Tammy’s Mom Ch. 03

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It was an interesting week, waiting for Tammy to come home. Interesting for several reasons. The first was the time dilation effect, because the seven days before she was due seemed to last as many months! The second was what she was expecting of me, that I be the one to take her virginity. The third, that she had asked her mom to ‘get him warmed up, ready for me.’

Tammy had been my friend for over six years now, a skinny twelve-year-old beanpole of a tomboy when I met her, but while I’d been away at college the beanpole had transformed into a startlingly attractive young woman. The significant change in our relationship had been the conversion of Tammy from friend, to girlfriend, a slow and subtle process that had almost shocked me when I realized what had happened, but one which now filled me with a quiet content.

Content, yes, but a content that was enhanced by excitement, too, because Tammy’s mom, Jane, had been the one to inform me her daughter wanted me to take her cherry, an excitement compounded by the timing, as Jane told me just after we’d made love, on the day we’d seen Tammy off at the airport. I hadn’t expected to see Tammy again until she came home for the mid-semester break. That had changed when Tammy phoned her mom to confirm her safe arrival, but had told Jane that she’d be home the following Saturday, after her induction week at college, because there’d been a fire in the computer labs, and they needed remedial work expected to take a couple of weeks. Tammy’s timing was – interesting – as Jane had answered the call while she was riding me to climax! And never missing a beat, either.

So there I was, anticipating Tammy’s return the following Saturday. She’d emailed me, and told me she was sending me eight photos. As she’d told me, she was wearing eight articles of clothing. She sent three photos the first day, and would send one a day until the following Friday.

The first three photos had set the stage, without a doubt. The first, a full-length shot of Tammy, in a raincoat which covered her, stockinged legs and strappy sandals showing beneath it. The second, almost the same pose, but discarding her coat, blouse and skirt now revealed, and the third, with her coat removed, loosening her skirt.

Jane and I had slept together on the Sunday night, to our mutually exhausting satisfaction. When we’d discussed sex, after our first time, I’d told her about the ‘fuck buddy’ relationship I’d had with a girl at college, for mutual pleasure without strings attached, and she’d asked if I wanted to have one like it with her, ‘until Tammy comes home.’ Rejection of that offer was never ever a consideration, but we hadn’t anticipated Tammy being home again so soon. Tammy knew about her mom and me – after all, it was her idea! Sunday’s picture had shown Tammy skirtless, the tails of her blouse hiding all but the clips of her garter belt suspenders, and the tops of her stockings. She had adopted a relaxed pose, hands behind her back, a half-smile on her face. Pure tease!

Monday evening, Jane and I were planning another early night, and I was about to open Tammy’s fifth email to me. I was using the computer she had in her bedroom, on which she had set me up a user. She’d even used a photo of herself and Jane in bikinis for my wallpaper. One I’d taken, using Tammy’s camera.

“Jane, I’m just going to open today’s email from Tammy, okay? When I’ve done that, it must be very nearly our bedtime, no?”

Jane glanced at her watch and laughed. “Well, it is almost eight o’clock. Mind if I read the email with you?”

“Of course not.”

Email number five took me by surprise, as there were three photos attached, labeled 5a, 5b and 5c. I glanced at Jane and she shrugged. I opened the first, slightly surprised to still see the blouse, but Tammy had photographed herself unbuttoning it, and I grinned. In the second, she was opening it, and in the third it trailed off her arms behind her, revealing Tammy in skimpy lace bra, matching brief panties, stockings, and a lacy garter belt. There was no trace of the beanpole tomboy now, just a slender and lovely young woman.

I glanced across at Jane, and she smiled. “My daughter looks good.”

“Your daughter looks sensational. Takes after her mom.”

“Why, thank you, sir.”

“My pleasure, ma’am.”

“Swim before bed?”

“Sounds good. See you in the pool. I’ll just switch the computer off.”

We swam for half an hour, showered together, then made slow, delightful love before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms. Next morning, when I reached for Jane again, she stopped me.

“Sorry, Bill, curse time, I’m afraid, so no fuck-buddying for a few days. Maybe Thursday, probably Friday, and I’ll definitely be good for Saturday, when Tammy’s home.” She shrugged. “Of course, Tammy might have other plans.”

“Um, yeah. I guess.” I nodded. “Okay. Mom and Dad are home from their trip this evening, so I guess I’ll be sleeping at home in any case. And I have a job interview, Wednesday.”

“Good luck with that, uşak escort but come for a swim, or a chat, Bill, whenever you want. And can you come early on Saturday, so we can go to the airport to collect Tammy?”


