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Tanya and I were strolling, hand in hand, down the supermarket aisle. With my free hand I pushed the trolley and with hers she occasionally dumped things into it as we passed the shelves. It was a blazing hot summer’s day and we were dressed to suit it. I had on only a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Short shorts, because Tanya hated those long things that come to your knees or lower that are all the fashion now. She wouldn’t let me wear them. That was fine because I didn’t like them either. After all, if you’re trying to catch the sun, or get a tan, what’s the point of covering up half of yourself? So short shorts and nothing else under them. She liked it that way and so did I.

Tanya was wearing one of my shirts. You know the type – short sleeves but with a tail at the back to tuck into your trousers. Except Tanya wasn’t wearing any trousers. She knew that I adored her dressing in one of my shirts. I found it immensely sexy and erotic to see her bare legs, beautiful legs at that, appearing from under the shirt. It hinted at what remained hidden, something I was intimately acquainted with, but nevertheless, the hint was always there. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, but that didn’t matter because Tanya has the most gorgeous, small, round, firm breasts that stand up on their own without the need for support. Her nipples are large and round and brown and pointed, and right now they were clearly visible beneath the shirt, straining against the confines of the material and offering themselves to whoever may wish to lick, suck, kiss or rub them. Me. Evidently they wanted to break free of the shirt and take a peek at the outside world.

The only concession that Tanya, reluctantly, made to society on this occasion was that she wore pants under the shirt. Not often, I hasten to add. Normally, when wearing one of my shirts for me, she wore nothing under it. If we were at home, out in a park, or someplace where there weren’t many people she wouldn’t wear any. This invariably led to us enjoying some sex somewhere, right up to orgasms for us both. We usually managed to find a place where we could pleasure each other and bring each other to climax, no matter where we were.

But even Tanya had to admit, it’s a bit difficult in a supermarket.

So, pants under the shirt, and if Tanya had to collect an item for our trolley from a low shelf, if there were other shoppers around she crouched daintily and demurely and retrieved it. If the aisle was empty she made a point of bending right over in front of me to show me her pants, the tops of her soft thighs, and the thin line of material that, just, covered her cunt, which was a bit irrelevant as the pants were see-through. She wiggled her ass at me too, when she could. She knew that I enjoyed looking at her body, any part of it, at any time, and she enjoyed reminding me and offering me views at every opportunity.

So we proceeded down the aisle, hand in hand and loving every minute of each other’s company. We had known each other for six months, and our sex life was unbelievable **. She adored me and I adored her. She was quite small, beautiful with a gorgeous figure, long flowing dark tresses of hair, her body was soft and warm and there whenever I wanted it (as mine was for her) and when I was close to her or touching her luscious little body I always had difficulty tearing myself away from it.

She took our sex to levels and heights that most men could only ever dream of. She was clever, quick, intelligent and her eyes sparkled frequently. She was impish and devilish and made every day and every little mundane item in life seem interesting. I blessed the day I met her.

“Davey,” she said, chucking something into the trolley, “how do you feel about a threesome?”

“Which way?” I asked immediately.

She looked at me. “Either way. A man or a girl.”

I remained quiet for several moments.

“You don’t like the idea, do you?” she observed. “It upsets you to think of another man fucking me.”

That’s another thing I adore about her. More often than not she has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly what I’m thinking or what I’m going to say.

“Yes,” I agreed. “It does upset me. But it worries me more. You have to be careful. What happens if we have a few drinks first and he gets a bit drunk or aggressive? What happens if he’s bigger or stronger than me, loses control and either injures me or incapacitates me in some way and then just attacks you?”

I said this because I knew Tanya’s body intimately and I knew that any red blooded man seeing her as I do, lying on a bed half clothed or naked would not want to just have a blowjob from her or be wanked by her. He would want to fuck her, again and again. No, I didn’t like that idea.

** See “Tanya”.

Tanya looked alarmed at my words.

“Oh. I hadn’t thought of that,” she said. “You’re right.”

“And anyway, ” I went on, “how do I know that you might not come to enjoy his er—ministrations better than mine?”

“No Davey!” she cried very Escort bayan fiercely, and dropped a packet into the trolley, ran to me and clasped her arms round me, burying her face and her long hair against my chest. She hugged me very tightly.

