Successful Businesswoman Ep. 05

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The world is a small place, there might be six steps to Kevin Bacon in the global scale, but in a single city there is a significant chance that two random people have a common acquaintance. I learnt that when Émeraude invited me to Ashley’s bachelorette party; it soon turned out that Stacy was a friend of theirs and of course was invited as well.

“I though that the two of you were a pair” I inquired when Émeraude told me the news.

“We’re friends with benefits, but Ashley’s bi and wants to start a family.”

“So it’s over between you and her? The benefits I mean.”

“Not at all. Sam, her husband-to-be, says he’s not jealous even if he doesn’t get to watch, as long as he hears about all the sexy details. He’s a bit kinky himself.”

“I’d like to meet him” I replied with a wink.

“You will eventually. As for the party…”

There were supposed to be thirty to forty girls at the party, so they planned to rent a club for the night. We would all participate in the costs of the lease, the snacks and the alcohol. They also wanted to hire a stipper.

“One stripper?” I asked Émeraude when she informed me about that part.

“Yeah. They’re pretty expensive.”

“I bet that the guys are going to have few strippers plus sexy waitresses serving drinks in skimpy outfits. We can’t be worse than them!”

“Well… all girls would love that, but I can’t afford that from my police wage.”

“But I can” I replied with a grin “I want young sexy waiters in skimpy outfits and five strippers. The costs are all on me.”

“If you put it that way, I don’t think that anyone will object” Émeraude matched my grin.

I was a busy businesswoman, so the younger girls took care of the arrangements while I covered all the extra expenses. Soon afterwards I talked with Émeraude again.

“The girls loved your idea and are grateful for your financial support. But that gave us another idea – dress code. We decided that for this occasion we should go full bimbo, so make sure you’ll wear something slutty.”

“Oh, I sure will! I have a wide range of such outfits.”

I even had an idea of what exactly to wear – the dress I wore to my own hen party; yep, it still fit. It was a white tube mini dress, made of semi-transparent fabric, it made me feel even more naked than being actually nude. Of course such dresses did not go well with bras, so when my nipples will get erect from excitement they will be screaming ‘hello’ to the whole world through the thin fabric. Underneath I planned to wear just a tiny white g-string and because I was adventurous also a pink jewelled anal plug. My legs would be covered by sheer white stockings made of a thinnest material, for my feet I had a pair of pink strappy sandals on fifteen centimetre heels, commonly called the “fuck-me-heels”. My lipstick would be equally pink to match the other accessories.

The day of the event came, I got ready and called a taxi, I did not want to drive my car to such a party, after all no-one would want to stay sober. I set up with Stacy to pick her up on my way as well. The cabbie did not even try to hide his gaze when he saw me in my slutty dress. First we drove to Stacy’s place to pick her up, she obviously stuck to the dress code too.

Stacy’s outfit was not much less revealing than mine, as a top she wore a red bandeau bra made of made of fabric thin enough to let her nippes poke through it. Her toned abs were exposed and her hips were covered by a unique red leather mini skirt, it had two thick straps of fabric covering the crotch and the back and several leather straps on the sides connecting the strips. Just like me Stacy decided to spice up the outfit with stockings, hers were black fishnets. On her feet the girl wore a pair of red strappy sandals on fifteen centimetre tall stiletto heels. I doubted that any of the strippers could look her in the eye.

The driver shamelessly ogled her body as well in the rear view mirror as we all made small talk; we both acted as silly bimbos and told him where we were going. As a tip of sorts for the drives the two of us made out on the back seat. He drove really slowly, so that we would get to the place safely of course. At the club we met with Ashley and Émeraude, the girls did not disappoint with their outfits either.

Émeraude wore a little black dress with a twist, it was obviously short and tight, but most importantly it was mostly sheer. An elaborate asymmetrical pattern of opaque fabric was weaved throughout the dress to cover the “strategic” regions, but more skin remained exposed than hidden. It was clear to see that she was not wearing a bra, she decided to keep her legs bare. On her feet she wore a pair of beautiful black Louboutins.

