Steal Your Girl Ch. 02

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Introduction: Another tale of lesbian seduction with more rough sex, slurs used in the context of rough sex and…well, rough sex. Lots of dom/sub stuff. If you liked chapter one, I think you’ll like part two. If you didn’t like chapter one, you should probably not read chapter two.

There’s a bit of an added wrinkle. The use of “Mommy” and “Daddy” in a sexual sense. There’s absolutely NO incest though.

Anyways, here it is…


Stealing A Newlywed

Lovely Danielle ended up being a lot of fun. Game for whatever, eager to please. Plus, there was just something about a girl with a body that spectacular that got me creative. Sexy photo shoots, filming the two of us go at it…it was fun. I tell you, there’s nothing like the unrestrained energy of a woman who finally learns just how great lesbian sex can be. Learning that she can come as many times as she wants in a night? It seemed like every day she was determined to break whatever mark she set the night before.

But all good things. Like I said, I like moving on. It’s the conquest for me and while I knew Danielle was so into me and all things gay sex that she wouldn’t have had the slightest objection to me fucking another girl, either with her or not, I wanted to stretch my horizons. Plus, things got pretty heated when my friend got back and found out I’d seduced one of her clients, something I’d promised I wouldn’t do. So without a permanent place to have Danielle anyway it was time for me to move to my next thing.

Truth is, I know a lot of the lesbian community wouldn’t admit it but there’s enough women in their 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s who lust after gorgeous young girls in their late teens and early 20’s. And for “introducing” Danielle to one of them, I knew I could ask just about any favor.

The lucky woman in question was an old butch friend of mine named Nancy. Nancy ran a travel agency and, when I told her about my dilemma and sent her a nice batch of some of the pictures I’d taken of Danielle, all of a sudden I had a heck of an offer coming my way. An all expenses, first class trip to a gorgeous Caribbean resort. It worked out well for all of us. Nancy got a gorgeous, 24 year old newly won-over femme, Danielle got a rich old Sugar Mama and I was winging my way down to surf and sand.

It soon turned out I hadn’t driven that great of a bargain. The tickets I’d gotten were from a cancellation and I soon learned that it was definitely not the busy season. The place was about half-full. That mostly suited me fine, I was there for the sun, drinks and food mainly but I definitely was on the lookout for some talent to bring back to my room. There wasn’t much. Old couples mainly, some reasonably OK soccer mom looking types who I filed under “maybe”(although breaking up a family is always more of a hassle than it’s worth) and one staff member that looked a little like a thicker version of Rihanna who I definitely thought might do the trick.

Worse still, I was apparently staying next to a honeymooning couple and the walls were thin. Not that it mattered much. The first night they were there all I heard was a few minutes of male grunting and almost no female noises. Imagine my surprise. I made a mental note to look the couple up to see if the young bride was worth my time. After all, after listening to the sad display of sex her husband put on, I owed it to her.

I didn’t see them until the next day at dinner. After a nice leisurely day of sun by the beach and pina colada’s I decided to check out the Resort’s well regarded restaurant. I got a nice table for one and sat down for my meal.

That’s when they walked in. The couple. I noticed the guy at first. He was unremarkable, your average frat boy douchebag in a polo and khakis, but pretty clearly tipsy, bumping into chairs on his way to his table. But then, behind him and looking a little embarrassed, was his cute as fuck wife.

She was adorable and yet, adorable in a way that only made her that much sexier. Barely five feet tall with big round doe eyes and shoulder length black hair. With her pale skin and ruby red lips she looked like a sexy little Snow White. If she was a newly-wed I assumed she was in her 20’s but she looked barely out of high school. I wanted her right away.

The two sat down, her drunken husband banging his plate loudly as he did and I heard them give their drink order. The husband loudly and rudely ordered two jack and cokes while his wife, in the most adorable little voice I’d ever heard, ordered a glass of white whine.

My attention got diverted, though, when her husband knocked over the pitcher of ice water on their table, sending some of it splashing my way. I couldn’t help it, I shot a dirty look his way. I caught the eyes of his sexy little wife for a second as she tried to apologize but the big loud idiot soon got my attention.

“Don’t worry about it,” he slurred in my direction, “How you doin’, bro?”