She laughed. “Not quite. About eight-thirty?”

“I’ll be here.”

“Tell your mom and dad I’ve invited you to stay for a couple of days, for Tammy being home. Okay?”

“Will do.” I grinned. “I guess I don’t tell them what’s planned, then?”

“Best not, I think.” Jane grinned. “Would they understand? Parents can be surprising people, you know.”

“You don’t say.” I shrugged. “I don’t know. They still surprise me, even after twenty-two years.”

It was good to see Mom and Dad again, even though they’d only been away a couple of days. And I do enjoy Mom’s home-cooked food. A lot! I excused myself after dinner. I wanted to check for Tammy’s photo number 6. Only one this time, and she’d noted it ‘cool down time – but it’s a movie!’ I laughed when I realized, as she’d used the movie facility on her digital camera, but all it showed was Tammy kicking off her shoes, smiling at the camera. Roll on Tuesday! I had a bet with myself. She’d either be taking off the stockings, or the garter belt, but not both. I’d soon find out. For the first time in days, I masturbated before I slept.

I didn’t go around to the Burt house on Tuesday, as Jane had told me she’d be out all day. I caught up with some chores I’d been putting off and generally just pottered around all day. Tuesday’s email from Tammy took me by surprise. It shouldn’t have, I was getting used to her slanted sense of humor. Another video, but this time it showed Tammy just sitting on her bed. She stood, turned, and bent over to give me a sensational view of her ass, and the delighted realization that she was wearing a thong. She’d bent to pick something up from the floor and when she turned back to the camera I saw that it was a piece of card. She held it up to the camera and I read on it, ‘Intermission’. She winked, blew me a kiss and the video clip ended. Minx!

Wednesday I was up soon, shaved and showered, and into my good grey suit. Mom gave me the official parental approval – Dad was back at work – and hugged me, before she handed me the keys to her car.

“Drive safe, son, and good luck.”

My appointment was at ten, and I got there at ten to the hour. ‘There’ was Trueman Software. They were small, but had a good reputation. My Dad’s cousin Alice’s daughter Ellen had worked for them for almost two years and had told me they had a vacancy coming up. I’d applied, and I got an interview. Ellen had told me she had played no part in the decision – it was strictly Bill Trueman and his senior partner, Hank Walton, who decided. I was one of three candidates, and the last to be interviewed.

The office was small, open-plan, and busy. There was a bell for visitors, but Ellen spotted me and came straight over.

“Hi, Bill, good to see you again. How’re your Mom and Dad?”

“Fine, just got back from a visit to Aunt Jen’s.”

“Good. Look, you wait in here,” she said, ushering me towards a room off the main office, “and I’ll send Bill in.” She laughed. “I hope you get the job, but two Bills could be tricky.”

“Naah. Just ‘boss’ and ‘serf’ should do it.”

“Your sense of humor should fit,” said a new voice, and I turned. He held out his hand. “Bill Trueman. I guess you’re Bill Evans?”

“That’s me, Mr. Trueman.”

“Come on into the think tank, and let’s get to know each other.”

Trueman was shrewd, amiable, and he knew his programming, but then, I already knew that, from what Ellen had said. He asked some tricky programming questions, but I was on familiar ground there, and fielded them well, I thought. I got the feeling that Trueman thought so, too. It must have been nearly an hour later when he sat back and grinned at me.

“You’re our third candidate of three, Bill, but you’re the best. The job is yours, if you want it. What do you say?”

“I say yes, please,” I said.

“Okay. Keep it to yourself for a day or two, as I’ll need a while to let the other two know they missed out, this time. Now, come and meet the other guys. Ellen said she thought you were good, but she refused to take part in any selection process, as she didn’t want any accusation of bias. I value her opinion, but I could see her point.”

“Ellen suggested my college, same as where she graduated. My girlfriend has just started there. She’s a better programmer than me, in some areas.”

“Is she, now? You never know, we might have another vacancy by the time she graduates.” Trueman gestured. “I’ll be honest, Bill. As new boy, you’ll be getting some – okay, a lot – of the scut work, but I try to make sure everyone has something interesting to work on. We usually have enough.” He laughed. “More than we did, in fact, else we wouldn’t be hiring you.”

“Fair enough. I didn’t expect to start at the top.” I smiled to show that I was joking.

By now we’d reached muglalisahidi.com the other workstations. “Guys, this is Bill Evans. He’s the best of the three applicants, so I’ve offered him a place and he’s said yes. Bill, Ellen you obviously know, since she’s family. This here is Hank Walton, and beside Ellen is Jeff Ellis.”

