Author’s Note: Here’s a quickie for the Holidays. Merry Christmas!

Carol got up from the couch and slowly walked to the door of the tiny, one-room rental cabin and flicked off the light. The fireplace and three candles bounced soft light off the dark log walls. A tabletop Christmas tree shimmered, along with the wreaths hanging above the fire.

Her eyes adjusted and the young man on the couch came into focus. He was watching her, following her with his childlike eyes.

She remembered his words. He had described how he used to get home from high school and go into his bedroom. He would lock the door and pull off his pants. Lying on the bed, he would picture her in his mind standing in front of the class. Except it would be just him and her.

The boy explained how he would pull his cock from under his boxers and hold it as he imagined her beginning to undress. He was eighteen then and she was thirty.

Now, five years later, they were alone in a secluded cabin the week before Christmas. Dreams were about to come true.

Carol stood next to the queen size bed in the corner of the cabin. It was about the same distance she would have been from Jeff in her English class.

A brief flash of light followed a loud crack in the fireplace. Their eyes never left each other.

Carol grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up. She had to force herself to slow down in the excitement of the moment. As much as she wanted to feel the young man’s body next to hers, she also knew her “show” was an important part of her present to him.

The sweater was lifted higher and Carol’s blonde hair fell back into place. The teacher stood with her arms at her side. Then she dropped the sweater.

Jeff stared at the beautiful, full, firm breasts. Firelight glistened off Carol’s skin. The breasts seemed to move in the dancing shadows of the faint light.

But, Carol didn’t move. She anticipated the acting out of the man’s fantasy in complete detail. It was what he said he wanted.

He pulled down the zipper on his jeans and opened the button at the waist. Jeff’s hand moved to his lap and a few seconds later a hard, thick cock appeared. Then all but the tip disappeared inside his hand as he rested his head on the back of the couch.

Carol was relieved to see the rigidity of the cock. She wanted so badly to please him…to make it the way he had so honestly described the afternoons in his bedroom.

The teacher opened her own jeans and pushed them down. They fell off her slender hips and slid to her ankles, revealing a pair of black satin panties. She leaned over and stepped out of the jeans, making sure her breasts were well within his view.

Jeff stroked his cock in long, even movements. He watched his former teacher run her fingers over her nipples, then down her stomach and inside the front of her panties. He took his hand away Bayan Eskort from his cock to let her see it…and to keep from cumming.

Carol saw the erect cock in the dim light and moaned at the feel of her finger on her clit. Her cunt soaked the finger in juices when she inserted it a moment later.

Finally, she pulled off her panties and stood naked in front of the student. In all the days and nights he spent in his bedroom thinking about Carol, Jeff never imagined anything as nice as what stood across from him now. His dreams never included the holiday decorations and candles that filled his current surroundings.

Carol was an opened present he would never forget.

The woman turned and lowered herself onto the small bed. She rolled onto her side and pulled her knees up toward her chest, then straightened one of the legs back out.

Jeff stared at every inch of the body laid out before him; the curve of the ass, the way her breasts hung freely, her long legs. Without realizing it, his cock was back in his hand.

Carol tapped the bed beside her with her hand. The signal needed no interpretation.

In the time it took Jeff to rise from the couch and walk to her, Carol thought about his phone call to her…his invitation to meet…their dinner…their subsequent phone calls and meetings. It took one month for them to learn about each other. Really learn about each other.

Now they lay together on a bed in a cabin at Christmastime. Little presents sat in open boxes by the fireplace. A nearby wine bottle reflected light as it sat on a table.

Carol embraced her former student as their bodies stretched to full length. Legs intertwined as their kiss became more passionate. Jeff rolled on top of Carol and his hard cock could be felt by both of them as it pressed against their skin.

For a brief moment excitement overwhelmed the couple. They thrashed about on the bed, their mouths smothering each other with wild kisses and licks. Jeff thrust his cock onto Carol’s body, not caring what it hit.

Simultaneously, they relaxed to the point where they gained pleasure from each other’s touches. Jeff’s head moved towards the teacher’s breasts.

“Oh, yes, Jeff. Lick me, please. Lick my nipples,” Carol urged the young man.

His tongue touched her skin a few inches below the right nipple and slowly moved up. As soon as his tongue contacted her nipple, Jeff wrapped his lips around it.

The nipple was soft. He bit it lightly with his lips and heard Carol moan. Then he flicked his tongue over it and felt it grow.

Jeff’s mouth opened and took in as much of her breast as it could. He used his hand to push it up, then began an assault on the nipple. The more the woman squirmed and moaned, the more he sucked on the breast.

Soon, he was alternating from one breast to the other. Jeff’s cock rubbed against the inside Anadolu Yakası Escort of Carol’s thighs as he lay on top of her; the woman’s body demanding that it be allowed to release the pent up lust that had grown during the day.

“Now, Jeff. I want you to fuck me,” Carol whispered between moans.

