The Storm

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11:39 pm, 22nd October 2003, it’s pouring down with rain, THUNDER can be heard, rain clattering against the windows, the wind howling through the trees in this ordinary looking neighbourhood in Poinciana Fl. This is one of the worst storms of the year. The street is dark and lifeless, cars are parked up the driveways, rain clattering against the metal, squirrels seeking cover under the many palm trees and bushes. All the lights are off, the street enveloped in darkness.

A FLASH of lightning lights up the street and shows two young women soaked to the bone running for shelter against the overwhelming downpour of lukewarm rain. The girl’s are called Katie and Sara. A young couple trapped by the confines of love and loyalty, slaves to their passion and tonight was no different.

Katie, 19 years old has long brown hair and a burning glare of intelligence and creativity that lies behind her mysterious grey eyes. Sara, 22 years old has blond hair down to her shoulders, her blue eyes full of love and emotion. Katie’s wearing a green dress laced in blue and gold which shimmers in the moonlight. Sara is wearing jeans and a white blouse and looks incredibly sexy.

Katie is slightly ahead of Sara, only be a few feet. She runs up to her door and turns, Sara can’t stop in time, she bumps and knocks Katie over to the wall. Katie looks Sara deep in the eyes, over taken by passion, Sara leans in close and kisses her. Her tongue sliding into Katie’s mouth, her hands running down her thighs. Katie’s soft moans muffled by the continuous strikes of THUNDER, her hands running through Sara’s hair.

Katie pushes Sara back. A FLASH of lightning strikes and lights Betturkey up the street. Katie’s hair dripping all over the doorstep, she turns around and slides her key into the lock, she turns the key and opens the door. She takes Sara’s hand and leads her in, with one last FLASH of lightning, the door closes.

Several minutes later, THUNDER strikes, the bedroom door swings open, Katie and Sara in tight embrace, long passionate kisses, Katie’s leg knocks the desk, Sara’s arm knocks over the phone on the desk. They stumble over to the bed and fall down hard. Sara on top, Katie under Sara, her eyes burning with passion that needs unleashing. Sara slides her tongue deep into her mouth, their tongue meet, Sara’s hands reaching under Katie’s dress. Katie’s hands reaching and tugging on Sara’s blouse.

Sara kisses Katie’s neck, softly biting it and moving down to her breasts, her hands squeezing them and cupping them, Katie’s groans intensify. She leans up, Sara pulls away for a second and reaches behind Katie. She pulls down the zipper and slowly lowers Katie’s dress, she unclips her bra and throws it aside. Her fully rounded breasts revealed, with two beautiful pink erected nipples, fully formed and 100% natural.

Sara cups them and squeezes them, making Katie squirm and moan with pleasure. Katie falls back into the bed and looks up at her Goddess as she takes off her blouse and unclips her bra. She tosses it on the floor. Sara’s breasts while not as big as Katie’s, they are perfectly rounded and her soft light brown but damp nipples are fully erected and aroused.

Katie looks at Sara with pure admiration. Sara leans down and kisses Betturkey Giriş Katie full on the lips, their tongue clashing and sliding, their breasts colliding, soft flesh making contact, nipples brushing over nipples. Katie groans louder then ever, her orgasm approaching. Sara’s hands sliding under Katie’s dress, her fingers travelling along her firm legs continuing upwards towards Katie’s most treasured place, a place that only Sara has access to.

Her fingers find the Promised Land and softly slide inside Katie’s wetness. Katie’s body spasms at the sudden penetration but is held down by Sara’s body weight. Katie looks up at the ceiling, while Sara’s fingers slowly slide in and out, ever increasing in speed. Her breathing intensifies, the sound around her gets louder and louder, the clock on her bedside, the dripping tap from the bathroom and the rain pelting against the window with the THUNDER in the background, the wailing of the wind, Sara’s fingers pulsing through her body sending shivers of pleasure through her spine, moans escaping her lips gradually getting louder and louder. Sara’s tongue flicking over her soft nipple, while her other hand grasps the other breast and squeezes it, causing Katie’s blood to boil, her body jerking and reacting under the intense feelings rushing through her body just begging to explode.

As the THUNDERING continues through the night, the clock next to Katie’s bed reads 2:37 am. The moon is opposite Katie’s window, the moonlight shines into the room and lights the room. Katie is naked, her breasts hanging in front of the window, the moonlight highlighting all the wetness and soft bite marks Betturkey Güncel Giriş left by Sara. Her breathing is loud, intensified, her moans and groans echoing through the room. A flash of LIGHTNING lights up the room, Katie’s sitting over Sara’s face, Sara’s tongue licking her wet and swollen pussy lips. Katie’s shaved mound is slick and shiny from her juices and Sara’s saliva. Sara’s tongue deep inside Katie, her finger pressing against her anus, Katie is squeezing and pulling her breasts.

4:02 am, the wind howling, the rain hitting the windows, thunder thundering in the background. Sara’s sitting on Katie’s face, her breasts and pussy facing the window. Sara is also completely shaved. Katie’s fingers are furiously rubbing and fingering her pussy, while her tongue is inside her ass, licking hard, sending shivers down Sara’s spine. Katie’s licking deep, her fingers sliding in and out of Sara’s wet love hole. The licking gets harder and deeper, her fingers slide in hard and fast, her thumb on her clit pressing in and releasing. Sara’s orgasm approaching fast, her moans and groans getting louder and louder. LIGHTNING strikes and lights the room, Sara orgasms, her fluids leak out over Katie’s face and down the side of her neck. Katie’s tongue stays deep inside Sara’s ass.

As Sara is recovering from her Orgasm, she slowly leans back, her hair slides along Katie’s pussy and clit and brings Katie’s orgasm. Her body jerks, her tongue slides out of Sara’s ass, her eyes close, the sounds around her intensifies. Sara turns over and licks the fluid dripping out of Katie’s pussy and keeping it in her mouth. She leans up and over Katie’s breasts. She places her lips on Katie’s lips, her mouth opens and she releases Katie’s fluids into her mouth. Katie swallows and licks Sara’s tongue. With one final gaze at the clock, it’s 4:38. Sara and Katie fall asleep in each other’s arms, completely satisfied and full of love for each other.

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