I called Tina and asked if she could get away for a night sometime this week.

There was silence from the other end of the phone line as she pondered. “I think I could make Friday night,” she said, “I must be back home by Saturday lunchtime though, what do you have in mind?”

“That’s perfect Tina,” I said, “I just want you to myself for a night of love, I thought we could go to a hotel somewhere, not too far away, we don’t want to drive far.”

So it was sorted, I booked a hotel only thirty minutes drive away, and early Friday evening we signed in at the reception. We hadn’t taken much gear with us, A change of clothes, and underwear each and our toothbrushes and that was about it.

We went up to our room and as soon as the door closed behind us, I pulled her into me, I crushed her to my chest and told her how much I had missed her.

“Me too,” she whispered.

I told her I had booked a table in the restaurant for eight o’clock, so we had two hours to ourselves till then. Tina had her arms round my neck, leaning back slightly as she looked at me and with her lower body pressed into my groin.

“What shall we do with those two hours?” she enquired amidst a giggle.

“Well,” I said, “I am sure the hotel will have a selection of board games we can hire, we can easily pass two hours playing that, OR, we can watch Gardeners World, on the TV, OR…” and I kissed her neck and squeezed her breast, “We can make wild passionate love, which would you prefer?”

“Go on then,” Tina laughed playfully, “lets make love, then I can get a good nights sleep later, when you are too tired to do it again.”

“No chance of that my darling, you will get no sleep tonight, I have not lashed out on this sumptuous hotel room for you to go to sleep,” and we laughed again. I put my lips to hers, and our tongues flicked together, open mouthed we kissed again, this time our tongues clinging together.

Slowly between kisses we undressed each other, Tina’s top, my shirt, her jeans, my jeans, her bra… Tina’s gorgeous breasts came tumbling out, I caught my breath, I marvelled wondrously at them, so round and soft and so perfect for the rest of her body, I bent my head and kissed each nipple, and licked around each one, we fell backwards onto the bed, with me on top, and for some minutes we kissed and caressed each others bodies.

After satisfying myself with her eyes and nose and cheeks and lips, I kissed the top of her chest, I moved my hand to the sides of her breasts, and just stroked her there, I kissed underneath her breasts and the top of her stomach. We still wore our pants, I turned her over so that she lay on her stomach, I knelt either side of her body and massaged her shoulders, then down to her bum cheeks, round, fleshy and soft.

I kissed her buttocks, and pulled the rear strip of her thong out of the crack of her perfect arse, I allowed my gaze to drift downwards as I pulled the strap until I could see the lovely peach shape of her beautiful pussy, so smooth and succulent, I eased her thong off.

Tina lay with her arms in front of her and with her head resting on them. I pushed her legs apart and ran my fingers along her pussy slit, pushing my fingers into her already wet hole,

I asked Tina to raise her bum up, as she did so I took my boxers off and held my now hard erect cock in readiness, her pussy was in direct line with my cock, and I guided it to her entrance, pushing forward as I did so, my cock slid into her tight cunt.

Tina pushed back on all fours, she squealed and moaned as my shaft filled her sex.

“Oh yes, push it in harder she called to me, I began to fuck her with long slow strokes, gradually increasing my pace, faster and harder, I banged against her bum cheeks, reaching under her body to feel her nipples and squeeze her tits, then I held her hips and pulled and pushed her soft body harder and faster into mine.

Tina whimpered then shouted loudly, the bed shook and the room seemed to rattle, she cried out and raised and shook her body aggressively, I hung on to her knowing she had cum, I felt round her pussy and the cum dripped from her.

Resuming my thrusts, my thick cock stretched her hole, more thrusts and my eyes screwed up, my face tingled and my motion froze for a second before I ejaculated my entire balls full of cum deep into her welcoming pussy.

Tina fell forward onto her face and I lay on top of her, resting on her spongy buttocks, it felt so comfortable, we didn’t speak for ages, then I whispered in her ear, “Shall we Maltepe Escort play that board game?”

It was time we got down to the restaurant for dinner, we showered together then dressed and went downstairs, the dining room was quite full but our table was ready for us and we settled down to enjoy our meal.

It was a good atmosphere in the restaurant and we chatted to the waiter, he told us that later that night a singer would be performing in the lounge, I asked who and he said it was Donny Gaul, the Irish folk singer, we laughed out loud at his name, knowing full well that it was just for his act.

“Shall we go and listen,” I asked Tina.

“I would like to,” she said, “we will be in the bar anyway so we may as well listen to him.

So after finishing our meal and thanking the waiter, we made our way to the lounge. Irish folk singing would not generally be the choice of either of us, but this guy was good and he really entertained the big crowd there to see him.

At eleven o’clock he finished his act and said his goodbyes to the audience, coming off stage he had to pass our table, so I called to him, “Hey man you were great.”

He stopped and said, “Well thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it.”

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied and sat down with us.

I told him I was Mark and introduced him to Tina, he took her hand and looked at her appreciatively. I called the waiter over and ordered more drinks and we began chatting to Donny, he told us he was staying at the hotel and would be appearing again the next night, we asked if he was in any hurry to go anywhere and he said he wasn’t, and would probably just go to bed.

