The Game

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Please comment on my story and send feedback on how I could have made it better. This is a fantasy of mine and is purely fictional. Any resemblance to people or events is of my own imagination. This is my first story I have written and published.


I love playing games with my girlfriend. We have been together for 3 years and are madly in love. I am 5’6 with long brown hair and hazel eyes. I have 36 DD tits with large and very sensitive nipples. The lightest brush of fabric makes them hard, so they are hard almost constantly. This means I am always aroused and I masturbate several times a day as well as having sex with my girlfriend, Amy. Through our play, we have found out that Amy is naturally submissive and I am naturally dominant. I enjoy punishing her with a whip or anything I can get my hands on. I especially love smacking her 34 C tits and small, but equally sensitive nipples. A year ago, Amy committed herself to me and is now my 24/7 slave. She does all the cooking and housework. We don’t need to worry about money because I am an heir to an oil company. We live very well. I make her sleep on the floor or in a metal cage that I had built especially for her.

Tonight, I have chosen a special game to play with her. She is always naked and has a permanent metal collar welded around her neck. I made sure that I can adjust its height to make it a posture collar if I want. I pull her long blonde hair and she knows that I want her attention.

“Yes, Mistress Alexa. How may your slave service you?” she replies without looking any higher than my ankles. I have taught her very well.

“I’m bored. Let’s play a game.” I say as I grab a leash from the coffee table and attach it to her collar.

Without another word, I stand up and start pulling her leash. She keeps her nose touching the floor and crawls behind me. I look back to see her beautiful form crawling with her nose touching the floor. I know I really have taught her good lessons of how to serve me.

I lead her up the wooden stairs to the playroom. When I first decided to buy my four bedroom, two bath home, I dedicated one of the two master bedrooms to being my play room. It also has a walk in closet attached to it and this is where I store my toys that I use on both myself and Amy.

I slip siirt escort the handle of her leash around the door handle and she kneels outside the room with her nose touching the floor while I retrieve the key for the door. I am the only one who has a key to the door and I forbid her to enter this room alone. She can’t have any fun without me. She can’t touch herself at all since I have fitted her with a chastity belt. It is about 4 inches thick and has three shields covering her pussy. She can’t even try to slip anything behind the shields because it goes down her legs about three inches and has a bar that is permanently attached to the leg bands that keeps her legs spread apart. I can adjust this bar to be as short as three inches and as wide as six inches. I have had all her pussy hair removed by laser surgery. I made sure that they destroyed the hair follicles so that no hair will ever grow again.

I unlock the door and grab ahold of her leash once again. Without a word, I pull on the leash signaling her that it is okay to enter the room. I lead her to the center of the room.

“Stand up, slave.” I order.

She quickly stands up and places her hands behind her back. I take some rope and tie her elbows together tightly. Then, I take a pair of handcuffs and place them tightly around her wrists. I place a 2 inch wide red ball gag in her mouth and padlock the straps behind her head tightly. I can see her cheeks struggle to hold the ball in while they are being squeezed. I made sure to place the gag behind her teeth to ensure that it wouldn’t come out. I place a blindfold over her eyes. I unlock her chastity belt because her pussy needs to be free for this game.

I make sure she is lined up perfectly with the two eye hooks that are bolted into the ceiling. I take more rope and tie it tightly to the eye hook in front of her. I make sure I keep it very taught and run it down her body. I start knotting the rope so a string of knots run between her pussy and her ass stopping short of her asshole I have a special treat for this. I take a 4 inch round six inch butt plug and put a light layer of lube just on the tip. I force it in with one quick movement. I run the rope over her butt plug and up her back and loop it through the other eyehook.

“Now, sinop escort we haven’t played in such a long time. Your pussy is free of your belt for now. As you can feel, it has to be to play this game. Now, stand on your tip toes.”

She complies quickly. I slip a wooden wedge under each of her feet, ensuring that she is just barely balancing on the balls of her feet. Then, I take the rope and pull it very tight. I see the rope dig into her and pull a bit harder. She moans through the gag. I tighten it more and see her toes tremble. This is how I know that the tightness of the rope is perfect. I know that she will be whining through her gag soon from the things I have planned to do to her.

I tie off the rope behind her. I stand back and admire my rope work and knots. It looks beautiful and no doubt painful for her. But I don’t care about that. I take a pair of weighted nipple clamps an attach them to the middle of her nipples. The weight is about 5 ounces on each nipple. She moans a little as each one is placed on. I take each tit and drop it as soon as the nipple is clamped. I see her try to lower herself down to avoid the clamping and dropping of the second tit and nipple but she can’t go anywhere.

“Delicious.” I say, licking my lips as the second weight falls. I hear her try to say something but I can’t understand a thing that she says because of the gag. i step back and watch the clamps sway with each breath she takes and it turns me on.

“One last thing my slave.” I say as I bend over and remove the wooden wedges from under her feet. She instinctively tries to lower her feet to the ground, but the tightness of the rope prevents her from lowering her feet at all.

“Now, I hope you didn’t think that this game would be easy for you. I want to play.” I say as I watch her try to keep her balance. The next part will definitely be fun.

I go into the walk in closet and choose three instruments to use on her. The first is a black whip with leather strands. Each strand has knots on it in a random pattern. The second is a simple wooden paddle that is about two inches thick and has holes drilled in it for some added spark. The third is a ping pong paddle with red leather coating it.

I stand in the doorway of şırnak escort the closet watching her for fifteen minutes. She is trying to shift her weight on her toes and each little movement she makes swings the weights on her nipple clamps. She can’t cum because I have trained her not to cum without my permission. I have kept her horny for days at a time. I am able to keep her on edge for so long that I see her rub her chastity belt, wanting relief. I can make her cum just by ordering it. I have made her cum without any stimulation at all. I can make her stop cumming in the middle of an orgasm with an order. My favorite thing to do to her is order her to cum and ordering her to stop just as the first spasm of an orgasm hits her, telling her she has had enough time to cum.

I pull a chair up behind her and see the muscles in her legs straining. i know that she cant move far to flinch because of the rope holding her to the ceiling. I start off with the ping pong paddle.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I hit her a bit harder with each strike. She whimpers after ten strikes so I give her twenty more. I place the ping pong paddle on the floor and notice her ass is a nice shade of red. I upgrade my weapon to the paddle with the holes drilled in it. I rub it, knowing it will hurt more. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I use this paddle twenty times and see her trembling more after stopping at twenty swats. I give her twenty more for good measure. By now, her ass is redder than a fire engine. I know that the whip is next. WHOOSH! CRACK! WHOOSH! CRACK! WHOOSH! CRACK! WHOOSH! CRACK! Thirty cracks of my whip and I can her whimper and sob slightly. Thirty more strikes of the whip later and I stop to see welts forming on her ass.

I get up as quickly as I sat down and put my toys away. I retrieve the numbing cream from the closet and apply it to her ass. I know I will admire my work for many days. I release the ropes, choosing to keep her gag in, blindfold and clamps on. She sinks to the floor partly from pain and partly because she knows that is her place.

I rub the numbing cream on her ass once more and lock the belt back on her. I remove her blindfold and she adjusts her eyes easily to the dim light in the room. She stretches her jaw for a few minutes.

“Thank you, Mistress.” She says meekly as I untie her elbows and release the handcuffs.

For the next two weeks after that, I tie her to my dining room table and remove her belt.

I sit and admire the welts and bruises I left from the spanking game for a while and reapply the numbing cream.

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