The Family’s New Baby

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Angela’s life had once been easily defined by two words: pleasurably uneventful. She had grown accustomed to being bored ever since her husband had died in a plane crash ten years ago. Michael had been a pilot for a private airline and as such had flown the rich and famous through the skies for his entire adult life, earning him and his college sweetheart a comfortable living ever since they moved in together and started a family. However, that all changed after he went down in an open field in the middle of Iowa, leaving her to raise their twelve year old daughter by herself.

While she never had to worry about money after the airline paid out a large settlement over the faulty engine that killed him, as well as the hefty life insurance policy he had taken out, it couldn’t replace him. He had been her rock in more than a financial way, taking care of her every emotional and sexual need ever since they met. The hole he left in her life was too big to be filled by just anyone and instead the young wife had chosen to dedicate her life to her daughter Julie.

It was ten years later and much of that had changed as she woke up to her new life, curled up in a soft twin bed which was just large enough for her to be comfortable without being cramped. The mattress’ filling had contoured to her naked body long ago and its waterproof plastic cover clung to her bare skin in a way that made her feel stuck to it, her face sunken into the extra soft pillow which was covered a cute baby print pattern. It may have been no better than a child’s bed in the beginning but after two months of it being her place of rest it only felt natural, completely replacing the four posters King sized bed which she had shared with her husband for years.

Rolling over onto her back she stretched like a baby, arching her back whilst stretching out her arms and legs at once until all her joints ached and the sleep was gone. She would have yawned but the hot pink breathable plastic ball gag had kept her jaw open too long and she knew it would take some stretching before it would go any wider. Turning her head from left to right and back again she saw only pink which told her that no one was inside the tiny little room waiting for her to wake up. Alone and without any urge to continue sleeping she sat up, hearing her diaper crinkle and feeling its padding push the plug in her butt even deeper.

Sitting there all alone she thought about how this had all started, about how her daughter had completely turned the tables.

Angela had always had a bit of a, well, kinky side to her sex play and it was something that she had always let out with her husband. When he died however, that outlet was no longer there so she turned to other sources as a means to inspire her late night masturbatory sessions. At first it began with the casual reading of the brand new 50 Shades of Gray, it’s poor writing being overlooked solely because it fueled her fantasies, until eventually she moved on to the torrid bondage videos that could be found online.

After years of being alone, with only herself or the steadily less frequent one night stands to satisfy her, she had developed an impressive collection of porn. At first she had been embarrassed about it and cleared her history and cookies every time, then after her second year of being cautious she grew lax. No longer did her computer look like that of a respectable widow who was a proud member of the PTA and MADD, but rather her browsing history and downloads were overwhelmed by depraved porn. The strange thing about it was that as the years passed without Michael she had strayed farther and farther away from men, with her initially blaming it on the bad blind dates and occasional pick up which always left her bored and unhappy. Instead, for the first time since college, the void had been filled by sexy two dominatrixes and the submissive sluts whom they punished and transformed into willing lesbians. It was exactly those videos which had been her downfall.

Three months ago was when her life had been changed so completely, with everything culminating on her birthday April 12th. She had lent her daughter her laptop for schoolwork the day before and had completely forgotten to retrieve it that night, instead going out for celebratory drinks with her few real friends. That morning she had woken up with a dreadful hangover and after a few minutes of wallowing had managed to pull on a baby blue tank top and matching pajama bottoms before forcing herself down the stairs and into the kitchen. Upon arriving in the all too sunny kitchen she was greeted by her daughter’s beautiful smile and a breakfast straight out of an IHOP commercial. Even thinking back Angela could perfectly hear her daughter’s innocent voice say “I left two Aspirin next to the coffee. I’ll be right back; I’m just going to get your surprise.”

She had not even finished her sinfully delicious pancakes when the teenaged blond bombshell returned with something behind her adana escort back. Julie just stood in front of her and flashed her the all too familiar grin she which had picked up from her father which had always preceded a dirty secret or, ironically, a very kinky night. While Angela had been expecting a ticket to the spa or even an overpriced set of fake earrings she was shocked to see her own laptop, and even more so to see it open to reveal one of her favorite downloads.

