The Club

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Ball Sucking

My lover Hannah and I were sitting around the house one morning. We were reading a magazine that showed the locations of some local clubs that catered to our kind. You see Hannah and I are both women, and she is my slave. She loves to be completely used by me. The more humiliating I am to her, the deeper she loves me. Hannah and I have a wonderful life together, but we don’t mind adding some spice to keep us in love. Whilst looking in the magazines we saw a club not to far from us, Hannah asked if we were going to go. I explained to Hannah that in this type of club strange things happen. Hannah replied that she wanted to show the world how much she loved being my slave. I wasn’t too sure if she was ready for this type of scene. Hannah was playing with her newly pierced clit ring, and begging me to take her. I told her if we go, she would have to be completely submissive. She jumped for joy and kissed me passionately. It was decided we were going tonight.

We got dressed to go out for the evening. I dressed completely in leather, shorts halter top and knee high, heeled boots. I had Hannah wear a teddie and a pair of crotchless panties. I attached a small chain to her pussy ring, Hannah was so wet with anticipation. I pushed two fingers into her and pulled her to me to kiss her passionately. I pulled my fingers from her moist pussy and we licked them clean. I told Hannah that this was just play, and that I would not allow anyone to kiss her mouth other than me, but the rest of her body was going to be used by many. Hannah kissed me again, and told me she loved and trusted me completely. I was getting so wet just knowing that my lover wanted me to have her used and abused tonight. We had never done anything like this before it was a complete first. I was determined to make this very memorable for both of us, and extremely satisfying for my lover.

As we approached the club, Hannah was buzzing with excitement. We stepped from the car and proceeded to the entrance. At the door was a man checking those that went in. When he saw Hannah and I, he smiled and looked us over. I had Hannah turn around and show him her hot ass. I told the man that if he let us in, I might let him jerk off onto my lover. He stepped aside quickly. As we entered the club, it was dark except for the dance floor lights. Everybody seemed to be looking at us. Watching as Hannah stayed just at the end of the chain attached to her pussy. She liked to have it pull on her pussy just so slightly.

We were approached by a blonde woman, who was dressed in all satin. She told me how pretty she thought we both were. I told her we had never done this before. I introduced myself, and Hannah as my slave. The blonde smiled, and rubbed Hannah’s beautiful ass. Hannah looked at me for approval, and I told her to turn and bend over for the lady. Hannah obeyed me without hesitation. As she bent over, her crotchless panties spread a bit, exposing her sweet pussy. The blonde immediately edirne escort stroked her swollen lips. Hannah’s knees buckled slightly as she inserted two fingers deep inside Hannah. The blonde was stroking my lover’s pussy deeply and Hannah was getting so wet. I asked the woman to taste my lover’s juices. She sucked her fingers into her mouth quickly. As she tasted Hannah’s juices, she told me of the wonderful flavour of my little slut slave.

I asked if there was any place with a bit more privacy. The blonde took Hannah’s hand and I followed them into another room. It was very well lit, with just a few more people in it. Some in the corner making out, another man getting a hot blow job from some one else’s slave. She was blindfolded and sucking this man hard. We watched as he came in her mouth, and she kept sucking like a real pro. When the man had finished, another stepped up and pushed his cock into her mouth. Hannah and I watched as this man forced his cock deep into the woman’s throat gagging her, but she just kept on sucking. I told Hannah that I wanted her to be fucked hard, and I wanted to watch other women use her ass and pussy. Hannah smiled and thanked me. I noticed a table in the room off to the side. I tugged on my slave’s chain and she followed me obediently.

When we got to the table I unhooked her chain and sat her on it. I kissed my lover passionately, and started to finger her. Soon I had three fingers inside her and she was grinding onto my hand hard. I didn’t want my slave to cum yet, I stopped and pulled my fingers from her dripping pussy. I allowed her to clean them for me. I then laid her onto her back across the table. The blonde woman produced some rope, and we both tied her to the table. Hannah was so excited, she had no idea what was next and to be honest neither did I. When we had her tied securely, I asked the blonde to taste Hannah’s pussy again. She bent over my lover and immediately sucked Hannah’s clit ring into her mouth.

As she was eating my lover, I bent over and kissed Hannah, and I told her that she was going to be used by everybody I could find. Hannah told me that she loved me, and I kissed her deeply and told her that I would take care of her. As the blonde was sucking my lovers pussy, a man came over. Tall, nice looking, naked and stroking his long thick cock, he asked if he could play with Hannah. I told him that I didn’t want any man to enter her, but he could feel free to jerk off onto her. The man proceeded to stroke his cock over Hannah. He reached down and pinched her nipple with one hand as he stroked his rock hard cock just over her breasts. It was so hot to watching the blondes tongue working on Hannah as this man jerked off over her. Soon the man grunted and exploded all over Hannah’s tits. The blonde moved up and started to lick the cum from Hannah’s chest.

