The Party

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The traditional rite of an autumn weekend is fast football, cold beer, and good friends. But Jim was not the kind of guy who enjoyed football. He was also not the kind of guy to swill gallons of cold beer. And he certainly didn’t have many friends.

Jim Handy was a young and promising architect who specialized in upscale residential buildings in the recently revitalized downtown area. His bookish appearance fit well into his chosen field – being average height with slender build he looked like most of the young architects in the city. His sandy-blond hair was cut short to reveal small elfish ears, a slender nose, and big green eyes. He was no rugged Tom Selleck or Marlboro man, but he was also not unattractive.

At least he had done well enough to have captured the finger (if not entirely the heart) of the beautiful Allison. Amazing as it seems, the dark-haired, dark-eyed vixen had been his wife for almost three years now. Jim was never truly sure if she found him attractive, or just enjoyed the fruits of his successful architecture business. Not that they didn’t have great times together. Or even that they didn’t share common interests and dreams. It’s just that something never quite seemed “complete,” like there was something secret and hidden that just had not come to the surface. But at least their sex life was great. The best Jim had ever had, in fact. Allison was wild in bed and kept Jim always wondering if he could top their previous bedroom encounter.

Allison was easy-going and fun and always surrounded by friends. Today was going to be their big annual weekend football party. Allison’s plan was to invite as many friends over as possible and drink as much beer as possible before the game was over. And that is exactly what happened. The party was a success and at least twenty (or more) people shared their little house and enjoyed their hospitality.

Except it was not entirely what Jim enjoyed. Jim never understood football entirely, although he always found the commercials sliced in between the various plays endlessly amusing. And Jim didn’t care much for beer – a fact that lead him to consume far too many margaritas. And Jim had no good friends to invite over, so all the friends were, in fact, Allison’s. But Jim still managed to have a good time until people started filtering out of the house after the game was over. It is strange how differently people choose to exit a party. Some people bolted for the door as fast as a stallion the minute the beer and snacks ran out. Some people lingered a little and talked to Allison before meandering out the door and to their parked cars. But the last person to linger was a new friend of Allison’s named Shaun.

Shaun was a very striking man. He was by far the largest man Jim had ever seen. Not that he was fat; he was just a huge, athletic, and very well proportioned man. He stood at a little over six-foot, ten-inches tall and was as wide in the shoulders as a subzero refrigerator (and nearly as thick). He was as black as an eight-ball on a dirty pool table and had hands the size of bear claws. He had a deep, booming voice and the largest, brightest smile Jim has probably ever seen. Jim had heard that Shaun had once been to prison when he was younger, back when he was a semi-pro lineman for the local football team. But you would never guess it by the way he dressed. Always sharp, with crisp slacks, a silk shirt (unbuttoned halfway down), and the cleanest haircut a man can have. He was a remarkable looking man, and it was obvious that Allison thought that too.

“Thanks for coming over on such short notice.” Allison said to Shaun

“‘Aight.” Shaun responded gruffly. And then let out a big beaming smile.

“Let me grab you that last beer before you go.” Allison was trying hard to be hospitable to the very end.

As Allison turned to walk over to the kitchen, her arm trailed behind her, brushing past the front of Shaun’s perfectly pressed slacks. And that’s when Jim noticed it. It looked as if Allison had just brushed something very large hiding behind the pleats of Shaun’s perfectly pressed pants — something that shifted in place like a fire hose hanging off a hydrant.

“Oh my god!” thought Jim as he stared at Shaun’s slacks. “This guy must have the largest penis that has ever existed!” Jim knew this wasn’t exactly true because he once read about a man who took human growth hormone for medical reasons and it caused an abnormal sized penis to develop over the course of many years. But it was certainly the largest penis that had ever been dangling behind some guy’s slacks in his own home.

And dangled it did. Jim watched nervously as the entire center of Shaun’s pants seemed to grow and throb. He could see the outline of something very large and very thick start to shift from the center of Shaun’s pants to halfway down his thigh. Jim suddenly realized that he was staring at Shaun’s crotch with his eyes wide as saucers and mouth completely agape.

“What you lookin’ at?” Escort bayan Shaun’s question abruptly broke Jim’s crotch-watching trance. “Allison! What yo man here lookin’ at?” Shaun said as Allison stepped back into the room.

As fast as a bolt, Allison followed Jim’s gaze to Shaun’s crotch. She gave out an almost imperceptible squeal and smiled wryly.

