Stand for Love Ch. 03

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This is another wonderful chapter which I have posted for my lovely readers out there. I hope you will have a great time reading. As usual don’t forget to comment and rate this work. Enjoy…


Adrian was trembling. Nicholas was holding his hand tightly but he couldn’t help but tremble. That woman in front of him was scaring him big time. To his dismay, even Jake’s family was at the house.

“What did you just say?” Victoria said, anger taking the best of her.

“I am now a married man,” Nicholas said with a grin. “I’m married just like you wanted.”

Victoria breathed violently. She stared at her son and wondered if she had given birth to him. Her son had been listening to her always.

“What I wanted?” Victoria yelled, breathing violently. “I wanted you to marry Jake. He’s the one for you.”

“Mom,” Nicholas sighed, still with a bright smile. “This is no time to talk about this. Please. Welcome your son in law. You know he cannot enter the house without being welcomed.”

“Are you kidding me?” Victoria laughed then stared at Adrian. “You expect me to…to welcome him?”

Nicholas chuckled and stared at Adrian. Adrian was moving his eyes from side to side. It was clear that he was sacred but he looked so sexy that Nicholas couldn’t wait to have him in his arms.

“Yes, mom,” Nicholas said, holding Adrian firmly. “By the way his name is Adrian.”

“I don’t c…”

“Victoria,” Nicholas heard his grandmother’s voice. She came near and she had a really beautiful smile on her face. She was stunning. “Let the kids come in and we’ll have this conversation after the rituals.”


“Don’t make me do it,” Elena warned. “You know I have the right to welcome my grandson in law.”

“Mother, can you hear yourself?” Victoria said, trying not to raise her voice. “He just brought in another boy when he was to marry Jake. Are you supporting this?”

Elena chuckled. “I know my grandson did this with careful thought,” Elena said. “The did has been done. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Just welcome your son in law inside.

Jake struggled to breath. He was having a short supply of air. By the look of things, his parents and sister were having the same condition. He was wondering how Adrian had got out of that room and got married to Jake. Was Jake a spirit or something?

“Mother,” Victoria muttered. “I am only doing what is right here. What Nicholas has done is wrong and you know it. Just look at poor Jake,” Victoria pointed at Jake who looked like he was having a short supply of air. “He’s so devastated.”

Elena smiled. She was glad her grandson had not married Jake. She didn’t like Jake from the beginning.

“I know that,” Elena said, looking straight at her shy grandson in law. “But he has made his decision and I am sure there is a reason for it.”

“I’ll not perform any welcome rituals for this boy.” Victoria yelled, pointing her finger at Adrian. “He is a thief and a whore. He stole…”

“Mom,” Nicholas yelled. “You are my mother but I’ll not have you call my husband names.”

Victoria chuckled teasingly. “Husband? Did you say husband?” Victoria laughed. “By the way, with whose permission did you marry your so called husband? How am I even sure that you are married. How do I know this boy is not just manipulating you?”

“Because I have proof,” Nicholas chuckled and looked behind. “George!”

George came in as soon as Nicholas called him. He had a file with him and that file was contained every proof his mother needed, proof to stop all the drama. George gave Nicholas the papers.

“Here,” Nicholas said, holding the papers in his hand. “This is proof.”

Victoria chuckled. “Let me see.” Victoria said, getting the papers from the Nicholas.

What she saw in those papers was scary. She couldn’t do anything but gape at those papers.

“That is our marriage certificate which we obtained from court.”

Victoria wasn’t still convinced. She had another plan at her sleeve that would send the boy packing. All she wanted was Jake, only Jake.

“How am I not sure these papers are not fake?” Victoria chuckled. “If you can prove that you really are married, I’ll allow this boy in. Failure to do so, I want this boy out of here.”

“Victoria,” Elena shouted, surprised.

“Show them,” Nicholas said to George.

George got out a tablet which Nicholas had bought that same afternoon. In that tablet was a video of the even that happened. It was all so clear and Victoria knew she had lost at that game.

“There it is,” Nicholas said softly. “That is everything that you need to prove that Adrian and I married. These are our wedding rings” Nicholas said as he raised Adrian’s hand to show them the beautiful ring fitted on his lovely finger. “We also had our traditional marriage at the temple in town. We are officially married. I know I was supposed to marry Jake and I’m sorry for that.”

