Continuing to watch herself in third person, Casi’s TV persona carefully scrunched up the stocking, she then lifted her right leg to slip the silk over her foot. Resting her foot on the bed she pulled on the stocking, keeping it taut as she drew it up her calf and over her knee. As she got to the larger area of her thigh, she ran her hands around and under to make sure that the seam was perfectly straight. Then putting her leg back to the floor, she fastened the front suspender clip, adjusting it to the correct length. Then twisting, clipped the rear suspender in place; her pendulous boobs receiving the close-up attention of the cameraman.

Casi had to agree with herself, that the impact was pretty good and she also had to admit that she looked pretty good too. Her slender, long legs looked toned and tanned, probably from her hours spent in the garden. Her thin waste had a slight hint of a four pack, as she breathed in. Her boobs she had always been proud of, large enough to create a stir when she was wearing revealing clothing, firm enough to go unsupported when she felt like it. But the one thing she had never seen from this angle before, was her pussy.

As the Casi on screen scrunched up the other stocking and then raised her left leg to put it on, Casi surprised herself by saying out loud, “Oh my God!” Then quickly covered her mouth with her hands. Both her eyes, and the camera lens had spotted a new target of interest and zooming in refocused their attention. Clearly and in HD close up, Casi saw her vulva for the first time.

Of course, there had been fumbling moments in her adolescence when she had investigated herself, but that had been many years ago, and although she knew what she felt like, seeing herself from this angle was a new experience; despite Alex’s penchant for making these erotic videos, or home porn as he called it. She paused the video and studied the almost completely hair free area that was her pussy. Aside from what her husband crudely called her ‘landing strip’ across her pubic bone, Casi preferred to shave the rest of her pubic area, believing it to be more hygienic and more pleasant to the touch. Alex seemed to agree with her too.

Looking closely at her labia however, was where the surprised outburst had arisen. She was shocked at how much her inner labia lips seem to be exposed from the outer. They looked engorged, red and with quite some evidence of wetness. Was she turned on by this dressing routine? Casi remembered the occasion as a romantic meal for Alex’s birthday, that she had set up, seven months ago, but could not remember whether she was turned on at that early stage of the evening?

The Casi on screen had finished with the other stocking and removed the swollen labia from view by putting on the small pair of complimentary, lacey panties. Turning to her bra, Casi put that across her shoulders, and leaning forwards, loaded both boobs into it, clipping it between them. This bra showed her two assets to perfection. Slipping on her knee-length dress she moved out of shot to obviously prepare hair and makeup. The video ended.

“Wow,” Casi said to the empty room, “I’ve married a voyeur and I didn’t know it, you dirty man! I shall have to pay you back for this!” However, looking down at herself, it was evident to Casi that the video had done its intended job. During the film, she had unconsciously slipped down the sofa, her bum was almost at the edge of the cushion. Her legs were apart slightly and she had already undone a few of the buttons on her dress, which had fallen either side of her tanned legs to reveal her small white thong. This small triangular piece of material barely covered her small patch of pubic hair; but that was just as it was intended to do. Casi couldn’t help but put a hand to her pubic area and instantly felt that her small panties were soaked. Oh yes, the film had done its job.

“You naughty boy, you are hard already!” Casi’s attention was Ataşehir Escort drawn back to her voice on the TV as the new DVD started playing. She watched as the Casi on TV knelt between Alex’s open legs, his tight boxers leaving nothing to her imagination. The Casi on screen, slipped her fingers into the waist band of his underpants, drawing them slowly down, relishing the moment before his cock came into sight, seeming to postpone the moment for as long as she could. “Is the camera filming?” She looked up at Alex.

“It is,” he said with a croak in his voice already, as suddenly his cocked sprang out from its cotton trap and slapped against his flat stomach.

“Ah there he is,” purred Casi, as her darkly painted red nailed fingers grasped the base with one hand and the head with the other. “Now then, what does daddy want me to do with you?” she said addressing Alex’s cock rather than him. “It would seem that he wants to film me playing with you and making you explode with all that delicious come!”

Casi lent forwards and put her brightly coloured lipstick covered lips around the slightly expose glans, then drawing back the skin between finger and thumb, she followed with her lips, sucking his hardness into her mouth. Her hair, which had been tied back to prevent intrusion, fell onto his thigh as she knelt up a little to engulf the mass of his cock to its base. Alex was always impressed when Casi deep-throated him, not just because of the achievement of getting his massive cock passed the gag reflex, but also when deep within her, she could somehow contract her throat sending rhythmic pulses along his shaft.

