Wayne rose from sleep, the bedside clock read 7 AM, he felt a hand slide down and his cock was taking notice. He saw Annabelle’s face, the big smile, and the sparkling eyes as she felt his cock surging in her hands.

Annabelle’s warm, syrupy southern voice purred, “Mmmm, y’all are so ready again, such a horny man! Good, that’s exactly what ah need. For now, ah have something special for you.”

She took to her hands and knees, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and showed Wayne the tight, pink pucker of her back door.

She cooed, “Ah’m getting married next weekend and y’all are mah final fling before ah say Ah Do. I’m still a tight little ole virgin back there, and ah want you to take me. Would y’all like to deflower mah tight ass hole, sugar?”

Wayne’s cock topped up quickly, oh fuck, he’d reamed his sister’s ass when she was 20 and he was 19, and his sister was a wild one, couldn’t get enough of it, and the idea of introducing Annabelle, offering her ass to him, he was more than happy to agree.

Wayne said, “I would be honored baby, I need to lick and finger your asshole a long time before we try anything bigger than my finger.”

Annabelle cooed huskily, “Oh yeah y’all lick my tight little starfish, get mah tight hole all ready for its virgin breaking ride.”

Wayne eagerly dove in, enjoying her squeals of pleasure as she felt his tongue make contact. Wayne’s face was nuzzling between the moons of her spread open ass cheeks, his tongue swept over the tight pucker, licking at that twitching, inviting opening, then his tongue pressed against her, tightly. The tip of his tongue pushed inside, probing, pressing slightly into the twitching pucker, bringing forth a soft moan, making Annabelle’s body shiver with pleasure.

“Oh mah god, the pleasure…it’s beautiful…ah love it…feels so good. Keep licking me, and finger it, get mah tight little ole ass ready for fucking, ah feel like mah head’s gonna fly off!”

Sticking a finger in his mouth, Wayne slobbered over it, then applied it, and pushed, slowly, slowly. Annabelle let out a grunt, of pleasure he hoped, and his finger glided slowly into the first knuckle.

Wayne could hear her muttering softly, “Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.”

Wayne pushed on until his finger was into the second knuckle. He started to rotate his finger, Annabelle’s asshole was a super tight hole, and he was doing his best to loosen it up, even just a tiny bit. After a few minutes, she felt she was ready.

“Wayne let’s all do it, ah think ah can handle it now, y’all take mah last bit of virginity.”

On görükle escort her hands and knees, laying her head down on a pillow, cupping her cheeks, Annabelle spread them apart as far as she could, eager to get her ass fucked. Wayne applied a generous coating of KY to his cock, and spread a large dollop around her tight rim, sliding his finger back inside to spread around the tight clutch of her virgin walls.

“Oh yeah, that feels nice. Now, mah lover, take mah my last bit of virginity.”

Wayne took in the scene as he moved into position. Her big luscious 34DD breasts grazed the mattress, those nice wide hips, what he called “breeder’s hips,” her ass was a sexy, full rear. He took her hips, eager to guide her onto his dick. He nudged his cockhead against the rose-shaped pucker, and pushed, slowly, slowly, suddenly the head popped in. Annabelle let out a sharp gasp.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh” she moaned, “Hold up just a minute lover, ah’m going to need time to adjust,” she whispered.

“Take all the time you need baby, it’s not a race, your pleasure is what’s important. I’ll only go on at your request.”

Wayne brought his hands up, and ran them up and down her back, stroking her awesome 20-year-old body, eager to help her relax in every way. After a few minutes, she urged him on.

“Ok honey, a bit more, slowly please.”

Wayne pushed, slowly, slowly, he was now halfway in, and Annabelle was making grunts, as he reached 5, then 6 inches.

“Another stop, please.”

Wayne froze, waiting for her ass to adjust, fuck, the sensation of her tight virgin ass around his cock was something else. The same wildly exciting tight hole as his sister had when he had been given the opportunity to ream her.

Annabelle took less time to adjust this time, her hands gripping the sheets tightly as she took a deep breath, and told him what to do.

“Now, y’all hold mah hips tight so y’all can bury it, let me have the rest, ah want mah anal deflowering completed,” she gasped.

Keeping her breeder’s hips tight, Wayne gave the last push forward, and his balls smacked against her pussy as he was all the way in.

“Nnnghh, mmmpppffff, frawww, fucccccc, grawwww, fuck mah ass, fuck it!”

Wayne was happy to do so, and as he got into a steady rhythm, Annabelle started to make little gasps, after a few moments, what sounded like cries of passion.

“Mmmm, yes, oh yes, now that ah’m loosened up, it feels better,” she cooed, “keep going, it’s a starting to feel real good!”