“No!” she said again, her voice partly muffled. “Don’t you ever, ever, think that or say that again, Davey! You’re mine! I love you! I love you like crazy and I don’t want another man in my mouth or my cunt or even my hand. I adore you and only you, you great stupid lump and don’t ever, ever think I want any other man and don’t ever, ever say that again!”

Her body shook against my chest and I realised that she was actually sobbing. I stroked her hair and her back.

“I won’t, I won’t,” I promised softly. “I adore you too, you know that and I didn’t mean to upset you. I love that you love me, and I love loving you. And that’s what I’m going to do when we get home.”

“What are you going to do?” she asked in her small, muffled voice. She had stopped her sobs but stayed tight against my chest, hugging me for all she was worth. I could feel those beautiful nipples, well, one of them, pressing into my T-shirt and just begging to have some attention.

“I’m going to throw you on the bed,” I began softly. “I’m going to lick and kiss your legs, starting at your feet and working my way up to your knees. I’m going to undo two buttons of that shirt and then I’m going to lick and suck and kiss your beautiful breasts and nipples until they are so hard they hurt.”

And they almost did hurt, because I could feel that luscious point growing harder and pressing even more against my chest.

“And then I shall go back to your lovely legs,” I went on, “and start where I left off, at your knees, licking and kissing your thighs, first one and then the other, getting higher and higher, going under the shirt so I can reach the very tops of your soft, warm, fragrant thighs, tasting your delicious skin and feeling the warmth—“

I broke off as I realised that Tanya’s knees were trembling against me.

” – the warmth coming from between your legs as my tongue licks higher and higher, finding the edge of your pants and licking round them into your groin, and then across the material to the other side, just allowing my tongue to briefly brush across your cunt inside your pants –”

By now Tanya’s whole body was trembling but she still gripped me tightly and still kept her face buried against my chest.

“And then what?” whispered her muffled voice.

“Then I shall gently pull aside your pants and allow my tongue to brush against your cunt lips again. I shall taste your skin, your heat, your juice as you become wet and it runs out from you and onto my tongue. I shall just probe gently between your lips and find more heat and more juice. I shall drink deeply of it because it is my Tanya’s juice and I love to drink her nectar whenever I can.”

Tanya was now quivering in my arms and her legs were shaking. She squeezed me hard, which I took as a silent sign to continue.

“And then and only then, as I am tasting and drinking your warm heavenly nectar from deep inside your cunt, will my tongue find your button, that tiny place that is the root of all your ecstasy, that magical place that will start a feeling deep within you, and as I lick at your clit and flick my tongue over it, back and forth, your juice will flood out from you into my mouth, the feeling inside you will grow and grow and grow until it explodes out at the height of your ecstasy and you cum and cum and cum.”

As I spoke Tanya suddenly sagged against me, her knees and legs giving way so that I actually had to hold her up. She was breathing very fast and heavily, making a damp patch on my T-shirt and her body and legs quivered and shook against me for several moments. Tanya had cum.

Maybe a supermarket isn’t so difficult after all.

“She orlright, mate?” came a voice.

I looked round and saw an old man watching us.

“Just a bit weak at the knees,” I said. “It happens sometimes. It’ll pass.”

The old man harrumphed and moved away.

Gradually Tanya quieted down and regained her own feet.

She broke away from me and used a hanky to wipe her eyes.

“You – you – you!” she stuttered. Words seemed to fail her, very unusual for her.

I reached for her and hugged her gently.

“You absolute fucking bastard!” she murmured. “I don’t believe it! You – you – you actually made me cum by your words alone. In the middle of a shop! I just pictured it all as you spoke and you made me cum! You didn’t even fuck me! You just described how you licked my cunt and I came! You wonderful, gorgeous, sexy adorable bastard!”

(Couldn’t help a slight smirk at this. Well, wouldn’t you?)

Tanya looked round at the aisle.

“You’ve made me cum into my pants,” she said. “Oh, God, it’s running down my leg.” She gave a sort of wiggle as she rubbed her thighs together.

“Oh, good,” I Bayan escort said. “Then I can lick it off when we get home.”