Ashley, as befits the bride-to-be, was dressed in white, all the fabrics contrasted wonderfully with her dark skin. Unlike the rest of us she was not wearing a mini, her dress was ankle long but had a wide slit on the side that exposed her entire left escort bayan leg and reached even beyond the hip. There were two more triangular slits on the sides right beneath the breasts. The dress was strapless so Ashley’s toned wide shoulders were fully exposed. She wore sheer white stockings with wide lacy tops and a pair of white patent shoes on thirteen centimetres tall stiletto heels; she was another braless woman.

We were one of the first to arrive, so there was not much greeting and introducing to be done yet. Émeraude lead us to out table; there were two medium sized couches by it that could fit three to four people. Two spaces were already taken; the women were introduced as Eve and Maya. Maya looked young, twenty as most, but was fully developed and confident, of slightly above average height she had full feminine curves and large firm breasts, her long auburn hair was mostly loose, but several strands were tied into elaborate braids.

Maya had the most flashy outfit from all the women so far. She was wearing only a black bodystockings and a pair of red fuck-me fifteen centimetres tall heels. the bodystocking was made of tiny fishnet but the ‘stockings and ‘teddy’ parts were made of lace weaved into fancy floral patterns. The fabric over Maya’s nipples and crotch was thick enough to cover them, but only barely. The item created an effect of an extreme cleavage, because the lacy ‘teddy’ had a deep V-cut filled with a tiny mesh. If one looked closely a tiny red g-string could be spotted beneath the bodystocking, there were no more clothes on the girl’s body; those that she wore perfectly showed off her marvelous feminine curves.

Eve on the other hand was the only woman in the room who was about my age, the rest were in their early twenties. She looked like a woman who was embracing her second youth which made me like her almost immediately. She was of average height and while no-one would dare call her fat, she had a lot of flesh in all the places a woman should. Eve’s breasts were magnificently huge and enhanced further by a brown leather corset which not only gave her a marvelous hourglass figure, but also pushed up the breasts while barely covering the nipples. She wore a brown leather mini skirt that ended just below her buttocks, on her legs she had black fishnet stockings and on her feet a pair of red stiletto heels identical with Maya’s; her lips matched the fierce colour. Eve’s long hair was dyed blonde and styled in a similar fashion as Maya’s. Some might have missed it, but I had always been a perceptive person and I suspected that these two were mother and daughter.

Ashley went back to greet the newly arriving guests and introducing them to those already present, if they did not know each other yet. Émeraude, as the future bridesmaid, still had some final organizing touches to deal with. The remaining four of us took something light to drink, sat down and had a pleasant chat. Many compliments were exchanged and my suspicions got confirmed – Eve was indeed Maya’s mother and was tremendously enjoying her new relationship with an eighteen year old boyfriend. On my part I shared the motivational program for my employees and our “relationship” with Stacy. To match the promiscuity of our tale Eve told us the story of their recent visit to a club [which can be found in Second Youth ep.4]. The mutual confessions and the overall atmosphere of ease, honesty and… hotness pretty soon got us all mildly aroused, even though we were still sober and no strippers had arrived yet. My nipples got excited enough to poke visibly through the revealing dress; I noticed that I was not the only one with such reaction.


All the guests eventually arrived and believe it or not I memorized all of their names, that is one of my talents that allowed me to be a successful manager. It was only then that the REAL service with drinks and snacks arrived; young sexy guys wearing white collars, cuffs, patent leather shoes, thongs and… nothing else. Of course as soon as one of them approached our table I had to grab his buttock with my palm, it was firm and toned; I fully understood why men enjoyed groping women, maybe that was also the reason I liked being “inappropriately” touched myself. But despite their outfits these were still just waiters, the actual strippers were yet to come. We used that time to have few more drinks and share the naughty details of our recent activities.

“We have a kinky game with Tom, my boyfriend” said Eve then continued to explain her condition “I love anal sex, but just can’t cum from it. I need some other form of stimulation to push me over the edge, so Tom…”

“You too?!” I interrupted her “sorry, I mean I have exactly the same thing. I love anal, but can’t cum from it. Please, continue.”

“Wow! And here I was thinking I’m unique” she replied with a wink “Tom uses that to tease and edge me throughout the whole week. We have sex everyday, usually more than once, but I never get to cum.”