It was a relatively old one but it was by far the most watched of the ones she had saved. She only had to see a few seconds of it to recognize it as the one in which a busty redheaded MILF getting dominated by the neighbor’s daughter. Her eyes were glued to the screen as the older mother, who looked remarkably like herself, was forced onto her knees before a pretty young coed grabbed her by the hair and shoved the woman’s head beneath the skirt of her cheerleader’s uniform. Whilst the teen excitedly ground her hips into the thirty-something’s face Angela finally looked up to see her daughter’s smiling expression, like a cat that had cornered a juicy looking mouse.

“Geez Mom, look at this. I mean it’s some pretty kinky stuff, and it only gets more hardcore from here on.” Julie started with a shocked expression, her eyes never breaking contact with her mother’s. Placing the computer on the counter so they could both see the shock became a grin as she said “Just imagine my surprise when I tried to download a file to help with my paper but found this instead. It is hot though…I bet it got you just as hot and bothered as it got me last night.”

Angela was too shocked and off balance to keep looking at her daughter and instead focused her attention on the video, letting the image of the two women fooling around lull her into a sense of security. Snapping back she looked at Julie and pitifully tried to explain “Dear…I’m so sorry you had to see this. I know this must be surprising for you but I-“

“Shhhh,” the blond highschooler interrupted as she slipped her hand between the waistband of her mother’s pajama pants. Angela first reaction was to reach down and pull her daughter’s hand out but that attempt was slapped away and she was given a stern look which told her that any resistance was not allowed. As such she could do nothing but slightly whimper as the girl’s lithe fingers danced over the front of her lace panties.

“Look at the screen.” her daughter commanded and while Angela tried her hardest she could do nothing but obey. Her breathing became erratic as her daughter continued to rub her through her panties, the combination of the video and this stimulation slowing her thoughts as she tried to process what was happening to her.

“My, my, my mom. Looks like you’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” Julie chided with a grin as her pace quickened.

“Please Julie, don’t do th-” Angela tried to beg before she cut herself off by giving a low moan as her daughter slipped a finger around the panties and into her dripping slit.

“Don’t do what?” the now obviously dominant blond asked, “Don’t make you feel good? C’mon Mom, we both know why you’re all wet down here. I watched your porno videos last night, I even read those stories you bookmarked from too. Bedding the Babysitter, Catching Mommy, Becoming My Daughter’s Slut, I think I know exactly what you want: to be a submissive Mommy-slut who doesn’t have to worry about being the perfect parent.”

“Nooooo.” the helpless mother whimpered in a weak protest, her resolve disappearing as her daughter’s finger picked up the pace as it worked its way in and out of her.

“No? Are you saying you don’t want this?” Julie asked, her finger immediately stopping mid thrust. Looking into the pale green eyes which she had inherited Julie could see the disappointment, fear, and lust which Angela tried to hide. Yet there were tears in those very same eyes as the off balance mother diverted her gaze and focused on the laptop’s screen, watching the busty older woman on her hands and knees as she was brutally fucked by the teenager’s strap-on. Seeing the look of want on her mother’s face Julie’s tone changed as she asked “Don’t you want to be her? If you don’t want this I’ll stop right now and we’ll never talk about it again. I promise. But if you do want to give in and become a submissive then I need you to know there is no going back, no off switch. What’ll it be?”

All Angela could do was focus on the digit firmly planted within her soaked slit, on how good it felt, before she finally gave a weak nod of assent. Instantly the finger came to life and began pumping in and out of her with a renewed vigor as it picked up the pace. The last straw was when she felt her daughter’s thumb glide over and give gentle pressure to her clit, her pulse leaping and her hips involuntarily humping the active digit. She could feel the heat inside of her rise and she knew eskişehir escort her orgasm was building as she closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and gave in to this pleasurable feeling.

