Team Bonding Ch. 02

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Ass Licking

With time against them, the two girls set to work silently, neither knowing quite what to say. Working together back to back they managed to untie the knots and free their arms, allowing their bras and blouses to fall to the ground. Each girl then removed their soaked, sticky panties and stood naked. Neither could believe what was happening but although they hardly dared admit it, their situation was deeply exciting and secretly they wondered what more was in store. There was something so sexual about being forced to submit completely that even if the door in front of them was unlocked, neither girl could say for sure whether they would leave now or stay and face the consequences.

After exactly ten minutes their teacher re-entered the room. He was pleased with what he saw. The two girls facing him had tight young bodies, with firm breasts and flat stomachs. Their nipples remained hard and their pussies glowed red from their previous trial. He motioned them to one corner of the room where two thin pillars rose from the floor to the ceiling about five feet apart.

‘Stand against these poles facing each other,’ he commanded.

They did as they were told as he continued;

‘The second stage of your lesson will be a development from the first, again focussed on teamwork and cooperation. However, since you proved yourself so well earlier, this stage will be considerably more advanced.’

With another length of rope in his hand he stepped up to Emma. Her wrists were quickly tied and her arms raised above her head. The rope was tied to the post as high as possible, stretching her slender body. Bindings were placed around her waist and also above and below her breasts, ensuring that not only was her top half completely immobile, but also that her bosom was pushed upwards provocatively. Emma tested the restraints to no avail, enjoying the helpless feeling. As she struggled she watched the same ties being applied to Sarah on the opposite post.

Once satisfied their teacher returned to the box at the edge of the room and produced two bright red ball gags and what looked to be two dildos with some kind of harness attached. Both girls gasped as he brought these toys over but were quietened as he forced the gags between their lips, tying them behind their necks and also to the posts, holding the rubber firmly in place but also ensuring they could not move their heads. Now all the girls could do to display their displeasure was moan through their gags.

‘Now, open your legs,’ he ordered.

Sarah was slow to respond, porno izle again feeling a little vulnerable, so she received a hard slap to the inside of her thigh as her legs were pushed apart. He then picked up the first dildo and began to stroke it between her pussy lips. Again her body betrayed her as the toy rubbed over her clit pleasurably. She tried to buck her hips, enticing him to continue touching her. Instead the dildo was slid slowly and easily into her still wet cunt, eliciting a moan of pleasure from behind the gag as the fake cock filled her pussy. Once fully inside her, the harness was fitted. One strap over her hips and two around the top of her thighs held the toy in place. It was then that Sarah noticed an additional piece of the harness. Positioned over her pussy was a butterfly shape, and a small cylindrical shaped bulb pressed directly onto her clit. Before she had chance to ponder this her legs were pushed back together and further bindings were tied around her, above and below her knees and around her ankles. These ropes were then tied around the post.

Emma received the same treatment until both girls were stood facing each other, watching as their partner squirmed in their bindings, completely immobile save for the ability to wiggle their toes. Watching each other tied in exactly the same way as the models in the pictures they had enjoyed that morning produced the same feelings of arousal, as well as amazement that this could be happening to them. Their teacher broke their chain of thoughts;

‘In case you hadn’t realised yet, pressed so perfectly against your clit is a small but powerful vibrator. It is controlled by this wonderful device.’

From the box he produced two matching collars.

‘These collars,’ he explained, ‘will monitor your pulse and your breathing rate. As these variables increase, the level of the vibrators will increase. Therefore, the more aroused you are, the faster the vibrators will run.’

‘Aren’t they wonderful!’ he smiled. ‘Now here’s the catch. The collar to your vibrator Emma will be placed around Sarah’s neck and vice-versa.’ He did just that, clipping the collars firmly in place. Immediately the toys clicked into life, a low and deeply pleasurable buzzing against their clits.