Victoria’s eyes almost watered. She couldn’t accept a pauper as ataşehir escort her son in law, never. To top it up, Nicholas had never spoken to her like that. It was like he was possessed and just spoke to her anyhow.

“Are you fully satisfied now?” Elena asked. “You promised you’d welcome him once you’ve seen the evidence.”

Victoria was quiet. She couldn’t do anything anymore. Not with that old woman involved. Sometimes she just wished she had died long ago because she too contributed to what her son had done. Her son who had been listening to her a few hours ago just turned out from nowhere with a no body and some energy which Victoria had no idea came from.

Nicholas watched excitedly as his grandmother went away with his aunt and his sister. It was obvious those three were happy. He knew his mother was gonna be hard to convince especially since she loved Jake a lot.

Nicholas stared at Adrian’s beautiful face which was glowing. It was clear that Adrian was scared. He squeezed his hand and gave him a wink but the boy didn’t have any expression on his face.

Nicholas’ grandmother, aunt and sister came back. They had with them water, milk, flowers, soap, some homemade cookies and gifts. This was all needed for the welcoming ritual and all those had been bought for Jake. Speaking of Jake, he was standing inside the house, weak and confused. It served him right for trying to kill Nicholas’ love.

“Here you go,” Elena said, handing the things to Victoria.

Victoria was furious. She couldn’t perform that welcoming ritual. Yuck! She couldn’t stand performing that ritual on a pauper like Adrian, never.

“I’m not performing any ritual,” Victoria muttered. Anger could be heard in her voice. “Jake is the only son in…”

“Alright mom,” Nicholas chuckled. He was really angrily. “Don’t perform the ritual. I won’t have Adrian enter the house either. I have changed my mind. You don’t want to accept him right?” Nicholas chuckled, directing his gaze at his mother.

“Yes,” Victoria said angrily. “I don’t want to and I won’t perform the ritual.”

“Fine,” Nicholas said with a bright smile. “I don’t want Adrian to be your son in law either.”

Victoria raised her face with a smile to her son. “Really,” She felt relieved.

“Yes,” Nicholas said, holding on tightly to Adrian’s hand. “That’s why I’ll make Adrian leave this house.”

Victoria smiled.

“I’ll make him leave this house, never to return.” Nicholas said with a serious face. “Along with him will be me. I’ll go with him and I’ll never return. We’ll build our life together and I’m taking my son with me.”

Nicholas looked at Adrian and smiled. “Let’s go my love.”

Nicholas still holding on to Adrian’s hand with his life turned back and began leaving. He had given his mother an ultimatum and if she was wise she was gonna choose wisely. His heart was going with Adrian and he was gonna come back for his son.

Victoria watched as Nicholas turned to leave. He had given her an ultimatum and she was to choose between her ego and her son. She was really confused. On one hand she didn’t want the pauper as her son in law. On the other, she wanted her son in the house no matter what.

“Wait!” Victoria hollered.

Nicholas turned back and went to the door way still holding Adrian’s hand. He was never gonna let that go. He could already feel the connection was stronger. Their souls were connected with each other and their lives too. Nicholas wanted to spend the rest of his life with Adrian.

“You are forcing me into doing this.” Victoria breathed heavily. “I’ll perform the ritual but I’ll never…”

“I think you’ve said enough,” Elena said, staring at Victoria.

She failed to understand why she had allowed her son bring home a woman like her. But come to think of it, she was also from a poor family so Elena failed to understand what her problem was?

Adrian got scared of that. He had gotten married so he had to be stronger. His husband was now Nicholas miller and his name had automatically changed to Adrian Nicholas Miller. He had to be strong to face his mother in law and any other problems in marriage.

“Begin the ritual,” Elena said sweetly, grinning at Adrian. Adrian instantly felt a strong connection with her. It was really great.

Victoria was fuming. She took one final, evil glance at Adrian. She looked behind and saw broken Jake. That was the man she wanted as a son in law and she was gonna do whatever it takes to make him her son in law. Even though Nicholas was married, a divorce could happen, right?

Victoria knelt down at Adrian’s feet. She slowly removed his snickers revealing his feet which she found disgusting. She was burning with anger. If only she had a razor, she’d have cut those legs herself. What rubbish.

She took a basin and poured water. She took one of Adrian’s feet, dipped it in the water and then washed it as clean as she could. She rubbed him with a towel while her daughter poured a large amount ataşehir escort of milk in another basin with sweet smelling flowers.

