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Many thanks to jellybelly2 for first editing and improving this story and to oVerallxaVerage, whose editing helped clean up some weaknesses.

Immense gratitude to Alex R., who not only corrects errors but has the rare ability to spot superfluous verbosity and to prune, combine and condense dull passages until they shine.


“I just got my check, Mel,” Angela said. “That’s forty thousand so far this year.”

“Thanks for calling, Angela. Those are the first words you’ve said to me in two years. It’s good to know you haven’t changed.”

“Do you think of me when you see that check come out of your bank account every month? You know it’s going up in a month with the cost-of-living adjustment. Does it bring back happy memories?”

“To be honest, it’s an automatic payment, and Wendy does the household accounts. I don’t see it, and I don’t care. I’m just glad we can keep you off the street.”

They both laughed, because they knew she didn’t need the money. Wendy thought he was stupid for giving in to Angela’s outrageous claims during the divorce, but Mel wanted to put everything behind him as fast as possible, no matter the cost.

“The reason I called was to ask you a question,” Angela said. “How would you like to stop paying my alimony?”

Mel knew she wasn’t serious.

“Have you become an angel to live up to your name?”

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just asking the question. I’m not going to give you anything, but maybe I would sell for the right price.”

“What are you talking about?”

“When you humiliated and betrayed me with my best friend, I wanted to hurt you enough that you’d never forget. I wish you were a greedy miser, so sucking your bank account would eat you up. Unfortunately, you’ve never been obsessed with money.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“You never really paid for what you did to me. You don’t even admit you did anything wrong. All I have is –.”

“You never gave me the chance to explain,” he interrupted. “I’ll admit I wasn’t completely innocent. But you have to admit our marriage was like a zombie. It was walking but dead. I stuck with you a long time through your mood swings. I endured your belittling insults in front of our friends and your physical attacks. Eventually, you just wore me out.

“When Wendy and I realized we were in love, you know what we talked about? All of our conversations were about not hurting you. Even after we separated, she wouldn’t let me touch her until the decree. She said it wasn’t just that she couldn’t marry a cheater, but she would never betray her best friend forever.

“She wasn’t happy about what you did to me in the divorce, but I think she still loves you more than me. She’s an amazing woman.”

Angela had listened to him quietly until he began talking about Wendy. Then he heard her gasping a couple of times, and she began screaming so loud that he had to take the phone away from his ear.

“Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to hear that crap. She stabbed me through the heart. But we’re not talking about her, just you. She’ll make out like a champ if you do this, because you can spend all the alimony money on her.”

Mel waited for her tirade to stop before he spoke.

“I’m enjoying this conversation as much as you are, but I have work to do.”

Those were the last words he spoke as he listened in astonishment for ten minutes to her explain her idea before she hung up.


“Not on your life,” Wendy said when he told her later. “The alimony does bother me because it’s so unfair, but I’d rather you pay it than get involved with her crazy scheme.”

“That was my first thought, too. Then I thought, why not let her have her little revenge and get it out of her system? Sure, it’s bizarre, but she promised it would only be for an hour. And she said that she wouldn’t maim me or break any bones. How bad could it be?”

“You have no idea! I haven’t talked about Angela to you, but I get regular reports from mutual friends. Since the divorce, her obsession has been training. She’s like one of those women gladiators now.

“She still looks hot, but she’s super strong from working weights, and she’s been practicing mixed martial arts. She’s gotten to where she can destroy women much bigger than she is.”

“But I’m a big guy,” said Mel, “and she’s just an average-sized woman. I’ve got a much longer reach, so it won’t be easy for her to get to me. I’m sure she’ll get in some shots, but if that will get her off our backs, it might be worth a little pain. What if this helps her move on and find someone else? You’ve told me often enough that’s what you wish she’d do.”

“Let me think about it,” Wendy said. “My gut tells me that I should put my foot down. I really want Angela to start healing, but how can this be healthy for her. Even if she calls you again, don’t pressure me. I’ll tell you when I’ve decided.”

“Okay,” he said.


Angela didn’t call him. Instead, she and Wendy burned up the phone lines. Three weeks later, Wendy Betturkey explained.