Emma looked so erotic, bound and helpless, the gag and collar adding to the effect. Sarah tried to focus and control her reactions, but she could not take her eyes off her naked friend and could do nothing to prevent her arousal from rising. As her pulse and breathing quickened she amatör porno saw Emma flinch as the vibrations increased. By now Emma’s pussy was burning with desire. ‘This feels so good!’ she thought to herself guiltily as low moans of pleasure escaped her gagged lips. Her face was flushed, her breathing laboured and her nipples stood full and erect. Obviously her arousal was picked up by her collar and her pleasurable thoughts were interrupted as Sarah let out a whimper, her vibrator making a marked increase. Try as she might to fight it, Sarah could feel an orgasm beginning in her body. Her pussy and nipples tingled; her skin glowed and was damp from perspiration. A thin trail of saliva escaped her gagged lips, running down her chin and onto her breasts. To Emma, the sight of her friend drooling was both degrading and humiliating and yet was turning her on immensely. This was transferred directly to Sarah’s pussy. The vibrations seemed to fill her cunt, her pussy lips clamped around the dildo filling her. Her thighs were sticky from her cum and her legs shook in their bonds as the orgasm approached. She was almost hyperventilating from desire and, just as the orgasm struck, she opened her eyes and saw the effect her actions were having on her friend. The huge climax that raced through her body, plus her restraints, plus the sight of her friend squirming and panting in front of her was almost too much and she screamed through the gag.

Emma pulled and tugged at her ties, her body shaking uncontrollably. Her pussy was on fire and as her own orgasm overtook her she too let out a scream. However, there was to be no respite. Sarah’s panting and screaming ensured that the vibrations in Emma’s pussy only increased. A second earth-shattering orgasm hit her as powerfully as the first. By now her engorged clit was hypersensitive and the vibrations were becoming painful.

‘Oh God! Please make it stop!’ she cried out through the gag.

But Sarah was in no position to help. She knew she had to try and control her reactions, but her friend’s cries sounded so sexy through the gag, so instead of calming down, her own second orgasm approached. By now she was drooling freely from her gag, saliva running over her bare breasts and down her stomach. She was covered in sweat and the juices from her pussy were running down the dildo and coating her thighs. Again she screamed and her legs buckled as she climaxed.

Soon both girls were screaming continuously. For a listener outside the room it must have sounded like anal porno they were being tortured. Neither cared for the other’s predicament, all they were focused on was their own burning bodies. Their eyes were wide and tears flowed freely down their cheeks, the mixture of feelings so intense as further orgasms racked through their bodies. Emma lost count of the number of times she came, the vibrations on her clit were like painful electric shocks, but even the pain was adding to her arousal. She was gasping for breath, fighting her ties and trying in vain to remove the vibrator from her clit. Her vision began to blur as it all became too extreme. The hypersensitivity, the pain and the arousal were too much and she blacked out, slumping into the restraints. As a result, eventually the vibrations in Sarah’s pussy began to decrease. She had been climaxing almost continuously for God knows how long and as it all subsided all she could do was sob through the gag. In time it stopped altogether and she hung limply in her ties, all her energy drained.

The next thing Sarah felt was the touch of her teacher. He was slowly releasing her ties from bottom to top and as her wrists were freed she fell to the floor, still too weak to stand on her own. With her eyes closed from exhaustion she heard him leave the room. Eventually she had recovered enough to get up. The harness around her waist was taken off and the sticky dildo gently removed, her pussy still sensitive. She then stood, stretched and walked to her still unconscious friend. Removing Emma’s gag she affectionately stroked her face.

‘My poor, poor baby’ she whispered. She untied Emma and tenderly lowered her to the ground. Holding her in her arms she unfastened the harness and gingerly removed the dildo, throwing it to one side. Sarah then continued to stoke her friends face until she came round.

‘It’s all right, it’s over now’ she whispered as Emma blinked in the light. Once they had both recovered they took stock. At one end of the room hung their own clothes. Quickly they got dressed and left the room to be greeted again by the receptionist, who gave them a knowing smile.

‘Here are your certificates. You have both passed the course, and although your teamwork was not exactly perfect your teacher hopes you have learnt a lot about yourselves and each other.’

With that they were shown to the door, each girl quiet and reflective. Their ordeal had been incredible but awakened inside them was an unknown desire. What was to happen next neither girl knew but each was sure that the websites that had got them into this trouble would be visited again.

Their contemplation was interrupted by the receptionist.

‘Sorry girls, I forgot to ask. We have an advanced class that you can start in ten minutes. Can I tempt you?’

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