After that she dipped Adrian’s foot in the basin containing milk. She did the same with the other foot and now both his feet were in the water.

Adrian smiled at the sight before him. It was so beautiful to see his mother in law washing his feet sweetly. While he stepped in the milk, he felt shivers run down his spine. He was on cloud nine and he really hoped that his mother in law had fully accepted him.

Nicholas was holding his hand all the way. It was sweet, romantic and pure bliss. He felt alive and like he was in paradise. He couldn’t get the glimpse of the house but it sure was beautiful and huge.

While looking around, Adrian stared at Jake and he could tell that Jake was burning. He was staring at him with an evil frown on his face together with his family. Adrian removed his eyes from Jake’s face and concentrated on the ritual being performed.

Nicholas could not be more proud of his mother. The way she was washing Adrian’s face was absolutely stunning. She might have been mad but it didn’t show while she washed Adrian’s feet.

Victoria got up, took Adrian in her arms and began the second ritual. She kissed Adrian’s forehead, cheeks and hands. That second ritual symbolizes the loving relationship between daughter/son in law with mother in law.

There was gonna be no relationship at all, Victoria thought. The boy had entered her territory and she was gonna send him packing one of these coming months. She was gonna make sure Nicholas ends up with Jake in the end. Adrian was just a passing phase.

The kisses were incredible and Adrian kinda enjoyed them especially coming from his mother in law. He was smiling while she showed no facial expressions on her face. It was just a flat face.

After the embracing thing, Victoria took some milk in a cup and fed it to Adrian. If only she could make him choke to death with that milk. Gosh, she hated him like crazy. He drank the whole milk and she took a cookie and fed it to him. Next was the cake which she too had.

She also did other rituals like marking him with olive oil on the forehead, giving him a hot hug and everything else. Once the rituals were done it was now time to let him in. That was the most annoying part to Victoria.

She dried his feet with a towel and poured flowers were he stepped while he entered. Victoria wanted to crush him right there. She wanted to crash him. Her Jake was watching, crying, regretting. She knew she had to do something. Together they would defeat their greatest enemy, Adrian.

Once he was already in, there were three other rituals remaining. There was the feeding ritual the kissing ritual, from the husband and the gift. Victoria knew Jake was gonna be hurt with that but he was eventually gonna heal. Time heals all wounds especially once he hears what she had planned for Adrian whatever.

Once in, Victoria fed Adrian once again and her part was over. She left it to Nicholas.

Nicholas had never kissed anyone in front of his family before. It was really embarrassing to know that he was gonna kiss shy Adrian in front of his family. He even wondered if Adrian knew about that ritual at all.

“You know what to do son,” Elena smiled at Nicholas. “This will be the last and he’ll eventually be in the house.”

Nicholas blushed. He fucking blushed in front of all the people around. He turned and faced Adrian, held on to his shoulder and cupped his cheeks. He leaned downwards getting closer to Adrian’s lips.

Adrian had no idea what Nicholas was trying to do. He had his cheeks cupped and was now getting closer for a kiss, a hot kiss probably. Adrian blushed as Nicholas’ lips got closer. It was probably another ritual and Adrian couldn’t deny that.

Adrian closed his eyes once he felt Nicholas’ lips touch his. He let Adrian kiss him, brush on his lips and then kiss him some more. Nicholas’ lips moving on his was incredible. He felt like he was on top of the world even though the rest of Nicholas’ family was there.

Adrian enjoyed the intense kiss. It sent electric volts down his spine to his knees were he felt as weak as ever. He was lucky Nicholas was holding on to his waist. He soon heard the noise coming from the cheers of the family members. It was great to know that they loved and accepted him, well most of them, he hoped.

Victoria stared at Jake who had his eyes closed while tears ran down his face. His son had hurt Jake a lot and as a promise Victoria was gonna make Nicholas Jake’s once again.

Nicholas licked his lips as he broke the kiss with Adrian. He stared in his eyes passionately, not missing the shy grin on his cute hairless face. He had never seen a creature so handsome in his life. Adrian was the true definition of beauty. His long hair made him look so attractive and sexy.

“Now we are down to the last ritual,” Elena gushed. “Victoria, you know what to anadolu yakası escort do.”

Victoria positioned herself at her knew son in law and looked on her right. There were beautiful gifts, all expensive and imported. She was gonna give them all to the pauper. They were meant for Jake but she was gonna give them to a pauper, yuck!

