The Year of the Cat Ch. 15

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100% Fiction. All sexualized character as adults.

Matt’s eyes opened upon his final day at home. Tomorrow morning, at this time, a plane would bearing him away to Japan for three months.

He turned his head to look down at Janice, who was still asleep in his arms. A peaceful smile graced her countenance amid her slumber. Matt gently moved a blonde curl aside to look upon her beautiful face.

“God, you’re gorgeous!” he marveled, silently. “It’s going to hurt to say ‘goodbye’ to you, baby …” Matt sighed. “Finally… I finally get to experience the bliss that I’ve been seeking my whole life… only for it to be whisked away after a brief taste… maybe forever.”

Janice stirred in her sleep. She murmured a response to someone in her dream.

An alarm from Janice’s bedside table clock startled the two from slumber and reverie.

“Shuuuussssh!” Janice moaned, slapping her alarm clock into silence. “Oh baby, I don’t wanna!”

Matt wrapped his arms tightly around her. “Staaaay!” he whispered, like a ghostly conscience.

Janice giggled. “Mmm! Don’t tempt me!”

Janice looked up into Matt’s smiling face. The two kissed tenderly. “Hey, Morning Breath!” Janice giggled.

“Hey, Froze Toes!” Matt chuckled in response.

“Are they cold?!” Janice laughed, wriggling under the bedsheet to tickle Matt’s legs with her chilled feet. “Warm ’em up for me! Here, let me put ’em against your toasty balls!”

“Oh god! Don’t you dare!” Matt squirmed away, laughing.

The two emerged from bed. Matt had had these last two days off from work to pack his bags and finalize any last minute tasks before leaving the country, so he was able to casually prepared a pot of coffee and go about gathering supplies to whip up a quick breakfast for Janice before she left for her own job.

Janice showered and dressed in the meantime. Applying make up in the mirror, she couldn’t help smiling at her reflection. She could feel a wellspring of energy bubbling within her. “I haven’t felt this good in SO long!” she mused to herself. “Enjoy it, girl!” she breathed deeply. “…because tomorrow…”

Janice gripped her makeup brush tightly. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Don’t go there today…” she spoke out loud to herself. “Just… hold on a little longer.”

Janice emerged from her room, dressed and ready, to find a delicious plate of eggs, toast and bacon laid upon the table, waiting fo be enjoyed.

“Bon appetite!” said Matt, setting down two glasses of orange juice.

“Oh my god, baby!” Janice gasped. “You make me feel like a Queen!”

“Well…” Matt hesitated to continue. “I… I’m not gonna get to do this for-“

“Hey!” Janice interjected, interrupting Matt. “…sorry- I- I don’t want to think about that today.”

Matt sighed in relief. “Good. Neither do I!”

The two enjoyed their breakfast, albeit a bit hurriedly in Janice’s case.

After her plate was cleared, Matt cleaned the dishes while Janice brushed her teeth.

She kissed Matt, long and deeply before exiting the apartment. “See you this evening, lover!”

“Mmmm! Have a great day, beautiful!”


On her arrival to work, Janice sang to herself as she flitted about her cubicle, preparing her daily workload to accomplish.

Nothing interrupted Janice’s good mood that day. Her senses seemed sharper than normal, allowing her a keen focus level. Her Outbox was soon stuffed with completed reports. When Janice’s paycheck was delivered to her desk, she was delighted to find a generous year-end bonus included. As if that wasn’t enough, at lunch, they were serving her favorite entree.

Janice’s face bore an involuntary smile as she strode towards her seated friend, tray in hand.

“Well, lookit you!” Kendra cooed as Janice plopped down on her chair across from her. “I bet we could turn off the lights in here and you’d be glowing!”

“Pretty much!” Janice giggled.

“Mmm!” Kendra grinned. “So… I see you got through the hard part, huh?”

Janice leaned forward with a smile. “All night long!”

Kendra squealed with excitement. “You go, girl!” She stopped suddenly, concerned. “Ooo… anything new with ‘you know who’?”

“Yeah… I told him I wanted a break… and he basically told me to go to hell, so…”

“So, all’s fair to get yo freak on!” Kendra raised her glass to toast with Janice.

The two toasted, giggling. “Speaking of taking breaks…” said Janice. “you should take a break from your house work tonight and come over.”

“One last go, eh?” Kendra pondered. “I like that idea. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it.”

“Nice! That way, we could all go together to the airport… in the… morni-” Janice spoke, feeling her heart hollow once again as the words left her mouth. Her eyes lowered to the table, distracted.

Kendra picked up on her friend’s distress immediately. She reached over and took Janice’s hand. “I got you, boo.” Kendra said, looking at her sympathetically. Ataşehir Yabancı Escort

Janice blinked the moisture away from her eyes. “Thank you.”


