off camera slides a peach colored beach ball, capped with a curious pink point. It takes my brain a second to register that behind her seated form is a breast so large, that it dwarfs the woman in camera. Slowly another one appears beside the first, both centering themselves behind the woman on screen. Breasts so massive and heavy, I can see their owner’s pulse in the thick blue veins that spread out stained-glass Maltepe Türbanlı Escort like from the nipples. I gasp in shock and awe, the effort of comprehension causing my body to enter flight or fight mode. Two large knuckled hands enter the screen, and slide under the massive, lightly pulsating mountains. As I gape uncontrollably, they heft the breasts up, and lower them onto the shoulders of the woman who dominates the center of the window.

She shoulders the weight of the twin, massive, veiny mounds with what seems to be no effort, giggling. From the top of the screen lowers a face, and with this revelation I begin to shake. The face that enters the screen is a vision of beauty, writ large. An artist’s cross between Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron, with a dash of Jennifer Lopez thrown in, she smiles her large, perfectly balanced face and says in a voice too deep for those features “Hi Computer Daddy.”

I try to hide the shake in my voice as I reply “Hey, computer baby… how are you today?”

She displays a blank idiot grin and replies “We LOVE you computer daddy! You bring the food and the cool air!”

I look to my baby and ask “What does she mean cool air?”

She giggles and says “With the money you gave us, I ordered an AC for every room. It’s really been great here with all the good air.”

Looking down at her younger sister, the beautiful amalgamation of beauty asks “Show show?”

Her sister looks into the camera and says “One second daddy, she wants some pizza.”

I watch as she again stuffs two slices into her mouth, widening her gape until the entire slices can fit. She masticates loudly and messily, squirts of sauce hitting her massive sister’s cheek. As my cock forces itself from my boxer-briefs she widens her mouth even more, leaning it back like a baby bird. I whisper to myself “no… no fucking way…” as the older sister, mountainous breasts layered atop her younger sister’s shoulders, leans in and scoops out the red cheese and bread mixture with a thick, wide serpentine tongue. With a combination of lick and slurp, similar to a great jungle cat, she removes the mass from her younger sister’s mouth, and begins to smash it to bits behind her absolutely perfect lips.

Looking back to the camera my baby says “We don’t always eat like that, but sometimes she likes to get what I’m getting… we share almost everything.”

Reesa looks into the camera again and says “Bye computer daddy.” before pulling her head up and out of frame, followed by the sucking removal of her massive, full veined, mountainous breasts from her sister’s round shoulders.

I stare into the camera with all of the seriousness of a hostage negotiator and ask “How much to meet you both.”

She smiles and replies “Oh no daddy, you don’t have to pay to meet Reesa, she’s part of me and I’m part of her. If you want her to come along, you just have to ask.”

I look at her with awe and ask “Why haven’t you said anything about your big sister before? She’s pretty amazing, you know?”

She smiles and says “You never asked, daddy.” She then inhales deeply through her mouth, puffing her cheeks out. Forcing the air out through her elongated nostrils, she emits a steady, thick stream of yellow, thick mucus. Part of our ongoing deal is that she never tries to heal herself when she gets sick, and only encourages any sickness to epic levels. This current head-cold is extreme; forcing her to expel whatever is clogging her head up in order to taste the food.

From off camera a low question is heard, and she opens her eyes. “Daddy, Reesa wants to know if she can eat some.”

Questioningly I ask “Eat some of what, baby? Pizza?”

She smiles and says “No daddy, Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort some of my nose food. She wants to eat some but knows that you’re watching.”

With my mouth open I inhale deeply, then ask “So you feed her from your nose, baby?”

With a troubled frown she asks “Yeah, since that time where you had me blow my nose into my food while we were eating dinner, remember? Steak and Snot?” she chuckles in an imitation of my own happy laugh.

I shake my head and watch the twin streams of thick, gooey mucus grind to a halt in her light girl-mustache. “Sure baby, let Reesa eat, I don’t mind.”

From off camera again comes the large, perfect visage of beauty that is Reesa. Her face enters the screen and dominates it, large perfectly proportioned features shocking me again with their otherworldly beauty. She turns towards her sister who pushes a little more from her nose, then leans in. Wrapping her delicate, large mouth around her sister’s face she attaches to her nose and upper lip, fully encompassing both parts of her sister’s facial anatomy.

With a giggle my baby says “Suck Reesa, suck!” and Reesa does, suctioning up the mess that glommed into her sister’s mustache and then bearing down like a predator. A large hand enters the frame and wraps around the back of her sister’s head, bracing her so that she can’t move back.

The younger sister giggles with her open mouth and says “Harder Reesa, harder!” and begins to wrinkle her face up in an effort to help. From the camera I hear a sound very similar to what a straw makes when you attempt to suck up the last of a cup of soda, a deep, throaty, wet sucking sound that comes from the younger sister’s open mouth. Reesa is vacuuming her sister’s sinuses, extracting all of what remains inside like a bear lapping at an almost empty bowl of honey.