Walton stuck out his hand. “Welcome to chaos, Bill.” I shook his hand, and he smiled amiably.

Ellis didn’t say anything, just stuck out his hand, nodding. We shook. I found out as time went on that Jeff never spoke much, but when he did, everyone listened.

“We could have a problem, Bill, with two Bills,” said Walton.

“I suggested ‘boss’ and ‘serf’,” I said. Walton laughed, and even Ellis half-smiled.

“What about your middle name, Bill?” said Ellen. I’d been just about to suggest it myself.

“My middle name is David,” I said. “I’m happy to answer to Dave.” I grinned. “At least, around the office.”

“Fair enough,” said Trueman. “When do you want to start? If you’re like me, the idea of earning some money will appeal.”

I laughed. “It does. How about a week next Monday? Gives me time to get myself turned around, and maybe do some revision. You pushed me on a couple of those questions.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Trueman. “A week Monday. You may have noticed, we don’t have a dress code here, so wear what you’re comfortable in.” He grinned. “We hire your programming talent, not your dress sense.”

I nodded. “Fine. I’m more the t-shirt and jeans type, anyway.”

“Do you want something to read over – Dave? I have a spec for a game module. It’s not urgent, but it’s something you might like to look at before you start.”

“Thanks, I’d like that. What time do you want me in?”

“Nine-thirty. We have a flexible approach to timekeeping here. We’re all expected to be here by nine-thirty, unless we have a meeting with a client, but you’ll need keys, and I need to get some more cut.” He rummaged in a drawer and passed me a folder. “Have a look at that. If you have any ideas, jot them down and we’ll look at them when you come in to start. For now, though, get yourself away. You’ll be seeing us again soon enough.”

A few more pleasantries, a kiss on the cheek from Ellen, and I made my way back to Mom’s car. I took a quick glance at the folder and smiled. Just the sort of work I’d been looking for. Great!

I couldn’t keep the grin off my face when I got home, and Mom smiled.

“You got the job?”

“I got the job.”

“Great! Celebratory meal tonight?”

“Up to you, Mom. I don’t need one. Just knowing I got it is enough.”

“We’ll see. Any plans for the rest of the day?”

“Email Tammy, let her know. And maybe go round for a swim after lunch. Jane Burt said to drop by any time if I wanted to use the pool.”

“That’s kind of her. And you’re staying over, Saturday and Sunday, after Tammy gets home?”

“Yeah, Mom. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not. Do you think Tammy and her mom would come to dinner, say, Tuesday?”

“Tammy, definitely. Her mom? Dunno, but I’ll ask her this afternoon, if you like?”

“Please. Okay, lunch? Any special fancies?”

“Something light, if I’m going for a swim, and you’re doing a special tonight,” I said, laughing.

Mom laughed. “Chicken salad sandwich?”


“You go send your email. By the time you’ve finished, your sandwich will be ready.”

Mom was as good as her word, and had delicious chicken salad sandwiches ready for us after I’d finished emailing Tammy. We chatted as we ate, mostly about my new job, and the fact that I’d be working with my dad’s cousin. At about two, I excused myself and took myself off to the Burt house. I had my Speedos rolled in my towel, but I knew I wouldn’t need them. I’d just dip them in the pool!

Jane answered my ring, damp, wearing a short toweling robe. Her face lit up, and she drew me indoors. As soon as the door closed behind me she was in my arms, and we were lost in a heated kiss. She broke it, smiling up at me, leaning back in the circle of my arms.

“I missed you.”

“Well, I have been gone for a full day.”

Jane laughed. “A long time! Here for a swim?”

“Yes, please, and to tell you that I got the job with Trueman Software.”

Her face lit up. “Great! Have you told Tammy?”

“Emailed her just before lunch. No answer yet, she’ll be in class. Speaking of food, Mom wants to ask you and Tammy round for dinner next Tuesday. Will you come?”

“Yes, of course. I like your mom. And your dad, even though he reminds me of my ex!” She smiled, to take the sting out of the words. I’d never met Bradley Burt, but I’d seen his photograph. In Tammy’s room. Jane had none on display, but, well, he is Tammy’s father. And yes, he looks a bit like Dad.

“Hey, not Dad’s fault,” I said, giving her a wry smile.

“I know. Come on, let’s swim, and then I think we might just run to a little celebration. What do you say to some Jane Burt special stimulation? Seeing that we can’t fuck because I’m having my monthly visitation from the fairies.” She grinned, taking my hand, and leading me towards the pool.

