The car looked great. He had done his homework. He knew what he wanted. Now, he thought, if he could only concentrate on the car and less on the gorgeous woman selling it to him…

His mind couldn’t get his figures straight since he was staring at hers. From the moment he laid eyes on hers and she put her hand in his to greet him, “Hi, I’m Annette.” He knew he was in trouble. He was sure he couldn’t have done a good job keeping his eyes from moving over her as they talked. Those eyes! He couldn’t stop staring as she spoke. When he thought she wasn’t looking he stole glances at the lacey green edges of the bra she wore. Top button of her blouse was open the second, no matter how he willed it, just wouldn’t pop open for him. And oh did he ever want it to. He watched her closely now through the window as she got the keys for a test ride. The curve of her thigh under her skirt, how she leaned over to reach for some paper work made him wish he wasn’t getting just a side view.

He turned to casually lean on the car and felt himself press against the door. His khakis were loose fitting but a sudden panic filled his head as he realized that he hadn’t been paying attention and he was now very and completely erect. He didn’t think anyone had noticed yet but in his condition anyone who looked would see. No jacket, no papers to hold, nothing. He quickly did the only thing he could think of. He got in the car.

Safe, he thought from discovery he turned to look for her… She wasn’t where she had just been a moment ago… He looked again. “Ah, there you are, Jim” she said startling him from where she stood right outside the driver’s window. He didn’t know how long he lost track of her. Did she watch him walk quickly walk around the car and to in? Did she see how excited he was? Again his mind raced. He realized he hadn’t said anything and she was still outside the window.

“Ummm’ he stammered. “Nice seats” was all he could manage. And immediately he regretted it. He sounded like such an ass. She smiled at him. Looked at him and maybe a moment longer? He couldn’t tell. His perspective on time was off. Damn he couldn’t think straight. And now she was leaning toward him from outside the window. The aroma in the car now holding, lightly, the fragrance of her perfume.

There was no denying the stirring he felt in his crotch. He didn’t dare look down to see how obvious it was while she was looking at him. He hoped it wasn’t. Besides he wouldn’t have been able to turn away at all. The angle of her, how high his head was sitting in the drivers seat as she leaned. The thought ‘Oh my god’ filled his mind, he was starring now. Directly down the front of her white shirt, with the now completely exposed green bra. The fit of it still covered her nipples, but only barely. The angle and the view were too perfect!

He tried but he knew he failed to be discrete. There’s no way she couldn’t have noticed how he was looking at her. He turned his head to look at something, anything, on the passenger side. He was now acutely aware that his erection was only partially concealed. His leg where it was now, somewhat hid the length, but when he put his foot to the pedals it would be… There for anyone to see. He considered. ‘For her’, he thought, ‘to see.’ So much rushing through his mind, and now she was coming directly into him and his space. Her dark hair was smooth brushing along his cheek so much did he want to turn right to her. To bring his mouth to hers right then. His hands remained still with his vision of taking her in his arms and pulling, her to him, and kissing.

He had to think. He couldn’t think. Not yet he couldn’t think but he did manage to keep control of himself. “I’ll need this.” Her voice again took him back from those thoughts when she leaned into the car. Instead of coming to him as craved, her arm instead reached across for a tag hanging from the rear view mirror.

He did draw her into him though. Breathing her in, he enjoyed her aroma. His nostrils flared, slowly, and softly he hoped, quickly awoken again by her. This time his wits not completely failing him he leaned appropriately aside but only barely enough. His eyes were shut to take his most pleasure in that moment, then opened. He saw she had turned her head just enough to avoid his eyes as she took the tag and now moved away again. His smile was wide and palpable. He looked ay her. Her skin was smooth, silky, light he followed from her cheek, her hairline to the line of her jaw and down her neck as she reached. Now as she withdrew he looked again for her eyes. So intent on seeing them, he wanted badly to look at her. But again she didn’t turn those eyes to him.

His smile was still wide as he shifted himself back to his normal posture. Until, that is, he felt then instantly realized with another start, his pants relaxed to a more comfortable fold only now veiling his erection again. ‘She had seen him.’ The thought hit him and threatened again to unnerve him. His smile did shift, dropped only a bit, he considered the chances of her not noticing. ‘Hopefully’ he thought, probably İstanbul Escort a bit optimistically to avoid embarrassing himself and her.