One drink led to another, and another, and I noticed that Tina had changed her drink again to Vodka and orange. I knew from experience that she always became randy and sex obsessed when she drank that, and I wondered if she had designs on some fun with Donny. We were getting on well together and the lounge began to empty as it got late and guests went off to their beds. Tina nudged my leg and flashed her eyes at me, letting me know she was interested in prolonging our friendship with Donny

“It looks like they are closing up,” I said, “Come up to our room Donny, we can have another drink up there.”

Donny looked quizzically at us. Tina excused herself and went off to the loo, and while she was gone, I asked Donny a question.

“Do you fancy some fun and games tonight Donny?”

” What do you mean by fun and games,” he asked, half knowing what I meant, but wanting confirmation.

Well Tina has an eye for you and we like variety in our sex lives.”

His face brightened up, “lead the way,” he said enthusiastically.

Tina returned and on the way upstairs, she held my hand and smiled, while giving me a knowing look, she knew what I had in mind and was giving me her approval.

“Which room are you in?” asked Donny, “I just have to pop along to my room, I will be back in 5 minutes.”

“OK,” I said, telling him our room number, and he dashed off along one of the other corridors.

Tina looked a little concerned, “He hasn’t run off has he,” she asked.

“I think he will be back alright, he wanted something from his room,” I reassured her.

Once in the room Tina went straight to the bathroom, I sat and waited for Donny. True to his word he was back in the five minutes, he had a bag with him and he dropped it just inside the door.

“Are you OK with this?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah, I’m all ready for action,” he said with a big grin.

“Fine,” I said, “Lets see what happens when Tina comes back.

A few minutes passed by, then Tina emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a big fluffy bath towel, Donny stared, and I grinned my approval. I met her in the middle of the room, gave her a kiss you and said with imitation pomp, “Good evening Miss Tina, may I present our guest for the night, Mr Donny Gaul.”

She replied in equally haughty tones, “Pleased to meet you Mr Gaul, would you like to fuck me?”

There was nothing self deprecating in Donny’s reply, I have just the weapon to make you very happy,” and he promptly unzipped his jeans and lobbed his cock out for Tina’s eyes to feast on. Donny was very well equipped, long and thick and very much to her liking,

“That will make your eyes water Tina,” I said.

“My eyes are already watering,” she said, “but with lust,” and she closed her hand tightly round Donny’s cock, not being able to make her fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort meet.

I discarded my clothes and stood behind Tina, pressing my body into her back, I kissed her neck knowing it is one of her erogenous zones and reached round to remove her towel,

Donny’s eyes opened wide with admiration when he saw Tina naked, “COR!” he exclaimed, in a non too sophisticated way, I looked over her shoulder at him, “Come and get it Donny,” I invited him.

I thought he would rip all the buttons off his shirt, the way he tore it off, jeans, pants and socks followed in very quick time and for a second Tina feasted her eyes on his nude form.

His cock was certainly something to be proud off, and Tina, having been fed on big, and very big penis’s, was most impressed. Donny stepped forward, and while my two hands enclosed her naked breasts, and my own hard long cock pressed into the crack of her bum, he dropped to his knees and kissed her pussy lips. He licked up and down each smooth lip and used his fingers to part them and insert his tongue into her slick vagina.

I jerked my hips forward causing her to push her pussy flat against his face. Slowly I eased her down onto the carpet, and she lay on her back, Donny hardly noticed, without missing a single lick, he resumed his new position, on his knees, his face between Tina’s legs and his tongue inches inside her love hole, I knelt by her side and sucked the nipples standing long and erect at the summit of her tits.

Donny gorged himself on Tina’s cunt, I could hear him sucking and slurping as he drew her juices from inside her. With me stimulating her nipples and squeezing her tits, and Donny biting and licking her clit, her body was ready to explode.

Donny suddenly stopped and stood up. “Right,” he said “Time for something else,” and he bent down and picked Tina bodily up from the floor, carried her to the bed and dropped her full length on it. “Stay there,” he rapped, and he went to the other side of the room to pick up his bag, he opened it up and pulled out ropes with shackles on the ends.

He threw two of the ropes to me and said, “Tie one to her wrists and one to her ankles.” I did as he said and he did the same to the other side. Tina smiled and said nothing, considering it to be part of the game. When we were finished Donny stood on one side and me on the other, Tina was staked out on the bed, her arms above her head, tied to the bed posts and her legs spreadeagled out and tied to the bottom bed posts.

She was completely helpless and totally at our mercy to do whatever we liked with her body. I looked at Donny and asked, “Do you always carry this stuff around with you?”

” It comes in handy sometimes,” he said, and he brushed his fingers lightly over Tina’s pussy lips, “Come on,” he urged, jolting me out of my reverie, “have your fill of her.

I don’t have to tie Tina up to get my fill of her, but nevertheless, resumed my play with her nipples, I kept my eye on Donny, and he was tickling and teasing her, making her body tremble and shake, he concentrated mainly on her lower stomach, inner thighs and defenceless pussy. I kissed her and she kissed me back, seemingly enjoying what was happening to her body. When I looked up again Donny was about to insert two fingers inside her and he pushed in and out of her sex quite aggressively, he had a sort of leer on his face and I thought to myself he was more than just turned on.