Matt spent the day anxiously going over mental checklists of items he might need for his trip. His brain was swirling in a mix of excitement to experience new horizons and sorrow at the thought of leaving Janice alone. Focusing on the immediate task of packing proved to be difficult. At long last, however, as the sun was casting evening hues across the sky, Matt’s suitcases stood neatly by the bedroom doorway, packed and ready.

Just then, Matt heard the front door open. “Guess who’s here?!?” Janice’s voice announce.

Peeking his head out of his doorway, Matt saw Kendra following Janice into the dining room.

“Heeey, Kendra!” Matt exclaimed. She grinned, gleefully. Her bosom bounced in intentional bombast as she jogged towards him. They met in the center of living room. Kendra’s breasts crashed into Matt’s chest as they embraced.

“Hey, Sexy Man!” Kendra cooed, giving Matt a tender kiss.

Janice leaned in for her own greeting kiss. “Hey, baby.” she breathed, pressing her lips to his. “Have a productive day?”

“Yep! I’m all ready for-” Matt stopped his sentence, watching Janice’s eyebrows twitch. “I’m… ready for a great evening with you two!”

Janice’s features seemed to soften as a smile spread across her lips. “Me too!!” she giggled, happily. “Let’s party!”

“C’mon, girl!” said Kendra, grabbing Janice’s arm, dragging her towards her bedroom. “We need to go get changed.”

“Hold on a second!” Janice said, giving Matt a glinting smile. “Baby? How would you like to pick out something for us to wear tonight?”

Matt fidgeted with his long sleeves, anxious. “S-sure!”


The three stood, looking down into Janice’s open dresser drawer full of her comfy clothes.

Kendra was laughing at what Matt’s shaking finger was pointing towards. “I knew it! I knew you were gonna pick out something like that! You lil’ perv, you!” she cackled.

Matt blushed through his grin.

“J-Cup?!” exclaimed Kendra, holding up the chosen garment. “Why have you held on to these for so long?! Girl, you know you’re never fitting in them again!”

Janice smiled, turning pink. “It’s a side effect of being raised up without a lot of money… you don’t wanna throw away anything, you know?”

“Word.” Kendra sighed. “Well… you’re gonna help get this thing on me and YOU…” Kendra motioned to Matt. “Go on and git! We’ll see you in a minute.”

Matt quickly exited Janice’s room, closing the door behind him. Procuring glasses and bottles, Matt mixed three cocktails. As he poured the liquid from the shaker, he could hear both of the girls in Janice’s room laughing loudly.

“Drinks are up!” Matt called out.

“We’ll be out in a second!” he heard Kendra’s voice response behind the closed door.

Matt fidgeted aimlessly about the kitchen, anxiously awaiting the sound of the doorknob.

“Oh, Maaaatty~~!” came Janice’s sing song lilt as the two finally entered the room a few minutes later. The two ladies were in a giggling fit, each wearing a long robe.

“Wait ’til you see this!” Kendra laughed, untying the knot at her front. “I can’t believe we did it!”

“Wait!” Janice exclaimed through her laughter. “On ‘three’… Ready?”

Kendra nodded, smiling wide.

Matt gripped his seat back in anticipation. His eyes wide with boyish expectation.

“one… Two… THREE!!”

The women’s robes fell away and Matt beheld the miracles beneath. Two multicolored string bikinis, against all odds, were desperately clinging to the women’s bodies. The two swimsuit tops’ intended use looked as though they might have comfortably contained a C cup sized pair of breasts, at most. The struggle that the poor garments endured against the women’s surging breast masses was valiant, but seemed doomed by every movement they performed. Their bikini tops’ meager coverage ability rendered them more like patches rather than actual, wearable swimsuits. The bottoms they wore were minuscule elastic strips tied with dangling strings at the hips. Billowing swaths of soft breast skin pressed against the shoestring thin straps, creating huge, luscious bisecting bulges of soft skin from the sides and bottoms. The triangles of the bikinis themselves only barely covered the women’s areolas, whose thick, erect nipples presented themselves, eagerly within. The surging cleavage created by constricting strings burst forward in bulbous wonder.

The girls bounced and jiggled, laughing with each other over their obscene appearance. Their gigantic, rolling breast mass surged ridiculously in all directions with their playful pokes at each other.

“What do you think, Perv Griffin?” Kendra smiled at Matt’s stunned grin.

“Fuck yeah!” Matt breathed. To him, their appearance now seemed sexier than if they were completely nude.