Still he smelled her though. His lips were dry. His tongue wanted to lick them. He breathed. He moved to his best position he hoped and looked up to her again. She stood a half step from the door now handing him the keys.

Now he saw her eyes again he couldn’t help but smile anew, more so when he noticed that she also smiled back at him. He knew he couldn’t quite read that smile just then but he knew that at least something in it at least wasn’t explained by her enjoyment of the sale. She smiled and turned, just as he thought her saw her licking her own lips. ‘Did he see that?’ he thought. He knew though that it was just his own mind racing and his smile relaxed.

He tried to think about the car. He knew his budget and the payment he could afford. He reached the keys for the ignition and stopped, quickly became aware of himself again. As he put his foot on the pedal he felt and saw himself pressing from under his khakis. He turned his hip and tugged at his pants trying to conceal himself better when the door opened and she moved into the car next to him.

He had expected her to get in but still, how totally she occupied his attention and so suddenly caught him off guard again. He looked at her eyes, her hair partially hid what he now started to see, a certain extra enchantment in them. Something more in her smile he recognized. That thought thrilled him again. And again he felt an urge to forget himself, lean over and kiss her passionately. Taste those lips and pull her…

Tearing himself from the fantastic moment he suddenly understood he was holding the keys still motionless in front of the ignition. He didn’t fumble too much trying to now insert the key. He eventually succeeded and the engine came alive quickly. While he did predict his physical response to her he still hadn’t quite figured out how to handle it yet. He fastened the belt and put the car in gear. He heard the click of her belt and the calming of the engine then it started to roll. The idea of her thoughts matching his was an exhilarating rush he hadn’t expected. Again the thrill came Again the predictable reaction followed. He shifted in his seat again.

He pulled away from the lot, looked back and forth eyes concentrating on the moment, moving into traffic. He allowed himself an added and suddenly a bit amusing pleasure of the car’s acceleration. The powerful engine barely seemed to try as the car sped quickly away.

The escape of the moment was brief. He knew now without doubt his body had betrayed him. Not needing to look he felt himself fully erect. He looked over to her and noticed her looking out the window. Her hands holding some papers in a folder to her lap he couldn’t help but let his eyes move down her body. The shape of her breast, the fold of her shirt between… It was then he noticed. Her shirt, open one more button wholly held his gaze. He knew he was staring and pulled his attention back to the road. He wasn’t sure if noticed his leering her attention now seemed to be on her folder.

He was stopped at a set of lights where he had expected to continue down the street. But instead her heard her voice “Take a right?” she seemed to ask or offer. Not very familiar with the area about the lot he took her suggestion and made the turn, accelerating but not as rapidly down what he became to see as a quieter more rural road. A large yard and another surrounded larger houses and light wooded fields moved over his left shoulder.

He couldn’t help but look at her as she seemed intent on not turning to meet his eyes yet. He came to turn left or right and he had no idea which way to go. Just as he thought to interrupt the silence she said in a lower voice but with more conviction she said “Left”

He turned, more road fell behind them. Still he looked at her. His eyes were focused on the new view of her green bra. He saw now more of her shape, the curve of her. He knew know he was throbbing he wanted her so very badly. He noticed no houses or business on the road as he drove. As her drove and stared at her. He saw her hand on the folder and how her fingers clasped it. His eyes up to the road then back to her hands in her lap.

Finally she turned to him. Looking at him as suddenly as she did she saw him staring at her legs and she saw the look in his eyes as he did. He knew he had been caught but saw that her smile matched his. She looked at him.. Those eyes, burning, now, paired with his thrilled him so much. He could no longer resist and reached a hand to touch her. His fingers found themselves on her thigh just above her knee. He saw the tips of those fingers just barely above the line of her skirt. The thought of his fingers slipping under it, touching her as he brought his hand up her thigh added yet another glint in his eye as they continued to look at each other. His gaze shifted from the road to her as they continued down the quiet countryside road.