“Don’t start again!” Tanya said. “Don’t! But yes, I want you to lick it off like you often do. Shut up Tanya!” she added to herself. “Come on, my sweet Davey. We still have shopping to do.”

We moved on, filling the trolley slowly and leisurely.

“I do love the feel of my cum in my pants, ” she said at one point. “All that lovely warm juice. Wish it was yours though.”

“It will be,” I promised.

And after a while she said, without looking at me, “What about a girl, then?”

I stopped and stared at her.

“But then you’re going to have the same worries too. Aren’t you? And you’d be happy with another girl? I mean, you wouldn’t mind having sex with another girl? Or me having sex with another girl?”

Tanya slowly shook her head thoughtfully.

“Actually, my lovely adorable Davey, I don’t think I would have those worries. Not if we planned it properly. I don’t think a girl could do anything to put me out of action like a man could to you. So, no, I don’t think I’m worried about that. And I have no problem about another girl. I’ve never done it before, but I don’t have a problem with it, and as I know you would love to have two girls in bed and it would give you great pleasure, then it would give me great pleasure too.”

She’s a girl in ten million, is my Tanya.

I pulled her to me and looked straight into her eyes.

“You’re wonderful,” I said, “and I adore you and love you, very, very much.”

She smiled and her eyes melted with the light of her own love in them as she looked at me.

“I know it,” she said, “And you know I do too.”

“And what,” I asked her with a twinkle in my eye, “about the possibility of me ending up preferring her cunt to yours?”

“It won’t happen,” she answered decisively. “And I’ll tell you why. You won’t put your cock anywhere near her cunt. She can wank you, suck you, give you a blowjob, you can even fuck her ass, but if I see your cock within an inch of her cunt, I’ll throw her out into the street just as she is, even if she’s bollock naked. And I’ll deal with you afterwards,” she added darkly.

“Yes sir!!” I grinned, and she grinned too because I knew she meant every word but she wanted to please me without any risks to either of us and that was fine by me and I adored her for it and loved her and I thought hell, she’d probably try to cut the bloody thing off if I didn’t keep my word.

“Agreed?” she asked.

“Yes, my sweet Tanya. If you’re sure you’re happy with the idea, then let’s do it. But I have to say I think you’ll find it very difficult to find someone who’ll agree to this plan. Most women want to be fucked and if I don’t —aaaahhh! I see.”

Light had suddenly dawned.

“That’s right,” Tanya grinned again. “I will. With my strap-on while you fuck her ass. Or her mouth. Whichever you want.”

I nodded.

“And you really think you’re going to find a girl who’ll agree to all this?” I wanted to ask about the other wet and dirty pleasures that Tanya and I so often enjoy together but I thought I’d wait a bit for that.

“And as for the other things we do together, Tanya went on, (see what I mean? Wonderful girl!) “I agree it won’t be easy but I’m going to try. Leave it to me.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The next few weeks passed enjoyably, with Tanya and I delighting in all the many and varied things that made up our sex together. In the hot weather we ended up sweaty, wet, and not only from the sweat, dirty, as we both enjoyed that too, and the bond and rapport between us grew and grew each passing day, as did our love and respect for each other. Both of us knew that neither would ever do anything to hurt the other, and that made our relationship something very, very special and very strong. It also made our sex incredibly passionate and our orgasms, whether together or separately, were always huge and often exhausting.

A girl in ten million.

Sometimes during those weeks Tanya would make or receive phone calls on her mobile, and this often meant that she would disappear into the bedroom and shut the door. She always spoke very quietly so that I couldn’t hear a word of the conversation. Once or twice I opened the door to enter the room and she always yelled at me to go away. Another man might have suspected that Tanya had a bit on the side, but I trusted her implicitly and knew that no such thing was happening. She never spoke about the conversations and shook her head if I asked, so I gave that up. Occasionally the aftermath of these phone conversations meant that she looked very glum but even if she did, it never prevented her from doing what she knew I liked in bed, or enjoying my own ways of giving her as much pleasure as she could physically take.

And then, one day, she came out of the bedroom, snapped her phone shut and looked at me, her eyes gleaming and sparkling in that Escort way that always made me want to take her in my arms, kiss her and then take her to bed and spend hours making her groan and cry with pleasure.

“It’s fixed!” she exclaimed.