“I think he was looking at your crotch.” Allison said; with a half smile that spoke entirely of mischief.

By this time it was quite obvious that Shaun’s monster cock had been awakened from its slumber. It sleepily pulsed to a steadily rhythm just behind Shaun’s clean-pressed slacked. Unfortunately, Jim noticed too late that they both were staring at him. Well, not exactly directly at him. They were staring directly at his crotch. Jim’s football-team emblazoned sweatpants suddenly seemed about two sized to small. And as he slowly followed their gaze to his crotch and realized that his lap was sitting under what appeared to be a small tent about six inches tall and supported by a firm pole. The knowledge that a Shaun’s massive hunk of meat had been aroused to life had given Jim a very fast, very hard erection.

Shaun just kind of stared at Jim, but Allison laughed with delight. “Does that arouse you dear?” Allison asked.

All Jim could manage to get out was a soft “uuuuh.”

“Well then watch this.” Allison said as she flipped her hair and walked briskly straight towards Shaun. Shaun’s stare turned to a wide-eyed smile as Allison sunk to her knees in front of his massive form. Her small hands quickly unbuckled his belt, throwing the thick black leather strip to the floor at Jim’s feet. She undid the button (and the clasp behind the button) and opened the front of Shaun’s pants. Allison’s long dark hair obstructed most of what she was doing, but Jim heard her let out a very audible gasp.

“Oh…. My…. God.” Allison spoke in reverence. “I have never seen anything like this.”

Allison shifted to the side and then Jim noticed a mass of curly black hair and the beginning of what looked like a long black and veiny beer can. Except this was no beer can – it was made entirely of meat.

Allison slowly slipped Shaun’s slacks to the floor. His cock was enormous. A huge black tube filled with throbbing veins. Only semi-erect, it hung down to his mid thigh and was crowned with an even larger helmet-shaped head. His balls hung very low and were the size of small oranges. They had been perfectly shaved clean, and you could see them throb slowly at slightly different elevations in their ebony sack. Allison grabbed his dick and lifted it. It was obvious that the weight was surprising to her, and the monster penis sagged at both ends of her hand under its own weight. She pulled her head back, put her mouth around the head and sucked.

It was an almost comical scene. Allison’s mouth was stretched tight around the head of Shaun’s cock and she hands fumbled clumsily at his balls, which she could not hold the entirety of in her small hands. She was bent over and Jim could see under her short skirt and stared directly at her green cotton panties; her green moist cotton panties. Jim noticed that Allison’s panties were sopping wet! She looked over her shoulder to see if Jim was still watching, and he was. Except that he realized at that point that he was masturbating. Both his dick and balls were pulled out of his sweatpants and he was pumping his cock slowly. His six-inch shaft was pulsing and his balls had swollen, filled with the inevitable gush that would come.

Allison unwrapped her mouth from Shaun’s massive rod, wiped her mouth of all moisture, and looked at Jim.

“Did I say that you could jerk it?” Allison’s tone was firm. She had never caught Jim masturbating, but right now it seemed she didn’t like it. “I have just the thing to fix that.” She said as she rushed out of the room leaving Jim and Shaun staring at each other.

“You’ve never seen anything like this, eh?” Shaun said with a grin.

“N-n-n-n-no.” Jim replied meekly.

“Faggot!” Shaun spat out. “I seen lil fuckas like you once when I was locked down. Always ready to kneel down and take ma big fuckin cock. Always ready fo me to blow a load on they faces. Faggots.”

Allison briskly walked back into the room carrying an odd device. It looked like a clear plastic ball about the size of a large apple with a short, four or five inch curved clear plastic tube attached to one end. It was hinged down the middle of the ball and had a small loop on both ends of the hinged seam. Allison walked confidently over to Jim and roughly took his cock in her hand.

“This little thing hasn’t given me much pleasure lately, so I’m going to keep it from giving you pleasure for a while.” Allison said, pointing at Jim’s erect dick.

“What are you talking about?” Jim said defiantly and started to stand.

“You need to listen to yo woman, lil man.” Shaun said as he took one step forward, Bayan escort put a single massive hand on Jim’s shoulder, and pushed him back onto the sofa.

Allison still had Jim’s penis in her hand, but the confrontation with Shaun had suddenly made it only semi-hard. She opened on the device and placed his balls in the clear orb. She then slid his partly flaccid dick in the downward bending tube. She then closed the whole device and placed a small silver padlock on the device.

