I first noticed you in the supermarket. You were bending over the vegetable display looking at some cucumbers. The shiny black material of your shorts stretched over the globes of your ass, and your breasts pushed against the white material of your blouse as you straightened up. You caught me staring at you and smiled to let me know it was alright. I blushed and smiled back, knowing in my mind that I had to have you.

I pushed the cart around the store but couldn’t concentrate on shopping. I could only think about the effect your ass and tits had on my cock. It was instant erection. I had to re-arrange my dick several times and still could not hide its hardness. I followed you around the store, filling my eyes with your beauty. Your breasts swelled up under your blouse as you reached for items on the shelves, your ass wiggling as you pushed the cart around the store.

I followed you to the checkout counter and stood behind you as you unloaded your cart. Your movements were magical, surreal and very sexual. I could no longer hide the swelling in my pants and your eyes wandered towards my hard cock and you smiled at me again. I watched you finish your checkout and leave the store. I was in a hurry to get myself checked out so I could see you one more time and I raced outside the store to look for you. I saw you bending over the trunk of your car, your ass once again the focal point of my stares. You looked up at me and smiled once more as you got into your car, motioning for me to follow.

We drove through town for a few miles and finally down a tree lined street. You pulled to the side of the road and leaned out of your window, asking me to park and ride with you. I entered your car, my cock a raging, Şişli escort bayan throbbing piece of flesh looking for release. You reached over and touched it through my pants saying “Be patient, your time will come”.

You pulled into a drive and opened the garage door, driving in and quickly shutting the door. I jumped out of the car and ran to your side so I could open the door for you, and watch you as your legs slide across the seat and out of the car. I helped you with the groceries, all the time staring at your tits and ass, lusting, wanting, and needing to be in you.

We entered the house and dumped the groceries on the kitchen floor. There was no disguising our sexual desire for each other. You walked towards me, fell to your knees and unzipped my pants, reaching for my hard cock. Holding it in your hands, you rubbed the head over your lips slowly, licking up all the pre-cum that you could. Then you gently licked the head with your tongue before you pulled its entire length into your mouth and down your throat, sucking eagerly and with passion. I thrust my hips towards your face to meet your movements and we played a symphony, a sweet duet of lust.

I was out of control with desire. I reached down and pulled you to your feet, my mouth touching your lips, our tongues dueling with desire. I tasted your sweetness mixed with mine and never wanted the kiss to end. I reached towards you and unbuttoned your blouse, letting it fall to the ground. Your lacy white bra was next, exposing your beautiful tits, the dark brown of your nipples reaching towards me with desire. I pinched the nipples between my fingers, rolling them into hard tips waiting to be sucked into my mouth.

I lowered Escort Sultangazi my lips to your tits, sucking on your nipples like they were tiny cocks, up and down, in and out. They grew even harder than before under my ministrations and your moans of pleasure let me know you wanted me also. I returned to your lips, your hard, hot nipples burning a hole into my hairy chest. Our tongues met once again, twisting, turning, licking and sucking. My hand dropped to the waist of your shorts and I released the button and zipper. I guided my hand to your lacy panties and slipped it under the elastic and onto your hot pussy. Your clit was on fire, hard and hot with desire. My fingers traced the outline of your swollen lips before plunging into the wetness of your pussy, exploring the velvet softness of your pussy. Your muscles tightened around my fingers as I moved them deeper and deeper inside of you, gripping them so hard that I moaned in pleasure.

I dropped to the floor, replacing my fingers with my tongue, eager to capture all your juices before they left your pussy. My tongue probed deeper, seeking to reach all of your insides, not missing a spot. I sucked your hard clit between my lips, gently, firmly then gently again. Your juices were pouring from your hot pussy and onto my chin, dripping onto my chest where it sparkled like jewels. I turned you around and leaned you over the counter, spreading your legs slightly so I could have access to your pussy with my tongue. I licked between your legs to your pussy and back again to your cute little ass, licking around the hole before thrusting my tongue inside of you.

I reached around you and rubbed your clit with my fingers, stroking the Taksim escort hard button in harmony with my tongue. Each probe of my tongue in your ass caused your body to move forward, each time my fingers find your clit your body moves back. We establish a rhythm between us, a dance of passion and heat. I rise from my knees and grab your tits from behind, teasing the soft globes and hard nipples between my fingers. Your hand reaches behind you and guides my hard dick in to your wet pussy, where your muscles immediately tighten around my throbbing flesh.

I thrust harder and harder, trying to extinguish the fire burning inside of you. I have found heaven inside your pussy and want to release my thick cum inside of you. But you have other ideas for me. You rub your pussy and wet your fingers with the juices. Reaching behind you, you rub the juices into your ass, then take my cock into your hand and withdraw it from your pussy. You rub the head of my rock hard cock around your ass, and with one thrust backwards, you force my dick into your ass. It is so different inside your ass. Your pussy is wet and smooth, like velvet. Your ass is very tight and hot, so hot my dick feels the burning.

As I thrust inside your ass, one hand finds your nipple and one hand your clit. I rub and stroke and thrust, three different and unique feelings cumming together as one. My cock explodes inside your ass, shooting thick, hot, creamy streams of cum deep inside your ass. As I continue to thrust in and out, my cum flows from inside your ass and runs down your legs. You catch my dripping cum in your fingers and rub it onto your clit and nipples. You turn and offer your cum covered nipples to me and I suck them deep into my mouth, licking them clean.

Then I move my lips to yours, my tongue meeting yours in a sensual dance of lust. We taste that which is us, together as one. Satisfied, exhausted, we sink to the floor in each others arms, knowing what we just experienced was heaven on earth.

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