“That’s altıparmak escort awful!” commented Ashley.

“I would’ve thought the same thing, if I haven’t tried it. My ex-husband came up with the idea and I repeated it to Tom. The edging feels incredible and the ultimate orgasm is just insane.”

“What was the last time you came?”

“Last Saturday, one week ago.”

“Oh my!” I was amazed “I can’t imagine myself in your role. I’d go crazy from the horniness.”

“So do I, that’s the best part.”

We all laughed and ordered another round of drinks… and groped the waiter once again when he delivered them.

Eventually the first stripper came, his entrance was accompanied by a rhythmical music. He was a tall athletic man, had a light brown skin and smooth motions of a dancer; the man was wearing suit pants, white shirt and a bow tie. He entered the room through the back door leading onto the stage, so we all turned our heads in that direction to admire the spectacle. The stripper did not remain in his clothes for too long, all were designed to be taken off in a swift motion and soon landed on the stage leaving the man in just a thong. Since we were the closest table I noticed the large bulge undeath it.

The stripper got off the stage in a dance-like walk and approached our table. He still had his thong on, but he gyrated his hips and pushed his crotch in our general direction. Ashley, the bride-to-be, was closest to him so she extended her hand to touch the stripper’s still covered penis, as she did that the girls in the room screamed with a faked (for now) enthusiasm. The man withdrew his hips again, but only to pull his penis out of the thong and began to wiggle it in front of us. The penis was still flaccid, but even in that state I could tell it was huge; so were the testicles hanging beneath it. The stripper danced around the table and this time approached me; I wasted no time, I grabbed his firm buttock with one hand and the cock with the other, I jerked it few times which caused the crowd to issue another scream, this time more authentic. I did not get the chance to enjoy the touch too much, because the man soon proceeded to another table, so the rest of the girls could participate in the fun as well.

We were not left unattended for too long; while the first stripper was showing off his package to all the girls a second one emerged on the scene. He was taller, but equally athletic, his skin while white had a strong even tan; the bulge in his thong was of matching size. He had a similar introduction and relatively soon he was by our table. This time the stripper offered us more than just a “handshake”, he also had a prop – a bottle of whipped cream. Before he used the cream he asked Ashley to “give him a hand” which she enthusiastically did; in short time his large penis was erect and hard. The stripper than poured some cream onto the tip and presented it to Ashley, she could of course just lick it off the cock, but she was more ‘ambitious’; the bride took the entire head into her mouth and held it there for a moment while savouring the taste.

Ashley was just the first of many to taste the ‘cream’; Émeraude rejected the proposal, but Stacy, Maya and Eve eagerly accepted. Eve even went a step further and took not only the head into her mouth, but slowly deepthroated the entire long penis; I was impressed, she seemed to be just as good at deepthroating as me. Her feat was rewarded by a cheer from nearby tables. This time I was the last at our table and after Eve’s example I wanted to brag about my oral skill as well. The stripper approached me and sprayed some cream onto his penis, I took the head into my mouth, then slowly proceeded to take it deeper, eventually my nose touched the man’s cleanly shaven underbelly. I looked to the side at Eve and winked at her, she responded with a grin. The girls around us cheered as I held the penis inside of my throat for several seconds. When I withdrew my head and inhaled deeply Eve said:

“My turn” and invited the stripper with a gesture.

I was not jealous at the loss of the penis to suck, after all the night had just begun.

This time Eve did not want the cream any more, she was only interested in the cock itself. She acted in the same way as I had a moment earlier, she proceeded slowly and carefully, and did not gag once. When her nose touched the man’s underbelly she looked sideways at me and winked, I matched her earlier grin and began to clap; the girls sitting nearby followed my example.

“Maybe you’ll join effort, ladies?” suggested the stripper and we both knew what he meant.

I swapped places with Maya to sit next to Eve, the man stood in front of us with his huge erection pointing forward. We kissed it on both sides, the began to slide our lips along the shaft; our synchronicity was a bit off at first, but soon we found a common pace. After few such sloppy motions we kissed each other through the head of the penis, mudanya escort that feat was rewarded with another round of applause.

