Thirsty for Mrs. Sanders

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My friend is talking to me. I hear her droning on about something I don’t care about, some shit about a PTA meeting. I nod my head occasionally, pretending to listen to her irrelevant rant… but my attention is devoted to something else.

His supple young body hypnotizes me. The sun beats down on him as he leans over my son’s car engine. My son knows nothing about cars, never sparked an interest. Luckily his friend does.

Dammit, this woman is still talking. Must keep up the act. I can’t let her know I only invited her over so I can watch her beautiful 19 year old son tweak that sad little vehicle in my driveway.

He comes out from under the hood, and wipes the sweat from his head. His damp brown hair intrigues me. I wonder what it would be like to tug it. He looks over toward me with those stunning green eyes. I should offer him a drink… no. No, let him sweat. His fingers curl under the bottom of his soaked shirt and he lifts it over his head, throwing it to the ground. My breath hitches, as I notice the smoothness of his chest, barely sporting any hair at all.

“Deana, are you listening to me?”

Shit. “Uh, yeah yeah. What would you like me to bring?”

“Bring the plates, I’ll take care of the napkins and such.”

“Sounds good. Say, uh, can I offer you something to drink, Sharon?”

“Sure, vodka on the rocks would be great.”

“No problem.”

She turns her head towards the boys and shouts in a VERY annoying voice, “Allen, Roy, do you want something to drink?!” They nod vigorously. “Alright, Allen go help Mrs. Sanders, she’s only got two hands!!”

The dripping wet little devil shuffles toward me and I crack a half smile. “Thank you, Allen. Follow me.” My voice is sultry, alluring.

“Yes, ma’am.” Oh my, so polite. Such a good boy…

I gently strut in front of him as we make our way to the kitchen. I can feel his eyes on me. I turn görükle escort to look at him, and I see his eyes quickly dart from my ass to the wall next to him. Cheeky little bastard… I turn back around and smile.

When we get to the kitchen I make sure we are out of sight from nasally little Sharon. He leans onto my counter, staring at me. His chest heaving. He is so thirsty. I take a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and crack it open. I offer it to him, his mouth hangs open a bit, awaiting the relief. Quickly, I snatch it back and take a nice, long swig. His eyes shoot open, and he lets out a bit of a whimper. “Please, Mrs. Sanders…”

I smile, holding the ice cold water in my mouth. I crook my finger at him. He swallows and shakes his head. Disobedient. We can’t have that.

Instantly I make my way over to him and pin him to the counter, his mouth barely an inch from mine. He breathes harder now, his skin is so warm against my blouse. He looks at my mouth, knowing I have what he wants, and his tongue falls from his lips. He leans in and I grasp his face, tilting him back onto the counter. I hold him in place, putting my index finger in his soft, young mouth, prying it open. I let the water drip from my mouth to his, and he swallows vigorously.

“More?” I whisper.

“Please…” he barely squeaks. I can feel his cock getting hard against my leg. I am winning this game.

I retrieve the water bottle, and pour some lightly between his lips, some of it falling out of his mouth and dripping down his neck. I bring my mouth to his collarbone and slowly lick up his salty, tender flesh. When I reach his mouth, his cock is so hard I can tell he is in pain. His eyes are squeezed shut.

“Look at me,” I command. His eyes shoot open and they are glazed over. “Do you want me, Allen?”

He nods nervously.

“Touch me.” I back up a little, giving bursa escort bayan him a better view of my now swollen, heavy breasts, basically straining against my blouse. He lifts his shaky, innocent hand and places a single finger on my lips, rubbing back and forth. I part them and he slips his finger inside. He looks deep into my eyes as I suck on it. He puts his other hand on my breast and his legs almost give out from the sensation. Poor thing…

I walk over and place my hand on the small of his back, embracing him, bringing him closer to me. He takes his finger out of my mouth, and puts it inside his. His eyes roll to the back of his head as he tastes me.

“Oh, you naughty little thing,” I growl, “do I taste good?”

“Amazing.” His body is shaking. His cock is stabbing my inner thigh.

“Let’s see how you taste.” I claim his mouth, our tongues battling each other. Small, delicate moans escape his mouth, making me melt. My hands travel down his chest and into the front of his tight, strained jeans. I kiss down his neck, past the small patch of chest hair sprinkled on his beautiful chest. I run my tongue down his stomach as I undo his belt and pull down his zipper. I reach in, and without much effort his impressive cock springs free. He lets out a sigh of relief. I take his cock in my hand, and expertly start to jerk it up and down, tugging gently. His legs buck and contract, his hands grasping the counter to keep from falling.

“Watch me, Allen.”

His eyes bow to me, his chest rising and falling intensely. My eyes burn into him as I take him into my mouth. His cock instantly stiffens even further between my lips and he lets out a deep, guttural moan. I bob my head up and down his remarkable length. He places his hand on the back of my head and pushes me further down on him. Oh yes, there’s the bad boy I knew was in there.

He groans in pleasure bursa escort as he hears me begin to lightly gag and choke on his cock, my eyes watering. “Oh, fuck, Mrs. Sanders.” He tugs my hair back and forth, using me to pleasure him. “I’m going to cum!”

I pull my mouth off him, and pull my blouse open. My breasts become exposed, my nipples standing at complete attention. “Cum on them, Allen.”

He grasps his cock and starts to jerk himself over my eager body. He lets out a long, deep, beautiful moan as he drains his hot, sticky cum all over my large, freckled breasts.

I start to stand up, but he stops me. He leans down and takes me by surprise as he licks his cum off my breasts, cleaning them off. Incredible.

“Mmm, such a good boy.” I grasp the hair on the back of his head and pull, forcing him to look up at me. I press his mouth to mine again, tasting the sweet cum on his lips. His hand travels down my stomach, and then my thigh. He slips his antsy little fingers up my skirt and gasps as he realizes I am not wearing underwear, and how dripping wet I am. He slips two fingers inside me, leaving out his thumb to circle my clit. He isn’t slow, he fingers me furiously. I lean back and sit on my bottom, spreading my legs for him. He sits on his knees and repositions his hand, so his palm is rubbing my very swollen, eager clit. I can feel his fingers curve upward inside me. He leans down and takes my hard, pained nipple into his mouth. My legs start to shake with pleasure. “Shit… Allen, fuck!” I cum hard around his hand, my pussy pulsating forcefully. I start to moan loudly, but then he pulls his fingers from my pussy, shoving them in my mouth, muffling me. “Mmm,” I suck them dry as he watches, drooling.

We both lean back and stare at each other, breathing heavily. “We should get back, Mrs. Sanders.” He’s right.

We gather ourselves, I assemble the drinks, and we head outside. Allen goes back to my son’s vehicle, handing him a bottle of water. I sit down with Sharon again, sipping my gin and tonic. Allen turns and glances at me. He still has a raging hard on. He knows I can see it, and smiles. I wink at him and take another sip of my drink.

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