He increased his fingers in Tina to three and was unconcerned that he was hurting her.

She strained at the bonds holding her but there was no escape, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and licked them, I could see they were swimming with her juices, he climbed up onto the bed, knelt between her legs, and placed his long thick cock at her pussy entrance.

He looked at Tina, “Are you ready for this?” he asked, “You won’t have been fucked like this many times before.”

Tina tried to smile as he pushed his cock inside her, she had no control at all, she could only lie with her legs wide apart and feel him sliding into her. His big penis stretched Tina’s pussy lips wide, she had no need to grip his cock, as it went in it clung to her tight hole.

Tina yelled and shouted at the discomfort his cock was causing her, until his balls were banging against her arse.

Donny fucked Tina good, his young rock hard prick cannoned in and out of her soft yielding pussy, I watched his arse bouncing up and down, while his full length filled her love hole, İstanbul Escort It was some exhibition, I watched Tina’s reaction, her face taught and lined, her eyes screwed up and her mouth opened to release her tensions.

Donny came in a torrent, his buttocks tightened and his whole body stiffened, he fired into her rapidly, emptying his balls of his cum, fluids from them both spread over her belly.

I stroked Tina’s perspiration covered face, and she opened her eyes. Donny got off her body.

“Oh WOW,” he exclaimed, “That was some shag, your turn Mark, get in there while its still hot.”

“What I have just seen happen is enough for now,” I said, I didn’t think Tina was ready for any more just yet.

“Alright, on to phase two then, Undo those ropes.”

He seemed to have assumed charge and doing all the ordering, but I did what he told me, Tina sighed with relief to have the ropes off, but she smiled and said she was enjoying what was happening.

Then Donny said, “OK Tina babe, turn over onto your stomach.”

Tina flipped herself over and supported her chin on her hand, I sat on top of the bed my legs apart in front of her head, and with my cock touching her lips, she opened her mouth and I slipped it in, Donny meanwhile had gone back to his bag, and this time he came back with a short whip.

“What’s that for?” I asked him, now a little alarmed.

“This is for Tina’s plump arse cheeks,” he announced cheerfully, “she will love this.”

I had administered a few hard smacks to Tina’s bottom once or twice during our more aggressive sex sessions, but I thought she would jump off the bed to protect her tender bum skin when she saw the whip, but instead her face broke out in smiles and she completely ignored my cock dangling in front of her face, instead she raised her bum up a short way and waited for the first slap, “Go on Donny, show me what you can do with that thing.”

“Owowowowo,” she yelled as it landed, I jumped down and ran round to the bottom of the bed to look at her rear. A red mark was already showing from the first hit, then the second one landed, “Aaaaaaa,” she again shouted, but got further up on to her knees and bent fully forward so that her cheeks were taught and inviting.

Three times in quick succession, the whip smacked her soft skin, and each time she cried out in pain, but called for more.

“Three more should do it,” claimed Donny, and this time he lashed her arse even harder,

“Aaaaahhhhhh owowowow,” she cried in anguish and pounded the bed with her fists, but as I watched I saw her cum squirting out of her pussy.

“There she blows,” shouted Donny excitedly, “It never fails. Get on the bed Mark and fuck her pussy, I’m having her arsehole”.

Tina was writhing about the bed in both pain and passion, her arse cheeks throbbed with pain but her pussy tingled with stimulated nerve ends, She desperately wanted to feel a cock inside her and practically pulled me on to the bed, she sat astride me and wriggled herself onto my stiff cock, until all of it was inside her, I pulled her forward so that her face was touching mine, and her pained rear facing Donny.

Donny drove his cock into her bum hole, not gently but forcefully, she screamed out as his cock travelled swiftly along her anal canal, I even felt his cock pass mine, separated only by a thin membrane of flesh, Tina gripped my shoulders hard for support, I raised my hips as high as I could to push far into her pussy, but it was from her bum hole that all the feeling was coming to her, I heard Donny grunting and groaning and I saw he was working hard, none of us could last, Tina had been cumming almost non stop for the last fifteen minutes, and now both Donny and I, within seconds of each other poured out our hot sticky cum, mine into her pussy hole and his into her arsehole.

Tina fell full length onto my body in a faint, I soothed and comforted her as best as I could. Donny pulled his cock from her hole and stood by the bedside.

” Well folks,” he said, “I sure did enjoy that, thanks for inviting me, If you are here tomorrow night, come down and see the show. If not here’s my card and if you see me appearing anywhere come and say hello, I will always find time for you two, especially you Tina, and he leaned down and kissed her cheek, gathered up his things, called and waved his goodbyes, and left our room.

We stayed huddled together for several minutes, not saying much, but both of us reliving the amazing sex we had been involved in, Tina much more than me, she whispered to me that it had been fantastic, but her arse was sore.

I roused myself, “Come on darling, I’ll take you into the shower.”

Ten minutes later we emerged feeling a little more refreshed but desperately tired, we climbed into bed and in each others arms, we slept.

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