Encouraged, Wayne started to pull out a bit further, eskort bayan 2 inches then 3, burying it deep, speeding up just a little bit. Annabelle was starting to make moans and louder cries of passion, as she urged him on to fuck her ass. Wayne was happy to do so, the tight vice grip of her ass was clutching at his cock, working up the explosion of his morning load.

Annabelle had her hand cupped against her pussy, masturbating furiously. God, the taking of her asshole had excited her beyond measure, it was so dirty, and nasty, and so fucking hot. Her husband-to-be had been hinting about how much he’d like to take her ass on their wedding night, and she had been anxious about having her virgin hole pried open. Now that Wayne had taken it, she knew she could give her ass to her husband joyfully.

Her pink, hard clit was twitching, her juices coated her fingers as her fingertips stroked up and down her stiff, eager clit. Annabelle’s grunts and cries of pleasure increased, and she wanted that load pumped into her. Her other hand moved back, cupping Wayne’s balls, swollen up with the load he planned to paint her asshole with.

“Give it to me, flood mah asshole, fuck, fuck, fuck, cumming, oh mah god cumming, fill mah ass, Wayne, fill me, fuck, fuck, cum in MEEEEEE!”

Wayne could feel the rushing buildup as Annabelle let out a scream, her ass clamped even tighter around his cock, her orgasm making her asshole clench and unclench, spasming in time with her orgasm, and that took him over. He drove in to the balls, and his cock erupted.

Flooding Annabelle’s last virginity with hot sperm made him go off like a cannon. His growls of orgasm joined her sounds, as his cock jerked over and over, throbbing wildly and pumping a flood of cum, painting her bowels white with his load, both of them shuddering through body-wracking orgasms. When he had unloaded the last gush, Wayne pulled out and flopped down, Annabelle joined him and her eyes were close to his, with a very satisfied smile.

“Perfect, so perfect,” she whispered. “Now mah husband-to-be can take mah little ole asshole on our wedding night, and ah know that ah can handle it.”


A few floors away…

Don was having a sexy dream, a hot naked lady was worshipping his cock, god that felt so good, and sleep started to tatter. The dream started to fade, but the hot sucking wet mouth did not. He opened his eyes to see Maryanne Loomis, the bride’s Mom from last night, giving him a most enjoyable wake-up call.

Maryanne had woken up, horny altıparmak escort and eager for a hot morning romp. She smiled as she saw Don sleeping peacefully next to her. She adored having a great lover for a great evening fuck stay overnight, she was always ready to get her day off to the best kind of start.

“Good morning Don, thank you for staying with me, as a special thank you….”

So saying, she squatted on the bed. She was facing the large mirror at the side of the bed, and she purred, “Come here, bury that hard cock, and fuck me!”

Don quickly got behind her, he had to contort his body a little, then he got his cock lined up. He straightened his legs, lifting up, and pushed his cock right up Maryanne’s hot and ready sexy velvet wrap.

Her hot, steamy tightness gripped his cock again, drawing a grunt from him as he wrapped one hand around her breasts, tugging and pulling on her stiff, rock-hard nipples. Don slid his other hand over her hips, lightly gripping her mons, and pulling her body tightly against his, holding her up, so she could watch herself getting fucked. Don drove in, burying his cock right in right to the balls.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, it feels so good, let me have it, Don, I want another thick spray, fill my pussy, give it to me!”

Maryanne was going to get another superb reaming, she adored being able to watch herself getting fucked, the double sensation of feeling and seeing always made her extra hot. She wiggled her ass against the saddle of his pelvis, eager to feel the hard thrusts.

Don was happy to do so, pumping his hips, driving his cock in and out. Testing the liquid depths of her fuckhole, with Maryanne wiggling her hips back at him as he drove forward, she was taking every inch. He was looking over her shoulder, the mirror image of them in a hot fucking clinch, and the bliss and joy playing across her face, made his cock sizzle. Her tightness was milking at him, the pouring juices filling the room with the wet juicy squelching sound of Maryanne’s tight cunt being pounded towards orgasm.

Don slid his hand down a little further, cupping her sex tightly, feeling his cock surging in and out, driving Maryanne towards climax.

Maryanne could feel the rise, staring at the lewd spectacle of their bodies fucking wildly, she grunted, “Oh fuck, it’s so fucking hot, watching and feeling you fucking me, yes, oh yes, good, so good, it’s, it’s, it’s, ungh, ungh, oh my god, I’m gonna, gonna, yes, yes, CUMMING!!”

Maryanne gave full voice to her pleasure, shrieks of joy filling the bedroom, her body shaking crazily, her cunt clamped down on Don’s cock like a velvet-lined vice, spasming wildly. That did it, and he felt his cock erupt, spraying wildly, pumping a thick, hot volley of semen deep inside Maryanne, feeling the milking pull sucking every drop out of his eager cock.

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