He looked very pleased with himself. Get it? Because hatay escort I have short hair, a stocky body and butch features I’m a man. Isn’t he funny?

Yeah dude, I thought to myself, I’m definitely going to turn your wife out.

But how? That was the question. I knew that newlyweds on their honeymoon were likely to spend most of their time together and while I’ve done it before, actually seducing a woman in front of her husband could be tricky. It was something that weighed on my mind all throughout my meal. I hoped he might go to the bathroom so I could say something to her but the guy must have had a bladder of steel because he just kept ordering more and more drinks and talking loudly. Worse still, the pretty young thing actually seemed smitten with him. I guess that made sense them being newlyweds and everything but it would make things a little more complicated.

Or so I thought. Sometimes people ask me why, considering the lousy break we sometimes get, I’m so sure god is a woman. Well it’s because of nights like the one I’m about to describe.

I’d decided to work on my plan and some of my frustration by taking a swim in the resort pool at night and then get in a quick steam before bed. The swim went well, I was alone for most of it and able to think about the various ways I would fuck that sweet little black haired beauty but that mainly got me worked up. I thought about hitting the gym but instead decided to just get my steam and get to bed. So I wrapped myself in a towel and got into the sauna.

I was only in there for about ten minutes when my luck took a turn for the fantastic. Who walks in? Little Snow White of course, wearing a modest little bikini that definitely had me looking at her in a new light. She had, on top of the most angelic little face you’d ever find, a banging body. Not super-stacked the way Danielle was but a pair of what looked like D-cups on her barely five foot frame looked incredible. Add in a flat toned stomach and slim hips and I had a whole new reason to want to bang the fuck out of her. The glint of her wedding ring only a reminder of one of the other ones.

She flashed me a melt-your-heart smile and sat down on a towel across from me. I began working on just what I was going to say to her when the little fox beat me to it.

“Sorry about Cole,” she said, clearly referring to dinner, “He just got a little tipsy.”

“It’s fine,” I said, desperately wanting her to get bold and loosen her top.

“I think we’re in the room next to you,” she said with another little smile. I nodded. She proceeded to talk for a little while about their wedding and how in love they were and all the while all I could think about was just how deep my strap-on was going to get into her. How I was going to make her call me “Mommy” when she came all over it. I had to shake myself out of it when I realized she was asking me a question.

“Sorry?” I asked, trying to get the image of my pussy juices soaking her face out of my head.

“I said, you’re a doctor, right?” she asked

I paused for a second. I wasn’t a Doctor. I barely got a C in high school biology. But then I remembered. The woman whose ticket I’d taken was indeed a Dr. Louise Baker. I don’t know how my neighbor would have found out my name but, well, I wasn’t too quick to correct her all the same.

“Yup,” I nodded, hoping I could fake my way through whatever question she had next.

“So, I was hoping I could ask you a question,” she said, looking adorably nervous.

“Of course,” I said.

“It’s about…” she looked around to make sure nobody was looking. The sauna was empty and there were no noises anywhere. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “…sex”.

I perked up. I knew that this would lead somewhere good. In fact, I had an idea of what would come next.

“Go ahead,” I said, trying to hide my excitement.

“Well, see, the thing is…is it true that some women just can’t have orgasms?” she said, looking nervous.

“Why do you ask?” I said, hoping to draw it out of her.

“Well, Cole and me,” she said, rubbing her finger nervously, “I’m not perfect, we had sex before we were married. And now we’ve had it afterwards. And I’d heard a lot of my girlfriends talking about orgasms and how great they are but I’ve never had one, I don’t think.”

“If you have to think, you haven’t” I said

“I thought that once we were married I might, you know, because there was no guilt but I haven’t yet. When I asked Cole about it he said I might just be one of those women who didn’t have orgasms.”

I had to do my best not to laugh. I had a hunch that anyone that Cole slept with might end up being one of “those” women.

“But you’ve never…” I started, “…Even by yourself?”

Snow White looked nervous again.

“No, I grew up in a strict house with no locks on the door and…anyway, can some women just not have them?”

I smiled. This was going to be almost too easy.

“In my experience,” I started, “Every woman can have them. Lots of them. The thing is that it’s usually the man who simply doesn’t know enough about the female anatomy to really produce them.”