Her head is pulled towards her sister with the force of the suction as I stare, watching yet another unheard of display of animal energy. Reesa finishes, removing her face and withdrawing from the camera. Around my baby’s face is a red welt, a hickey that encircles her nose and half of her face. Without pausing she reaches off camera and shoves another slice into her wide mouth, cramming it in whole before attempting to chew. As she mumbles and moans I hear her break wind, a wet ripping sound that goes on for a few seconds. As she gloms the food around inside of her wide open mouth, she inhales and exhales experimentally through her nose, then smiles big. Finishing the single slice she gulps the mass of food down, and then grins off camera.

“Reesa, you really cleared my nose holes up! Thank you sister! Give me kissies!”

Reesa leans in again, her perfect dirty-blonde hair swaying in the breeze of unseen air conditioners. They lock lips, two sisters who could not be further polar opposites, sucking at each other’s mouths with a passion tinted with love. Reesa slaps her wide, muscular tongue around inside of her sister’s mouth, expanding her cheeks obscenely as she grinds up against her sister’s food stained teeth. I orgasm as she begins to lick her sister’s face like a dog, long strong wipes up her sisters lips, nose and eyes. I gasp in orgasmic pain as her sister opens her eyes and allows Reesa to scrub her thick rough tongue along her bare ocular organs, giggling as her blue eyes are raked by pink, swollen taste buds.

Reesa finishes her explorations by wiping her tongue along her sister’s pimple laden forehead, sanding the surface energetically. My baby giggles as fattened pimples burst against her sister’s taste organ, pushing her face into the pressure of her tongue.

Turning back to the camera my baby asks “Did you like that daddy? Reesa and I play Maltepe Ucuz Escort all kinds of games with her big tongue. If you liked that we can do more for you.”

I gasp and swallow with a click. “Baby that was so good, I think I almost came two times back-to-back. Reesa always cleans your face like that?”

Smiling she replies “Yeah daddy, we clean each other like pretty kitties. Watch this daddy.”

My jaw falls open as I wrap my fist around my post-orgasm cock, securing a death-grip on it. On screen my baby is rising, and turning to the side. Bending over I’m greeted with a side view of her round, hairy ass. I begin to breathe hard, like one who has just ran a quarter mile in the heat. My heart begins to pound as I anticipate what is about to unfold on the screen, but my wildest imaginings could not have prepared me for the act of sisterly depravity that I was about to witness.

From off camera I hear the command “Reesa, EAT.”

With the speed of a savanna lioness Reesa darts her large, perfect head into the frame and buries it, tongue first, into the round, pimple spotted globe in front of her. With a squeal she continues “Reesa, tongue eat, tongue eat!”

Reesa gapes her mouth wide, and shoves her thick, full tongue into her sister’s rectum, burying her face heedless of the need to breathe, in between twin pillows. Reesa eats, and eats, her face moving up and down, shaking her sister’s ass cheeks with the force of her appetite. From off camera I hear “Watch this daddy, Reesa is a hungry girl.”

I hear a grumble, and a groan, followed by Reesa’s deep, bass moan. She emits the sound of a cow giving birth, muffled by a pair of dense, fat laden ass-cheeks. I breathlessly ask the screen in front of me “What are you doing baby, what is Reesa doing?”

“She’s eating daddy, I’m feeding her all the food I ate this week.”

I’m watching Reesa pump her head forward and back, forward and back with the effort of her thrusts. Her thick throat is pulsating as she, like her sister, gorges on food without chewing. Food that has sat for days inside her sister’s body, softening and fermenting into a nutrient rich meal, the world’s most natural energy bar.

I lean my chair back and behold the produce of my efforts. It has been an incredibly long road to get here, but now I am watching two sisters engage in the absolute most primal, taboo act that has ever graced this planet.

I hear from off-screen “Reesa, stop.” and she does, pulling her tongue from her sister’s asshole with a wet sucking sound. Around Reesa’s absolutely beautiful mouth is a ring of brown saliva, which she quickly laps up with a circular motion of her pink, fat tongue. Waving quickly at the camera, Reesa moves off to the side again, and her sister regains her throne, smiling brightly.

“Did you like that daddy? We do that sometimes when I forget to order food for Reesa and she’s still hungry, she just eats mine again. Did I do good, daddy?”

I nod in disbelief and say “Yeah baby, you did good. You have made daddy the happiest man to ever live, do you know that?”

She giggles and says “I know daddy, you tell me every week how happy you are with me. I don’t know why, we are just playing and having a good time.”

From off camera I hear a low rumble; Reesa is saying something to her sister. She turns, then turns back to the camera “Daddy, we have to go, Reesa needs to use the bathroom and that takes two to do. Can we talk later?”

A part of me wants to witness the insane vision that must be gigantic Reesa relieving herself, but I realize that this will happen, in person, another day.

I smile and nod, and say “Of course baby, we can talk later. Have fun; don’t forget to take your vitamins.”

She smiles and waves, then says “Bye daddy.” from off camera I hear a low “Bye ‘puter daddy”

I close the window and lean back, spent and amazed at my incredible fortune. Next Friday is going to be earth shattering; I’d better start preparations now.

I’m going to have fun with Reesa.

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