“On my god I’ve been caged!” thought Jim. His genitalia were now completely encased in clear plastic. And the thought of this immediately made his cock start to swell. He tugged at the device but the small opening fit snugly to his body and was too small in diameter to allow both his cock and balls to slip through. He pulled gently at it in futility. He would have to get the padlock away from Allison to escape.

Allison turned her attention back to Shaun. He had moved closer to get a clear look at her the caging of her husband, and was now looming over her, fully erect – a huge black bull that dwarfed her small figure. She bent over and again returned attention to Shaun’s hard and now throbbing monster cock. As she bent over, Jim noticed that where once was a large wet spot on Allison’s panties was now completely soaked. Her head bobbed up and down to a rhythmic, silent beat and she let out small gagging and gurgling sounds as she tried to take Shaun’s hammer deeper and deeper into her throat. Her hands had moved from her knees and were now tugging furiously at Shaun’s cock. Pull! Pull! Pull! It was enough force to pull the large man’s body back and forth, and his giant balls swayed in time to her frantic actions. Allison wanted Shaun to cum.

After some time, Shaun’s hands moved to Allison’s arms. He gently pulled her mouth off of his dick and lifted her to her feet. That was the last gentle action Shaun would make this evening. Allison’s eyes followed his monster hands to her full breasts. She though he would cup them and try to push them together as every other guy seemed to do. For some reason, thought Allison, every guy wanted to push two good titties together to form one perfect one. It was very confusing. But Shaun didn’t do that. He simply ripped apart the front of her blouse with apparent ease, and slid it to the floor.

Allison’s breasts were exposed. They were large and hung from her chest like succulent, ripened fruit from a beautiful dark tree. Her dark brown areolas accented her long, thin nipples. She had expected Shaun to touch them or suck them or something. But he simply flipped her around, bent her over, and shoved her into Jim’s lap. She fell clumsily in a tumble of air and tits, and was forced to brace herself with her hands on either side of Jim’s hips at the last moment. Her bare breasts landed on the plastic prison and on Jim’s hard and swollen cock within.

Shaun lifted Allison’s short skirt above her hips and tore the panties from her body. He flung them in the air and they landed squarely on Jim’s head with a “splat!” They were completely soaked! – A wet sponge that smelled of the sweet scent of Allison’s arousal. That same sweet arousal trickled in a small stream from Allison’s wet pussy halfway down her inner thigh. She had never been so excited. Just then, Shaun rammed his enormous, swollen cock straight into Allison’s hot, wet cunt. She emitted a sharp, loud moan. “Oooooooooohhhh! Oh My Fucking God!” Jim watched as Allison’s eyes rolled back into her head. Shaun’s huge cock had stretched her almost beyond the breaking point and he started pounding her hard. Thump! Thump! Thump! The motion rocked Allison who was now leaning against Jim. The whole couch, with Jim on it, swayed to Shaun’s powerful thrusts.

Shaun’s cock strained desperately against the plastic cage. His balls had swollen to incredible proportions and were now pressed tightly inside the plastic bubble. They heaved and moved to the timing of the swaying of the couch on which he was sitting. His hard cock was now too large to fit into the plastic tube. It pressed desperately against the walls of its prison. The awkward, downwardly bent plastic tube caused Jim to wince in pain with each throb of his engorged penis. The plastic device resembled a flaccid penis with average-sized balls. And Jim’s hard cock was no where near flaccid and his balls had swollen large with unspent cum. And still Shaun pounded Allison hard as she bent over Jim’s lap.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Jim could see Shaun’s huge balls slapping against Allison’s deep inner thighs. With each thrust they would slip below her crotch, slip past her legs, brushing them both, much like a basketball does to the hoop when perfectly arced to the basket. Those monster balls would then swing forward with the motion of the thrust and slap hard against Allison’s clit. Slap! Again, the thrust. Slap! Again! Slap! Again! Slap! Allison’s back and neck were both arched and she drooled slightly as she let out a Escort constant moan. “ooooooooooooohhhh.” Her breasts heaved and rocked with the motion.

Then suddenly Allison’s body tensed. Her chest seemed to glow a deep red as she let out a piercing moan. “Ooooooh-a-Oooooh-a-Ohhhhh!” She sounded as if she was in pain (and maybe she was!). Her body started to shake suddenly as a wave of pleasure overtook her entire being. Allison’s toes curled tight. A small stream of drool fell from her mouth onto Jim’s leg. Allison’s eyes seemed for a moment to focus on nothing, and then come back to life.