Her hands Kadıköy Escort moved to his. The fingers of her right hand rested atop his hand on her leg. Her other hand moved up his wrist, his forearm to his elbow. The tips slid momentarily under the sleeve of his shirt but out again to move up his shoulder. Touching his neck she saw his expression. He needed to glance at the road and he came to look at her again. His hunger for her was obvious. His eyes met hers, the road, then hers again. This time she noticed when he looked back to her his eyes clearly enjoyed the view of the undone button afforded him. He looked at her then with such a hunger and passion that she lost herself for a moment. Her own desire for him overwhelmed her. Without thinking her fingers closed on his hand and immediately slid them both under her skirt. Her fingers and his on her soft smooth inner thigh, they both reacted quickly. His low moan combined with her sudden gasp.

A fraction of a moment later she couldn’t believe what she’d just done. She hand his hand nearly all the way up her skirt. Her position in the passenger seat didn’t allow the skirt to rise up much so both their fingers even reaching as they both did, could only barely brush the silky, and now quite wet she knew, green panties.

She slid her fingers through the hair at the back of his head. Her gaze went once again now to the bulge in his pants. She stared now at him, at how completely hard he was and the idea of him rocketed through her. The pleasure of seeing how eager how very ready he was for her sent the wave through her. Her chest, her stomach and again she felt a rush of wetness. Seeing his hardness, she knew how wet she was and she couldn’t help but need that hardness and need it now.

She turned in her seat, shifting her legs her skirt slid up her thigh. She didn’t need to prompt him at all. His hand eagerly took the opportunity to press the rest of the way up her shirt. The tips of his fingers just so happened to find that perfect spot at his very first touch. Her moan of pleasure caught instantly in her throat when the tip of his finger pressed so perfectly on her swelling and sensitive clit at his very first touch. The little cry of ecstasy took even her by surprise. She felt the flood of moisture and could barely believe how close she felt she was to an orgasm already.

She looked up at the road for somewhere. So completely occupied with the moment she again looked at his erection pressing under his khaki pants. Her hand reached for him. Her fingers over the tip squeezed, maybe harder than she anticipated but what she felt excited her so much. The tip of his shaft and how her fingertips pressed under his ridge as she gripped him brought her even closer. She shifted again as she looked up again. Her hand wrapped around him and again she gripped him, felt him, felt how hard he was and she had to have him now.

His fingers pressed and slid up and down her hot and now very wet lips over her soaked panties. He had to try very hard now to keep at some of his attention on the road. He felt his fingertips getting moist. His efforts to drive were made a lot more difficult when she leaned over to put her hand on him as she did. His groan of pleasure as she felt his excitement was complete. He needed her now. He had to.

“Right here” she said, her voice quick and insistent, and turned her head to a spot on the left where the car could easily pull off of the road. He did. He had to pay a bit more attention as the car came to as stop aside a pair of large trees. As the car bounced slightly, their hands both still on each other they both looked again at each other. The look they shared then was one of such passion. It didn’t last long however as they both nearly lunged into each other.

They kissed deeply and with so very much enthusiasm. Pulling the other close they felt their bodies together. His hand under her skirt eagerly slid aside her panties. His fingers touched her lips and her wetness. One finger slipped into her almost effortlessly. Her hand on him now pulled at his shirt, fingers fumbling a moment then slipped the strap of his belt out, pulled and released the catch. His tongue slid into her mouth as his finger slid into her. Her lips wrapped around that tongue as her fingers opened the button of his pants. Hips turning, lifting, together they moved for each other, wanting each other to feel, to touch, to explore and have. Quickly his pants were unzipped and her hand pushed under the front of his shorts and grasped him. She felt right away he was smooth. Recently shaven her fingers took him out from those shorts.

She felt another of his fingers find its way into her and her moan was even greater when she looked at him. How magnificent his shaft was. The wet smear on his tip where his precum had been. Finally overtook her. The wave of pleasure at his touch, The feel of his smooth hard cock in her fingers and the burning desire brought her to the edge of orgasm. She turned herself a bit more, spread her legs wider for his amazing hand and gave herself Ataşehir Escort to that moment. Her continued moan of delight grew almost at once to a cry of ecstasy. With a final lifting of her hips and squeeze of him in her hand she came. She was amazed at how quickly she had gotten here but delighted in it. She cried out as she felt another wave overcome her. His fingers now deep inside her seemed somehow to know exactly what she felt. She felt herself grip his fingers as her thighs closed some. She so enjoyed how the tips of those fingers pressed up to her spot. They held still as her walls quivered and then flooded with her cum.