As Casi watched herself performing on the TV, she allowed her fingers to brush aside the wet material of her panties and to gently encircle the nub of her clitoris with her finger-tips. She watched the video intently as her lips withdrew from Alex’s huge shaft, leaving a trail of wetness along its length and a string of saliva which remained connected between his glans and her lips for as long as it could as she pulled away from it.

The magnificence of Alex’s cock would, she felt, always hold her captive. That something could at one point be soft, pliable and small in comparison and at the other turn into this raging beast of throbbing hard flesh, that demanded her absolute attention; as if Pan were blowing his pipes and she must follow his every movement; was intriguing to her. The glans on his penis were her favourite part. Highly glossed, plum-like in their construction, so, so smooth to the touch; indeed, a marvel of Mother Nature.

As Casi watched her lips slide back over the erection on the screen, two of her fingers slid along the very wet valley of her vagina and into her tight hole. Her attention not wavering from the screen as her other self, started the process of sucking and wanking the hard erection before her. She watched as occasionally the cock was accepted into her throat and then she would run her hands along his thighs and up over his hard stomach to the large pectoral muscles where she would play with his nipples as he fucked her mouth. She witnessed the hard sucking and knew she would be making her throat contract on every inward stroke. The watching Casi’s fingers mirrored each movement of Alex’s cock into her mouth with a deep thrust of her own fingers, the slurping of her wetness loud in the silence of the room.

It was evident that Alex was heating up fast. His breathing was already ragged and his stomach muscles contracted. As she watched Casi knew the signs, and also knew that his cock would right now be getting even harder in the throat of her counterpart. His penis would always start to pulse quicker as he tried desperately to hold onto his orgasm and prolong the pleasure.

Casi’s fingers were doing something similar to her too. The slurping sound her lubrication was making drove her on to greater heights, it was such a turn on that she got Acıbadem Escort this wet. She inserted a third finger for good measure and every now and then pulled them right out to run back over her expectantly waiting clit. Before she rammed them home again, her copious juices dribbled down between her cheeks as she ran her fourth finger probingly passed her anal sphincter and in to her anus.

“Umm,” she murmured to the room. “Look what that naughty man has done to me. Oooohhhhh, ummm, ohhh FUCK!” Her finger pulled out of her arse and now all four entered her vagina thrusting up to the knuckles. She drove her fingers in deep against her protesting vaginal walls as she felt every contraction of the sheath of her vagina. “Oh FUCK, OOOHHH FUCK!” She shouted as her orgasm hit her. Casi clamped her legs together hard and rode the orgasm to the end. “Oh, oh, OH THAT’S GOOD! YES, oh yeah I need that!” Her legs trembled in spasm before her as her fingers continued their delving searching for and finding her ‘G spot’. “Uh huh, uuuh huhh, ohhhwww, yess, oh yes.”

Casi looked over at the large patio doors, the curtain less glass showed nothing but the darkness outside and acted like a mirror throwing back the reflection of her with legs spread and one hand slipping in and out of her fanny. The other had worked its way into the top of her dress and was fondling one of her breasts. Suddenly she blushed. What if there was someone standing outside looking in at her right now? What if that someone had seen her whole masturbation routine?

Instead of causing a reaction of utter embarrassment however, the thought of an imaginary or maybe real voyeur looking at her right now only heightened her current sexual state. Casi smiled and opened her legs further so that her voyeur could see more. Of course, it also allowed for her own visual pleasure. She was getting turned on again! It was evident that the previous orgasm had not fully satisfied her, but then that was often the case with masturbation.

The Casi on the screen had undone several of the buttons on her summer dress one handed, revealing her tremendous cleavage in the process. As she was doing this, her other hand was occupied slowly running up and down Alex’s huge shaft. With each reveal of his glans, she would lean forward and blow upon it, then before her upward stroke began, she would plant a kiss upon it. Alex had calmed down a bit as his breathing was a little less laboured, but it was evident that he eagerly awaited the next part of Casi’s sexual attention.

A dribble of pre-come ran down his shaft but didn’t make it too far before being lapped up by Casi’s tongue as she looked up at him smiling. “So, is my baby ready to give me what I want then?” Casi’s TV persona asked. “I think he is, isn’t he?” She leant forward and sucked the head into her mouth instantly bringing Alex to the point where he could not hold on, then she teasingly pulled off him again. “Ummm,” she said, “yes I can see my little Hercules is ready, but he is going to have to wait just a bit longer.”