Victoria took Adrian’s hand, took a beautiful gold bracelet and put it on Adrian. She took a beautiful gold necklace put it on Adrian’s neck. That necklace had been made by Nicholas himself from abroad and had the words, “I love you.”

She took a few items which every son/ daughter in law needed. That was beautiful scarves worn by married people and she also gave him a beautiful gold ring. That ring was worn by the sons and daughters in law of the millers. Victoria gave all that with a heavy heart. Adrian was really gonna pay for making her go through that.

Victoria kissed him and she was done with everything. She went and stood at a distance because she couldn’t face Jake and his anger and tears.

“Everything is done,” Elena smiled. “You are welcome to our house.” Elena smiled. She took Adrian’s head and placed her blessing and she kissed his forehead. That was followed by others who welcomed Adrian into the house with their warm kisses.

Nicholas was happy. He had never been that happy. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do. He folded his arms on his chest as he watched the wonderful welcoming scene. It was a happy occasion and Nicholas was glad that his family members had accepted Adrian. They didn’t mind that he had married someone else and that was still something worth loving.

After the welcome, Adrian felt like he had been accepted. At least that was what his mind was telling him. He felt bad for Jake though. This was entire Nicholas and George’s fault. They had made him to accept the marriage.

Nicholas held on to Adrian again and began moving inside the house. He was more than happy to be with his family, a boy he really loved and a best friend like no other. He was complete and hoped for nothing more. He was enthusiastic about everything that was happening. He loved Adrian so much.

“Wait,” Adrian heard Jake’s voice and he trembled.

Adrian stood still and watched as Jake came in front him, directing a look of pure rage at Adrian. Adrian got scared again because Jake still gave him the creeps. Maybe it was about time Adrian stood up against Jake.

“I knew you were a sneaky little whore.” Jake yelled, breathing violently.

“Hey,” Nicholas warned. “Don’t you dare speak about my love like that?”

“Then what is he?” Jake yelled. “He is a thief and also a whore. He stole you from me even though he knew that we were supposed to be getting married. This was supposed to be my wedding day. I was supposed to be happy with my husband…you.”

Nicholas couldn’t believe his ears. He thanked his stars he had married Adrian because he would have had a big book of rules by now. Jake was an over controlling bitch.

“Please, Jake,” Nicholas said, holding on tightly to Adrian. “I love Adrian and I’m sorry that it got to this and…”

Jake chuckled angrily. “Was I wrong?” Jake sobbed. “Was I wrong to care for my fiancé? Did I send this boy to the office so that he could seduce you? I’m sure you are under a spell or something.”

Nicholas chuckled. “You are right, I’m under a spell. Adrian had casted a spell on me and now I’m crazy in love with him.”

“And you,” Jake diverted his eyes to Adrian. “How could you do this to me, on my wedding day? Didn’t you see any other guy to seduce rather than my fiancé? You are so despicable.”

Nicholas laughed. He laughed so loudly. He couldn’t believe Jake was teaching about moral values when he was worse than a monkey.

“Are you preaching about values?” Nicholas asked, eyeing Jake in the most disgusting way. “Have you forgotten what you did to him? Well let me remind you. You had him locked up so that he could die. All of you,” Nicholas pointed to Jake and his family. “And yes, I was the one who had saved him. Thanks to those keys you had left at my office.”

“I only did that to protect our love,” Jake sobbed.

“Which love?” Nicholas yelled. “Is it the love that you’ve shown me? You’ve shown me nothing because what we had was just a physical attraction. What I feel for Adrian is true love.”

“I can’t believe you did this.” Adrian heard his uncle’s voice. “I thought I was keeping someone with…”

“Excuse me, sir,” Nicholas said, putting his hands together to show respect. “With all due respect, Adrian is your nephew and if you…”

“He’s not my nephew,” Todd yelled. “I don’t share any relations with him. He…”

“Enough,” Elena yelled. She couldn’t tolerate the arguments any more. It had just been a wedding not some argument party. “Will all of you stop it?”

“How can you tell them to shut up?” Victoria asked, angry. “They have the right to question why Nicholas…”

“Another day,” Elena said, looking at Victoria. “You’ll have this conversation another day.”

“I don’t think there is anything to talk about,” Jane snapped. “Nicholas has disappointed us a lot. He has broken my son’s heart. My son loves him a lot but he just proved to us that he likes dirty things.”

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