“I didn’t want to tell you anything because you’re such a cream puff,” she said. “I was your lawyer, and I got you this deal. For letting her attack you for hour, Angela is going to give up the alimony.

“She’s also going to return all the alimony you’ve paid up to now. She’s going to give you half the value of the house, with a licensed appraiser selected by me determining what that is.”

“Wow!” said Mel. “You’re amazing.”

“Don’t think of it as a sure thing yet. I’ve got some stuff here that looks like a deal-breaker. I made her give me a bunch of videos of her going against some opponents. She really fought me on that, and when you see the videos, you’ll understand why.

“She wanted to give me old stuff, but I told her everything had to be from the last couple of months, and I would be able to tell by how she looked on the video. I could see she was worried you’d back out once you saw the videos. We’re going to watch them together now.”


When the last video was over, Wendy and Mel sat in silence. Wendy spoke first.

“This is nothing,” she said. “She picked out the ones that were the least scary. You can imagine what’s on the other ones.

“A friend of ours told me that Angela said that whenever she’s in the ring, she imagines her opponent is you – and that motivates her to do those things that you saw. She is vicious and unrelenting.

“We only saw one video with someone who’s larger than her, but those are the only opponents she fights anymore. Nobody her weight will step in the ring with her, not even men.

“My friends aid her matches are all the same. Sometimes the larger person hurts her a little in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter. She never stops attacking and punishing, and soon the big women are whimpering piles of pain like all the others.

“She told me that there would be no boxing gloves with you, and neither of you would be allowed to hit with your fists, but I don’t think that will matter. She can do so many other things. If she can destroy Amazons twice her size in a few minutes, imagine what she’s going to do to you in an hour.”

Mel finally spoke.

“You’re right, Wendy,” he said. “Those videos are frightening. I would like to bow out, but something is holding me back. I feel like I want to do this to prove to myself how much you mean to me. When it’s over, I’ll know I went through hell for the woman I love. Let me think about it a few days.”

“You silly doofus,” she said. “I know what that means. But you’re not going to agree until I have a few more chats with Angela.”


Three days later, when he told her he decided to do it, she didn’t register any surprise.

“Well, I’ve tried to protect you as much as I could,” she said. “I negotiated with her some more, and she’s agreed that your genitals are off limits. She’s not allowed to touch them, but she said that if you even slightly touched her pussy, that would void her agreement. You need to be very careful, because I have a feeling she’ll try to trick you into touching it.”

“Don’t worry,” he said.

“Here’s what we agreed on. No punching, no breaking bones, no dislocations or slamming heads. A couple of her opponents had concussions. No biting, nothing in the eyes or ears. No twisting fingers or toes.

“She wanted no touching of her breasts, but when I said if she wanted that, then she couldn’t touch your ass, she backed off. So you can pull or twist or hit her breasts as long as you don’t bite. Watch your ass, though. I can tell that’s where she’s focused.

“I had to agree that you’d both be naked, and her friends would get to video the whole thing with professional equipment. The only people there will be you, me, her and three of her friends.

“The videos can only be watched by the people who are at the match. If she shows them to anyone else, you can take her for a lot of money and property. All the papers will be signed before the fight, and you’ll video your agreement that they will only go into effect once there is an hour of video of the two of you fighting. I will make copies of all the videos on my laptop before we leave. I think that’s about it.”

Mel was listening intently, but when Wendy finished, he didn’t say anything. He sat staring into space. Wendy tried to catch his eye, but she couldn’t. Finally, he got up and went to the living room and turned on the TV. He didn’t say much to her that night or the next two days.


Wendy found out on a Monday a few weeks later that the event was going to be that Saturday morning at Mel and Angela’s old house.

“My friends told me she’s been training hard for the match,” she told him, “but she wouldn’t tell them what she plans to do. They all feel sorry for you and will be secretly rooting for you.

“They did find out that she’s cleared everything out of the basement and laid down some thick rubber padding. She got chairs down there and lights. Betturkey Giriş We’re supposed to get there at nine a.m. to sign papers, and the fight will begin around eleven.

“I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I haven’t seen you do any preparation. Do you want to talk about strategy or anything?”

He felt her crying as she embraced him.