“You expect me to say no?” I said, squeezing her fingers. “Get real, Jane Burt!”

I was still tingling from Jane’s skilled mouth when I opened Tammy’s latest email. ‘Picture 7, plus bonus pic,’ it read, but there was another email, headed ‘read only after viewing picture 7 and bonus.’ Picture 7 was a still, showing Tammy unclipping her stockings from her garter belt, but the ‘bonus pic’ was another movie. In it, she loosened the garter belt and stroked it across herself, then held it at arm’s length, before dropping it to the floor beside her, but it was what happened next that surprised me, as she sat and sensuously slid her stockings down and off, letting them slither across her before dropping them to the floor. She smiled at the camera and blew a kiss to end the shot.

Smiling myself, I opened the extra email. This time, a note from Tammy, congratulating me on getting the Trueman Software job. But she went on, ‘as you saw from the bonus, I now have two days to go, and I have only bra and panties left to remove. Which means, sweetheart, that there’s a good chance you might see your Tammy naked before Saturday! I’ve enjoyed making these little teasers for you, but I want the reality of us being together to happen now, today, not Saturday! I have to go and change my panties now, as those I’m wearing are soaking. All your fault, Bill, and I expect you to make up for it on Saturday. Can’t wait to be home again. Love, Tammy.’

Well, it looked like I was in for a fun time!

Thursday morning I went shopping with Mom for the groceries. I think I surprised her, well, a little anyway. She was pleased, though, and we just chatted about everything and nothing, enjoying being with each other. When I thought about it, I realized it must have been seven or eight months since I’d last helped her like that, when I’d come home for a college break, before going back to sit my final exams.


“Yes, Mom?”

“Are you going to the Burt house for a swim after lunch?”

“Yeah, I guess. I like swimming, and it keeps me fit.”

“Do you think Jane would mind if I came along, too, sometime? Not today, I’m seeing your Aunt Carla for a coffee. Next week, maybe?”

“I don’t think she’ll mind at all, Mom. I’ll ask her today.”

“Good, I’ll look forward to it. I really would like a swim.”

Jane laughed when I told her. “That’s anything naughty off the agenda when your Mom’s here, Bill. Sure, tell her she’s welcome. What day, did she say?”

“She didn’t, but I’ll find out and let you know, okay?”

“That’s fine. Guess I’d better make sure I can find my bikini.”

I laughed. “But not today?”

Her grin was pure invitation. “No, Bill, not today.” She grimaced. “No fuck-buddying either, sweetheart. I’m sorry, but I promise, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” I said. I held out my hand. “Come on, let’s swim.”

When I opened Tammy’s next email that evening, I was wondering what I’d find. That she only had bra and panties left to discard, I knew. Quite how – or whether – she’d remove them, I had yet to find out. Three photos. The first, hands behind her to loosen her bra; the second, easing it off, but still concealing herself, and the third, half-turned, the arm nearest the camera swinging forward to throw her bra onto the bed, concealing most of her breasts, just the lower curves showing, her face turned to the camera, an impish smile on her face. The accompanying note said simply, “Only my panties left, and me on Saturday!”

I laughed, and took myself off to bed. I masturbated before I went to sleep, of course.

Friday was good. Friday was fun. Friday, Jane Burt told me that her ‘visit from the fairies’ was over and that we could fuck before our swim. Or after. Or both. Except that she’d had a panic phone call from her sister, Tammy’s Aunt Tamara – and guess who Tammy was named after – and had to drive forty miles to, in Jane’s words, ‘sort the silly girl out.’

Friday was frustrating. A total bust.

Jane phoned me when she got back, to ask me to be at the Burt house for eight rather than eight-thirty on Saturday morning, so that the two of us could go to the airport to collect Tammy. She apologized, too.

“I’m really sorry, Bill. We could have been having fun, but Tamara badly needs sorting out, ever since her divorce. She has about as much financial sense as a gerbil, or probably less. Anyway, I think I got her pointed in the right direction. Luckily, an old school friend is a financial wizard, and he’s agreed to straighten her out. For a fee, of course, but Tamara isn’t hurting, financially. At least, not yet, she isn’t, so it’s agreed. See you in the morning, and we’ll go and get my errant offspring from the airport.”

I laughed. “Looking forward to it, Jane. Now? Now, I’m going to see what Tammy’s sent me for her final photo. She was down to panties, yesterday. Goodness knows what she’ll send today. But, you know what, Jane? I think the final revelation will be kept for tomorrow, when we’re together.”

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