Just for a brief moment I had to catch up with her, and then I said “Ah! It is?”

“It is!” she said. “I found a girl who agrees with everything we talked about before.”

“She does?”

“She does,” Tanya nodded. “Including the fact that your cock is not allowed near her cunt.”

“She does?”

“She does. And she is happy about our other pleasures. The wet and dirty ones.”

“She is?”

Tanya threw a cushion at me.

“Lump! Yes, everything.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, except for the obvious.


“A week next Friday. For the weekend.”


“Is that okay for you?” Tanya came to me looking concerned. “I can always make another day —“

“No, no,” I hastened to reassure her. “I was just really surprised that you actually found someone. A week next Friday is absolutely fine.”

Tanya gazed up at me. “It’s fine by me, too,” she whispered.

That night as we were preparing for bed and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth Tanya came out of the bedroom wearing a cotton top and long cotton pyjama trousers. I had never, ever seen her in such a get-up.

“What the hell is that?” I demanded. I looked her up and down. “Are you cold?”

As the temperature outside at night was still in the middle twenties, this was a ridiculous suggestion but it was the only thing I could think of.

Tanya came to me, cupped my face in between her hands and stared deep into my eyes.

“No, my sweet and lovely Davey. Of course not. I want to make a rule.”

Now Tanya and I have a complete understanding of each other. Neither of us ever dictates to the other. We might demand a special something jokingly, in fun, or during sex, that we want at that particular moment but in our everyday lives we always discussed things and agreed together, compromising if necessary. So Tanya’s request for a rule meant that this was a serious matter that needed my agreement or her compromise.

“Okay, my sweet. What is this rule you want?”

“No sex until she arrives,” said Tanya without hesitation.

“WHAT!” I cried and stepped back to look at her.

Never, never, has Tanya ever prevented me from having sex, at any time at home and often elsewhere. She has never had a headache or any other ailment that meant no sex and even that time each month which most people avoid wasn’t completely off-limits to us.

So this was a real shock and it showed on my face.

“I’m so sorry, Davey baby,” murmured Tanya miserably. “I really am sorry. I know it’s a shock but I really want this.”

“But why?” I protested. “Ten days or more without being able to give you pleasure, lick you, fuck you –”

“Stop it!” she cried, looking even more miserable. “Stop it please! You think I don’t want it? Want you? You think I don’t want to give you pleasure all the time like I do? Share pleasure with you like we always do? You think I’ve gone off you or your sex? No! It’s nothing like that.”

She cupped my face again and her eyes glistened with tears.

“Don’t be mad, my sweet Davey baby. Please?”

Of course my heart immediately melted. Yours would too.

“Okay, okay,” I reassured her. “I’m not mad. Of course I’m not mad with you. But please explain what’s behind this.”

“It’s simple,” she said softly. “I’ve thought about it quite a lot. I want us both to wait so that when she arrives and we start to enjoy the weekend, we’re both so full of sex that we’re bursting, and we’ll want it so much it should make our orgasms even better than they usually are.”

She paused and searched my eyes with hers.

“Do you understand me, Davey baby?”

As my heart had already melted into that goo that Tanya can soften it into on occasion, I was already lost to her request.

“I understand,” I murmured into her ear as I held her tightly against me. I could only just feel her breasts through that bloody material. But then, that was the idea.

“It was just that the thought of not being able to enjoy you, touch you, caress you, pleasure you, see and hear you explode with your orgasm in front of me was a huge shock. A nasty shock too.”

“I feel the same,” Tanya said, wiping her eyes with her fingers. “I’m going to miss your touches, your kisses on me, your tongue and most of all your beautiful cock, but please agree my sweet Davey. I’m sure we’ll both be pleased later that we did this.”

I cuddled her and stroked her hair.

“Of course I agree,” I said. “I don’t like it, of course, but I understand and I think you’re probably right, so I agree. You have your rule.”

“Thank you my sweet,” she said. “I thought about one last session before……but then I thought that would make it more difficult, so I’ve started it tonight.”

“So I see.”

She paused. “And Davey, one more thing, please.”

I raised an eyebrow, not completely happy that she was adding to the rule.

“No wanking yourself on the quiet, please Davey. No matter how much you want to.”

I sighed.

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