Paul had been impatiently waiting and fantasizing about tonight. He and Alison had met a week ago, hitting it off immediately. Their conversation had been so free flowing and exciting. They hadn’t broached the subject of sex yet but after two dates and a goodnight kiss that had left him speechless, he was definitely anticipating the experience.

Alison was busy getting ready for their date, picking out the clothes she knew would have the desired effect on Paul’s libido. She had been thinking about jumping his bones from the first date, but was playing it cautious to make sure he was actually somebody she wanted to have a relationship with. She had made her decision and was now putting her plan of seduction into action.

The door bell rang and interrupted her train of thought. Was it Paul already? Crap, she was fluctuating between throwing her dress on or putting on a robe to answer the door. She could already feel the lust building. The bell rang a second time. Throwing all pretense to the wind, she dashed from the bedroom to the front door, pulling it open, grabbing his arm, and pulling him into the room with a powerful tug. The door slammed shut seemingly of its own accord, her low backward kick was so well placed. She looked into his eyes and saw them change from stark surprise, to animal need.

He entwined his hand in the back of her hair and pulled her lips to his; not brutally but not gently either. Their lips parted and they felt the melding of their saliva into an erotica lubricant. Their tongues met Bostancı Escort and danced to the increasing beat of their hearts. She pulled at his belt and unbuckled it with deft ease, taking hold of the top of his pants. They moved together and were both breathing hard and fast. She managed to get his pants down and stuck her hand inside his underwear, putting her hand around his hardened shaft. It throbbed in her hand as more and more blood engorged it. He shivered and let out a guttural moan as the sensation of her hand around his cock lit every nerve fiber in his being.

He pulled her bra up over her breasts and pulled down her panties. Paul cupped each ample and well formed breast. With his thumbs he stroked her erect nipples, sending charges of electric fire down to her loins. She could feel the heat and pulsating tingle of her vagina as every nerve fiber became supercharged. One hand went to her mound and he stroked it with two fingers. She arched up into his hand and he felt his fingers slide over her wet lips. She made a low purring sound and began stroking his cock slowly.

They were both pulling at his clothes to get them off in the fastest way possible. He picked her up and she clamped her legs around him, pressing her quivering cunt against his pulsating penis. He walked her into the bedroom and sat at the end of it, laying back with her on top of him. Again they kissed; their tongues exploring the recesses beyond their lips. She dry humped him savagely, lubricating his member with Ümraniye Escort the juices of her enflamed pussy. She slid her mound down his leg as she lowered her body enough to suck on his nipples. He arched upward and tensed from the sensations. “Oh my god”, he exclaimed, “I’ve never had that before”.

“Have you been living in a convent?” she quipped, as she moved to the other nipple. They both chuckled, not losing any of their sexual fervor. Satisfied by another arch of his pelvis, she turned herself around, pointing her twat in his face and taking in a mouthful of his penis. He grabbed the sides of her hips and directed her wet cooter to his lips. He rubbed the outside of her vaginal area with his lips, using a light touch. He felt the shock waves go through her and vibrate her teeth, which were pressed lightly around his cock. After a few strokes, she stopped and brought her head up, watching the throbbing of his ample dick.

He was using his tongue to go up and down her slit while making circle motions with is oral love muscle. Her head rocked back and she thrust her steaming oyster into his face and began moving her pelvis in time with his tongues meanderings. The tension was rapidly growing within her, needing to be released. She moved faster against his face, getting him wet from forehead to chin. She was gratified to find that he could still breath and lick pussy at the same time; his tongue keeping perfect time and changing pressure; to match her rising tempest. Momentarily she stopped Anadolu Yakası Escort as the spring within tightened to its maximum, and then began bucking wildly as the coil released and she rode the waves of orgasm as they diminished to a floating sensation of contentment. She looked down at his still pumped piston. Alison moved around and pulled his penis into her freshly erupted volcano.

As he felt his cock slide between her pussy lips and embed itself deeply in her love canal, he bit his lip to keep from getting too aroused too quickly. She sat atop him motionless, letting him get used to being inside her. Seeing him settle in, she moved up and down slowly, gauging the level of his ardor. They both settled into a rhythm; moving up, down, then around and around in a synchronized motion. Both engines of lust were in perfect tune, with each other; rising higher and higher in pitch, springs tightening and trigger cocking.

They were riding the edge together. The muscles in the walls of her vagina were contracting with each stroke and she could feel every vein pulsing in his penis as it seemingly took on more blood, to magnify its already admirable size. He knew they were both about to reach the peak. He reached around and lubricated his middle finger with her juices, rubbing her clitoris which was extended and engorged. As the coil tightened and trigger hit maximum pull, he stuck his wet finger in her ass and was greeted with a savage scream of pleasure as she gushed forth in unison with the pumping release of his juices, to mingle with hers. After squeezing all the pleasure out of their orgasm they could, she lay on top of him. He put his arms around her, saying, “I don’t know what got into you today, but I really like it”.

She smiled and returned, “I’ve been reading all day”.

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