“Mmm!” Ataşehir Yeni Escort Janice exclaimed, eyeing the bulge forming in Matt’s shorts. “Looks like Mr. Perfect approves too!” With a seductive smile, she brought her upper arms together, creating a twin ballooning of gorgeous, supple skin. Bringing her forearms beneath her bust, she then lifted her enormous tits up, crowding her chin in soft breast flesh. Janice’s beautiful nipples slid out of her meager top and presented themselves before Matt’s eager eyes. He stepped forward, licking his lips.

“Easy, tiger!” Kendra chuckled, reaching for her glass. “The night is young. Let’s drink!”

The three chose their cocktail and raised their glasses to salute the evening.

Matt’s boner was flexing involuntarily against his pant leg, breathlessly watching four gorgeous breasts and their constant struggle to remain contained.

“Here’s to that big ol’ dick!” Kendra exclaimed to Matt, laughing. “Godzilla better watch his ass with you over there!”

Matt and Janice laughed before clinking their glasses together and drinking. Kendra sidled close to Matt, rubbing her soft ass the protruding bulge in his shorts.

“I was going to order some food for us…” said Janice, stepping closer to Matt. Her eyes were fixed on Matt’s dick being teased by Kendra’s hand. “… but, all I wanna do is get you naked!”

“Well then!” Kendra chuckled “…shall we?” Janice and Kendra gave each other a silent nod and gently took Matt by the hands, leading him towards Janice’s bedroom with a smile.

The women walked Matt to the middle of the bedroom and quietly began undressing him.

“Lay down right here… on your back, baby.” Janice cooed in Matt’s ear once he clothes were laying in a pile on the floor.

Matt chuckled, slightly cautious, as he took a prone position on Janice’s bed. “Uhhh… are you two gon-“

“Quiet!” Kendra said in a surprisingly stern tone. “Raise your arms over your head.”

Matt blinked in slight shock, instinctively following her instructions with haste. Kendra climbed on top of Matt, straddling his chest.

It was only then that Matt noticed the silk strap of her robe still draped from her fingers.

He watched her lean forward and begin tying a loose knot around his wrist, securing it to Janice’s brass bedpost. Her colossal brown jugs dangled inches from Matt’s eager lips. The meager cradling that her micro bikini top provided only managed to emphasize the cascading bulges pouring forth.

“What’s your safe word?” Kendra asked, as she continued to tie Matt’s other wrist to the opposite bedpost.

“Uhh… I haven’t ever needed one!” Matt said, nervously.

“I know!…” exclaimed Janice, holding Matt’s ankle and wrapping her robe strap around the corner post. “How about ‘Sassafras’?”

Kendra scrunched her nose. “Naw. No good. Sound too much like ‘Slap my ass’… It’s gotta be something that isn’t gonna be accidentally said while you’re in the middle of sex’.”

“How about ‘Pickle Juice’?” Matt offered.

“Eww. Gross…” said Kendra, climbing down from the bed. “Perfect!”

Matt’s eyes were wide, darting back and forth to Janice and Kendra as they approached him quietly from either side of the bed.

“There!” Kendra giggled to Janice. “He ain’t goin’ nowhere now!”

Janice laughed in comic malevolence. “Oh boy! No, he sure isn’t!” She bent forward and flicked Matt’s nipple lightly with her tongue. “Don’t worry, baby.” she cooed to Matt. “Your job will find someone else… eventually. I promise, I’ll take excellent care of you!”

Matt gave her a comic nervous chuckle, half hoping she wasn’t joking.

Janice moved forward and brought her massive breasts to his head, dragging their weight up his chest to his neck and chin. She leaned closer, allowing her giant tits to balloon over his entire face.

“Mmmph!” Matt whimpered joyfully beneath the heavy softness.

Kendra was also bent forward, teasing Matt’s hopping cock with her full lips, placing light kisses on his frenulum.

Janice guided her leg over Matt’s torso, straddling his chest. Her extraordinarily huge tits projected out over his head. Her under boobs being gorgeously pressed out of the bottom of her brave bikini. Suddenly, Matt saw two dark skinned hands come forward and began massaging Janice’s sumptuous breasts. He watched, drooling, as Kendra’s delicate fingers dipped beneath the shoestring straps of Janice’s bikini top and slide down, outstretching under the cloth triangles. Janice moaned feeling her breasts being sensually fondled out of her tiny swim wear.

Matt could feel Janice inching forward on her knees towards his chin. He was ecstatically helpless as he watched her g-string bikini bottom covered pussy raised over his face. The tiny strip of elastic cloth barely covering Janice’s vagina drooped low when her fingers tugged the knot loose on her hip, allowing the bottom to peel away, revealing her sopping wet pussy in full, nude Ataşehir Masaj Salonu splendor before Matt’s eyes.

He raised his head, extending his tongue and dragged it up her pink opening. Janice gasped aloud, losing the ability to balance above Matt and collapsed upon his open mouth.

