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Something new. Something shiny. That’s what he always went to, what he always wanted and what he made sure he got.

She was new in many ways – new to the company (his administrative assistant), new to the city (left Ohio for Chicago 3 weeks ago), and new to life (graduated community college 1 month ago). He was jaded by comparison, at least 15 years her senior, with a wealth of experience in getting what he wanted.

She wasn’t shiny like the rest of the women he met in Chicago, polished and glossy. She was shiny in that she glowed with life – excited to be starting out in a new place, eager to do a good job. He liked that especially – eager.

Used to office politics and the cliché of men in power and their secretaries, he moved slowly, manipulating the scene until he had her in a perfect position. The way she had fumbled his coffee when his hand had brushed her thigh had him biting back a smile. They both apologized but neither forgot.

The way she’d accidentally (he almost laughed) opened the door to find his Wednesday lunch date straddling his lap (they hadn’t gotten anywhere yet, but his admin had dropped her folders and backed out double time). His Wednesday hadn’t realized his almost brutal intercourse that day had been with visions of the innocent admin in his mind. Regardless, his Wednesday had only been a little put out when he indicated it was their last meal. Later that day, the admin and he had both apologized but again, neither forgot.

The way she’d stumbled when he’d said her name from behind as she window shopped. He’d caught her arm and apologized and bought her a cup of coffee. He knew her routine; he knew where she lived, where she played, how she liked to daydream on Sunday afternoons in the window seat of her apartment.

He maneuvered and stalked his prey. He seduced and teased his prey. He went for the throat when he decided to pounce.

“Lucy, I need you to work a little late tomorrow,” Steve said into the intercom on his desk. He leaned back in his chair, idly tapping his pencil on the blotter. It was time the delectable Lucy satisfied more than his business needs.

“No problem, Mr. Grant,” she answered.

She was such a good girl, he bit back the chuckle. “Thank you,” he replied, “I’m sorry for the short notice and the Friday evening. Maybe I could offer dinner afterwards?”

“It’s not a problem,” she said, “You don’t have to worry. I’ll heat something from the freezer when I get home.”

“The ever-practical Lucy,” he chuckled and switched off the line. He didn’t say it, but she wouldn’t be home until at least Saturday morning.

He’d never looked forward to a Friday so much, he thought, dropping into his chair with his morning coffee and the phone messages. He flipped through, returned the immediate needs and pinned the rest to his to-do sheet. He’d awakened with an erection that was still at half-mast despite the morning shower time. He’d adjusted his attire accordingly, wearing the longer suit jacket to hide the impressive bulge in his slacks.

His father had taught him many things – not the least of which were the ways to hide inappropriate behaviors. He couldn’t count the times in high school and college where his behavior would have gotten him expelled had he been caught. Even now, he though back to the admin he’d had 2 years ago and their brief steamy encounter in the file room. He’d had her against the library ladder, his dick buried as deep as it could go, when Mr. Clancy Junior had walked in. They had had less than a minute to straighten up before he’d come around the end of the shelving and saw Sue Ellen on her knees putting a book away (her panties at her knees and blouse buttoned crooked unseen) and Steve on the ladder with another book (the thick wood rail hiding his straining erection). Mr. Clancy Junior had greeted them, picked up the book he wanted Bycasino and left. Seconds later, Steve finished Sue Ellen dog-style, her cries muffled against the thick carpet.

“Good Morning, boss,” Lucy breezed in with the mail, setting it on his desk and checking his mug to see if he needed a refill.

“My ray of sunshine,” he teased, studying her. She wore a spring dress, light purple with pale, muted flowers. It had short cap sleeves that left her arms delightfully bare, a swirling skirt just past the knee and a fitted bodice that emphasized the firm fullness of her womanly curves. His mouth watered and his pants tightened.

It was a busy day, more so because he couldn’t focus. He worked through lunch, ordering in, in the effort to clear up matters before six. When everyone left, he’d have time to relax – and enjoy Lucy. He made sure to have her in his office at 5:30, taking dictation, so that most people wouldn’t realize she was staying late. He’d made it a common practice for himself – although it was rarely to work. He had various “help” come by in the evenings, most recently a string of Thursdays with a redhead with a lush mouth and flexible throat.

Just before six, Steve crossed to the door and shut it against the evening noise. Lucy didn’t even look up from her notepad. He moved to stand behind her, seeing her glance at him and the pencil hesitate. Finishing the memo, he waited for her pencil to stop, then settled his hands on her shoulders.