All the days and nights and years of desire flashed in Jeff’s mind. He had told himself that, when the time came, he would take her slowly and lovingly. It was going to be difficult.

They kissed while Jeff positioned his throbbing cock between the teacher’s legs, which she eagerly opened. Moisture collected around the entrance to her pussy and was transferred to the tip of Jeff’s cock when it rested there.

Jeff fumbled for a second trying to place his cock where he wanted it.

“Let me,” Carol said in a reassuring tone.

Her hand quickly guided his cock to her pussy and she didn’t release it until she felt the tip enter her. Carol was so wet and Jeff was so hard that the length of his cock was in her almost before he knew what happened.

He took a moment to look down on the beautiful woman below him. Her breasts rose from her chest just the way he had pictured them when he was alone in his room after school. The teacher’s hair lay on the pillow like he imagined.

But there was no way he could have imagined how good it felt to have his cock deep inside her cunt.

Carol slowly wrapped her legs around the young man’s body, pulling him closer. Jeff touched the back of her thighs and pushed himself forward until he could go no further. Holding her by the legs, Jeff began making love to his teacher.

Carol was surprised…pleasantly…to feel Jeff leisurely sliding his cock in and out of her. He was gentle and loving. In her present state of arousal, she wouldn’t have complained if he fucked her. But, he didn’t. And she loved him for it.

She watched his eyes and his hair and, of course, his cock. He was a beautiful man, just as she had thought those days in her classroom when she imagined herself with the best looking of her students. Never did she dream she would be with one, in this wonderfully romantic setting.

Carol put her hands on Jeff’s ass and pulled him towards her, holding him in place. She felt his long, hard cock deep inside her as it pulsated. Jeff took the opportunity during the lull to find her breasts with his mouth. He licked and sucked on Carol’s nipples and the surrounding skin. Soon, they were thrashing their bodies against each other again.

“I want you to cum,” Jeff said softly. “I want to be in you when you cum.”

Carol nodded. She’d never talked much during sex and this setting, with the candles and decorations, didn’t call for it. She would just do what he asked.

But, she had a favorite position and wanted to be in it when she came. So she unwrapped her legs Pendik Escort from around Jeff and said, “Let me get on top, please.”

Jeff pulled out and Carol rolled on top of him. In a matter of seconds, she was guiding his rigid cock back inside her cunt.

Jeff now looked up at Carol, with her hair flowing down and her breasts keeping pace with their movements. Her small waist made Carol’s hips look even sexier from Jeff’s new angle. And her pussy…he couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy as it rode his cock up and down in the dim light. He could see her clit and feel the moisture coming from her cunt.

Carol put one hand on her clit and the other on a breast. As she kneaded the breast and squeezed her nipple, Carol rubbed her clit in short, quick strokes. Then, as her orgasm neared, she slowed to long swipes with her finger.

Jeff just watched.

“Yes. Yes. I’m gonna cum,” Carol said.

“C’mon, babe. I want to feel you cum.”

Carol moaned and grunted as she frantically rubbed her clit.

“Oh, yes,” she said loudly, followed by a long, continuous groan. The teacher’s body shook on top of Jeff’s cock. She leaned forward and pounded her pussy onto the man’s shaft, never removing her hand from her clit.

A second orgasm began when she held a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it tightly.

“Fuck me harder,” Carol urged Jeff, who was already lifting his ass off the bed each time he drilled his cock into her.

When the teacher’s orgasms began to fade, Jeff was nearing his limit on being able to withhold his own orgasm. Knowing that he had satisfied the woman riding his cock he was ready to cum.

His mind went back once again to his bedroom…and his dreams.

“I want to cum on your tits,” he said.

Carol looked at him with a knowing smile. “I would love that.”

She lifted herself off of him and put her hand around his wet cock. Carol leaned until the cock’s tip hit one of her nipples. She slowly moved her body so that both breasts made contact. Then she applied more pressure with her hand and forced the cock up against her chest.

With the palm of her hand, Carol pressed the cock flat against one breast, then the other, in a rolling motion. Jeff knew he wouldn’t last long.

Carol once again wrapped her fingers around the cock and pumped it furiously. Jeff’s eyes were tightly closed and his face contorted due to the oncoming orgasm.

He felt his balls start the flow of cum through his cock. After one last look at his teacher’s breasts, he threw his head back on the pillow and came.

A long stream of cum poured onto the top of Carol’s breast. She moved the cock and received the second shot on the opposite breast. After that, it was a matter of spreading Jeff’s cum with the shaft of the cock, using her palm to stroke him harder.

Carol’s hand slid easily up and down the shaft at the end of Jeff’s orgasm. Cum hung from her nipples and flowed into the gap between her breasts.

Lightly, she kissed the tip of the cock and licked it clean. A second later they were back in each other’s arms.

Carol whispered, “Ready for the next lesson?”

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