Yet, then it all came to a stop and she suddenly felt the finger withdraw itself from her. The sudden halt in stimulation was almost painful to the horny MILF and all she could do was open her eyes and give her daughter a pleading look. Her desperate looks were met by Julie’s seductive ones and she was shocked when the teenager held up the shiny and slick finger before slipping it into her own mouth and sucking it clean.

“Hm, tasty.” she said with a laugh before she saw her mother’s expectant expression. With a coy smile she said “You really thought I’d get you off this early? Get those pants off.”

With a bit of disappointment she picked herself up off of the kitchen stool and hastily popped her thumbs into the waistband of her pajama bottoms, letting them slide down until they were in a pile at her feet. So there she stood, wearing a pretty blue tank top and her now wet white panties, completely at the mercy of her teenage daughter. Feeling her daughter’s eyes rove over her all but naked body she wondered what had become of her, when she had become so weak to her needs that even her eighteen year old could drive her wild. As she wondered about all of this she heard a noise from the front of the house which she quickly recognized, to her horror, as the front door opening and closing.

“Ah ah! Calm down, that’s just your present coming through the door.” Julie responded when she saw the panic flash across her mother’s face. When the expression changed from panic to puzzlement she laughed and asked “Did you think this was it?”

The clicking of heels resounded through the house until in the doorway to the kitchen stood the tall tan beauty that was Julie’s best friend Nicole. The five inch heels made her a domineering six foot two and she struck an impressive figure as she wore only a pair of sunglasses and a black leather trench coat, just barely covering the tops of her mocha thigh high nylons. Angela had known the girl since she had driven her and her daughter in the elementary school carpool, yet never had she imagined that the leggy child would grow into such a stunning beauty.

“My, my, well hello there Ms. Wilson.” Nicole purred as she took off her sunglasses and gave Angela a once over. “Dear little Julie here told me you needed my help, but it seems like she understated it a bit.” the teenager continued in a sultry voice as she closed the gap between them.

The porno was still playing in the background while Nicole slowly circled the stunned older woman, her eyes like those of the predator observing its newest catch. With a snap of her fingers the raven haired girl pointed to the bunched up pajama bottoms and wordlessly commanded the mother to pick them up and hand them to her. Angela did is the eighteen-year-old implied and watched aghast as her daughter’s best friend sniffed at the material before giving her a wink and saying “Strip.”

Angela’s body moved of its own accord to comply with the domineering girls order, hastily pulling the baby blue top over her head and dropping it to the ground before stepping out of her now sopping panties. Without anyone speaking a word she knew what to do, picking the white lace up off the floor and handing them to her overwhelmingly sexual guest.

“Good girl!” praised Nicole as she took the panties and felt them. “It seems your daughter has already gotten you quite excited. I hope she followed my instructions and didn’t let you cum just yet.” she said in a way that suggested she was talking to herself rather than anyone else. Balling up the sticky white lace she pushed it between Angela’s lips until it filled her entire mouth, the sadistic teen smiling at the sight before she asked “How about you hold onto these for me?”

Angela blushed a deep crimson as she was forced to hold her own panties within her mouth and tasted her juices for the first time in years.

“Now, aren’t you just delicious? Julie told me it’s your thirty-ninth birthday today so congratulations are in order.” said Nicole, her usual peppy demeanor completely replaced by an unwavering control as she continued, “As you might have guessed I’m your daughter’s present to you, here to be your new Mistress. She showed me all of your favorite pornos and I must say Ms. Wilson…fine choices. But before we start I’m going to need complete honesty, so tell me, do you masturbate to these videos and stories?”

With only the slightest hint of hesitation the thirty-nine year old MILF helplessly nodded, her entire focus spent on not breaking the gaze between herself and Nicole.

Moving closer she wrapped one arm around the naked woman’s shoulder and took a comfortable yet firm grasp on her neck before leaning into her ear and whispering, “Good. That means sakarya escort you’re a sub, lez, dyke, whore, who can’t wait to eat her mistresses cunt. Doesn’t it?”

The once prim and proper single mother nearly swooned at the barrage of filthy words which the teenager threw at her. Her knees weakened and her pussy dripped at just the idea of the depraved acts Nicole was hinting at, and as such she meekly nodded in compliance with the domineering girl’s words.