The girl looked a little relieved but still worried.

“Oh,” She said, “So something is wrong with Cole?”

More than just one thing, I thought to myself.

“Well, it could be,” I said, “How big is his erect penis?”

Well, this was no surprise. The cute little wife looked bashful for a second but then held her hands up about five inches apart. I assumed she was being charitable to boot. I had to stifle a laugh.

“Mmm, with a penis that small he’d probably have to rely on his fingers and mouth if he wanted to make you cum.” I said before regretting that I wasn’t sounding more clinical. Wifey didn’t seem to notice though.

“Oh,” she said, “Cole said he doesn’t really like doing that though.”

I tried to contain a smile. At once I hated her husband for being such an absolutely pathetic idiot and, yet, also wanted to buy him a buy for basically giving his wife to me with a bow on her panties.

“Well, then, why don’t you at least show me what you need to do so that you can at least show him what to do or do it yourself.”

She nodded. For a second the two of us just stared at each other before her eyes widened.

“Oh,” she said, “I thought you were going to…”

I laughed. The idea of masturbating in front of this girl had some appeal but I knew it wasn’t what would start her on the path to where I wanted to take her. I shook my head.

“No, see, the thing is that every woman is unique.” I said, “What gets me off, what makes me orgasm, might not be the same thing for you. But if you’re skilled enough with the techniques, as I am, I’m sure I’ll be able to find out what works for you.”

She nodded, still, she looked hesitant.

“Have you done this with a lot of patients?” she asked. I was beginning to genuinely wonder if this young woman knew what a lesbian was. Well, I figured, she would soon enough.

“Yes, lots” I said, speaking a sort of truth. Again she looked around nervously but slowly she stood up and walked over to me. She stood in front of me, only a few inches taller standing up than I was sitting down. Her pale skin glistening with the heat of the sauna.

“Take your bathing suit off.” I ordered, my tone decidedly nonclinical. She paused for just a second before reaching down to pull the bottom of her bikini over her hips.

She was gorgeous. Shaved completely bare, with puffy pink lips that were just begging to be licked. I knew that would have to wait though.

“Probably should take your top off too,” I said, looking up at those lovely full breasts of hers.

“Why?” she asked, looking unsure.

Because I fucking said so, slut was what my instinct was to say. I held it back.

“Some women, it helps to have their nipples stimulated.” I said, something true but I knew that wasn’t really why. I just wanted to see this sexy young creature completely nude. She nodded and reached behind her to pull off the top. God, she was stunning. Perfect tits, full and surprisingly heavy looking sitting high on her chest, the faintest little peach nipples poking out. I reached my hand out and began stroking her sex, softly. Gently. I wanted to ease her into it. There would be time to fuck her till she begged for mercy later. Gently I slid two fingers inside her and heard her groan.

“Oh that’s, that’s tight.” she said. She was. She was like a fucking vice, squeezing my fingers. Her husband must be hung like a mouse, I thought as I began slowly working my fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

“That’s really nice.” she said, closing her eyes

“I want you to imagine yourself in bed, with beautiful silk sheets.” I said, “And I’m putting my fingers inside of you just like this…”

Her eyes opened, she looked confused.

“Shouldn’t I imagine Cole?”

I shook my head.

“Do as I say,” I said harshly. She looked worried for a second but did as told. Something that would come in handy later, I suspected.

“Anyways,” I continued, “I’m thrusting my fingers in and out of you on your soft bed. You’re spreading your legs because it feels so good and you want me to fuck you faster.”

She did, practically under my spell, she spread her legs just as I told her.

“Don’t you?” I said

She nodded. That wasn’t enough.

“Say it.”

“Oh god, do me faster, please” she moaned. I did. My fingers fucking her hard now. But I knew she needed more. So I held my fingers up to her mouth.

“Get my fingers wet,” I ordered. She hesitated for only a second before sucking my long digits into her mouth. Not surprisingly, it looked like despite never having been treated to an orgasm in her life, she was no stranger to sucking on something long and hard.

Typical, I thought.

As soon as she had my fingers nice and wet they too were at her crotch. It wasn’t hard to find her clit. Small, yes, but very stiff. And soon I was rubbing it in a gentle circular motion.