“Have you ever considered how lonely it is at the top?” he asked casually. He felt her tremble under his hands and tried to contain his desire to savage.

“Not really, Mr. Grant,” Lucy answered, wondering what he was talking about. His hands were big and warm, her skin heating at his touch. She wished he wouldn’t touch her, since her body seemed to react so strongly, so inappropriately. He was her boss after all, not a potential date.

“Come now, Lucy,” he chided, his hands gently kneading, “You come in to a high-power job every day and go home to an empty apartment. I come in to a high-power job every day and go home to an empty apartment.” He felt her relax a little as his hands continued to massage.

“My job is hardly as high-powered as yours, Mr. Grant,” she murmured. His hands felt good, strong. She let her eyes drift closed and her imagination filled with images of those hands touching her in other places. She’d dreamed about his hands since the first time he’d accidentally touched her.

“Sure it is, Lucy,” he said softly, leaning down close to her ear, “You’re the woman behind the power. You keep me organized and on time.” She laughed a bit breathlessly and he took the next step. “Do you know how it sounds when you say my name? I get hard listening to your voice…”

She jerked in surprise, turning to look at him. He smiled at her. “Mr. Grant?” she gasped.

“Even better,” he grinned. She pulled away, standing, turning to face him, her eyes wide and shocked.

“Mr. Grant, you can’t say…think of such…ohhh.” He’d caught her hand and yanked her against him faster than she could think. His body was lean and hard, his grip strong, his arms warm as he held her. Then he kissed her. Deep and hungry, as if he had the right, as if they knew each other well, as if they were going to be intimate. She managed to pull away, but not before her whole body was heated and trembling.

“Mr. Grant. Please, don’t,” she started, pressing her hand to his lips before he could kiss her again. He was her boss. It was up to her to stay aloof, to keep a professional distance…despite how much she want another kiss like that.

“Are you an innocent?” he murmured, kissing the fingers at his lips and making her pull them away with a hiss. “A virgin, waiting for her wedding night?” The thought only increased his lust.

“What? Bycasino giriş No. I’m not…Mr. Grant, that’s not the point,” she was flustered, surprised, and aroused. She could feel the hardness of him strain against her belly, like something alive, and her own body tightened. She’d put her own needs on the back burner to further her career…but that seemed like a bad decision right now.

“We’re two adults, single, alone,” he murmured, stroking a hand down her back, savoring her helpless shiver. Her skin was warm, soft, flushed…

“You’re my boss,” she protested feebly. He stroked his hand down her back again, this time unzipping her dress. Her hands clutched his jacket, but not to push him away. He hid the smile of victory.

“Which can be taken two different ways,” he whispered, sliding his hand under her dress to stroke her bare back, feeling her vertebrae, realizing how delicate she was and feeling himself harden even more. “One – we know each other from working side by side, day after day, and this is the next logical step.”

“I don’t…” she started, pushing away, unable to break free. He backed her to the desk, pinning her hips against the heavy wood with his body. The war inside her between heat and nerves had her squirming against him until he groaned.

“Or two – it’s your job to satisfy my needs in the office,” he bent his head, nuzzling her throat, “and we’re still in my office…” She whimpered a little as he licked her throat, nipped her earlobe. “Either way, I intend to have you.”

“But I saw you with the woman last week,” she gasped. She hadn’t been able to get the image out of her mind, her dreams filled with images of her instead of the woman, riding him eagerly. She moaned softly as he tugged her dress down, baring her to the waist.

She hadn’t worn a bra. He was stunned, viciously aroused, even more eager to have her. He cleared his desk with one arm, lifting her to the polished walnut. “Deaddra was a passing fling,” he growled, cupping her breasts in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over her tight points, “She’s no longer in the picture.” Lowering his mouth, he sucked one nipple deep. “I only see you…now…Lucy. I have to have you now.”

His mouth was on one breast, then the other, making her moan, her body tight, aching. He stood between her legs, his hard bulge pressed against her cleft, the material between them not masking the heat of their desire. This was so wrong for her career. This felt so right as a woman.

Steve licked, suckled, savored her breasts, then trailed his tongue lower, sliding his hands up her legs, under the violet silk. Here she’d worn white lace, a small swatch covering her mound. He licked his lips, bunching her dress at the waist, wanting more than anything to rip the lace with his bare hands. He pressed a hot kiss to her belly, his grey eyes dark on hers.

“Do it,” she whispered, her green eyes wide and sharp, “Do it, Mr. Grant.”