“Very good!” the raven haired girl purred once she got the response she was looking for. “Your daughter and I have a lot to discuss. Sooo…while we do so I’ll need you to go pick up the bag I left on the front steps. The zipper doesn’t always work though, so you might want to go get it before the neighbors catch a sight of the goodies I packed in there for you.”

Panic overtook Angela and she didn’t even wait to be commanded before she dashed, naked, through the house and to the front door. Taking a quick second to look out the window and make sure the coast was clear she opened the door and in a flash snatched up the purse before retreating back into the safety of her home. Once the door was closed the middle aged woman gave a sigh of relief before looking into the purse, her mouth opening wide at the sight of the enormous purple strap-on which boldly stuck out of the zipper. Realizing her panties had fallen out of her mouth in her surprise she immediately stuffed them back in as she returned to the kitchen.

The site she saw upon entering the kitchen marked her third surprise for the day as she was shocked by the sight of her daughter, in a sensual embrace, making out with the obviously in control Nicole. The contrast of Julie, the perfect little blond pixie, in the midst of a passionate kiss with Nicole, the sultry tan minx, was shockingly perfect. All Angela could do was watch in horror as the two teenagers went at it like longtime lovers, the older woman unable to move despite how embarrassed she was by the fact that her pussy leaked at the site.

Finally breaking the kiss Nicole looked over at the stunned redhead and winked as she said “I hope you didn’t think you were the only one who was going to have fun today.”

Angela was truly and sincerely speechless as she took in the site before her, any and all thought of protest gone from her head as she tried to think back and remember any sign or hint at the truth behind the girl’s relationship.

“Julie, dear, take my bag and bring it up to the bedroom. I’m going to play with my new MILF toy first, but when I get up there everything had better be ready.”

“Yes Mistress.” Julie replied dutifully, and then hurried to retrieve the bag from her mother’s clutches and head upstairs.

Nicole’s heels clicked loudly as she crossed the wood floor to stand right in front of the naked redhead, locking eyes with her as if in search of something. Wordlessly she snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor, causing Angela to obediently drop to her knees in response.

“Good girl.” was Nicole’s steely reply, like a trainer whose dog was barely meeting expectations. Looking down she said “I’m going to ask you a few questions. I want clear and concise answers. So before I get started you should take those filthy panties out of your undeserving mouth and stuff them up your cunt. Go.”

Quickly and efficiently Angela carried out the teenager’s command.

“Now, how long have you had these fantasies?”

“Eight years.”

“Did you ever picture me or your daughter when you masturbated to these fantasies?”


“No what?”

“No Ms. DeFiore.”

“That will do.” Nicole replied, her tone reflecting that she still wasn’t satisfied. “But do I look like I should be in one of your fantasies.”

“Yes Ms. DeFiore.”

“So doesn’t that make me your mistress?”


“Goood.” she purred once more, this time pleased. “Does it turn you on that you and your daughter now have the same mistress?”

Angela had to think about that one. Was she so depraved that she was aroused by the idea of sharing this paragon of sexual dominance with her eighteen year old daughter? Yet before her mind could come to grips with it her lips betrayed her by saying “Yes Mistress.”

“I bet.” was her new mistress’ knowing response. Silently, she undid the belt of her dark leather trench coat and let it fall to the floor to reveal the entire naked splendor which lay beneath. She wore nothing beneath the coat except the thigh high nylons, not even as much as a wisp of pubic hair spoiling the visage of Mediterranean beauty.

“So say it, Mommy-slut. Tell me that you want to eat my sweet teen pussy, that all you’ve ever wanted was to submit to me and do everything I command in order for me to reward you with the taste of my nectar. That you want to be my slave.”

Angela nearly cried at that, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of feelings it brought out in her. Shame, joy, fear, and arousal all mixed together as she still stared the perfect looking pussy inches away from her. There was no turning back now, not for her, as she realized she would do anything just to taste what was behind those heavenly folds.

“Oh God yes, Mistress. I’ll do anything.” was all she could breathlessly offer.

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