“Oh holy Christ,” she moaned as my fingers first made contact.

“It’s got nothing to do with him” I said as I started working the girl in earnest. My two hands each using my skill to make her cunt buck and squeeze.

“It’s so good, oh lord, I never knew,” she panted, her eyes still closed.

“See how your body responds,” I said, feeling her squeeze around my fingers as she got wetter and wetter, “You’re perfectly normal. A beautiful girl. Someone who can cum. Someone who will cum.”

“Oh my goodness, yes,” she panted

“Yeah, you like it when I fuck you?” I said, probably a bit harsher than I needed to. It was a slip up. I wanted to maintain an air of professionalism but something in me went loose. I wanted to here this innocent young wife swear. To hear her beautiful lips say something filthy. Her eyes opened.

“Doctor, that’s not very…oh fuck, yes, I do, it’s so fucking…” she said, I could see her being overtaken by her desires. Her good little girl upbringing disappearing as she realized she was a cute little fuck machine, built to cum at a woman’s hands.

She had to put her hands on my shoulders to keep herself propped up. I showed no let up though. Soon I was finger fucking her like a madwoman and she was panting and cooing and letting out these little squeaks as her fingers digged into my shoulder blade.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked. She nodded. Again, not enough for me.

“Sooo much,” She said, practically whining “Please make me cum.”

“You’re sure?” I said, still trying to sound like a doctor.

“Oh please Doctor. Please let me cum. I want to so bad. I need it. I love it. Please just give me an orgasm.”

I decided to stop torturing the poor girl. After all, I did feel bad for her. The speed of my fingers on her clit were practically a blur and I tilted my fingers upwards to get her g-spot.

“Oh doctor, fuck, please, yes, I love it. Fuck me, don’t stop. Cuh-cuh-CUMMING”

I felt her clamp down on my hands and she gushed her juices all over me. Spraying me. A squirter on her first try. She was screaming and howling and seemed to have to put all her weight on me just to stand up. It was cute. She was cute even when she came.

I looked up at her and saw there were practically tears streaming down her face she was so clearly happy she’d just had her first orgasm. I knew, right then and there, that I could have done absolutely anything I wanted to her she was so grateful. But I didn’t want her to fuck me out of some sense of obligation. I had a different plan for her.

“Thank you doctor, thank you so much,” she said. I could tell she wanted to kiss me but I was going to maintain the facade of medical distance for a little bit.

“See?” I said, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You just needed to be with a woman. Someone who knew what they were doing.”

She looked at me like she practically worshiped me. It took every ounce of strength I had not to just throw her over my shoulder and bring her back to my room. But she just nodded and meekly put her clothes back on. I could tell her stomach was doing knots as she tried to process what had just happened to her.

Thankfully, I had the strength to wait until she left before I licked my fingers clean. She tasted like strawberries.

I walked back to my room, hoping I might run into her again but didn’t. In fact, I noticed with some dismay, the room she was in had the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the handle. The thought of her gross husband touching her repulsed me but, deep down, I knew it was part of the plan.

I poured myself a glass of whiskey when I got back into my room and went to bed. Sure enough it was shortly after that when the thin walls started to reveal some of my handiwork.

I heard moans. Those same cute little moans I’d heard just a little while ago. For a second I got nervous. The last thing I wanted was for my cute little Snow White to take what I’d shown her and teach it to her husband. Truth told, I didn’t even want her to be doing it herself. I wanted her to think that only I could make her feel that way.

I didn’t have to worry. Thankfully her husband lived up to my expectations. I heard those moans for about thirty seconds before I heard some hushed voices before another few minutes of a man grunting before stone cold silence. I could practically hear her cries of frustration.

And I could practically taste her strawberries.

I’ll be surprised though. I thought it might take a little longer. I thought she might make it to noon. But it was barely ten o’clock when I heard an eager knocking on my door. I really wasn’t surprised to see my little Snow White standing in the hallway. She was dressed especially sexy, with a cute little jean skirt and a tight white t-shirt that hugged her curves so closely it looked like it might tear If it got stretched even a little further.

“Hi,” She said, clearly excited to see me. I gave her a warm but distant smile. I wanted her to come to me.

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