“My name is Steve,” he growled, wanting her more than his next breath but somehow hesitant now that he had her.

“But you love it when I call you Mr. Grant,” she teased, her voice breathy and young. He couldn’t deny it. He’d already told her and the way his eyes darkened and narrowed would have given him away.

“So I do,” he chuckled. Fisting his hands in the thin lace, he yanked apart, the material ripping, Lucy gasping. She was shaved bare, her sex already swollen, glistening for him. Hunger swelled and he groaned as he dropped to his knees, pressing her thighs apart with his hands, feasting on her hot, wet folds.

Lucy writhed on the desk, her hands in her hair, on her breasts, as Steve’s mouth tortured her. His tongue, big and rough, stroked her, explored her. He suckled and slurped and nibbled everywhere, sending lightning bolts of pleasure through her, making her Bycasino deneme bonusu gasp and buck. He lifted her knees over his shoulders and slid her ass towards him, tilting her and spreading her with his thumbs, exposing her clit to his teeth. She clutched his hair, the edge of the desk, as he focused on the nub, licking, biting, sucking, and she moaned. He shifted his hand, cupped her ass, and drove his middle finger deep into her pussy. She cried out, pushing her hips against his hand as he finger-fucked her, still feasting. He added a second finger, a third, and she came hard and fast.

Lucy arched up, her hips thrusting against his hand, her inner muscles clamping on his fingers as she cried out. “Mr. Grant!”

He couldn’t wait any longer. Steve yanked his hand from her, practically ripping open his fly as he stood and shoving slacks and boxers to his ankles. She was perfectly positioned, her legs draped over his shoulders, her pussy quivering as he took his thick cock in hand, dragged his fat head along her slit.

“I’m not going to use a rubber,” he growled, pressing his head against her opening, leaning close to her. His eyes met hers, seeing the orgasm swirling in hers, seeing how she tried to comprehend. “I only fuck a woman raw,” he said, pushing his head inside her, stretching her wide with his thickness. Her eyes half-closed in pleasure. “So I can empty my seed inside her hot body,” he finished, pushing deeper, short thrusts penetrating further and further.

“Mr. Grant,” Lucy moaned, shivering, as more and more of his thick shaft stretched her, throbbed inside her.

“So I can fill her completely,” he groaned, tilting his hips, savoring the site of his red flesh disappearing between her pink lips. Then he was in, buried to the balls, wrapped in the hottest, softest place on earth.

“Oh yes…” they both sighed. He began to move slowly, short thrusts that gradually became longer, harder. Smooth strokes that gradually became demanding. He leaned into her, plunging deep again and again, his hands on her breasts, her hips, stroking, controlling. He couldn’t get enough of her cunt, so slick, so hot. The friction of his cock against her passage made their sex even hotter. Steve slid his hands down to her thighs, driving up into her harder.

Lucy arched with a sob, her body spasming around his cock, squeezing him like a fist. Her cries became breathless as her body tensed, her hips bucking, echoed by his long groan of pleasure. Her pussy gushed, enveloping his throbbing dick with her cum. Steve slid out with an erotic slurp that had them both quivering.

“More,” he groan, turning her, bending her over the desk and thrusting deep. She cried out, her pussy rippling around him, as he gripped her hips, ramming his penis into her again and again. He was swelling, his body tensing, as he drove her hard, hips slapping her ass. This is what he burned for…the power to control her pleasure, to take his own.

“Yes…yes,” he grunted, his balls drawing up tight as his cock pulsed, swelled…and erupted. His cum spewed inside her, the rush of heat making her strain against the desk, crying out as she came again. He groaned as he pumped his hips to her ass, ejaculating again and again until he emptied into her core. He leaned against her body, breathless and spent.

“Oh…,” Lucy moaned as he slid free and left her against the desk, staggering back to drop into one of the chairs before his desk. “Mr. Grant…” She turned, walked carefully to kneel before him. Her hands cupped his spent cock, a little smile on her lips as he flinched with the light touch on his sensitive flesh. With a wink, she lowered her head and began to lap at him, cleaning their cum from his cock.

“Come home with me, Lucy,” he growled, letting his head fall back, his eyes closing. His body hummed with the stroking of her tongue. He’d known she’d be enjoyable…but this was working out better than he’d thought.

She lifted her head to look at him through wide dark eyes. “I only have one question…without the office, who gets to be in charge?” The sparkle in her eyes told Steve this was only going to get better.

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