Casi watched her image on the TV as she looked down at her chest and dribbled some saliva directly into her cleavage. Then kneeling up she pulled Alex’s shaft down towards her and pushed the head towards her lubricated breasts and into the valley between them pushing up towards him so that his cock was caught between her breasts and held there by her bra. Her TV persona then slowly drove it in deeper by raising herself up along his body, then pulling back down again; all the while, staring intently at him. “Is that nice?” She heard herself ask Alex, her smile one of wickedness.

“Uh huh,” was about all he could manage at this stage. Casi rocked back and forth giving Alex a ‘titty fuck’ all the while, planting kisses on his stomach and chest. Then she pulled back off him saying, “I think the girls want to say a proper hello.” She popped the front fastener to her bra and İstanbul Escort both breasts tumbled out. The nipples on them were at full erection and stood out like acorns.

Casi moaned as she watched herself raise again, grasping Alex’s cock and this time she pushed it up between her breasts from beneath, clasping them both around his shaft as she lowered herself onto him. Her fingers and thumbs grasped a nipple each and squeezed on them hard. As the tip of Alex’s cock broke free from the top of her cleavage, Casi lent forward and licked the top before sucking it into mouth and then pulling off again. After two such thrusts, Alex could no-longer stand it. “I can’t hold on any longer, I’m going to come!”

“Are you my dear?” The video Casi taunted, “Well this I need to see!” Pulling Alex’s cock from between her breasts, she slowly sucked the plum shaped glans into her mouth and pumped it up and down until she felt it stiffen further in her hand, then she drew down the foreskin fully exposing the glans of his penis.

Casi knew what happened next on the video, she already had four fingers inserted inside her vagina, and had released her breasts a while ago. Her free hand grasping hold of one of her rounded orbs and punishing the nipple. She groaned again as she looked back at the screen to watch her husband’s orgasm. In the video Casi was moving in for a further kiss when Alex erupted with an “Uuugghh.” Catching her out and making her jump a little with the unexpected force of the ejaculation, as it hit her just under the nose and exploded outwards across her face.

Rivulets of sticky, hot glutinous come dribbled into Casi’s mouth. She continued to wank Alex furiously with one hand, whilst the other cupped his balls. Her index finger slipping into his anal sphincter. As the second ejaculation fired off, it caught the screen Casi on the side of the cheek and neck, ricocheting into her hair then falling down across her back. The masturbating Casi, wiped her drenched fingers across the same places on her body and fed her fingers urgently into her mouth, tasting her juices as if they were his. She could almost feel the warm come run down her back and mingle with her bra and dress.

As Casi’s second orgasm approach she watched the video as her counterpart’s hands worked feverously, urging Alex on as she heard herself say, “Yes baby, give your come to mummy, give me it all, drown me in it. I love your come on my face and tits!” Casi could see that Alex was captivated by the view of her jiggling breasts. As she looked on another shot of his come hit her on the chin and fell immediately to her breasts the more fluid parts of his semen running down into her cleavage, whilst leaving a pendulous glob dangling from her chin.

Another shot of ejaculate hit her above her left eye, immediately dribbling down her face and making her close that eye just as another hit her in the cheek and ear. A further two shots with reduced volume and force fell across her breasts, the last merely dribbling down his shaft. Both were panting with the effort of that explosive orgasm, both were so completely turned on they were making quite the mess of themselves.

“Oh my God!” Casi feigned scolding him. “What a mess you have made, look at the state of me!” Alex’s come had pretty much covered Casi’s face, and tried valiantly to cover her breasts too. She wasted no time in scooping up the semen and feeding it hungrily into her mouth, until she was left with a few bits in her hair, down her back and across an eyebrow, “Well, I hope your camera caught all of that? I know I did.” She laughed at her own joke, before leaning in to suck his cock into her mouth again.

Casi had seen this video a number of times now, she knew that Alex came eight times, and unconsciously counted them as they burst from his cock. With each spurt, she rammed her fingers deeply into herself bringing on another orgasm by the time Alex got to his eighth shot. “Oh yes,” she whimpered, “Oh yes, oh I wish that come was all over me now!” She had by now fully smothered her exposed breasts with her own juices and continued to rub her hand across her face and neck as if emulating the Casi on TV. “Yes, I can almost taste him now.”

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