Softly pressing he felt her orgasm on his fingers and couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Her hand squeezed him hard he felt her grip tighten even more as she came. Her cry was so perfectly and utterly erotic. He knew if she hadn’t paused in her stroking as she threw her head back in her orgasm that he might have exploded right then. Instead he turned with her as she came. He felt her body move in her bliss and moved with her, finding himself leaning more toward her now. His hand felt her cum flowing over his fingers to his palm.

His mind reeled with pleasure. He couldn’t believe how much he loved the feel her walls on his fingers and the flow of her cum on his fingers. He looked at her while she came. Her eyes closed her head thrown back to the headrest her mouth open in her cries. He kept his fingers inside her still as her orgasm washed over her. Savoring the moment he delighted in seeing her body react. The slight strain in her neck and the soft smooth skin so invited him. He shifted closer as she just slowed her clenching and gripping around his dripping wet fingers. He brought his left hand across him now to open another button of her blouse the tips of his fingers moving to the stiff nipple still barely concealed by her bra. The tips slid above and below it. He closed them on it softly until she shifted herself again.

“Oohh God” she moaned as she moved. Her voice more a rush of breath. Her body moved swiftly. Sliding her hips away from him she turned and quickly had him in her mouth. So hungry for him she was that she took him deeply and slid her lips down near the base of his shaft. She felt him touching the back of her throat and relaxed enough to take the last inch.

Pausing with his shaft deep she heard him cry out in pleasure. His hips lifting just slightly then falling back to the seat. She let that last inch or so slide out as his hips fell back to the seat. Only a moment though was she still. Her tongue pressing to the side of his shaft she drew her head up. A swirl of her tongue, circling his tip once and quickly she pressed her lips down. Again she did the same, taking almost all of him she sucked a bit harder as she drew her head up. Again her tongue slid around him, this time flicking over his tip, tasting the drops that she drew from him when she sucked again.

As she began to taste him she again heard him moan loud. She felt his fingers in her hair sliding and gently pressing. The feel of them there thrilled her. Her lips tight slid quickly down his shaft. Up again her head rose and fell. Her lips around his hard and throbbing shaft. Tongue flicking she continued to bob up and down. His moans continued as the wet sound of slurping joined them. His fingertips gripped her hair a bit as he began to push her head onto him again.

He knew how close he was already. Now that she so eagerly and fervently sucked him he couldn’t deny he about to explode. He pressed her head onto him held her deep onto me as he felt himself fill. “Mmmmmmm God!” he moaned. He felt her lips slide up his length sucking hard as they did. When her lips stopped at the ridge along his tip, he felt her tongue press onto the head. Licking and sucking the tip, her tongue brought him over his edge.

The next moment for him was lost in an ecstatic haze of pleasure. He cried out as he felt the first burst explode from him. He couldn’t be sure if he heard her moan as well as he released that initial gush of cum into her mouth. Too caught up in that moment it was all he could do to not scream as another then another squirt of him filled her mouth.

Soon he became aware of her again. Aware of how she was indeed moaning and how her tongue licked him again. Fast and eager she moaned on him as sucked every drop from him. To him she seemed almost even more turned on she started to swirl her tongue over his tip again. Now he saw her tongue lick. He saw his cum drip from her lips onto him. Her tongue reaching for it as it ran over his tip and down his shaft. She turned her head to lick down the top of him after that line of cum.

Now a bit more in control of himself his hand reached again for her, down her back over the curve of her ass and the tips of his fingers caught the edge of her skirt. Fingers touching the back of her thigh he drew her skirt up her back. Is hand slipped under the back of her panties. He felt her shift herself as his hand moved over the curve of her, pushing those soaked panties lower over her hips. She moved up to her knees on the seat as she continued to lick him. Her ass up in the air now, he slid her panties down. She lifted one knee then the other as he removed them. All the while she kept her tongue on him, needing to get every last bit of him.

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