I was now so wet, I had to finger myself. Suddenly I was aware more people had gathered around elazığ escort us, some men, some women. I told them all to feel free to use my lover, as long as no man enters her, and no one makes her cum. I also stated that no one could kiss my lovers lips. It was then I noticed a woman with a huge strap on. I called her over, and as she approached, I pulled Hannah’s pussy lips apart, and asked the girl to fuck her. The dildo was bigger than anything we had used before, with some force and patience we guided it deep into Hannah. She cried out a mixture of pleasure and pain, and soon we had the girl fucking her hard.

I watched my lover being fucked. I was so hot seeing how much Hannah was enjoying this now. As the new girl fucked her, the blonde was sucking hard on Hannah’s breasts, her nipples were hard and pointing straight up. As the blonde removed her lips from a nipple, I reached out and pinched them hard. Hannah screamed out in pain. I could see Hannah’s orgasm was building up, just before she was about to cum, the girl stopped and pulled the strap on out. The blonde then immediately took the strap on off and fitted it to herself. She didn’t wait for my permission, she just buried it back into Hannah’s hot slit again and fucked her hard and fast. Hannah was on the edge of cumming I had to stop the blonde. I had her take the dildo out and come around to Hannah’s face. I told Hannah to open her mouth and then the blonde eased it in.

Hannah sucked the strap on deep into her mouth. My fingers would not stop inside of me, I couldn’t wait to cum into Hannah’s cute little mouth. We then untied Hannah, and she thought it was over. Instead as I kissed her we turned her over and laid her on her belly. The blonde and I once again tied her to the table, leaving her ass exposed to the room. I then had the blonde come back round to Hannah’s ass, She spat onto my lovers little hole to help lubricate it for the fucking she was about to receive. The blonde pushed forward and started to enter her ass. Hannah tried to get away, but I held her there to receive this large fake cock up her ass. Our eyes met as the dildo forced its way deep into her. I watched as her eyes rolled back then closed. I knew my little whore loved to have her ass fucked, so she was truly enjoying this. I looked up and there were several men watching, so I asked them all to jerk off over my little slut..

Before you knew it, there were four men standing around Hannah and jerking their cocks. The blonde was fucking Hannah’s ass very hard. The men were rubbing their cocks all over Hannah’s body as they masturbated. I could not resist the temptation to spank Hannah’s ass as she was being used. Hannah loved to be spanked hard and fucked at the same time. I kept spanking her until her ass was so red and tender. I pulled one of the men up to Hannah’s beautiful face. I took his cock in my hand, and told Hannah to watch me make him cum in her face. I told erzincan escort her to keep her eyes open as he came. Soon I had his hot spunk shooting all over my whores face. He had a huge load, and it was so exciting to see it dripping down my lovers face. I rubbed his semen all over her face then made her lick my fingers clean. It wasn’t long before all of the men were ready to cum. I had them shoot it all over my little bitches body. Then I had them rub it all over her body. When I saw my baby covered in cum, it was too much to take. I pulled down my shorts and stuffed my pussy into Hannah’s waiting mouth. She licked and teased my pussy so good, I came in a matter of moments. It was now time for my little whore to be rewarded.

I stopped the blonde from fucking her ass, and I took the strap on from her. I came behind Hannah, and guided the head to her waiting pussy. I didn’t ease it in, but pushed it in hard. When I had the whole length filling her wet hole, I told the blonde to push her pussy into Hannah’s mouth. Hannah sucked her clit like a good little bitch. As I fucked her pussy I watched her eat the blonde, and I spanked her ass as hard as I could. I could tell Hannah was close to cumming, so I reached up and pulled her hair as I fucked her even harder. As Hannah screamed out with her orgasm, I pulled out of her pussy and replaced it with my tongue. She tasted so fucking good, and I buried my tongue deep inside of her to get all of her love juices. After a while her orgasm subsided, I untied her and took her in my arms. Hannah was so pleased that she had made me happy, we kissed and played with the cum on her body. We both tasted the salty flavour of the man’s sperm on her face.

After that we decided it was time to leave, so we got composed and headed to the door. We were once again greeted by the man who let us in. I remembered my earlier promise to him when we entered. I pushed Hannah to her knees, and reached out and unzipped his trousers. As I reached inside his underwear I felt a huge cock. I pulled it out and pushed Hannah’s face closer. Without being told, she took his cock deep into her mouth. I grabbed it and started to stroke it as Hannah worked her magical mouth around the head. After a few minutes he was ready to shoot his load. I pulled Hannah’s head back and kept stroking his cock. I told her to open her mouth, then I aimed the head right at her mouth. As he started to cum, I moved his cock around so that all of his semen would cover her face. Soon she was covered in her cum, I made her swallow all she could, I then cleaned up what I could with my finger and made her lick them clean. I pulled her to her feet and we continued to the car. When we were alone I asked her how she liked it. Hannah didn’t say a word, she just grabbed at my shorts and yanked them down. Soon her mouth was all over my pussy, she made me cum so hard, so quickly. When I had finished she kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful evening, and asked if we could do it again sometime. I agreed then we drove home.

That night Hannah and I made the greatest love we have ever had. We haven’t gone back to that club yet, but when I think my slave needs another night of humiliation, we will be there!!

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