But the stripper was not meant to be the amusement solely for out table, just like his companion he eventually went on a route to entertain other ladies. We watched as the other girls sucked and licked his huge cock, but neither of them could take it whole into her throat. Certain skills come with experience which Eve and I understood that as we shared a knowing look.

We did not remain passive for too long though, after making the tour around the room the first stripper returned to us. The first to suck him was once again Ashley, she did her best to deepthroat the massive penis, but after some gagging she eventually gave up; the smile on her face told us that she was not disappointed by that try. Stacy was next, then Maya; Eve’s daughter, the youngest of the girls came closest to swallowing the whole huge cock. I was next and once again I showed them how it was done; I held the penis deep inside of my throat for a longer while, but did that only once, then I proceeded to a regular deepthroating. It did not last too long though, since I wanted to leave something for Eve.

We sensed that the stripper was close to climaxing and it would be Eve who would finish him off. She took the task from where I left it, but after merely thirty seconds of deepthroating the man was brought over the edge; he withdrew his hips with the clear intention of giving Eve a facial, but she was quicker and just as the sperm began to ejaculate she wrapped her full lips around the head of the cock and gathered the seed inside of her mouth. The stripper had a surprisingly voluminous load considering his job, but she managed to contain all of the semen inside of her mouth; only once he finished ejaculating she swallowed the entire load. Her feat was rewarded with an even louder round of applause.

The man wanted Eve to lick him clean, but with a gesture she passed that task to me, which I happily accepted. With few slow deliberate licks along the entire shaft I made sure that the penis was completely clean. The stripper made a final short dance for us which we used to touch his body some more, then he left.

Not long after the departure the second man was brought to an orgasm to, this time the girl who achieved it did not decide to swallow and he sprayed her pretty face with his seed; she accepted it with closed eyes and a wild smile. After a short dance and some more groping this stripper left as well. Before new ones appeared we had time to chat, drink, eat some snacks.. and grope the waiters of course; it was all fun and pleasant, but the arousal hanging in the air never diminished.

I am not sure how much time passed before the next stripper came in, it went by in a blink of an eye. This man was similar to his companions in the fact that he was slender and athletic, he also gave a short show of dance and a strip routine before he fully exposed his masculine, but hairless body. Once again he approached Ashley first, they were all most likely informed that she was the bride-to-be and thus the very reason this party was taking place. She pulled out his sizeable penis out from his thong and sucked it for a short while, but apparently this time it was not going to be a sucking-around-the-room again. The stripper motioned to Ashley to get up, as soon as she obliged he bent her over the table, slapped each of her buttocks playfully, then began to mimic an intercourse. It was not even dry humping, more like over-exaggerated theatrical act; but he held her hips fast and she was genuinely excited, the other girls cheered. With two more slaps, harder this time, he finished the spectacle and proceeded to Stacy. While he did that another stipper entered the room and moved directly to its opposite end to entertain girls over there.

Our man gestured for Stacy to lay back on the couch, but in order for her to fit Maya needed to join us on our couch, so Stacy was left with just Émeraude and she laid her head on the other girl’s lap. The stripper raised her endless legs up and began to caress them, he also laid several kisses; the man was overacting his part, but it fit well with the overall atmosphere. Eventually the stripper put Stacy’s ankles on his shoulders and began to fake sex with her; she did some overacting of her own which was more funny than sexy, but it got all of us amused. The spectacle did not last too long, the man finished the dry humping, then he once again worshipped Stacy’s legs for a short while.

For his next ‘victim’ the stripper picked Maya, he walked her behind the couch and turned her so that she was leaning onto the backrest. He grabbed her large breasts and began to hump her holding her like that. The man groped Maya’s breasts and was not exactly gentle, but the girl seemed to be enjoying his activity. She was not acting when she cried out as the man withdrew one of his palms only to spank her full round buttock, apparently the hit was not exactly playful. It seemed the stripped assumed that a girl in a bodystocking at a party liked things to be a bit kinky and it turned out he was right. There were few more slaps, some more groping and he even pinched her nipples, which caused another cry.

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