The Life Traveler Life One Ch. 01

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My story begins a thousand years ago. Many believe me to be a liar when I say this. But how could they understand unless they remembered what I do.

The first memories I have are of a place that seems to transcend the world as we know it. It was a world full of magic and mystery. One could have control of the very founding elements of the world……if you only took the time to open your eyes. I was a simple young girl with problems even magic couldn’t correct fully. I was born in a body that didn’t fit me. Magic was able to give me the appearance of a woman, but I was lacking in my ability to reproduce and have intercourse. Not that I couldn’t make love you understand. I hope you can understand the need to have your partner inside you…..not the other way around. I had quite literally given up on the thought of love since most guys were either turned off of wanted me to enter them. But one day………

I arrived at work late as usual, seriously girls like me take longer to get ready than others. And time management is nearly impossible for early morning shifts. But, of course, the manager wouldn’t understand, he never did. I touched the log book and it scanned the unique flow of magic in my system. It then logged me as arriving and in a sarcastic voice informed me I was late for the tenth time that month………good thing the month was just starting. I hurriedly steeped on to a pad on the floor that changed my clothes into the store uniform. The name tag suddenly flashed red meaning I needed to get my ass to the manager’s office asap. Probably for another ass chewing about being late, And go figure I wasn’t wrong. After a good twenty minutes chew out I was released to ‘get my butt in gear’ with the threat of being fired if I am late again.

Now I must explain here. In this world…no this store we sell various magical items and trinkets similar to the ones that let me look more like I feel but nowhere nearly as powerful. And another note: since magic could be used to fix almost anything science was nonexistent.

I quickly busied myself with arranging the wares and tending to the customers that came through. As sex izle my lunch time finally arrived I started to head to the back, when a male patron caught my eye. While this isn’t odd for me, I felt like there was a pull of some sort between us. I paused a moment to take in his features. Frosty green eyes that seemed to see through my soul lay under a shaggy mop of light brown hair. He stood a good head above me, and I’m a good 6′ tall before I get in my heels. I had a feeling he would still be taller if I got in my heels. His chest was broad and strong looking, more than enough to lean into and not topple him when making love. His arms looked strong enough to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder if the mood took him. His nose was a little crooked but not enough to be ugly. And, OH MY GOD!, his smile was making me melt right there……or at least those lips made me imagine it and it was making me weak. As I hurried back it seemed he too felt there was something between us. He followed me towards the back and almost through the employee doors to the store rooms. I quickly changed into some different clothes and nabbed my purse. I slipped out the back door and started down the block to a restaurant nearby.

As I entered a waiter stood and reached for the menus asking, “Table for two?”

A deep rumble issued from behind my shoulder, “yes, please. Secluded if possible.” I spun around and saw the man from the store standing behind me. I blushed as he said, “my name is Mikle, and I would be honored if you would let me treat you to lunch.”

I meekly nodded as I silently let him lead me after the waiter all the while looking for any exits I could find. After seating us and leaving the menus I turned to the man. He seemed to be giving me time to compose myself, ‘and’, I thought to myself, ‘I need it. I look like a deer in a trap’ after consulting the nearby mirror. “Sorry you gave me quite a start.” I began a moment later. He quickly dropped the menu and looked at me intently. “My name is Jessi. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mikle.”

“So you aren’t a mute……that’s wonderful,” he teased as he sikiş izle smiled. GOD! I wasn’t wrong it does make me melt. “I saw this vision in a store and had to see if there was a mutual interest.”

I blushed deeper as I said, “physical attraction only lasts so long. I’m not interested in anything that won’t last.” This is my usual brush off line I usually save it until after he pays for the meal………but this guy had something different.

“But that attraction might lead to more than the shallowness you mention. Perhaps you could be persuaded to take a chance?” he asked as he reached for my hand.

“I might. If you are willing to accept imperfections, and not make assumptions,” I found myself saying softly.

The waiter returned and we ordered and the rest of the meal was spent in idle chit chat with nothing of importance being said. By the end of the meal I was sure I had ran off another cute guy. I stood and got ready to leave.

But then he stood and saw me to the door. Definitely a difference from others. We continued the small talk back to the store. And then the big bomb went off. “What time do you get off, Jessi darling?”

Startled I paused a moment before responding, “around the fifth blossom. Why?”

“I wanted to see how long I have to plan a date for you,” Mikle said as he turned to leave. “you have till then to figure out if you want to come with me.”

I was so astonished I couldn’t move or even think. He disappeared around the corner before I had a retort, and obviously it was too late. The rest of the day ran in a mindless heap, I was almost too distracted to think. By the time the fifth blossom came around I was a wet mess of anticipation. And when he stepped through the front door of the store I get wetter.

“Let me change real quick and then I’ll give you an answer,” I said coyly as I hurried to the back. ‘my God please let me not scare him off now that he’s interested.’ I changed into a nice low cut blouse and short shorts quickly and grabbed my purse. “yes, I will give you one chance to get it right,” I said as I met him at the front door.

He türk porno offered me his arm and led me off to a small coffee shop. “our movie isn’t till the next blossom, so I thought we’d have some coffee and conversation while we’re waiting.”

As we sat sipping he told me about his family and his past. Apparently his family is one of the creator families. They create 90% of the magic items in the world. He had tried his hand at the family business but never had the knack for it. So he has gone into sales more than the production side of the family business. Since finding his niche he has drifted from one place to another. So finding a special someone was hard for him. But I just captivated him in the store and he had to meet me….or so he said. I’m not sure what to believe. I told him that I was estranged from my family and they seemed to like that just fine. And told him a little about my past……not that there was much to say. We quickly went into the movie as we had talked right up to the time the movie started. By the time the movie had finished (it was a romance I believe. He had kept me distracted with a wondering hand that kept brushing my leg.) I was feeling good and not sure I wanted the night to end yet.

“So I’d like to hang out more. Would you like dinner before or after a dance club, or are you ready to go home?” Mikle asked sweetly before we got out of the theater.

I looked at him and realized I was not ready to go home. “a meal sounds nice. Anywhere in mind?”

“well there is this little place across town that serves a killer lasagna and I would love to have someone to enjoy it with,” he said with a devilish twinkle in his eye that had me blushing sooooooooooo bad.

“this isn’t your house right?” I asked a bit worried to hear it was a little place…………and wasn’t ready to let my melting heart lead me into trouble.

“I promise it isn’t. my niece owns it,” Mikle said with a teasing hurt look.

“ok sounds good,” I said not realizing that it was his nieces house we were going to. The night passed quickly and I met some of his family. He introduced me as his friend he was taking out on a business deal. I played along since I was soooo embraced. We went dancing after the meal, I got so drunk and he was so sweet. He took me home and made sure I got to bed before leaving. I really hope to see him again.


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