Shaun pulled out of Allison and she slumped to the floor. She lay there crumpled like an elegant party dress after a socialite evening – used and discarded. Shaun approached Jim on the couch. His massive cock was still hard. Thick, dark veins coursed through the massive piece of meat and it throbbed with Shaun’s labored breath. Glistening, it was covered with a thick layer of Allison’s cum. Jim tried to stand but Shaun simple pushed him hard back to the couch.

“You ain’t going nowhere, faggot!” Shaun sputtered out. Jim opened his mouth to plead his case. Jim had never been to prison. He had never even touched another man, although he had thought about it once in an embarrassing moment in the gym showers. As he opened his mouth to speak, Shaun rammed his massive dick into Jim’s unsuspecting mouth. Jim’s eyes flew open wide as he gagged on the hunk of meat. It was warm and throbbing in his mouth. The sweet taste of Allison’s cum hung on Shaun’s hot cock. The fragrant smell of Allison and the musty smell of Shaun mingled together around Jim’s head to form a scent that hinted at the most carnal of sex.

Shaun began to ram his thick organ back and forth in Jim’s mouth. Jim’s hands instinctively found their way onto his huge balls. He cupped them with one hand and moved the other to Shaun’s fat shaft. A pool of precum had formed in the plastic prison and now it leaked from Jim’s dick, out of the plastic tube, and onto Jim’s leg. He wished that he could at least touch his cock only once. One tug and Jim would blow his cum all over. But it was hopeless. Jim’s cock stretched hard against the plastic as he tugged and sucked on Shaun’s thick meat.

Allison sat crumpled in the corner. She watched as her husband took a giant black cock in his mouth and sucked it hard for all it was worth. She even watched him as his hands took hold of the giant black shaft and tugged it back and forth. Her pussy was wet. She never seen one man force himself upon another – especially a man so large and hung. And she had never seen a man as eager to take it as her husband. The thought of it all aroused her again. She could smell the musky smell of those huge black balls mix with the faint scent of her husband. Her pussy felt hot and her pulse began to race. Her hands found their way to her crotch.

Jim was almost gagging on Shaun’s thick black dick. His mouth was strained and his throat was raw. And as Shaun thrust he cock deeper and deeper into Jim’s mouth, the thrusts became faster and much harder. Shaun’s big black balls swayed with the rhythm. They slapped under Jim’s chin with each thrust, and Jim could feel their weight slam against his skin. He knew what when Shaun finally blew his load, those heavy balls would unload gallons of cum down his throat. He could see Allison sitting in the corner. Her legs were spread wide open in front of herself and her back was arched. One hand cupped her large breast and her thumb and forefinger pressed her long, dark nipple so hard that the tip had turned white. Her other hand was positioned between her legs and was violently slapping her crotch. No doubt she was stimulating her clit with the frantic slapping and whipping herself into another full-body orgasm.

He watched as her legs began to tremble and small waves of pleasure came over her body. She let out a long, strained moan. At the sound, Shaun’s thrusts into Jim’s mouth intensified. Jim pulled at Shaun’s cock as hard as he could with both hands. He ached for Shaun to cum in his mouth, to fill his mouth with Shaun’s hot seed until it spilled out, over Shaun’s cock, and onto the floor.

As he stroked Shaun’s meat as hard as he could, he could feel Shaun’s body tighten. His legs become ridged and his firm, black ass constrict. Jim closed his eyes. He could feel hands on his legs – small hands. It must be Allison! He opened his eyes in time to see Allison quickly unlock the plastic device that had caged his cock and balls. But before he could reach in and stoke himself to climax, Allison grabbed Shaun’s cock from Jim’s mouth and crammed the end of it into the big opening in the device. Shaun let out a guttural grunt and a huge spray of cum erupted from his meaty, monster cock. It landed squarely on Jim’s balls and half-filled the plastic orb. The large black cock seemed to pause, and then shot out another equally large load. Jim could feel Shaun’s hot cum on his cock and it seeped down his balls and into the plastic tube that held his dick. Shaun’s sticky load kept erupting from his big, black organ. It had almost completely filled Jim’s chastity cage, and he could feel the sticky juice and smell the musky scent of cum.

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