The Beta Delta House

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Penn kneeled before him as he inspected her naked body. He used his riding crop to skim her body. Up her arms, down her backside, the leather slid across her skin. He inserted the end between her thighs and pushed her right leg outward, signaling Penn to open her thighs wider. As Penn complied with the motion, she felt herself growing wet. He circled her again.

“Of course, I’ll want her shaved.”

June nodded from the side of the room and noted his request on her clipboard.

“I want her hair in soft curls for the next week. I may change my mind later, but for now, curls, I think.” June again scribbled on her clipboard.

Next, he took the crop and lightly tapped Penn on her rounded ass. “Stand,” he commanded.

Again, Penn followed his request and again, she felt aroused.

He walked close to her and brought his face to her neck. He inhaled deeply before he took a step back. “Lilies,” he stated. “She’ll wear the essence of lilies.”

And with that, he turned and exited from the room, the soft red carpet cushioning his footsteps.

A few minutes later, Penn, wearing a robe, was following June through the large house. While she hadn’t been instructed to be quiet, Penn knew that this was not the time to ask the millions of questions running through her head.

They walked down the central stair well and entered what felt like an entirely different world. The lights were dimmer. The red carpet was replaced with cold marble tile. The quietness of the previous floor was replaced with the sounds of people and socializing. Penn tried to gather everything in. June began to fill her in and ushered Penn through the first door on their right. The entire south wing of the floor was a room of at least 30 single beds.

“This is the dorm,” June explained. “You’ll sleep in here unless it’s been decided that you’ll spend the night elsewhere.” June pointed over to a empty bed a few feet from the door. “That’s your bed.” Penn noticed the few people still sleeping in the room, and quickly deduced that the sleeping quarters were co-ed.

Without another word, June turned at left the masturbasyon porno room, following for Penn to follow her.

Down the hallway, the two came to the female bathroom. Giggling came from inside.

“Hello ladies,” June sang as she entered the room. She was greeted with similar words by the women at the sinks doing their hair and make up. There was a row of stalls to the right, directly across from a row of sinks. June pushed the door to one stall open and made sure that Penn noticed the presence of a bidet. Penn looked questioningly at June.

“They’re in each stall,” June said. “They’re the best way to stay clean. You’ll learn to use them eventually.” She led Penn behind the wall of the sinks where the room opened up to the steam filled communal showers.

Penn was surprised by the beauty of the two women who were showing in front of her. One woman, with gorgeous full breasts and short blond hair, had a tattoo on her back of the Golden Gate Bridge. The other, a shorter petite woman with long red hair, smirked when she say Penn notice the presence of her clit piercing.

And with that, June was leading Penn back out the bathroom. Immediately, they entered a large closet and June pulled the light switch overhead.

“This is where you’ll find all your grooming products. Everything you should ever need should be here. If by chance you need something and it’s not here, just ask and we’ll get it. You’ll see, on this shelf, we have razors, that shelf has all the hair products… oh and don’t forget the nail polish,” June said. She reached in the back of a bin on the left and pulled out a small bottle with clear liquid inside. “Here’s the essence of lily that he wants you wear. You’re lucky. No one else currently wears that — you’ll stand out.”

Penn reached out and grabbed the vial, holding it tight in her palm. She was so nervous. Was she really ready for this? Was this really for her?

They continued walking down the hallway, passing rooms with doors open and men and women laughing and talking and crying. The final stop for Penn was her shared mature porno room. June opened the room and let Penn enter first.

“This will be your room. You share it with four other girls. This closet is yours. All your clothes will be here in an hour. That’s your desk. Make sure you keep this clean. Remember that you have to keep up with your classes — but no one will listen if you complain because of all the academics you have to do.”

Penn nodded as she looked around. June ripped a page off her clipboard and handed it to Penn. “These are your instructions for today. Make sure you follow them to the letter. He won’t be happy if you don’t. Meet him at the top of the central stairs in 2 hours. Don’t be late.” And with that, June was gone.

Penn looked at her instructions.

1. Shave your legs and underarms.

2. Shave your cunt.

3. Wear essence of Lily.

4. Wear your hair with soft curls.

5. Wear make-up — waterproof mascara or no mascara.

6. Wear the robe you are wearing (and nothing else).

Penn’s heart raced.

Penn looked at her watch. She was 5 minutes early. She stood at the top of the steps, thinking of how her day started.

****She stood, blindfolded, hands tied behind her back, against the wall. She had no idea where she was. She knew there was people in the room, but she didn’t know who or how many.

“Is she a virgin?” a man with a deep voice asked.

“No,” a man answered.

“Has she ever been with a woman?” the deep-voiced man asked again.

“Not that she told us.”

“What is her experience with anal sex?” a woman asked.

“She’s never even experimented. The idea of it grosses her out and it’s not something she lists as erotic.”

“Any health concerns?”


“Is she on birth control?”

“Yes. She’s on the ring, but she also uses condoms.”

“She’s very hairy. Has she had a master before?”

“No. But she watched Secretary and found herself very aroused by it.”

“What is her level of sexual satisfaction?”

“She enjoys pleasing someone. milf porno She enjoys sexual stimulation but is unsure if she’s had an orgasm before.”

“Excellent candidate. I’m excited for this one Jon.”

“As am I James. There’ll be a lot of interest in this one.”***

Penn’s heart was racing as she stood at the top of the stairs. Obviously, he had been there at her private showing before her auction. Penn wondered which questions he had asked. Penn wondered if he had been the one who asked permission to pinch her left nipple. She remembered how good it had felt when the man rolled it between his fingers…

And then, suddenly he was standing there in front of her. He looked her up and down.

“Come with me. First, you’ll have your exam. I’ll supervise.”

He led her down a hallway and into a doorway marked “Exam Room 1.” Penn stood reserved, in the doorway. The room was relatively bare. It had white walls, cupboards on one wall and an exam table in the center of the room.

He looked at her with little sympathy. “Take off your robe and get on the table,” he said firmly. Penn could barely move she was so nervous. Slowly, she slid off her robe and hung it on the hook by the door. She approached the table and stepped up to the end. Before she could climb up, he grabbed her left arm and spun her around. He put his lips to her ear and whispered “when I tell you to do something, I expect you to comply, quickly and appropriately. Understand.”

Penn nodded.

“Good. Now get on the table. The doctor will be in soon.”

And with that, the doctor came in the room, shutting the door behind her. Penn was surprised to see that it was the red-haired woman from the showers. The doctor skimmed Penn’s chart as she rolled her chair to the table. Penn scooted back from the doctor, nervous by the proximity of the beautiful woman.

“Greta, I think I only want a basic today,” he said. She nodded in response as she pulled the stirrups out from the table.

“Lay back and put your heels up,” she instructed. Penn complied.

“Now scoot down.”

“More,” the doctor demanded, growing impatient. “There you go honey,” she said when Penn’s pelvis was hanging off the table, her vulva and anus fully exposed.

“Penn, I don’t want you to move through this procedure. If you do, I’ll be punishing you” he said. “Do you understand?”

A tear slid from Penn’s eye as she nodded.

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