“I think I’ve avoided thinking about the whole thing,” he said. “It’s so degrading, and it might destroy any sympathy I’ve ever had for her. It’s sad that even her friends aren’t on her side.”


Saturday morning, the basement was like a hothouse from all the lights, and everyone was perspiring profusely. There was a metal tub full of ice and water bottles, and they were being emptied quickly.

At a table in a corner, there were three chairs. Angela, Wendy, and Mel sat down. Angela was soft spoken and all business as she went through each agreement line by line before they all signed. By the time they made the video where each of them affirmed that the agreements would become valid the minute the fight was over, nearly two sweaty hours had passed.

When they stood up, all of them were gleaming. They looked at each other silently for a minute. Mel and Wendy were ill at ease. Angela looked excited.

“Let’s get ready to rumble,” said Angela, leading the way to the center of the room. “You are the referee Wendy, and you’ll sit right there at the edge of the mats. I trust you to be fair and enforce the rules we agreed to.

“Remember, if Mel so much as brushes his fingers between my legs in the front, I can do anything I want to his cock and balls. On the other hand, my ass is open territory — and so is his.

“The cameras on the stands will film us from every angle, and the girls will walk around us filming close-ups, but they aren’t allowed to interfere in any way — no matter what happens. As soon as both of us have all of our clothes off and you ring the bell, you press this button Wendy, and the big digital clock on the wall starts counting down one hour.

“It will be easy for us to see how much time is left, but Wendy will also yell out the time left every five minutes. The clock will never stop, and neither will we — unless there’s blood or someone is completely unconscious. Punchy or nauseous doesn’t count.

“Do you have any questions before we start, Mel?”

“No,” he said quietly.

Angela’s clothes were off in a flash, and she stood with her hands on her hips watching as Mel slowly took off his sweats.

“You stand over there,” she said, “and I’ll stand facing you over here, and when the bell rings, we’ll start like wrestlers. Unless you’d rather start a different way.”

“No, that’s fine.”

He watched her bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. He thought she looked great, in better shape than when they were married.

“Are you both ready?” Wendy called out.

“Yes!” Angela yelled.

“Yes,” Mel muttered.

The bell rang, and before it stopped vibrating, Angela was flying at him. He put up his arms but not fast enough. She delivered a stinging slap to his face. Before he could grab her and push her away, she did the same to one of his buttocks.

Almost as fast as he pushed her back, she was on top of him again. All she did was slap him with open hands. Often she missed, but she connected enough that his face and his butt were soon bright red and he was grimacing from the pain each time she landed a blow.

“Come on,” she screamed at him. “Fight back!”

But all he did was try to protect himself and push her away. That seemed to make her angrier, and her attacks became faster and fiercer.

“Fifty-five minutes,” yelled Wendy. “What are you doing, Mel? Don’t just stand there!”

Angela stopped and stood facing him.

“Yes, you bastard,” she said. “Listen to your wife! She wants you to defend yourself. I know what you’re doing, but it won’t work. You’re trying to show that you’re better than me. But I don’t care. I’m still going to destroy you.

“Wendy, you come here. I won’t touch you. You can help him. Do whatever you want to me. I won’t touch you while I work on him. Maybe you can help him a little.”


It was the first thing Mel had said since the bell rang, and it was a loud yell that startled Angela and everyone else.

“Wendy, don’t you dare get up!”

Wendy stayed in her chair, and after a moment, Angela walked over to one of her friends, stood in front of her camera and spoke directly to it.

“Mel’s trying to show that he would never hurt me,” she said, “but he already hurt me more than I can ever hurt him. He destroyed our marriage and seduced my best friend away and stole her from me. He looks so innocent, but he is an evil bastard who deserves much more than what I’m going to do to him now.”

She turned back to Mel and ran at him. He put his hands in front of himself again, but she found a way around them and rained hard slaps on his face and his butt until Betturkey Güncel Giriş she was out of breath. As she stepped away, he was staggering.

“Fifty minutes,” yelled Wendy. “Please, Mel. I can’t watch this.”

“You haven’t seen anything, Wendy,” said Angela. All right, Dee Dee, get the oil.”

“What are you doing?” Wendy shouted. “This wasn’t in the agreement. I’m going to stop this right now.”