Their lips met. “Oh my god!!” Janice cried. She began quivering when she felt Matt’s tongue manipulating her clitoris.

Kendra stood to her feet behind Janice. She bent over and gently lifted Janice’s giant left tit with both hands. Perching her chin on Janice’s shoulder, Kendra could easily suck her pink nipple from behind Janice’s back.

Janice sought out Kendra’s lips to kiss while Matt continued to suck her clitoris below.

He twirled her sensitive nub with his tongue while gravity and suction pulled. She responded by screaming in joyous rapture to the incredible orgasm that boomed through her, barely able to keep herself upright.

“OH FUCK!” Janice breathed deeply. She was teetering from the force of her climax.

“Come here, honey.” Kendra said guiding Janice back towards Matt’s glistening cock. “I wanna watch his big fat dick slide into your pretty pussy!”

“Ooo! Yes! Give it to me!” Janice exclaimed, hovering her open twat over Matt’s engorged phallus. “I love this dick so fucking much!”

Kendra lifted Matt’s penis by the shaft and guided his mushroom head between Janice’s spread labia.

All three moaned simultaneously in pleasure as Matt’s thick penis pushed it’s way into the midst of Janice’s pink tightness. Kendra couldn’t take her eyes off of Matt’s veined shaft slowly disappearing into Janice’s vagina, inch by swollen inch.

Janice was stunned to a stillness, leaned backwards, supporting herself with her arms, when Matt started pumping his dick back and forth into her wet twat at quickening pace.

“Oh… my… fff-” she managed to squeak, feeling his long strokes fill her vagina.

Kendra was lost in a trance as her friends fucked right before her eyes. She found herself leaning forward and running her tongue up Matt’s shaft as he slammed it into Janice’s quivering snatch. It was unavoidable that her tongue made contact with Janice’s clitoris. Janice moaned loudly when Kendra began fully concentrating her tongue’s efforts directly onto Janice’s clit.

“Oh! Ooooh!” Janice screamed, feeling the exquisiteness of her g-spot being polished by Matt’s immense girth and her clitoris being stimulated by Kendra’s tongue for the very first time. “Oh god, Kendra! Oh fuck!! OH!! OOOH!!”

Matt felt Janice’s pussy constrict around his cock as she flailed amid her body’s euphoric inner explosions. Every time Janice thought her orgasm was subsiding a new wave would barrel into her senses. “Oh… sssshit! Yes, keep licking my pussy! Oh fuck! It’s so good!”

Kendra continued to swirl her tongue around Janice’s clit while Matt’s thick cock slid against her bottom lip.

The sensation was overwhelming for Matt as well. After several minutes, he uttered his telltale grunt and Kendra felt his balls tighten. She took the initiative and quickly pulled Matt’s rigid cock out of Janice’s pussy and let it issue forth warm cum in thick spurts all over Janice’s outer labia.

Janice lost the use of her limbs when she felt Kendra begin lapping Matt’s cum off of her wet vagina in eager abandon.

“K-Kendra! Oh… Oh jesus!!” Janice exclaimed, feeling her friend’s utter mastery of sensual manipulation.

Matt craned his head to watch Kendra make out with Janice’s pussy from his captive position. Her technique seemed to be working, for Janice was obviously beside herself in sexual ecstasy, flailing and moaning loudly. The sight was so intoxicating that before long he was having to look past his erect dick to see the steaming hot action between the two women.

A screaming orgasm once again rang out, echoing off of the bedroom walls. Once Kendra felt satisfied with her oral presentation, she raised herself up giving Matt a seductive smile. She reached forward, untying the loose knots at his wrist.

“Switch with me, Sexy Man. I want that big fat fucking cock splitting me open!”

Matt loosened the knots at his feet and moved aside, letting Kendra lay down on her back. He then knelt between her legs while Janice buried her face in Kendra’s enormous breasts. The tiny bikini had long since abandoned it’s post. Janice yanked Kendra’s elastic swim top off at the same time Matt was pulling her string tied bottoms free.

“Fuck yes!” hissed Kendra. “Goddam! I missed this big motherfucker!”

Matt pressed his thumb down on the top of his shaft to guide his swollen mushroom head to Kendra’s bright pinkness. She moaned in utter joy when Matt thrust his hips forward, pushing his rigid cock deep into her warm chasm.

When Matt’s steady tempo began, rolling waves of brown breasts meat rollicked back and forth against Janice’s attempt to suck Kendra’s nipples.

It didn’t take long until Kendra was screaming through an intense orgasm.

Kendra switched positions, getting on all fours upon the bed. Matt brought himself upright, kneading the sumptuous roundness of her shaking ass cheeks. Janice squirmed her way between Kendra’s upright supporting arms, placing her head beneath her friend’s dangling, brown juggernauts.

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