“No you’re not,” said Angela. “There’s nothing in the agreement that says no oil. That’s it, Dee Dee, just pour the entire bucket onto the mat. Sit down, Wendy.”

Wendy quietly went back to her seat and looked at the clock.

The oil soon covered most of the floor. Mel stood and stared at it until Angela yelled, “Get ready, Mel. You’re going down.”

She began running at him and slid down hard on the oil. When she got up she, shook herself like a dog, sending drops of oil in every direction, and she laughed. Mel had moved carefully away from her across the room.

She walked toward him, and he tried to keep moving to the side to escape. Suddenly, she launched herself into the air at him with hands flailing.

She got a couple of slaps in on his butt and thigh, but Mel dodged her and she landed behind him. As he twisted, he slipped and fell down on his back.

Even before he hit the mat, Angela was flying at him again. She moved so fast that her friends had to jump out of the way and slid down themselves. This time she landed hard on his stomach.

“Whoosh!” was the first sound out of Mel since he had spoken. It was made by all the air forced out of him as his belly collapsed.

She got up immediately, crouched down with her feet on either side of his stomach and jumped up as high as she could, lifting her feet into the air. The impact she made as she landed on his belly again was harder thans before.

She did this five times. By the time she stopped, everyone could tell Mel was helpless and only half-conscious. She sat on his stomach facing him and laughed.

“How are you feeling now, Mel?” she asked

She began slapping his face again with all her might and didn’t stop until she couldn’t raise her arms from exhaustion.

“Let’s rest, Mel,” she said, panting. “I think you’re finished on this side, but you’re not well done on the other side yet, and you haven’t been stuffed.”

There were some gasps from her friends circling around them.

Angela looked at them and laughed.

“Are you worried this is going to get messy? I already took care of that. Mel is as clean as a whistle inside. So am I. So are all of you”

There was a murmur as they wondered what she was talking about. She laughed again.

“I filled all the water bottles. That’s why everyone’s been visiting the bathroom all morning. We’re all empty and clean inside. There won’t be anything unpleasant in the video.

“Forty-five minutes,” said Wendy. “Please don’t do this, Angela. Aren’t you satisfied yet?”

Angela didn’t answer. Instead, she pushed and pulled at Mel’s lifeless body until she was able to turn him over. She sat on his back now facing his legs and began flailing away with her hands on his butt. Again she didn’t stop until her arms were tired.

She leaned over and whispered breathlessly into Mel’s right ear.

“Roll over on your back now, and I’ll stop spanking and slapping you. Are you listening? Roll over, Rover, or else I’m going to have to wail on your ass some more.”

Mel was still having trouble breathing, but he slowly rolled onto his back and put his hands over his face.

“That a boy,” said Angela. “Look at your poor thing. It’s so small and sad, but Angela knows how to raise it, doesn’t she?”

She leaned over and sucked him in.

“You can’t do that,” yelled Wendy.”

Angela let him fall out of her mouth and lifted her head.

“Oh yes I can. I promised I wouldn’t hurt his cock or balls, but I didn’t promise not to pleasure them.”

She began sucking again and fondling his balls at the same time. He groaned and tried to roll away from her, but her head followed him. Once he was hard, she let him out of her mouth, put her right hand in a puddle of oil, grabbed him and began pumping him.

After a while he began shaking and thrusting at her hand. She kept going for a while and then let him go. He groaned. As she watched him and waited for him to become soft, she turned and addressed Wendy.

“Have you tried this with him? You bring him to the edge with your mouth or your hand and then stop just before he can come. When we were newlyweds, we played this game until he screamed from frustration.”

The others watched her in fascination. When she brought him to the edge the fourth time, he was jerking wildly and his moans were so anguished they were painful to hear.

“Now for the prostate,” said Angela as she stuck a finger into Mel’s ass. A few seconds later, he erupted like a geyser.”

“See, Wendy. That’s why he liked our game. Has he ever come that hard for you? I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as he used to, because everyone is watching his humiliation. He’s doing it for you. He’s such a noble bastard.”

“Thirty minutes.”

Wendy’s voice sounded like she was being strangled. Her shoulders shook as she broke down. Through her sobs, she managed to shout once more.

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